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Welcome to our February issue, which explores the intriguing relationship between red carpet, runway fashion, film, fame and feminism. In this issue of Modeliste we showcase the most beautiful looks from the latest Spring 2018 collections. As always, our fashion coverage is set within a wider landscape of art as is featured within our pages with the new-season catwalk report, which offers a sophisticated interpretation of the hottest trends. Our beauty pages are devoted to the most effective products, experts and techniques to deliver glowing skin, as a welcome antidote to the harshness of winter. Elsewhere in the issue, our Mode Around The Globe took some of the biggest names in social media to Jamaica, where they indulged in a sensational stay at the Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa. Not only have these girls mastered the art of capturing the most stunning photography to fill their feeds and give us vacation envy, they are also truly inspiring for the dedicated and hard working entrepreneurs which each of them are. As always, Modeliste is designed to entertain, inspire, empower and celebrate style in every aspect of your life. We hope you enjoy this issue of Modeliste. Welcome to the issue.

Amy Amy McCabe Editor-in-Chief


JENNIFER MEYER Turquoise Letter Necklace $1,150





Mode Around the Globe: The It-Girls of 2018 Jamaica

The Ultimate Skincare Products for Spring



24 2018 Hairstyle & Color Trends

12 Editor's Letter 154 Horoscope

34 Complexion Perfection for the Spring Season and Beyond 40 The Spring Hit List: The 3 Hair Products to Stock Up on Right Now


68 Labels we Love


124 2018 Travel Guide


44 How to Spring Clean your Hair Routine in 5 easy steps 48 NEW-GENERATION REJUVENATION: The Age of Radiofrequency 50 #Goals

Spring’s Hottest Runway Trends


GUCCI Metallic Leather Sandal $1980


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PRADA Etiquette Bag 2,280




2018 &






arrettes, and bobs, and balayage – oh my! The new year is here, and with it comes a new wave of hairstyles, accessories and color trends. While 2017 was the year of the curls, bangs and the “bronde,” 2018 is taking pages straight out the 70s and 90s. One 2017 trend I’m glad is over is the unicorn hair. Even though there are some stylists and people that can pull this look off, it’s time to retire this look. This year is all about people expressing their individuality more naturally through hair accessories and bold statement pieces. If you are in need of a little hairspo for the new year, look no further! I’ve got five hairstyle and color trends that are going to be all the rage in 2018:

1. Bold hair pieces are the must have hair accessory. Expect to see bold hair pieces on naturally textured hair, like thick, gold clips, or material wraps around a long ponytail. Also, with the return of the 70’s vibe, expect to see flowers everywhere. It’s literally going to be Coachella all year long.

2. Barrettes have made a major comeback.


Bold hair pieces are the must have hair accessory.

With what I’ve seen on the runways, barrettes are the new “it” accessory. When shopping for barrettes, try to find clips with history or personality, versus a generic flat piece.


Barrettes have made a major comeback.


3. The Bob is going to make the A-list in 2018. As style evolution occurs, I’ve seen shattered, short/mid length bobs coming to surface. With the exception of the longer is better crowd, I forecast sassy, sexy, shorter hairstyles hitting the red carpets this year.

4. “All natural” is the trending color. It’s all about natural looking hair colors. This means NO contrasting and bold differences. Brunettes will flirt with mocha/cappuccino colors through balayage and ombré techniques, while blondes will utilize dimensional toning with soft golden tones to pale Barbie blondes.

5. Soft cuts will never go out of style! There are a few hairstyles that will always be “in,” such as: soft pixie cuts, perfectly tailored bobs and seamless, long layers. If you really dive into the history of hairstyles, these styles are timeless. It’s all in how an individual styles his/her hair, and uses products that will make it pop. Reboot your hair in 2018 by paying homage to YOU – your natural, sexy, empowered self! Avoid impromptu, boxed hair color. It’s so aggressive and damaging, and takes forever to remove. Use products that are safe to use on Keratin or chemically-treated hair, are self-adapting and created with natural and certified organic ingredients. Your hair deserves it! If you want to revamp your hair, think about trying multi toned/dimensional coloring. It brings out depth and points of interest. This year is all about self-expression, so don’t let others influence your style!

Devin Graciano is the CEO and founder of Use Me


The Bob is going to make the A-list in 2018.


"All Natural" is the trending color



Soft cuts will never go out of style!


products for SPRING 28

Bioderma’s must-buys for a glowing complexion Available for purchase on

1 2



Sensibio H2O $10.90/ 250ml

Sensibio Eye $19.90





FI Se b $1 ium NE 9.9 P & 0 ore Re MIN fin IM er






HT Se ns EN $1 ibi 9.9 o L 0 igh t


5 6

CONTROL YOUR T-ZONE Sebium Mat Control $19.90


Hydrabio Brume $13.90




M RU 90 E . S O $24 BI









el r G 90 e ow $9. Sh




od At


9 10



Photoderm Self Tanner $19.90

Photoderm After Sun SOS $19.90




1. Hydrating Cleansers Rose Cream Cleanser (NEW), $18

Nourishing cream cleanser with mineral rich mud cleanses as it helps strengthen and soften skin. This gentle formula with rose flower oil, aloe vera, and chamomile is a soothing daily cleanser for all skin types.

2. Brightening Boosters

Rose Tonic (NEW), $15

Naturally soothing and rich in nutrients, this tonic helps to tone, balance pH, minimize redness and calm skin. Rehydrates, replenishes and refreshes with an alcohol-free, rose hydrosol base formula.


3. Perk Up Eyes

Liquid Fairy Lights (NEW), $15 Long wearing, liquid glimmer eyeshadow lights up the eyes with super sparkles to create an ethereal look! Add these glimmer toppers to bare skin for a flirty light catching effect, or apply on top of your favourite smoky eye to soften and enhance.


4. Plump Pout Mattelast Liquid Lip, $14 Extremely long-wearing & comfortable, this hydrating liquid lipstick quickly sets to a matte veil. Rosehip seed oil smoothes and conditions while vitamin E moisturizes. Unique “Pixi Petal� applicator provides easy and precise application.

5. Detox

T-Zone Peel Off Mask (NEW), $22 Detoxifying peel-off mask draws out impurities and lifts away oil to reveal immediate results. It contains a unique green superfood blend that includes avocado, cucumber, aloe, green tea and bamboo extract to help firm & refine


38 Shea Lip Butter, $8 ea

6. Ultimate Multitaskers Shea Lip Butter, $8

Treat lips while giving them gorgeous colour with this multi-tasking miracle lip balm! The unique formula is rich but lightweight and gives a gorgeous wash of colour to lips – plus, it’s packed full of beneficial ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E.

