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LAURA MARANO Photographed by DOMINIC PETRUZZI Location Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport Top by ALICE & OLIVIA3


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Welcome to the Issue all has officially arrived. For all of us who love the the changing of the seasons this issue of Modeliste is dedicated to you. Our pages are filled with the latest trends for Fall, decoding Fall runway styles for the latest trends to wear now, and our most favorite celebrity street styles not to be missed. Modeliste brings a carefully and skillfully curation of all of the season’s most sought after trends, complete with new ideas and creativity which continue to inspire us to evolve and grow our own individuality and style. Our cover girl, Laura Marano, is Determined, Hilarious, and—Above All— Real With love and gratitude,


For Laura, being a multi-talented musician and actress is just another part of the job and somehow she manages to maintain a refreshing openness , youthful vibrance and a beloved and pointedly off-the-cuff sense of humor. Follow along in the issue as she dazzles in a transcendent cover shoot which was graciously hosted exclusively by the Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport. Modern, functional, and easily accessible, we instantly fell in love with this very hip LA hotel. A special thanks to the warm and welcoming staff of Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport for creating such a beautiful backdrop and photoshoot experience for our October cover. 14

OCT 2017


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Our cover girl, Laura Marano, is Determined, Hilarious, and—Above All—Real For Laura, being a multi-talented musician and actress is just another part of the job and yet somehow she manages to maintain a refreshing openness, youthful vibrance and a beloved and pointedly off-the-cuff sense of humor. Here is what we learned from our most radiant cover girl on-set for this month’s issue of Modeliste.


Location Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport






Where did you grow up? I grew up in a part of LA called Woodland Hills actually, so I am one of a few born and raised LA girl, total valley girl, and it's my home. I've been here since literally forever.

take me!" I told her. So I'm on the road with them and in the office and my sister goes in and the agent asks to see my mom and I follow my mom in. I'm ridiculously outgoing and so the agent tells my mom, "We want to take Vanessa," my sister. My mom's like, "What?" Then I say, "I don't have an agent," and the agent says, "Oh, honey, I'll take you too." My mom's like, "What?!" And...we've been with the same agents ever since, which is actually kind of amazing.

In 2011 you landed the huge role of Disney Channel's Austin & Ally. How did you originally get into What was it like being part of the acting? Disney legacy? I originally got in acting with kind of Being a part of Austin & Ally was one a funny story. My sister and I grew up of the most special experiences in my hanging out in this children's theater life. I absolutely adored the cast and that my mom owned, and still owns, crew. Everyone uses the term family so and we loved it. We loved performing. loosely when they talk about projects, I loved any sort of performing. I was but it's so easy to become a family with always making up songs on the spot. someone because you're spending so People were annoyed...really, they many hours with them, and especially actually kind of were because my songs when they're really good people. I were really long, but I just loved doing had such an amazing time and it was a different experience for me because it and I loved performing. all the kinds of projects I was doing before were a little bit more adult. All When we grew up my sister asked my my friends never watched anything mom straight up, "Hey, can we be I had done previously, in fact no one professional actresses?" She wasn't really believed I was an actress. When even asking for me, she was asking I started high school, people started for herself and my mom said, "Nope, getting into the other things I was in no, not going to happen, no, no, uhlike Dexter, Superbad, but when I uh, no." Her mentality was that it's was growing up everyone's like, "Why a pretty tough business, it's a lot of do you miss school Laura? You're a rejection. She said, "I don't want to weirdo." When I got Austin & Ally, it put my kids in that." My sister is the was finally something that people my most persistent person on the face of age and people a little bit younger than the Earth, so she continued to beg my I really connected with. That was such mom every day for two years and my an awesome, cool experience for me. mom finally got guilted into it. She On top of that, getting to do music as still didn't really want us to do it, so well and getting to work with people she looked up various agents and found that I honestly really got along with an agent that is known to turn down well and enjoyed, it was just kind of kids 95% of the time, and she was like, the best experience ever. It was really, "Ding, ding, ding! I’ll take my kids really special. to that agent and they'll get rejected and they won't want to do it anymore. What is one of your best memories They'll realize it's much harder than of being on set of Austin & Ally? they think." It's hard to pick because there's a lot of pretty amazing moments and memories, but honestly going back So, at that time Vanessa (my sister) was eight, and I was five. I'm not even to the first episode we ever filmed, the pilot episode. There was our live really going in to audition. It was just audience taping, and keep in mind that my dad teaches and my mom since this was our first episode, we works at home and she was able to didn't know this was going to go to drive my sister, but, "What are you series. None of the kids knew who we going to do with me? You've got to were, and after we filmed the episode, 22

all the kids in the audience were freaking out and wanted to get our autograph and wanted to take pictures with us. All of us were like, "This kind of feels like this could be something special. This is crazy!" Afterwards we were playing piano all the other instruments on set and it was such an amazing moment. We all looked at each other and we're like, "This could be it." You've also got a film coming out soon called The War with Grandpa. Can you tell us a little bit about what it's about? The War with Grandpa that's coming out in October, which is pretty insane considering I just finished filming it in the end of June. That doesn't happen. It's about, in the core of it, the love of family and really appreciating the family around you. Robert De Niro plays the grandpa in the movie and my younger brother in the movie, his grandson and him have a bit of t a war going on because the grandpa, Rob, has to move back into the house and he takes the grandson's room, so shenanigans occur. It’s pretty adorable and pretty hilarious. We have the craziest cast with Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Christopher Walken, Cheech Marin, Jane Seymour, the list goes on and on and on. It's really, really fun. I honestly couldn't believe every day when I was going to set that I was a part of it. It was the most surreal working experience of my life. How is this role different than roles you've played in the past? I play Mia, so I was the eldest grandchild. I guess I would say this role is a little different than some of the other characters I've played because she is pretty self-involved to the point where I could really have fun with it. As humans, I think we're all selfish a little bit, but she was very obviously into herself and to what was going on in her life, so it was really fun to play that part of her character. What was a typical day like on set for you with The War with Grandpa? I got up from the hotel, would go down to where there was a van waiting with all the cast members and we would go on set. Filming a movie is so different than filming a TV show, especially a TV show like Austin & Ally where we could spend all day on one scene and that was totally fine, we had the time to do it and then could get all the

different angles. There's one scene in the movie that literally took six days to film. It's a pretty intense scene, so it's not necessarily slower paced, but slower in the amount of stuff you get done per day. It's pretty different and very cool. This year you also signed a huge deal with Warner Brothers Recordscongratulations! How long have you been singing and are you currently working on any special projects? Yes, I signed with Warner Brothers a few months ago and I'm so ridiculously happy and grateful. I have been singing for as long as I can remember, flashback to when I was a little girl and annoying people with my incredibly long songs. It's just something I've always wanted to do. It's funny, because I don't know where it comes since no one else in my family does it, but I've always been obsessed with singing. I was doing amateur recording and songwriting sessions when I was 11-15 years old. When I started doing Austin & Alley a lot more doors opened for me because the whole show is about music. I literally played a songwriter in the show, so I got music managers and started doing professional co-writing sessions. I signed my first record deal and it's been kind of a crazy journey the past few years, but I really feel so at home with Warner Brothers and feel like that is exactly the place I belong as an artist and as a team member. We're definitely working on music. We want to release a whole body of music. A single is going to be coming first and I feel so hard for my fans because they have been waiting for such a long time for my music. Since I started Austin & Alley, I've been writing for my debut album. It's gone through so many bumps and so many challenges, yet so many beautiful, wonderful things have occurred. I finally feel like we're getting to the end of the road and the debut album is coming soon, so that's really, really exciting! How would you describe your style of music and do you play any instruments? I do play instruments. I play piano. I've been playing piano since I was nine, so I'm kind of obsessed. I wish I played a few more instruments, but I'm pretty happy playing piano for now. It's where I feel most at home. As for my style of music, every time I describe it to people, like when I was filming this past summer and it would come out that I

