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outhern Thailand’s beautiful Phranang Peninsula is renowned for the stunning natural environs of Krabi Marine National Park, breathtaking limestone cliff formations and sea caves, hillsides and valleys endowed with riches of lush flora and fauna, diversity of species on land and in the abundance of marine life. Respect for this national treasure and natural bounty led to the realization of the dream of Rayavadee as an environmentally and socially conscious resort bordering the National Park, protective of the fragile ecosystems, dedicated to rejuvenating measures of threatened marine life, tropical birds, plants and jungle rainforest creatures. Facing challenges of sustainability, ocean and beach cleanup, mangrove and reef repopulation efforts, and tourist education extend an invitation for guests to participate and support these mandates.

Rayavadee is a Five Star Luxury Resort, proud of its standing as founding member of the Enlive Foundation and member of the Premier Group of Companies, adhering to a philosophy promoting and sponsoring socially conscious groups and community charities through sharing profits with Pan Kan, Food4Good, children’s scholarship fund, and promoting sustainable business practices on site in harmony with their environmental protection commitment. Modeliste Magazine Mode for Meaning Initiative is a supporter of Rayavadee Resort’s dedication to the success of local community, educational and employee training programs, child care and women empowerment. Rayavadee beaches are a part of Krabi Marine National Park. Guests enjoy their pristine white sands and crystal clear waters, limestone grottos and cliffs, and boat access to discover and adventure in the wealth of islands in the bay beyond, 130 amazing islands including popular Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi. MODELISTE | SEPTEMBER 2019 175

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