7. Get Glowy

Glowtion Day Dew, $22 A lightweight, radiance-boosting moisturizer that soothes while blurring imperfections & giving a litfrom-within glow. Lavender oil calms, kaolin purifies, and mica brightens in this advanced illuminating skinperfector that gives a boost to dull skin.



Biolage R.A.W. Color Care Shampoo, $25.00

THE SPRING HIT LIST: The 3 Hair Products to Stock Up on Right Now

Hair Color is officially the number one service in salons today. And thanks to a plethora of irresistible color options—from better-than-natural to rainbow brights, pastels and metallics—women are stepping up their relationships with hair color, coloring their hair 20% more frequently over last year. All that hair color requires the kindest, gentlest care possible, and Biolage is responding to the specific need with its new Biolage R.A.W. Color Care collection. Biolage R.A.W. Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner gently bathes hair with nourishing coconut milk and antioxidant-rich meadowfoam. These color-coddling milks leave hair color shiny; extend color vibrancy and result in hair that’s supple, conditioned and soft to the touch. And like all natural-origin formula R.A.W. products, R.A.W. Color Care is as kind to the planet as it is to hair, thanks to the fact that these vegan formulas are free of silicones, sulfates, parabens and artificial colorants.

Biolage R.A.W. Color Care Conditioner $25.00 41

There are plenty of things in life to make you feel guilty— eating the entire pint of ice cream in one sitting, binging on Stranger Things when you’re supposed to be finishing a report, emptying the recycle bin into the regular trash just this once! But thanks to the new Biolage R.A.W. Heat Styling Primer from Biolage, blow-drying your hair can be a completely guilt-free experience…on many levels! This new member of the Biolage R.A.W. natural origin and vegan styler family erases “fried hair” guilt with heavyduty heat protection—up to 450 degrees! The coconut milk and meadowfoam-infused formula is the essential blow-dry companion, priming hair and leaving it touchable, flexible and healthy when applied to damp, towel-dried strands prior to exposure to heat. Pair it with one or more of the existing five Biolage R.A.W. Stylers to create hairstyle perfection for any #LiveRaw look. Like all of the R.A.W. Stylers, Heat Styling Primer provides a “naked touch,” with high performance styling results that are seen but never felt! And while your hair enjoys a guilt-free blowout, the earth benefits, too! Like all Biolage R.A.W. products, Heat Styling Primer is free of silicones, sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrance and artificial colorants for a low-to-no impact on the planet, as well as on your hair! Biolage R.A.W. Heat Styling Primer $19.50 All products available at

      






easy Leonor Greyl steps


Spring is the perfect a time to wash away all of the harshness of winter and embrace a new and cleaner outlook in life, beauty and of course your hair. And there’s no time like the present to prep your lacklustre, dull and dry hair for a beautiful Spring ahead, which is why cult hair care brand Leonor Greyl is giving us the how-to on spring cleaning and revamping your hair regimen.


Tonique Hydratant A leave-in moisturizing treatment spray delivers body and vitality to all hair types. Strengthens and moisturizes hair, tones scalp and can be used to rewet and restyle hair. Soothes and tones scalp, helps style last longer and lightweight composition won’t weigh down hair. $43.00



Lait Luminescence Bi-Phase An award-winning detangling milk and styling spray, formulated with botanical extracts and oils. In addition to detangling and nourishing, Lait Luminescence Bi-Phase Milk smooths hair, making it more manageable when styling. Also enhances shine and luminosity and offers added protection against heat and sun. $48.00

2 45


Condition Naturelle This heat-protecting and volumizing styling spray is formulated with key extracts, amino-acids and proteins that work together to offer a protective barrier against heat-styling tools. Condition Naturelle delivers an end result of hair with volume, softness and shine. $38.00



Eclat Naturel A multi award-winning styling cream formulated with superior ingredients. Instantly nourishes and softens hair. Eclat Naturel softens curls, making hair more manageable when styling. UVA/ UVB filters deliver added protection against environmental stressors and heat-styling tools. $46.00


Laque Souple This light styling spray is formulated with superior fixing resins and Jojoba Oil that combine to deliver softness and hold. Laque Souple leaves hair soft to the touch and washes out easily. $36.00

4 46





Radiofrequency is the new standard in aesthetic medicine for new-generation rejuvenation because of its efficacy, safety, minimal down time and versatility. Dr. Schweitzer explains that “radiofrequency is being used for a number of applications from skin tightening, acne, scar improvement, skin rejuvenation, cellulite reduction, to feminine care.” As more individuals strive to implement healthy lifestyle options to their daily routine and with advancements in medical technologies there has been an increase in life expectancy. He says “With overall health improvement and feeling younger, the need to also look as young as you feel is in high demand.” That’s right, now 40 is the new 30!


Compared to surgery, there are more options available for treatments and techniques which give the provider almost endless customization. “Lax skin is one of the most common and visible signs of aging skin” Dr. Schweitzer explains. Skin laxity starts as early as our 30’s and is the result of different contributing factors that “breakdown skin binding fibers such as collagen and elastin in our skin.” Genetics, natural aging, stress, sun exposure, weight fluctuation, exposure to environmental pollutants, gravity, and smoking are all responsible in pulling loose skin downwards Radiofrequency treatments deliver energy deep into the dermis, promoting collagen production and contraction of the skin. “In my office we utilize both Forma and Fractora to rejuvenate and restore the skin” Dr. Schweitzer says. Jowls, neck, eyelids, and smile lines can be easily tightened by using Forma™, a thermal contraction treatment which delivers optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of the skin. Fractora™ fractional radiofrequency skin rejuvenation and resurfacing is an effective treatment to slow the effects of aging and restore your skin, so you can look and feel younger. It can be used to improve fine or deep lines, lift droopy skin, skin tone, texture, and improve pigmentation for a complete facial rejuvenation.