was a singer, people were like, "What's your style of music?" and I would say, "It's moody pop." Then everyone would ask, "What is moody pop?" It just makes so much sense to me. The moment you hear the songs I've been doing, it makes a lot of sense, but if you kind of take it out of context, you're like, "What are you talking about?" It's definitely pop, it's a little moody. I'm a pretty happy person, but I like to write kind of moody music recently, I don't know why. Who are some of your favorite music artists in the industry right now that you look up to for inspiration? There's so many amazing people in music right now. It's so awesome, so cool. I've always been a fan of Tink. Tink is my everything. She's so underrated and so good. I love her so much. She's incredible. I also love Julia Michaels, she's super special as person and a writer and a singer. I’d also have to say Justin Bieber because every song he puts out you're kind of like, "Yes, this is happening." There are so many people I admire. Niall's Slow Hands I was obsessed with this year. It's just been amazing time for music. How do you describe your fashion style? There's two sides of my style. On one end, I'm obsessed with Stevie Nicks and I love the really cool witchy leather situation she has going on. It's witchy, flowy leather. It's pretty huge in Stevie Nicks land. Then on the other hand, I can get a little girly. It's funny how your style evolves and changes when you grow up, and I've recently become really obsessed with flowy skirts and dresses. I used to be, and I still am very much a skinny jeans rocker type girl, but over the course of six months I've found my love for dresses and flowy skirts again. What is your current favorite item of clothing you own and why? I have a few favorite items at home. I have these Hudson bell bottom jeans that I'm obsessed with and I've been obsessed with for a while. I have this black and white flowy skirt that I like to put on with a crop top or a T-shirt and I'm like, "I feel ready. I can either go to a meeting or the beach, who knows? I don't know." Then, I love chokers. This year I've become really, really, I keep saying obsessed, but it's so true. There's no other word to describe it, obsessed with chokers. They're so cute. Maybe it's the short hair with the chokers.

This is kind of the first time in my whole life that I've had short hair, so it's like I'm finding different new things to complement that. What are your current favorite lip shades to wear? I love coral shades. I've always loved coral since I was 14, and it’s always been one of my favorite shades. I've also become more of a red girl. I wasn't always courageous enough to go red because it takes a certain amount of bravery to really go for it, but once again, when I cut my hair and I brought it back to my natural color, a little darker, it just felt right. I took that step, got my MAC red lipstick, got a lip pencil and it's kind of amazing when you have nothing else going on hair and makeup-wise, if you just want to put on some mascara, put those red lips on, maybe put on some shades and you’re good to go... just saying. Besides your wallet, cell phone and keys, what are three things you never leave the house without? I would have to say my iPad is first. I carry a lint roller in my purse because you never know when you're going to need it. Then I’d have to say chewing gum, again because you never know when you’re going to need it and then some Burt's Bees ChapStick because it always feels so great plus they're really cute. There's like little bees on the packaging, so maybe you don't even need to put it on your lips. You just need to have a smile, and you look at it and you smile, so that's great. What place have you never visited that is at the top of your bucket list? Paris. I've actually never been to neither Paris nor France at all and I've always wanted to go. I think I'm going to fall in love and be obsessed. I also always wanted to go to Africa. Anywhere on that continent, I would be like, "Woo-hoo!" because I think it would be just so beautiful and amazing, I’d love to go to South America as well. There are so many places I want to go to. What is your favorite late-night snack? Late night, I love to have a few, pancakes. When you go to IHOP at twelve midnight, you're doing great. Then there are Cheerios. It's all breakfast items, I don't know why! 23

Honey Nut Cheerios are great, again with the bee thing. But also when in doubt just plain popcorn. Who needs to watch a movie, just have some popcorn and read a book. It's fantastic, let me tell you. What was your favorite look that you did today for the shoot? There was this amazing Dolce & Gabbana lace dress, and you could see through it, so I had to wear a bodysuit underneath. It was just amazing. I couldn't completely appreciate it because I was wearing it out in the cold and I was cold, but then after I saw some pictures I was like, "This is amazing, it looks so beautiful!" That was one of my favorites. There's a lot of great looks in the shoot today. What was your favorite part about the shoot location today? My favorite part of the shoot location at the Hyatt Los Angeles Airport was that it was so close to the airport. I've actually never been to this area and not gone to the airport. The last few shots of the day we were on the rooftop and planes were landing behind us. It was really crazy. What are you looking forward to this year? There are so many things in the works that I've been working for in so many different capacities. Obviously, the War with Grandpa's coming out. There is also a movie that I did last year that I have a pretty small part in, but I think is pretty epic is also coming out in the fall. It’s called Lady Bird. Greta Gerwig is directing and wrote it and Saoirse Ronan is starring in it. I just worked on it for a few days, but it was the coolest experience and I'm really excited for it because I think the script was amazing, shooting was amazing. I, myself, produced a movie for the first time with my mom and sister called Saving Zoe, which is a book that I have owned the rights to for ten years, which is insane. We finally filmed that in July and August, and we're going to be releasing it at some point. Hopefully we'll be putting it in film festivals.


On the music standpoint, I'm just so excited for my debut album. I've been working so hard for it and all I've ever wanted to do is make amazing music to share with my fans. I know they've wanted that too, so I'm glad we're on the same page with that. I think they're going to kind of love this direction that I've been in because it feels really right for me. I'm kind of like at the place where I love it and everything honestly feels super right. I am beyond grateful and excited to release it this year.





Location Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport Top by ALICE & OLIVIA

Get the Look: Laura Marano with celebrity hair stylist Briana Cisneros in 5 Simple Steps: 1. Dampen the hair with Bumble and Bumble's Thickening Spray. This will absorb the oils and add a hold factor that will last throughout the whole photo shoot and hair changes. 2. Blow dry the hair with a 1 inch round brush clipping each section into a roller set type pattern. This will give the hair the most amount of volume at the root and a bouncy effect through the ends. 3. Then we wanted to achieve a tousled wave rather than a something that looks too curled. Use a 1 1/4 inch curling iron by Hot Tools. Take a larger sections around the hairline and smaller sections throughout the crown. Wrap the first bend of the curl, hold for 3-5 seconds then stretch it out in the same direction that you curled it in while You work on the next bend of the curl and repeat. This cools the hair off in a more elongated wave pattern. Alternate the direction of the curl with each section that you do for a more natural effect! 4. Use Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray liberally throughout the hair to add separation and hold.