Women have a number of feminine health concerns and in the past there have not been many effective options to address these concerns. Advances in medical technologies have made it possible to achieve life changing results with radiofrequency treatments. Dr. Schweitzer explains that “Votiva™ offers state of the art technology which delivers immediate results and continued improvement overtime for the treatment of common feminine health concerns including sexual dysfunction, dryness, and urinary incontinence.” Votiva™ is currently the leading option for safe and effective treatment for feminine health. This treatment offers both internal and external treatment. Votiva™ also provides an option for resurfacing the outer labia for the ultimate lift.


Skin tightening, body contouring and cellulite treatments that utilize radiofrequency have minimal down

time performed in combination or as individual treatments. Dr. Schweitzer utilizes both Plus™ and Body FX™ to contour, lift skin, and improve dimpled cellulite skin. Body FX™ utilizes radio-frequency energy, deep tissue heating, and suction coupled negative pressure to reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite leading to improvements in your body contour. BodyFX™ also attacks fat cells, killing them through a process called apoptosis. The Plus™ uses fractionated radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production leading to an uplifted, firmer and smoother contour of the body. For more information: Book your next appointment with Dr. Schweitzer: 805-379-5970 ProDerm Image Cosmetic and Regenerative Dermatology 960 South Westlake Blvd., Suite 208 Westlake Village, CA 91361 49



Modeliste gets inspired by fitness gurus Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, founders of Tone It Up who are serving up some major New Year’s health and fitness goals. With fitness, friendship, and fun being the 3 key factors of Tone It Up’s DNA, Karena and Katrina have not only built a community of over 5 million incredible women, but a platform for women to connect on a higher level, create new friendships, support & motivate one another, influence female empowerment, and most of all, inspire each other to love their bodies, no matter where they are on their journey to a happy and healthy lifestyle.



The beginning of the year is always an ideal time to set resolutions and intentions for what’s ahead. What is your best advice for setting goals? Katrina: We like to begin with attainable, short-term resolutions. For example, your resolution might be to skip fried food for one month. Once the month is up, you’ll be feeling so great you may just keep at it. I set this goal last October and have kept it up... except for the occasional donut ;) Karena: It’s also great to jot down your intentions. I always write down my goals in the front of my yearly planner. That way, I’m reminded of them every day. You can also jot them down on pretty stationary, take a pic, and make it your phone background. What is your advice for sticking to those New Year’s resolutions all year long? Katrina: Accountability is everything! Share your goals with a friend, family member, or significant other. We share ours with each other and hold each other accountable to them. On days when I’m not feeling as motivated to exercise, I call Karena and we go for a walk or take a yoga class together. Karena: It’s also amazing to have a community to turn to for accountability and inspiration. The Tone It Up community motivates us every day. You can follow us and find accountability partners on Instagram @ToneItUp. What is the #1 thing we can do to start our New Year off on a healthy note? Katrina: Join a challenge! When you sign up for a challenge, you’re making a promise to yourself and that is the most powerful type of promise you can make. You’re committing to your health and you deserve it! We’re kicking off our Love Your Body Challenge on January 8. It includes daily workouts, fitness videos, delicious recipes, and endless motivation and support from the Tone It Up team. Learn more about the challenge on


What are your favorite workouts to do during the colder months? Karena: There are so many great workouts you can do from your living room — you don’t even have to go outside! We love doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) routines because they warm up your bod, raise your heart rate, boost your metabolism, and sculpt your total body in a short amount of time. We also find that yoga flows are extra rejuvenating during the chillier months. You can find tons of workouts, including HIIT, strength training, dance, yoga, barre, and more, and take classes with girlfriends from anywhere with our new Studio Tone It Up app. Download Studio Tone It Up for iPhones in the App Store. Where do you draw confidence and what is your advice for women who may need a confidence boost? Katrina: The theme of our new challenge is “Love Your Body” because we want women to love their bodies every day. Love your body for all the amazing things it does for you and because it makes it you so unique and special. Exercising and nourishing your body with the healthiest foods is a form of self love. Karena: We draw our confidence from treating our bodies with love and respect, from the Tone It Up community, from our loved ones, and from each other. Whenever you need a boost of confidence, check in with a girlfriend or your accountability partner. And never forget that you’re beautiful, brilliant, and strong! The New Year is often a hectic time of year! How can we stick to our healthy lifestyle even on our busiest days? Karena: Preparation is key! We meal prep every Sunday and it saves us so much time throughout the week. We set aside a bit of time to grill lean proteins, slice and freeze bananas for smoothies, chop veggies, and bake healthy treats like mini muffins and protein pancakes. That way you always have nutritious options on hand so you don’t reach for packaged and sugary foods when you’re in a pinch. We even make almond milk ice cubes for our coffee so we can grab it and go in the morning! 53

What has made the biggest difference for you in how you look and feel? Katrina: Nutrition! I could work out a lot, but personally I feel the best and can see the biggest results when I am following the guidelines of our Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. The Plan focuses on eating Lean, Clean, ’N Green, meaning whole, unprocessed foods like lean proteins, veggies, and healthy fats. Eating this way has made the biggest difference for me in helping me de-bloat and see muscle tone. Plus, you’ll feel energized and have glowing skin and hair. What if we slip up or get off track on our goals? What is the best way to bounce back? Karena: Slip ups happen to all of us and they are completely normal. The most important thing is to not be hard on yourself. When we're harder on ourselves, we slip up more and it leads to self-sabotage. If you miss a workout you planned, you don’t need to do an extra workout the next day or wait until Monday to “start over.” You can just get back to your workout the next day! Katrina: That mindset applies to your nutrition as well. We keep it Lean, Clean, ’N Green most of the time but it’s also important to treat yourself without guilt. That’s why we never use the world “cheat day.” We don’t believe in them! If you want to have a a piece of cake at a friend’s birthday or ice cream with a girlfriend, it’s not cheating; it’s called enjoying life! It’s all about balance! How can we keep up with our healthy lifestyle when we’re out at a restaurant or a party with friends? Katrina: Our best tip at a restaurant is don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions! Ask for grilled or steamed options instead of fried. Even veggies like Brussels sprouts are often fried. At Italian restaurants, I like to order chicken cacciatore. At Japanese restaurants, sashimi is always a great lean protein option. And at Mexican spots, go for grilled chicken, beans, veggies, guacamole, and lots of salsa.