5. Finish the look by controlling fly-always using Brilliantine by Bumble and Bumble. Throughout the shoot we used Does It All, a working hairspray that allowed us to add hold to Laura's hair while still changing up her look.

Briana has devoted her time to mastering her craft and developing her unique artistic approach to hairstyling. She has traveled the world to educate with and be educated by the top names and brands in the industry. Briana is continually driven by her heart for growing people in their careers which has also led her to co- owning the salon she is currently at today. As of February 2017 she has launched her own education platform where she teaches her specific techniques that she has developed. Recently Briana was nominated by public voting in two different categories as one of the top 25 finalists out of 215,000 entries in the world's largest hair awards ceremonies from Briana’s passion has spread outside of the salon and into the television and fashion industries. She is routinely invited by television networks to do on-camera makeovers and offer advice as a beauty guru and guest celebrity stylist. Her ability to reimagine styles for a long list of celebrities has made Briana one of the most sought after visionaries for her field making TV and film appearances. Briana’s work has also been featured in MTV News, Glamour, E News, People Magazine, OK! magazine, Life and Style, US Weekly, Celeb Buzz, major beauty blogs, and many more. " As long as I can continue to make art that is beautiful to me and brings joy to others, then I too experience joy knowing I am simply doing what I love, and was made to do."


for Fall

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NOT ALL FACIALS ARE CREATED EQUAL Expert tips to consider before you book your next facial


With a vast number of aesthetic providers promising to take your skin to next level you may think that getting a facial should be an easy task. Getting pampered by an esthetician while listening to calming music is alluring but letting just anyone manipulate your skin can wreak havoc on your complexion.


Although there are some similarities between traditional facials and the ones performed in a physician’s office your skin will obtain the most benefit from a facial performed by a medical aesthetician in a medical setting. Medical aestheticians are less likely to be persuaded by trendy ingredients and methods that bring zero to minimal benefit to your skin and may actually cause damage. Medi-spas typically have a consulting physician as medical directors but this does not necessarily mean that the director is on premises or that he is qualified as a skin expert. Do your homework and ask questions before entrusting your skin to inexperienced hands. Keep in mind that there are a number of treatments that should never be performed at a medi-spa. A good example is Dermaplaning which utilizes a surgical steel blade and a very steady hand in order to shave off dry layers of skin. This treatment is a great option for patients that do not tolerate micro-dermabrasion but it should not be performed in a spa setting. Unlike medi-spas, physician offices provide medical guidance, effective tools and techniques for ultimate results. “If your goal is to obtain a treatment that is truly corrective and makes a long-term difference, then research a reputable dermatology office” explains board certified dermatologist Dr. William Schweitzer. “An effective facial removes dead skin cells so that healthier skin can be exposed and medical grade skin care products can penetrate. We have a comprehensive individualized approach to achieve that.”


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Q and A should be available and not rushed. A well qualified and experienced medical aesthetician should be able to provide you with direct answers. Don’t hesitate to ask about your aesthetician’s experience and qualifications. Cleanliness is a must! Take a few minutes to look around and survey the room. Pay attention to detail, your surroundings and especially the instruments which will be utilized should be exceptionally clean. If the instruments are not disposable they should be sterilized and individually wrapped after sterilization is complete. There is only ONE like you. Your skin should be thoroughly evaluated so that your treatment can be tailored to your specific needs. Establishing your particular skin type and the specific needs of your skin are extremely important in order to obtain optimum and healthy results.


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TRENDS FOR FALL As we watched fashion shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, designers had a multitude of answers for what trends would befall upon us this Fall. From the structured suiting seen at Jacquemus to the romanticism of Jason Wu, sleek feathered silhouettes of Balmain to Space-Age glitz of Chanel and Paco Rabanne. Here are the major looks of the season.





















































Photographed by BRETT ERICKSON W Fort Lauderdale Interviews by JILL WINKLER




JOOSTEMA @janicejoostemaa

The epitome of luxe, Janice Joostema is a kind-hearted fashionista, making waves in today’s fashion and beauty communities





OLIVIA JORDAN @theOliviaJordan




In 5 words, describe your blog/ social channels. I primarily share on Instagram- @ theOliviaJordan- these days which is basically: daily inspiration from my journey. What is your current favorite article of clothing you own? My Alo Yoga Moto Yoga leggings, easily worn for a stylish workout or even dressed up for a night out. 3 Ultimate Fall Must-Haves. Olivia: Cozy sweater, high-waisted denim, killer leather boots. This is my fall uniform. Signature fragrance. I am always changing my fragrance choice based on season, feeling and mood. What celebrities or other influencers do you look up to in terms of style/ fashion? I love Jennifer Aniston's style- simple, understated but well-fitted and classic. Coffee or tea? Olivia: Tea- English breakfast in the morning, green tea all day, and peppermint before bed (it helps with digestion). Name one thing on your bucket list that you hope to accomplish this year? My number one goal is to be a lead on a television show. Acting is my true passion. What's your favorite 90s jam? Olivia: TLC- Waterfalls Last show you binge watched. Scandal- I aspire to be as bad-a** and well styled as Olivia Pope's character. What did you love most about the W Ft. Lauderdale? Olivia: The food. We ate delicious food all day everyday- from the steakhouse to the sushi bar- there were incredible options for every appetite.



JULES NGUYEN @juleslookbook




Q&A's In 5 words, describe your blog/ social channels. Adventurous, inspiring, fun, playful and innovative. What is your current favorite article of clothing you own? Distressed mom jeans 3 Ultimate Fall Must-Haves. Leather jacket, silk scarves, ankle boots Signature fragrance. Chloe perfume What celebrities or other influencers do you look up to in terms of style/ fashion? Nicole warne (@garypeppergirl) has amazing sense of style Coffee or tea? Definitely coffee. More cappuccinos please! Name one thing on your bucket list that you hope to accomplish this year? Buying a condo What's your favorite 90s jam? Ace of Base (The Sign), Madonna (Vogue), Sirmixalot (Baby Got Back) Last show you binge watched. Keeping Up With The Kardashians What did you love most about the W Ft. Lauderdale? I am crazy about the wet deck/pool!







Q&A's In 5 words, describe your blog/ social channels. Inspiring, innovative, fun, fresh, and insightful. What is your current favorite article of clothing you own? My current favorite which I repeat is a white silk tank top by Chloe. 3 Ultimate Fall Must-Haves. A cashmere scarf, wool vest, and ankle boots! Signature fragrance. Chanel Chance Perfume What celebrities or other influencers do you look up to in terms of style/ fashion? I look up to Chiara Ferragni - I love her sense of style! Can I have her closet please? Coffee or tea? Coffee! Two or three please! :) Name one thing on your bucket list that you hope to accomplish this year? This year, I would like to buy a house! What's your favorite 90s jam? Ahhh so many! I'd mix from Mark Morrison (Return of the Mack) to Len (Steal my Sunshine) and Spice Girls (their entire album)!! Last show you binge watched. Nasty Gal's GirlBoss - I haven't had time to finish! What did you love most about the W Ft. Lauderdale? I loved most was their wet deck! Design is inviting and breathtaking! Would love to stay when I'm back in the area!







Q&A's In 5 words, describe your blog/ social channels. Lifestyle, health, fashion, relatable, motivational What is your current favorite article of clothing you own? I love wearing lace bralettes. I can't pick a favorite but I find myself wearing them every day. 3 Ultimate Fall Must-Haves. Faux fur, Vintage denim, Combat boots Signature fragrance. I always mix fragrances, One of my Favorites is Love by Kilian, but I would say my signature is Chance by Coco Chanel, I've been using it for years. What celebrities or other influencers do you look up to in terms of style/ fashion? Rihanna and Victoria Beckham Coffee or tea? Nathalie: Coffee all day Name one thing on your bucket list that you hope to accomplish this year? Traveling and experiencing new cultures. What's your favorite 90s jam? I have too many but I would name "Baby one more time" by Britney Spears Last show you binge watched. I don't really watch TV, the last show was probably The Vampire Diaries. What did you love most about the W Ft. Lauderdale? Being in the East coast, spending the day at the beach on summer solstice.






Q&A's In 5 words, describe your blog/ social channels. Positive, uplifting, lifestyle, fashion, travel What is your current favorite article of clothing you own? I have this super rad vintage leather jacket that I wear with every single outfit. 3 Ultimate Fall Must-Haves. My doc Martens, Leather jacket & a cute boater hat Signature fragrance. OlympĂŠa by Paco Rabanne What celebrities or other influencers do you look up to in terms of style/ fashion? I have the biggest girl crush Negin Mirsalehi her instagram is always incredible. Coffee or tea? Coffee but I am also obsessed with Green Tea! Name one thing on your bucket list that you hope to accomplish this year? I want to land an acting role on a tv show in Australia. :P What's your favorite 90s jam? Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana Last show you binge watched. 13 Reasons Why What did you love most about the W Ft. Lauderdale? Ahh so much, the vibe is so great. Beautiful weather & beaches.








Jewelry by NATALIE B. JEWELRY Jumper by LACAUSA Jacket by ZARA Shoes by GUCCI

Jewelry by NATALIE B. JEWELRY Jumper by LACAUSA Jacket by ZARA

Jewelry by NATALIE B. JEWELRY Dress by JUST FAB 96


Jewelry by NATALIE B. JEWELRY Dress by JUST FAB Luggage by VINTAGE from THE AGOURA ANTIQUE MART Shoes are Vintage 98






Dress by LEILOU by ALEX Location Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport

Dress by JONATHAN SIMKHAI Location Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport

Dress by RODARTE Location Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport


Canvas Corset Belted Tunic by SELF-PORTRAIT Rings by ALISON LOU Location Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport

Top by ELIZABETH & JAMES Skirt by ZIMMERMAN Shoes by RACINE CARRÉE Hair by BRIANA CISNEROS 2nd Hair by MONIQUE MARIE HERNANDEZ Makeup by MELISSA BEDI Videography by JOEY BETTENCOURT Location Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport












Inspired by its beachfront locale, the newly minted W Fort Lauderdale captures the breeze and beauty of Fort Lauderdale Beach with its iconic sail design and subtle homages to the sand and sea. This year, every corner of the 517-room resort was completely restyled thanks to a $55 million renovation, transporting guests to a modern and vibrant atmosphere infused with sunshine and decadence.



Insider’s tip: bring along your four-legged

friend, as pups are welcome and treated like royalty with the ‘Dog 120 Gone It’ pet suite upgrade.


The perfect word to describe this oceanfront masterpiece. Just across from the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, valet attendants eagerly await guests to escort up to check-in. Even before you make it to the lobby, the elevators immerse you in W Fort Lauderdale’s signature vibe with upbeat tunes and mirrors with animal print etching. While checking-in, the lobby teases you with socialites mingling in the adjacent living room with a full-service bar, pristine outdoor terrace, and shimmering light beaming through portholes from the rooftop pool above. Before you know it, you’re whisked away to your spacious suite with crisp white bedding, rose-gold furniture accents, blue ombre curtains and mesmerizing carpet inspired in design by the ocean’s sea floor. Every room has views of either the Atlantic Ocean or Intracoastal waterway, outfitted with floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies to take in the view.


From the moment the sun rises, until after it’s set, W Fort Lauderdale offers guests a plethora of energizing, relaxing, and indulging activities. Wake up and fuel your morning on the sandy shores of Fort Lauderdale Beach with the hotel’s complimentary daily beach boot camp and yoga classes. Continue to stretch out and soak up the sun on WET Deck, the property’s vibrant rooftop pool and bar outfitted with graphic black and white tiling. With new daybeds, plush loungers and live DJs on the weekends, this high-energy, rooftop sunbathing mecca offers the best people watching and sizzling suntans this side of the sunshine state. Take a dip and strike an underwater pose – at no other W hotel will you find transparent pool walls, perfectly lending itself to your next Instagram masterpiece. Those seeking a flavorful aperitif won't be disappointed by the colorful cocktail menu in Living Room, the hotel's bustling bar and social scene. To go along with the property's glamorous new look, the hotel shook up its entertainment for guests and introduced a new lineup of nightly events and irresistible drink specials.

On Mondays, recharge with Monday's are a B#@%$! with complimentary hand and arm massages from the onsite Bliss Spa. Tuesdays with vibrant Indian influences and customized henna designs, and on Wednesdays remix your week with The Studio where a local artist brings to life a work of art from start to finish. Vibe to the beat with Off The Wall Thursdays where you hand-pick the record of your

choice, and hangout with Heat Wave Fridays featuring complimentary Cuban cigars, live DJ and rum specials. On the weekends, be bold with the 80’sthemed Neon Nights on Saturdays with sparkling Veuve Cliquot bottles, or sit back and relax with Saxxxy Sundays, pumping out soothing jazz and wine bottle specials, while you toast to an unforgettable Florida getaway on the outdoor Living Room Terrace. 121




Bliss Spa offers an array of massage and body treatments, facials and wraps in the serenity of its day spa retreat. The professional staff welcomes guests to de-stress and indulge in restoring body and spirit to recapture your energy and maximize your bliss. Unwind with a Ginger Rub, Hangover Herbie, Betweeny Wax or Triple Oxygen Facial Treatment, just a few of our favorites, all set against retro 1950s Floridian decor. Insider’s Tip: don’t skip out on the complimentary brownie bar, your sweet tooth with thank you!




Dining at any of the hotel’s restaurants and bars is another invitation to bliss. The culinary oversight of Stephen Starr, named the James Beard Awards’ Restaurateur of the Year in 2017, presents impressive menus for both casual and sophisticated dining experiences. The new, openroom Sushi Bar with stylish rose-gold barstools features an impressive menu conceptualized by the renowned Chef Shuji Hiyakawa, a protégé of Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Those seeking a more upscale experience will have their taste buds overwhelmed with satisfaction at Steak 954, which boasts an award-winning selection of steaks and chops, creative appetizers and sides, plus extraordinary desserts. And you don’t want to miss the weekend brunch with its plethora of offerings guaranteed to please the eye and the palate. Luxe and chic with a dash of edge, there isn’t a more glamorous getaway than the W Fort Lauderdale!



Get Up


GO Fort Lauderdale, the Venice of America, embraces its image as Florida's top destination for a perfect beach holiday. Glorious surf, spacious inviting white sand beach, a revival of the arts, plus unlimited activities to rejuvenate and rediscover the freedom of adventure and the pleasure of leisure...all enthusiastically awaiting in Greater Fort Lauderdale!


Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

Exploring the beauty and the bounties of Greater Fort Lauderdale is made easy and fun on the convenient Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi, the best way to see the destination and discover the wide range of waterfront attractions. It quickly becomes apparent why Fort Lauderdale has become known as the Venice of America. Easy accessibility, 15+ convenient stops for hop on/hop off, options for chartered private tours, and boats for 19 to 200, their fun-loving, informative, friendly service is the hallmark of the Water Taxi experience. Venturing out on one of the Water Taxi routes on the Intracoastal Waterway reveals stunning homes, restaurants and bars, entertainment and nightlife, museums and state parks, and the best in designer shopping. The history and arts of South Florida, its natural wonders, beaches, and booming oceanfront location shouldn’t be missed.



FAT VILLAGE Flagler Arts & Technology Village


For a wondrous glimpse into the amazing art scene in Greater Fort Lauderdale, a visit to FAT Village is a rare treat. Just north of downtown Fort Lauderdale, this lively creative district is a four block hub of artisans and innovative businesses. This is a unique village welcoming and promoting “designers, urban planners, film makers, photographers, printers, social media, gurus, graffiti artists, and web designersâ€? with a creative energy and vibrant dynamic that is truly palpable. The artisans live and work in this booming area, transcending the mundane individually, pairing and partnering in their endeavors, showcasing their talents in galleries, studios, and workshops. FAT Village hosts a monthly Art Walk the last Saturday of the month (except December) which is a fast growing celebration of the Arts and Artisans of this thriving community which has grown to a regional phenomenon. Performances, music, food trucks, outdoor displays and open doors for viewing and interaction with these creative talents highlight the cultural experience. Surrounding the area is a lively cafĂŠ, restaurant, and bar scene with abundant boutique shopping and galleries to enjoy.

Photo by C&I 131



Just a few lights down from W Fort Lauderdale is the famous ‘Las Olas’ street, a bubbling hotspot where the locals go to be seen. Stretching more than a dozen blocks long, the boulevard is lined with breezy palm trees, and filled with eclectic art galleries, shopping boutiques, and dozens of award-winning restaurants. On the eastern side of the strip is Louie Bossi, a high-energy Italian eatery where everything is made from scratch using only the freshest ingredients. Executive Chef & Partner Louie Bossi, serves delicious house-made pastas, wood burning Neapolitan pizzas, home cooked Sicilian comfort food, and of course, his famous house-cured Salami. Since making its mark on the coveted street in 2015, locals have flocked to this Italian mecca for its authentic classics, including the Quattro Carne Pizza, Linguini Nero with squid ink pasta and shrimp, Galletto alla Griglia, and Louie’s Nana’s Cheesecake. From the hearth baked bread and artisan jams, to handmade pastas and pizza dough, gelato and limoncello, everything is made on premise using the time-honored methods of Italian craftsmen. But it’s not just the food that takes taste buds on a trip to Italy, the beverage menu showcases an impressive wine list with a focus on Italian vintages including 50+ wines by the glass, as well as handcrafted cocktails, craft beers, and locally sourced coffees. A trip to Fort Lauderdale is incomplete without booking a reservation for dinner or Sunday brunch in Louie Bossi’s backyard garden, an Instagram heaven brimming with mismatching seating, bocce court and brick walls encapsulated with rustic mirrors and ivy leaves.






Santa Barbara has cultivated its special charm of distinctive mission style red tiled roofs and whitewashed adobe, lush Spanish gardens of palms and bougainvillea, a welcoming ambience of beach casual that extends throughout the community and makes it a top California coastal destination. The sun appears to favor its hills and shores, its vineyards and iconic peer, historic Mission and university that bears its name. It resonates with a distinctive energy from the palm lined promenade showcasing the stunning shoreline designed for walking and cycling, creative local arts and crafts fairs, wineries and wine bars, cozy cafes and bistros, to the golden sands of surf friendly beaches. Canary, Santa Barbara's idyllic Kimpton Boutique Hotel, is pitch perfect and in tune with the Santa Barbara vibe, Spanish style sophistication and laid back Cali charm. Hosting guests with signature Kimpton hotel luxury, an array of amenities, exemplary service, and stylish comfort, Canary is the perfect stay for all who wish to immerse themselves in Santa Barbara's provincial American Riviera presence. 136

Basking in the sun drenched indulgence of the Canary's stunning rooftop pool is the ultimate one of a kind Santa Barbara experience with a panoramic view that is brilliant by day and breathtaking at day's end when the sky becomes a palette of peach and pink, rose streaked with gold. Popular sundowners invite guests to contemplate the sunset and enjoy the crafted cocktails and tantalizing snacks the Canary presents with the freshest of fruits and ingredients from Santa Barbara's acclaimed Farmer's Market. Boutique luxury extends throughout with spacious rooms featuring extravagant four poster canopy beds, high end linens and down duvets. A Mediterranean chic describes the furnishings, luxury baths feature Atilier Bloem lux amenities, plus flat screen TV, WiFi, minibar, comfortable seating and desk space complement the relaxed homey ambience. From the comfort of your retreat, you can order in room dining from the Finch and Fork Restaurant or request an in room massage from the partner FLOAT luxury Spa nearby. The nearby FLOAT Spa is one of the amenities on the premier list, partnering with Canary to provide a full day spa experience with a deluxe menu of body treatments, massage, wraps and scrubs, wonderful indulgences to make your stay complete.


Canary also makes it possible with its amenities program for guests to enjoy cruising the waterfront on complementary public bikes, take in a workout utilizing the wide range of equipment and trainers at Gold's Gym, revitalize with Saturday yoga on the roof or in room with your complimentary yoga mat. Booking tours of nearby wineries or planning excursions to California tourist favorite destinations is personalized and easy with the dedicated concierge service. They are eager to provide recommendations on how to best discover all that Santa Barbara has to offer from finest dining, to flying high catching coastal air currents gliding from the hills, hiking and biking the extensive trails, enjoying the arts at local galleries or the Art Museum, theater and concerts, kayaking to the sea caves, visiting the historic Mission of Santa Barbara, or renting a surfboard. Santa Barbara has it all, your travel dreams packed and delivered at the quintessential Santa Barbara Hotel, Canary.





We Love San Diego How Do We Count the Ways? Dazzling sunshine punctuates the chorus line of San Diego's celebrated destinations treasured by locals and tourists alike. Its oceanfront is cinematic in displays of historic nautical treasures of the Maritime Museum, from the majestic Tall Ship sailing vessels, Star of India, the elegant San Salvador now on tour, and the wooden sailing yacht, America, to the pride of the retired USS Midway, docked submarines and carriers.

an appreciation for the city's welcoming diversity, impressive naval history, marine and natural wonders. Attractions are world famous and endless, with family favorites San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, Sea World, and Legoland topping the list. Restaurants and resorts, golf and surfing, centers of business, education and technology....need we go on? Extolling the pleasures and treasures of San Diego is delightful in itself.