Karena: We’re the last trainers to ever tell you to skip that cocktail or glass of champagne at a party or friend’s birthday. We like to stick to two cocktails two to three times a week. Sip water between each drink so you stay hydrated and wake up refreshed the next day. What is your best advice for maintaining balance and feeling centered? Karena: If I start my morning off right, I feel more calm and centered all day long. I like to wake up early and make time to prioritize myself before the day gets hectic with other obligations. I have coffee with a splash of almond milk, make sure to get a workout in, and then take a few minutes to meditate and set my intentions for the day. I also love to reread some of my favorite inspirational books like “The Four Agreements,” even if it’s just for a few moments. No matter what else comes my way that day, this time in the morning helps me feel balanced and focused. What’s your favorite motivational quote or mantra? Karena: You’ll never regret a workout! Katrina: Share. Love. Inspire. Sweat.



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67 8














to start wearing now from florals to jumpsuits, these are the key looks from VICI to have on your radar



Perfect for your next getaway to that tropical climate! Our Lauderdale Embroidered Dress is perfect in this cobalt blue embroidered shift silhouette that has a split neckline that's detailed in ivory pom poms!




FARRAH POCKETED DENIM JUMPSUIT $56 A jumpsuit fit for Farrah Fawcett! We're in love with our Farrah Pocketed Denim Jumpsuit in this light wash denim silhouette that has ruffle accents on the bodice and a lace-up back.




This adorable dress is fit to flatter in this sweet silhouette. Our Mini Tiny Bubbles Wrap Dress is a work to weekend must have in blue with small white abstract polka dots.




The essential work to weekend Damsel Blouse is a beautifully draped top with a gathered split neckline. This is the original damsel cut with front snap closures at the neckline.



We are loving the sweet florals on our Margo Poppy Long Sleeve Maxi Dress. The ivory and taupe florals on this long sleeve piece add a sweet contrast against the coral red hue.




Our Honey Child Off The Shoulder Bodysuit is perfect in this silhouette! So flattering and chic in long bell sleeves and an off the shoulder neckline. We love this taupe paisley print and the flowy sleeves!


AIKIDO SWIMWEAR @aikidoswimwear Whether you're a minimalist at heart, searching for the bikini, want a one-piece that doubles as a bodysuit or are inclined to love all things classic and seamless —Aikido has your swim game covered. Judy Kaufman has curated her perfect collection combining her love of fashion and travel. It’s with the launch of her latest line that the most creative and unique results have come to life in these chic and sexy silhouette pieces.






Describe your swimwear line. Aikido Swimwear is sophisticated and creates chic designs with the details of high-end fashion. What makes your line so unique? We truly empathize on creating silhouettes that flatter all types of figures. What was the inspiration behind your line’s creation? We are very much inspired by our travels and high-end fashion. Who is the AIKIDO SWIMWEAR Swimwear girl? The Aikido woman displays a sense of elegance, poise and refinement along with confidence. She can be seen on a tropical island to a yacht in the South of France. Tell us about your latest collection. Our latest collection consists of bold colors and sexy silhouettes. We created pieces that are flattering for all body types. All of our separates can perfectly be mix matched to your personal style. What trends are you seeing for swimwear this year? Some trends we are seeing this year are the attention to detail, bright colors, one pieces with high cuts and of course the cheeky bottoms!! What are your tips to finding the perfect fitting swimsuit? One main tip we can give to all women is to know your body and to have fun with colors to match their personal style. What can we look forward to next with the line? We believe in women empowerment and will be incorporating that in the next collection.




MODE around The GLOBE Photographed by BRETT ERICKSON Special Thanks to Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa


2018 MOST





ANNABELLE FLEUR Follow at: @vivaluxuryblog 86


How did you originally get into blogging/social media? It all started out as a hobby. My background is in IT and my husband's is in finance. I was always into fashion and my husband wasn't opposed to exploring photography so we just started out taking outfit photos and posting them online. I think the content really showed our respective passions, especially over time, so the blog gained momentum and now running the blog is our full-time job. Describe your Instagram feed in 3 words. Balanced, elegant, fun (I hope so at least!) Why is your social feed so unique? I feel that my social feed is unique because of the photography. We truly take the time and effort to put out the best photo/content we can. What is your favorite part about being an Influencer? Honestly, there is really nothing I don't love about my job, but I think it is the fact that I am able to make a living doing what I am passionate about that I am truly thankful for! What has been your favorite "I made it" moment? I can't pinpoint an exact moment, but it's moments when brands that I loved my whole life started to reach out to work with me that I had to pinch myself. I've gotten to work with brands like Fendi, Guerlain, Victoria's Secret, Chanel, and Gucci to name a few. At this point, we've been blogging for more than 7 years, yet somehow it still feels a bit surreal that this is my life. What are 3 things you always bring along with you when you travel? My plane essentials, like are a super soft blanket ( I'm always cold on planes ), headphones, and lip balm (planes are so drying!). How would you describe your personal vacation or travel style? I'd like to think of it as effortlessly chic, elegant, and comfortable.


What was your favorite piece from VICI? So many good pieces to choose from, but I think it's the Pretty Please Ruffle Dress that was my personal favorite. It's such a perfect vacation staple that can be worn anywhere from the beach to the dinner, and there is nothing I love more than versatility. What do you love most about your Furla bag? I love how easy it is to wear. Cross body design makes it super comfortable, and the burgundy color makes it super versatile--I wore it in Jamaica with my summer pieces, but it's so perfect to be worn with cream sweaters and coats during the fall/ winter season. What was your favorite Biolage hair care product? I absolutely loved the nourish shampoo. My hair is in constant need of moisture due to dry climate in LA, frequent travel that I do, and all the heat and dye I put my hair through. This shampoo really gave my hair life and helped with the frizz in Jamaica (it was super humid!). Pixi Beauty was one of our brands partners on the getaway, which were your favorite products you were able to try? I loved my multi stick! I'm pretty minimal when it comes to beauty products especially when I travel to tropical destinations. So any products that are multitaskers are always a win in my book. Are there any skincare rules you live by when traveling? My number one rule is to always wash every bit of make up off the face before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup on is a recipe for (skin) disaster! So I always make sure to have a good cleanser with me as well as makeup removing wipes. Another one of my rules is to travel with face masks. Which masks I take really depends on the climate of the place I'm traveling to, but I always have a couple of different ones with me. Travel is rough on your skin so I try to give it extra love during those days.