The Kimpton Hotels are high on the vitality of San Diego and have a special role in welcoming its guests with two premier hotels in the much sought after Gas Light Quarter, The Solamar and Palomar. Each of these San Diego is vibrant and energetic, its distinctive hotels represents the Kimpton dynamic culture and civic pride notable signature commitment to excellence in for events that seem to highlight every accommodation, amenities, and service season with flotillas and festivals, while offering different and unique colorful parades and pageantry, art accommodations and ambience to meet exhibits, concerts, and theater, Balboa every guest's needs and style. A difficult Park gardens and museums, marathons choice for discriminating travelers but and sporting events. Old Town is a each is a winner and a promise of a most resounding tribute to San Diego's extraordinary stay in the city's charming rich Mexican heritage and visitors historic center of delectable dining discover ad explore the reclaimed and choices, sizzling nightclubs, intimate wine revitalized historic neighborhoods with bars, and quirky craft breweries. 142


Sophisticated elegance meets SoCal comfort creating the hallmark essence of Hotel Solamar's East Village urban charm. Its stellar location in the heart of downtown is ideal for business travelers, tourists, and families, its attractive aesthetic regal and appealing. The city bustles all around this urban oasis offering over 100 dining and entertainment venues within a five block radius and easy accessibility to the Convention Center and Petco Park stadium. No wonder that Solamar is a winner of Trip Advisor's 2015 Certificate of Excellence and US News and World Report's Best Hotel San Diego 2016. Solamar meets high expectations with a definite appeal to sophistication reflected in its elegant decor and airy retreat ambience. Featuring a suite-like arrangement of the 235 rooms, each room offering an array of amenities and dedicated areas designed for optimal enjoyment whether lounging on the divine settee, seated at the computer desk and workspace, or cozy in your sumptuous bed. Luxury Atelier Bloem bath amenities, flat screen TV with premium channels, luxe coffee maker and minibar are included. Bold geometric shapes are anchored with pops of purple and a calming palette to create an overall serenity. Within the privacy of your room you can enjoy dining with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Spa services are also available in room. Additionally, The Solamar is very child friendly and welcomes pets for an additional charge. 144

Healthy living and healthy traveling is an essential component of Kimpton Hotel getaways. The 24 hour Fitness Center promotes wellness with a fully equipped facility to support guests striving to maintain workout routines and tally those FitBit steps. Guests can enjoy free bikes to cruise the beachfront bikeways and yoga mats are provided in each room.

dreaming in your private cabana on comfy lounges with a cityscape view. San Diego's trendsetting rooftop pool bar, Upper East, exhilarates with an array of hand crafted cocktails and refreshments, satisfying snacks and small plates. By night, the atmosphere shifts to romantic charm with fire pits and cozy relaxing under the stars.

After enjoying the hosted Solamar 'SoCal hour' socializing and sipping select wines and local brews, make sure to head just next door to the popular Jsix Restaurant renowned for With a push of the button of the its extraordinary menu, delectably private elevator you are heading to creative cuisine, artful presentations, the top, anticipating the VIP delights and exceptional wine pairings. of Solamar's rooftop terrace. Friendly The accolades are well deserved as socializing along with international Executive Chef Anthony Sinsay, rated guests and savvy locals awaits. The in the top ten of San Diego chefs, brings sparkling waters of the rooftop pool his extensive experience and personal beckon providing an escape to California story to Jsix.

Raising the roof the Solamar way.

His wide ranging specialties reflect the diverse cultural influences on American cuisine and his own journey from San Diego roots coming full circle. The menus infuse elements of his Filipino heritage in tribute to his father, his first teacher, and enthuse the contributions of the farmers, ranchers, and fishermen who make each meal possible. Dining healthy never looked better, every dish from appetizers to entrees zinging with color and freshness, organically grown, locally sourced ingredients, and fresh picked rooftop garden herbs. As a venue for business conferences, social events, and weddings, Solamar Hotel's event planners will work to meet every expectation with creativity and style. The Solamar magnifies the Gaslight destination experience. 145






Paradise Found under the San Diego sun, blissfully reclining in serenity on Palomar Hotel's Level Four Pool Deck, experiencing the taste sensations of handcrafted cocktails created by the talented maestro at The Splash, the hotel's extraordinary pool bar. All around guests are mesmerized, lounging in dazzling comfort, dreamily absorbing the city skyline. Seldom does a pool bar shine with culinary raves, but the addition of Chef Brad Kraeton's trendsetting chefdriven small bites, delectable classics, and creative snacks has made this an unrivaled venue for gatherings of singles, couples, friends, and colleagues. Palomar's noteworthy catered events are designed and presented by the specialists who can please up to 360 guests on the 7000 foot poolside terrace day or under the stars and twinkling lights of night. Palomar Hotel is bursting with enthusiasm at its cheeky renovation that captures the energy of San Diego 148

beach chic with an artistic aesthetic that integrates modern sophistication with California kitsch. Balmy and breezy, the palm lined oceanfront transitions to the mystique of the historic Gas Light Quarter, and Palomar Hotel bridges the eclectic elements of two of San Diego's many faces in view of its urban business, financial, and commercial center. This crossroads is the culinary, nightlife, sports, cultural, and entertainment center of the city. Critics are giving a thumbs up to this unequaled center of craft beers with over 100 microbreweries booming. The Palomar San Diego has a personality all its own with an airy brightness and sunny casual comfort that engages guests in its SoCal vibe from its welcoming public areas to the 211 striking guest rooms and suites. Boutique brilliance pops with high end amenities and a bravado of distinctive fresh decor, floor to ceiling windows, European linens, plush pillows and down comforters, bathrooms with luxe toiletries, rainforest showers, mod fixtures, and floor to ceiling Jerusalem limestone.


The list of standard amenities include free WiFi, 32 inch flatscreen TVs, morning coffee, hosted SoCal happy hour with wines and local brews, free rental beach cruisers, 24/7 fitness and business centers, Kimpton Kids Club, in room dining and spa services, same day laundry and dry cleaning, and pet services. Kimpton reward members are familiar with the extended list of personalized amenities above and beyond. The elite Palomar Skyline Collection reveals a breathtaking elevation of 50 guest rooms, studios, suites and two penthouses on the 16th to 20th floors. Over the top accents promise surprises that delight. Creative surfboard themed headboards are only a hint of the tongue-in-cheek treasures you will discover. Glass and stone architecture with balconies boasting inspiring views of the bay and San Diego's booming skyline are taken to the next level with top of the line furnishings and decor. Authentic Mexican cuisine is super charged at the Curadero Restaurant, Palomar's vibrant partner in the Gas Light dining scene. Innovative cantina style complements the in house taqueria with locally sourced fresh ingredients, ceviche bar, creative tacos, pillowy corn tortillas and classics envisioned by Chef Kraten. Known for breakfasts of traditional Mexican egg dishes, designer burritos and tacos, the menu is a favorite extending into the late night hours with a popular taco window. Distinguish your San Diego stay with the posh pizazz of the Palomar.



citizenM NEW YORK


Photography by Adrian Gaut




citizenM Hotels add to the youthful vibrancy of their select cities from Amsterdam, Glasgow, London and Paris to Taipei. The New York Times Square citizenM remains true to the distinctive architecture of huge glass windows trimmed with black metal and a confluence of mod architecture and the dominant element of ART. New York Times Square is the optimal location for this dynamic. The citizenM takes a bow to MOMA, Broadway lights, and an energy that infuses the spirit with a special magic. Affordable luxury is packaged in designer brilliance, highlighted by artful renditions that surprise and delight, soothe and inspire. The signature Living Room is a phenomena of casual comfort, lounge and library. Homey and inviting, it creates spaces that encourage conversation and exploration of the international selection of books, magazines, and intriguing objects d'art. Guest rooms are splashed with color, minimalist perfection with the standard inclusions of XL super comfort mattresses, tingly 156

rain showers, built-ins with a desk and workspace, blackout blinds and soundproofing, ambient mood lighting, smart TV with WiFi streaming options. Don't expect butlers or bellboys, but the desk staff and housekeeping crew make every aspect of your stay efficient and enjoyable.