What was your go-to product by Bioderma during your time in Jamaica? I really liked the self-tanning mist. I like to apply self tanning products on top of my natural tan to keep it lasting longer and this mist worked great for me to lock in that tan. And another Bioderma product I used religiously is the makeup removing wipes. I like to use them to get the makeup off before I wash my face with a cleanser; that way, I end up with squeaky clean skin! Tell us about the Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort? What do you love most about the property? I enjoyed the resort so much! I absolutely loved how nice and helpful the staff members were, the gorgeous spa, and the beautiful beach. There is not much more I could have asked for. During your time here at the resort you were able to take part in a variety of wellness and spa activities. Which one has been your favorite and why? Of course I had to visit the spa! I opted for a body scrub which was super gentle yet effective--I came out with the softest skin ever! That was definitely my favorite activity during this trip. I often try to make spa plans when I'm in LA, but more often than not I'm just too busy to keep my appointments. It was definitely nice to finally get that body scrub! What are some things you do on a daily basis to incorporate wellness into your everyday life? I try to take care of my body by eating healthy. I strongly believe your well being starts with a healthy wellbalanced diet. To take care of my mind, I try to take time most mornings to meditate and unplug, even if just for a little bit. As far as exercise, I really like hiking, jogging, and doing some yoga. Why do you love Modeliste Magazine and our Mode Around the Globe Influencer Getaways? I enjoyed this trip so much! I loved getting to know new people, making friends, and catching up with blogger friends (I had a few on this trip!). It was so lovely to take a week off and relax as I often forget to do that. Thank you Modeliste Magazine for organizing such an amazing trip!




JANICE JOOSTEMA Follow at: @janicejoostema










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Describe your Instagram feed in 3 words. Palm trees, bikini, sunshine Why is your social feed so unique? My daily motto is: how can I show who I really am in my photos, the vibe of the place, the magic of the moment cause ultimately the only thing that makes us different from each other on Instagram and in life is being ourselves. I also try to show that when a girl likes to dress up and is into beauty it doesn’t mean she can’t be adventurous and climb trees or jump out of the airplanes too . I like to show both sides of my personality and guess that tomboys in bikinis really do exist and are doing well ;) What is your favorite part about being an Influencer? I love that doing what I love attracted more people in my life that are my soulmates or at least on the same page as I am. I have never had more like minded friends and colleagues in my life. I also think of my followers as I say this, because I every time I run into one of them all over the world they turn out to be the nicest kindest people out there. What has been your favorite "I made it" moment? Every time someone said ‘you have changed my life’ or ‘I didn’t think I was brave/smart/rich enough to do or see something but you empowered me to do it’. Not one story is better than other - each message gets me teary every time and makes me feel what I do is so much more than just posting pretty pictures online. What are 3 things you always bring along with you when you travel? Dry shampoo for tropical climates, spf for my face, and a bikini even if I go to Finland. I quickly learned the winter cabins happen to have the coolest hot springs in the world so I am not leaving it up to the chance anymore :) How would you describe your personal vacation or travel style? Very spontaneous, I plan my days one day ahead depending on the weather forecast. 100

What was your favorite piece from VICI? That red dress! I literally wore it in too many photos, I fitted me so well!A must buy especially for a petite girl like myself who always struggles with dresses being too long and bulky. What do you love most about your Furla bag? I love it’s like me: luxury but fun and not taking myself too seriously. Plus I love the parrots :) What was your favorite Biolage hair care product? The texturizing spray! My hair gets very frizzy even when I curl it so it was a lifesaver in tropical Jamaica. Pixi Beauty was one of our brands partners on the getaway, which were your favorite products you were able to try? I love Pixie as a brand and have been addicted to their highlighter already, but this time I went back to my old favorite which is their Sun Mist. I spent 90% of my time in tropical climates and I need to reapply my spf constantly while already wearing makeup. I love I can apply the sun mist on top of my makeup without smudging it. Are there any skincare rules you live by when traveling? Sleep well, eat well, moisturize well - I love to say I really live by them but it’s true only 980% of the time cause jet lag kills my sleep patterns. What was your go-to product by Bioderma during your time in Jamaica? The cooling mist - it got very very hot spending all day by the beach and for whatever reason growing up when I could not afford luxury or any beauty products I always thought of a cooling mist as a symbol of luxury. Something very pleasant but perhaps not the first choice when it comes to beauty products so using that Bioderma mist on the beach made me feel like a million bucks! Tell us about the Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort? What do you love most about the property? So many little things! Jewel Grande Montego Bay really cared about the

small details from delivering a fresh soy cappuccino right to my door at sunrise to always smiling and making sure everything was perfect. Plus their beach was a stunner! During your time here at the resort you were able to take part in a variety of wellness and spa activities. Which one has been your favorite and why? Their signature facial left my skin feel super plumpy I loved it! What are some things you do on a daily basis to incorporate wellness into your everyday life? I never skip moisturizer and cleanser it’s like brushing teeth for me and the 5 minutes of really paying attention to my body is a little act of self love. I also believe beauty is all about how you feel about yourself and the world so on days when I feel not so pretty I literally wrap my hands around myself and take a second to tell myself ‘you’re doing so well, you’re doing enough, you’re beautiful not because of your hair or face or what not because you love, you care and do your best to bring some positivity into his world. So chin up, gorgeous!’ And it works every time! Why do you love Modeliste Magazine and our Mode Around the Globe Influencer Getaways? First and foremost - I love the girls that work behind the scenes of Modeliste - they are incredibly sweet, fun and total rockstars so when they told me they always make sure everyone on the trip is gonna be as fun as they are, I knew it’s gonna be an epic trip! And I was right! Sophia, Sarah, Janice and Annabelle were super sweet and easy-going I felt like I’ve already met them before so as much as I enjoyed Jamaica, it’s the girls that made the getaway so extra special and make a hole in a wall unforgettable! thank you Modeliste!