The buoyant mood is contagious and guests gather around the tree trunk bar or sink into sumptuous designer couches sipping designer cocktails with exotic ingredients, refreshing punches, and deluxe brews. Travel stories and adventures friends made.

Grab and Go eating addresses the typical citizenM traveler style with a 24/7 amazing selection of goodies and truly incredible barista brews. Freshly baked croissants melt in your mouth, a range of healthy snacks and a bonus of craft cocktails and draught beers make this a popular hangout.

From this amazing location across from the Gershwin Theater in the heart of Broadway's constellation, steps from Time Square and an easy walk to all the major sights of the city, your stay at citizenM is the icing on your New York experience and you will be ready to book your next adventure to Amsterdam, London, Glasgow, Paris or Taipei as a new citizenM.

The stellar highlight of your citizenM experience may be the incomparable panoramic views from the Cloud Bar. Like a big screen presentation of the iconic skyline of New York, the breathtaking view from the rooftop bar is a favorite photo-op. From 4 pm until midnight, the nightly flicker of lanterns meets the sky with the colorful neon splendor far below, as music and laughter fill the air.





When you choose to stay at The Chatwal NYC, a Luxury Collection Hotel, you know you've chosen a winner. Awarded the 2016 Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor and lauded by major travel magazines and Vanity Fair, The Chatwal is the height of boutique luxury in the heart of Manhattan's Theater District, conveniently located near the city's iconic landmarks, museums, and financial district. Built in the Golden Age of 1905 New York, its Empire Art Deco style has been most recently reimagined by Thierry Despont, with a tribute to the early 20th century era of opulent luxury, decor, and architecture. Saturated in rich jewel tones of ruby, amber, sapphire and emerald, The Chatwal transports its guests to Gatsby-esque luxury with amenities that can include a personal butler and services aimed to impress, a pillow menu, clothes pressed, shoes shined. Personal services by a dedicated staff is the hallmark of every aspect of your Chatwal stay, including a 160

knowledgeable concierge eager to enhance your stay with restaurant reservations and sought after tickets, and a designated business center. Modern sophistication and period glamor characterize each of the generous guest rooms and suites. Each detail has been attended to with comfort and luxury in mind, promising a getaway retreat in the middle of frenetic Manhattan. Sumptuous slumber on handmade Shifman mattresses with Frette linens combines with designer baths with high end toiletries, plush towels and robes. State of the art technology addresses the needs of both business and leisure guests with high speed WiFi, Blue-ray, DVD players, iPod docks, first run movies, and hi-def flatscreen TVs. Furnishings and decor are rich and chosen for comfort and style. Among the benefits of many of the suites are beautifully appointed terraces with flowers and greenery, fountains, and city views. Seating and workspace are designed to accommodate the need for relaxation and connecting while away from the office, while art and decor bring harmony to the retreat experience.


The ultimate in pampering awaits with a personal trainer at the state of the art fitness center, the indoor pool, a saltwater lap pool with simulated currents to activate muscles, and the acclaimed Red Door Spa. Featuring the noteworthy Elizabeth Arden spa brand for skin care, the spa offers a full menu of body treatments, massage, scrubs, and facials designed to promote wellness, revitalization, and relaxation. Private dressing rooms each have a steam shower and your getaway includes the tranquil lounge and refreshing aperitifs. Luxuriate in this sensory awakening of mind, body, and spirit, rejuvenating even the most stressed or travel weary guests. (Modeliste recommends - book ahead, The Red Door Spa is popular with guests as well as spa savvy New Yorkers.) After a strenuous day of touring or business, the ambience of the Lamb's Club Restaurant and Bar will be a welcome treat. The club-like atmosphere is intimate and relaxing and the prized cuisine presented by top NY chef Geoffrey Zakarian is guaranteed to please every palate. Dining in pristine luxury at the Lamb's Club is deliciously memorable. The Chatwal NYC experience is distinguished by its gracious luxury, personalized service, and masterful ability to create a lovely oasis enhancing any and every visit to this amazing city.






New York City has heralded the arrival of guests in a uniquely spectacular way since 1886, with a beacon held high by Lady Liberty welcoming all who come from near and far with the immortal words of Emma Lazarus proudly lifting her lamp "beside the golden door." Though tarnished and maligned by some for her message of hope, inclusion, and symbol of freedom for the world, we at Modeliste want to take a moment to celebrate and appreciate her lasting beauty and fashion, her feminine strength and resolute unflinching sense of purpose, with a tribute to her exemplary French couture design and remarkable branding, today and always. She is our true role model, she inspires and sustains us, and may this Grand Lady reign forever in peace.

and restored to greatness, its spirit indomitable and its symbol of America held high in reverence.


Today, New York remains our beacon of hospitality drawing over 60 million tourists from home and abroad each year. It is the gateway to the United States, the recognized cultural center representing our contributions to the arts, manifested in extraordinary theater, concert halls, galleries, museums, and famed architecture; our center of international business and finance; Madison Ave. marketing, 5th Ave. fashions, and the energetic manifestation of the immigrant experience. New York is ultimately exciting, its 'Big Apple City That Never Sleeps' image certifiable. It is at once loud and busy and impersonal, proudly New York has been exalted in self congratulatory and boastful, even superlatives, paid tribute in music, song a bit arrogant, yet, at closer look, also and dance, the theater and movies, deeply connected by the natural beauty literature and art, comedy and tragedy. and wonder of Central Park and a strong Its skyline and iconic buildings are identity. recognized worldwide. Its gaping wounds healed, memorialized, 166


Be Central, Be NYC! Located in the vibrant heart of New York City, minutes from Grand Central Station, Times Square, the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, museums and 5th Avenue shopping, this premier hotel is modern and trendy, The Court boasts the St. Giles name and signature classic style. Stylish minimalist decor, friendly service, 17 floors with 199 spacious guest rooms and suites define The Court experience at home in the trendy residential Murray Hill neighborhood. Inviting sophistication begins in the lobby lounge where the residential allure is marked by comfortable seating and the warm welcoming fireplace where business and leisure travelers, friends and families have found The Court a welcome oasis from the city bustle. Luxury is evident throughout in flawless furnishings, luxury bedding, St. Giles signature bathrobes and bath and shower amenities, flat screen TV, free WiFi, seating and desk area comfort. Guests energize in the fitness center and take advantage of the high tech business center, conference, meeting and event spaces. At the top echelon of The Court experience is the stunning Suite Getaway with views of the Empire State and Chrysler Building illuminated on New York's amazing skyline. The trendsetting Murray Hill neighborhood, just a block off Park Avenue, has adopted The Court's edgy Lexington's Bar and casual lounge as a place for guests and neighbors to relax and mingle accented with plush comfort in ottomans and banquettes, candlelit romantic corners, casual delectables. Breakfast is served in The Court Restaurant.