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How did you originally get into blogging/social media? I started an Instagram and Twitter account when it first got big, but I only started to use it heavily when it proved to be a good way to discuss my upcoming acting jobs and to engage with viewers of the projects I’ve worked on… It’s a great tool for promoting! Describe your Instagram feed in 3 words. Fun, honest, and diverse Why is your social feed so unique? It’s unique because it features not only fashion and beauty, but my acting career as well. I try to keep it relatable! What is your favorite part about being an Influencer? I spend most of my time focused on my acting career, so when I get to dive into the influencer world it’s nice to shift my focus to things like fashion and beauty! It keeps it light and fun. What has been your favorite "I made it" moment? I think one of the coolest moments was walking into the 2015 Golden Globes after parties, both HBO and NBC. I saw so many of my idols, I got to wear a pretty gown, and I met so many influential performers. What are 3 things you always bring along with you when you travel? A pair of my favorite sunnies, a good hair serum, and my makeup bag. How would you describe your personal vacation or travel style? I would describe it as playful and unique. I wear a lot of white but I also have pops of color and statement pieces mixed in there. What was your favorite piece from VICI? I think my fave piece from Vici was one of the necklaces I got! It was gold and super delicate- fit right into my minimalist jewelry style. What do you love most about your Furla bag? Aside from it being adorable, I LOVED that it was vegan! As a vegan myself, that’s pretty important to me 106

What was your favorite Biolage hair care product? The conditioner! It smells like heaven and since my hair is so dry, I love a good reparative conditioner. Pixi Beauty was one of our brands partners on the getaway, which were your favorite products you were able to try? Well first of all I already loved Pixi Beauty, so I was so happy that they were one of the brand partners! My favorite products were the Sun Serum and the Multibalm in Wild Rose. So perfect for being in the sun! Are there any skincare rules you live by when traveling? When I’m tanning I don't put face makeup on, and then I definitely like to moisturize morning and night to keep my skin from getting dry, because it typically does in new climates. What was your go-to product by Bioderma during your time in Jamaica? My favorite product to use was their micellar water. It was so gentle on my sensitive skin and was perfect for taking off any remaining makeup I had on at night. Tell us about the Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort? What do you love most about the property? The Jewel Grande Montego Bay was beautiful! It had everything you needed- beachfront access, swim up bars, an amazing spa and balconies with views. My favorite part was probably the gorgeous views and the cute cabanas on the beach- It was the perfect spot to lounge during the day. During your time here at the resort you were able to take part in a variety of wellness and spa activities. Which one has been your favorite and why? My favorite spa activity was definitely the amazing wild ginger massage I got- We’re all so busy in our day to day lives and at least for me, I hold a lot of tension in my body, so it was the perfect way to decompress and relax!

What are some things you do on a daily basis to incorporate wellness into your everyday life? Well for starters, I’m vegan! So I’m constantly eating fruit and veggies, and having to be mindful that I’m getting all the nutrients and vitamins I need. I also love doing hot yoga which is a great way to sweat out impurities, and of course a good night’s sleep is necessary! Why do you love Modeliste Magazine and our Mode Around the Globe Influencer Getaways? I love Modeliste Magazine because it features such amazing girls, and is so on point with it’s fashion, travel inspo, and everything in between. The Mode Around the Globe Influencer Getaways are SO great because it’s a chance to get creative with Modeliste and get to know some really amazing people. It definitely doesn't hurt that we get to travel for work and see new places, either!




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Describe your feed in 3 words? minimal , light , neutral What is your favourite part of being an influencer ? The support & kind messages I get from my followers on a daily basis, as well as the inspiring people I meet traveling and the places I get to see. I have always loved travelling and visiting new places, being an influencer has allowed me to visit some incredible countries that I could have only dreamed of ever visiting. I feel so lucky every day. How would you describe your personal vacation or travel style? If I’m planning a holiday it will always be somewhere hot! Im always so cold so any opportunity to be in the sun is my ideal getaway ! My typical outfits would be to keep it simple in the daytime I’d usually pack plain shirts and swimsuits with denim shorts or a simple kaftan & then of the evening I love to get glammed up , I will always pack a little black dress and I do love an all white outfit for hot holidays, to show of the tan! What do you love most about your Furla bag? It's such a fun bag I feel like it’s my little friend! Tell us about the Jewel Grande Resort? It’s such a special place , the people who work here are so kind they have made us feel so welcome the whole time. And there is always something fun to do whether it’s a trip to the spa , an evening spin class or enjoying a Bob Marley cocktail on the beach they have something for everyone, it’s just dreamy , really feels like paradise here.

Are there any skincare rules you live by when you are travelling ? I always take my makeup off before bed and moisturise , I don’t think I could ever fall asleep with a full face of makeup. - Drink lots of water! - Always wear sunscreen even if the sun's not out. What are some things you do on a daily basis to incorporate wellness into your everyday life? I try and exercise everyday, even if it’s walking my dog I like to keep active . I also became vegetarian early this year, which I feel great from. Why do you love Modeliste magazine and mode around the globe getaways? This is my first trip with Modeliste I have to say I’ve had the most wonderful time and met such a lovely group of hard working girls ,it’s great to see their life’s on Instagram but then to actually meet them on a getaway in Jamaica is very cool! I love how the magazine is inspired by not only models but everyday people. During your time here at the resort you were able to take part in a variety of wellness and spa activities. Which one has been your favourite and why? Yes! The Reggaelates was brilliant! Pilates and reggae music combined , I mean I just had the most fun! What was your go to Bioderma product during your time in Jamaica? The cooling mist for sure!

What do you love most about the property? The selection of amazing food !!! Pan Asian , Italian , Jamaican! I haven’t stopped eating ! What was your favourite piece from VICI? The black dungarees & white bodysuit.







reathtaking vistas await as you approach landing at Jamaica’s Sangster International Airport with views of the staggering blue hues of the Caribbean Sea waters meeting the golden sands and the lush greens of the Jamaican hills. Bursting with anticipation, 15 minutes later you arrive at Jamaica’s newest all-inclusive beachfront luxury oasis, and the holiday vibe of Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa carries you away. Montego Bay’s distinctively tranquil ambience now boasts Jewel Grande’s three beachfront towers in a private cove featuring 217 butler-appointed suites and stately villas, a 30,000 square foot premiere Grande Spa optimizing health and wellness, 12 restaurants ranging from beachy casual to elegant dining, beachside and poolside lounge comforts, private 118

beachside cabanas, sea and land adventures, and meeting and event space to accommodate receptions, corporate retreats, and coordinated sessions with the nearby Montego Bay Convention Centre. Families will be excited by the Kid’s Club and Teen Lounge where age specific activities are offered by the energetic and enthusiastic staff. Babysitting service is also available.

In this dazzling new addition to the Jewel brand, Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa offers a Jamaican owned vision of harmonious allinclusive luxury with an authentic island atmosphere and goal of offering each guest their dream Caribbean holiday. The refreshing new décor offers modern comfort and island style punctuated with pops of color that awaken the senses and invite discovery and relaxation.

The inspired personal butler concept creates a connection that ensures an individualized holiday experience. Guests are invited to engage in resort activities, explore island sights, design romantic interludes, and reserve times for indulgences at any of the restaurants or the amazing Grande Spa. The Jewel Grande offers the ultimate in allinclusive resorts and their goal is to accommodate your every need, wish and request. Nearby, guests will discover access to an abundance of activities to enhance their getaway with boat tours, snorkeling and diving adventures, parasailing, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, boogie boarding, kayaking, sailing and more. On land, travelers can choose to go golfing on a championship golf course or shopping in Montego Bay’s high-end retail splendor.


First, discover your personal retreat amidst the wide range of options in the Jewel suites. Choose your view and specific accommodation preferences from one to three bedrooms, privacy villas or penthouse exclusivity. Whatever your choice, amenities will include plasma televisions with digital channels and movie access, complimentary WiFi, kitchens with in-room dining (junior suites offer spacious wet bars), microwave, spacious bathrooms with soaking tub and separate shower, and designer toiletries. Foremost in your personalized luxury, your butler awaits. The jewel in the Jewel Grande is the spectacular Grande Spa. This spa sanctuary and wellness oasis has set the bar as it boasts innovative treatments and equipment amongst its 14 treatment rooms, including two private couple’s suites and two VIP suites. Under the direction of the resort’s wellness director and Reggaelates founder, Sienna Creasy, 120

guests can experience the most cuttingedge treatments in the wellness sector. The Grande Spa boasts the Caribbean’s first and only Himalayan Salt Therapy Lounge, Jamaica’s first Gharieni Quartz therapy massage table for vibrational healing and a regime of Spa Rituals transporting guests to a state of total relaxation. Facials and wraps, sun skin treatments, a hair and nail salon, make-up and waxing services, and special menus appropriate for kids and

and teens make the Grande Spa experience a highlight for guests of all ages. Emerging relaxed and renewed in body and spirit guests can take advantage of the Spa Ortanique Cafe and Juice Bar as the finale to their renewal experience, which offers fresh light fare.

The neighboring fully equipped gym and fitness center offers a personal trainer, sauna and steam room -- a joy to FitBit junkies who won’t have to miss a beat. With 12 restaurants on site, the Jewel Grande boasts a wonder of international cuisines to meet every palate in a myriad of settings that range from beachside casual to family style and even elegant fine-dining. Authentic Jamaican delights of famed jerk chicken and beef patties meet Asian and Mediterranean styled eateries. Guests will find their inner foodie bombarded with wondrous possibilities. Top shelf libations, curated craft cocktails, wines and beers are enjoyed throughout the resort day and night. Discover the magic of Jewel Grande and the vision of owners, management and all associates at Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa. This bespoke beachfront location provides the ideal backdrop for a very distinctive and curated experience that is personalized for all guests, all ages. Unparalleled hospitality is the inspiration and the delivery with the new Jewel Grande. Enjoy.









ESCAPE TO A CARIBBEAN PARADISE If your vision of an escape to a Caribbean paradise includes crystal clear waters, endless blue skies punctuated by glittering sunshine, and an adults only high end beach getaway, the Hotel Riu Republica is your dream come true. Awaken your senses from their winter slumber, revive your spirit, and rediscover your sense of adventure at your fantasy getaway to the beautiful Hotel Riu Republica in Punta Cana, the iconic popular beach destination of the Dominican Republic. Island magic awaits your arrival. From your first breath of the lemony fresh air carried on gentle breezes across sparkling waves, your energy will be renewed and you will be ready to capture the essence of fun. 128

Modeliste recommends checking in for a Renova Spa visit when you arrive, beginning your stay with a treatment designed to revive, renew, and awaken your body, mind, and spirit. With a wide range of massage choices, individual or couple, deep tissue, relaxation, signature Lomi Lomi, or a soothing wrap, you are transported to Riu Republica bliss. Once the professional spa staff has released your stress and energized every cell with their magic, you are ready to discover all that Riu Republica resort has to offer. Pristine Arena Gordo Beach presents Punta Cana’s extraordinary natural beauty, sun, surf, and sand to be savored from the newly renovated Riu Republica’s all inclusive resort.

Your ToDo List will be filled with endless possibilities… where to begin?! Design your dream stay to fulfill your Caribbean holiday fantasy beginning with the gift of infinite blue waters beckoning with fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddleboards, kayaks. Deep sea fishing, sailing, and endless water sports, and an impressive Fitness Center add to your menu of Riu Resort choices. Join in a friendly beach volleyball game, build grown up castles in the sand, lounge on the beach or beside one of the 8 pools, and rediscover your inner child at the Splash Water World water park. Nearby, the 18 hole Punta Blanca Golf Club offers Riu guests special rates.




Make each day special. Enjoy catamaran sailing to nearby Saona Island soaking in the sun and spray to the rhythms of Caribbean sounds, sipping refreshing tropical cocktails. Stop for a swim in a natural pool and lunch on this rarefied white sand beach for a memorable day trip. End your day on a dazzling Sunset Cocktail Cruise, watching playful dolphins, sea turtles, flying fish, and possibly glimpsing a migrating whale while experiencing a breathtaking panorama of color as the sun meets the sea in an unforgettable farewell. Looking for adventures on land? Plan on a La Hacienda Park Tour with Otium International Tours where your visit entices with horseback riding, zipline excitement, quick jump, a safari, and more, covering more than 2.5 millions of square meters. Action seekers will find their adrenalin rush and max photo ops. 132

Highlighted by designer guest rooms with sea or garden views from terrace or balcony, guests choose from double, triple, connected extended family room options, or super sea view Jacuzzi suites. Breathtaking suites indulge guests with an outdoor Jacuzzi, super king size bed, lounge seating area, workspace, luxury bath with hydromassage tub and high end toiletries. Each of the 1300 rooms at the Hotel Riu Republica offers top amenities, flatscreen with satellite TV, WiFi, safe, beverage dispenser and minibar. Nine dining venues feature top international themed cuisines ranging from Italian to Asian, Indian, Spanish, to classic American and authentic barbecue at the beach bar. Swim up pool bars and 10 hotel bars serve snack favorites, appetizers, and crafted tropical cocktails and are always just steps away.

The Riu Republica Hotel offers all the very best in an adults only All Inclusive with extensive amenities. Nightly entertainment, disco, live music and shows create an atmosphere of endless fun. The exceptional staff is friendly and helpful offering 24 hour room service and suggestions to optimize your stay with activities and excursions, restaurant reservations, and arranging transport. Enjoy!