White sands, golden sun, vibrant culture, sublime and superlative..... adults only all inclusive UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya has raised the bar for holiday revelry. Located on the stunning beach between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, a holiday destination unequaled on the Mexican Riviera, UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya simmers with scintillating beach vibes, three swimming pools, swim-up pool bars, holistic spa, and a menu of activities to engage enthusiasts seeking adventure or an intimate retreat. The modern vibe of the region... art, cuisine, decor, and casual elegance defines the UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya experience with an authenticity that is captivating. Contemporary design elements embrace locally inspired features of old Mexico creating a unique ambience, rich in tradition and texture, honoring past and present. The iconic Mayan ruins of nearby Chichen Itza and Tulum, unique archaeological wonders of ancient temples and stadiums with fascinating and haunting histories, combine with the beauty of natural wonders including caverns, caves and rainforests. These are amplified with the addition of modern wonders, amusement and water parks, extreme adventures with ATV and dune buggies, zipline and horseback tours, plus an aquarium and zoo, and pristine reef diving and snorkeling.


HERE TO HOST YOUR DREAM HOLIDAY IS DYNAMIC DESTINATION, UNICO 20째87째 HOTEL RIVIERA MAYA. The all-inclusive experience encompasses a wide range of amenities with six restaurants, a coffee shop, and three poolside bars bringing guests a variety of choices for dining from morning to night, buffet and a'la carte, casual and elegant. Menus reflect a wide range of international offerings, Asian, Italian, Mexican, South American, Euro-cafe, California beach grill, and Mediterranean. Enjoy sushi and yakitori delicacies, surf and turf from the grill, or a vegetarian pizza fresh from the wood burning oven. Refresh with coolers and cocktails throughout the day - the choices are endless and each mixologist expertly curates spirits with fruit complements that are divine. UNICO 20째87째 Hotel Riviera Maya accommodations emphasize contemporary comfort and style, incorporating splashes of modern Mexican design and traditional crafts. Guest rooms and suites offer ultimate in relaxation and sleep with a pillow menu, bath amenities ideal for your soaking tub or soothing shower relieving those sunburned shoulders. Relax on your balcony with ocean or pool views and enjoy WiFi, flat screen TV, access to movies and games. Delight in the high level of personalized service dedicated to ensuring your stay is perfect.


Evenings promise live entertainment and pop up events at the resort and lively nightlife beyond. Enjoy a vigorous workout at the fitness center, a day in the water, tennis, or explorations and adventures coordinated by the expert concierge staff. Next on your agenda, plan for your ultimate Spa retreat experience. It is time for the 3 R's of resort life relax, rejuvenate, reconnect - at the stunning UNICO Spa. Discover your bliss with a couples or single massage or body treatment, Thai, sport or deep tissue massage, aromatherapy or hot stones, scrub or wrap. Finally, indulge in the sauna, spa tub, or steam room and find the calm and harmony you are seeking. The essence of perfection, your holiday all inclusive resort experience can be found at the wondrous UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya. 176


Professionally, If you’ve been working hard and smart, you can experience professional success now. If not, you can experience delays, blocks, and failure. You crave comfort and familiarity, and don’t want to push yourself too much. If single, you can meet someone through a relative, or who is a caring, nurturing person. If in a relationship, you’re more supportive of your partner, and want to connect with them on an emotional level. You can bring more balance into your life, and strive to give everyone an equal amount of your time.


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You feel more creative and inspired, but you’re dramatic when emotional. You want to take your time with everything, and won’t be pushed no matter what. You enjoy the work you do more, and can focus on the details with ease. This is a good time for creative work, or if you work in the arts or beauty industry. If single, you can meet someone through your or their work, or begin seeing a co-worker. If in a relationship, you’re more practical with your affection, and pay attention to the little things with your partner.


A sense of peace regarding work and health routines is with you this month, and your social life tends to take center stage. You could find that you’re making more concessions than usual and that your agenda takes a back seat to the plans and needs of important people in your life. A conflict between time spent with children or friends, and time spent with a partner, could arise. You may not be the best judge when it comes to love, and may need to spend more time forcing yourself to be realistic about it.



You’re optimistic and enthusiastic, ready to take charge and go down a new path or embark on a new journey. You can CAPRICORN make the most of opportunities presented You have a practical outlook, and you to you, or create an opportunity for may seem a little shy, not wanting to yourself. You know exactly what you’re volunteer your thoughts and opinions. capable of, and you can create realistic You understand how all of the pieces plans for achieving your goals that fit together, and you feel that you have you know you’ll attain. You can have a good handle on things. You may find more communications at or about your yourself wanting to explore other cultures work and goals. You can be presented more, or do things to broaden your way opportunities unexpectedly, but you’re of thinking. You’re more comfortable in ready to hit the ground running. the spotlight and getting attention. If in a relationship, you don’t show affection ARIES in public, and want to keep everything You have an analytical approach to behind closed doors. everything, and you’re excellent with



You benefit from thinking outside of the box and taking an approach that’s unusual. You come up with ideas that are unconventional and unique, embrace visionary people, and do your best thinking with friends or in a group. This is a good time to forge a business partnership, or to deal with other people’s money in some way. You can receive money that’s owed to you, or you can make money for yourself and for someone else.

the details and small tasks, but may struggle with the big picture and larger projects. You can have more communications during this time, or an important conversation, or get or give important news. You don’t want to be put in a box, and strive to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You can take up a cause and do something good for the world and mankind. You may come across as more distant emotionally, inventive, and eccentric.

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You want to see the brighter side of situations, and are more optimistic in general. You can come up with big ideas, but you don’t do anything with them. You can make big promises, but you don’t follow through with them. You enjoy the company of others, especially in one-on-one situations. You have an easier time committing yourself, and you want to sustain a relationships and get along better with your partner. If single, you crave a relationship more than usual, and are more charming.


You have a more practical outlook, and can focus well. It takes time for you to get started with mental work, but once you do, you’ll keep going until it’s all done. This can be a good time to focus on your budget and creating a financial plan or getting financial advice. Events and realizations this month can get the ball rolling for important changes. Love relationships can reach new depths of understanding. This is the time to work on ridding yourself of selfdefeating or limiting attitudes.


Your sense of adventure runs high this month, and you are itching for a change of pace. You’re much better with your imagination right now, and should let your mind wander and daydream. Opportunities for travel and education figure strongly. All things foreign or undiscovered not only appeal to you but could bring new opportunities. You’re likely to make some important connections if you venture forth onto unfamiliar ground. You can dig deep inside of yourself as well, and face the things that you hold deep inside for no one to ever find.

Modeliste Magazine with Laura Marano  

Modeliste Magazine Oct 2017 issue with Cover Star Laura Marano

Modeliste Magazine with Laura Marano  

Modeliste Magazine Oct 2017 issue with Cover Star Laura Marano