VIBRANT & COLORFUL Vibrant and colorful, the South Beach area of Miami Beach resonates with revived energy, historic charm, and a renaissance spurred by the City of Miami’s $2.5 million revitalization program completed in June, 2017. South Beach is infused with renewed spirit celebrating its heritage as a 1920’s artist colony and its inspired Mediterranean ambience highlighted by its familiar elements of French and Spanish revival architecture, decor, and culture. The popular pedestrian Española Way of South Beach is modeled after Barcelona’s iconic Las Ramblas with shopping, restaurants, bars, and an exciting cultural display of visual and performing arts. Tourists and locals are drawn to the sun drenched beach and the fun-filled atmosphere that defines the South Beach experience. To engage and enjoy Miami’s SoBe quarter and its amenities, discerning travelers seeking the ultimate in location and luxurious accommodations are enthusiastically choosing the newly built El Paseo Hotel. 136

El Paseo translates as ‘The Way’, and this boutique hotel definitively leads the way in style, with signature comfort, style, and unsurpassed hospitality. It captures the romance of Mediterranean architecture showcasing elements of Moroccan, Spanish, Italian, and French design infused across seven villas, reflected in rounded archways, iron balconies, window seats, furnishings, and artistic touches throughout. The inspired decor of the 71 guest rooms and suites creates a sense of intimacy and connection with soothing ocean hues, the ultimate in comfortable king or queen beds cloaked in Egyptian cotton linens, gauzy flowing curtains, natural light and choice of views, vibrant pops of color in contemporary seating and artistic details, paintings, pottery, and framed vintage SoBe photos. Whether your stay is a romantic getaway or family vacation, El Paseo offers a choice of rooms to meet your needs. All rooms and suites feature a spacious and sunny bathroom with walk-in showers, flat screen LCD TVs, and mini-fridges.




From one and two bedroom suites/ apartments to the stellar Royal Suite, El Paseo provides luxurious settings and distinctive amenities including a futon in the living area for relaxed seating and additional sleeping space, full kitchen, large LCD TV, and high-end toiletries. The recent $7 million construction of El Paseo has created a hotel with trendy South Beach style from the welcoming lobby living area, delightful Bootlegger’s Library with a vintage record player, complimentary coffee station, and 17 restaurants to choose from at its doorsteps. The mission of El Paseo is to create a homey atmosphere guaranteed to enhance your stay. The manager hosts a wine social for all guests, Monday through Thursday from 6 to 7 pm. The helpful staff will create your dream wedding, set your bachelor/bachelorette party, arrange tours, and make recommendations and reservations for clubs and restaurants. 140

The diversity of South Beach dining is unparalleled with Española Way bursting with festive Cuban and Mexican cuisines, Italian trattorias and French bistros, some of which host weekly live performances on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Guests of El Paseo receive 15% off at all Española Way restaurants. The latest innovation boasted by El Paseo connects to social media with complimentary access to SPECTACLES. This unique loaner program provides sunglasses with an integrated video cam which can connect directly onto the user’s Snapchat app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and transfer memories directly onto the user’s app. It is quite a sensation for the latest in linking guests to their social media with delightful results. Española Way is the heart and soul of South Beach from its cobblestones and spirited vibes, French cafes to Spanish flamenco dancers, themed bars, casual

and elegant dining, and a stunning beach with turquoise waters and sunny-side-up fun. A profusion of color accents its festivals and street performers, shopping and beach umbrellas, and local arts evoking the charm of its artist colony origins. South Beach lives up to its well-deserved notoriety as a top Miami destination with El Paseo poised at its prime location, creating an entry to the South Beach joie de vivre while offering the possibilities of a memorable romantic getaway.





URBANE DESTINATION OF MONTREAL Canada’s east coast boasts the popular urban and urbane destination of Montreal. Quebec’s largest city is known for its picturesque setting on an island in the Saint Lawrence River, named for Mount Royal, whose triad of hills stands above the city as its natural and cultural center. It is truly the heart and pride of Montreal and, through every season, a favorite gathering place for all ages to celebrate the active lifestyle, the natural beauty, and the wealth of activities offered for residents and tourists to enjoy. The Hotel ALT of Montreal, is a perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers seeking an ideal central location with fresh contemporary design and affordable luxury in comfort, business services including high speed WiFi, meeting rooms, desk work area, iPod docking station, and a 24 hour fitness center with terrace view. 144

The welcome and hospitality of Hotel ALT begins from your arrival in the sleek lobby, extending to the bar and lounge, throughout the 154 guest rooms, suites and apartment suites. The chic decor pops with color and sophistication enhancing your comfort from the designer lounge seating areas to rooms with deluxe beds, Egyptian cotton sheets, goose down duvet and pillows, large rain showers with bath products from Montreal company Bella Pella. The suite life takes every aspect of your stay to a new level, topped with a homey 2 story apartment with kitchen, living room with fireplace and 52 inch flat screen HDTV, desk, dining room and washroom. Upstairs, the bedroom, sitting area with flatscreen TV, and full bath with sunken tub and separate shower, plus washer/dryer will all resonate with travelers looking for an extended stay, family or entertaining space.


With a variety of restaurants as well as a coffee shop, The Alt offers a full range of dining options for any time of day whether you are seeking an impressive business dinner venue, casual family dining, or a grab and go picnic. The eco-friendly commitment of Hotel ALT includes geothermal heating and cooling systems, recycling, and energy saving lighting. As an added bonus, The Alt Hotel provides fixed rates and does not have set check-out times for guests who book directly with us either via our website or over the phone. The trendy Griffintown location lends an ideal base for discovering all that Montreal has to offer, fun, food, and festivals for every season, The city 146

is a center of cultural venues, fine arts to folk arts, a wealth of diverse cuisines, skating, trails for hiking and biking, and an abundance of notable museums. Landmark sites include Notre Dame and St. Peter’s Basilica, Old Montreal, the picturesque Old Port, sports venues including the Olympic Park and stadium, and LaRonde, a Six Flags Amusement Park. A surprising discovery is the amazing Underground City connecting various Metro stations filled with shops, tunnels, eateries, and complexes. Hotel ALT Montreal will help make your stay pleasurable in every way.





TIMELESS DESTINATION OF ENDLESS WONDER The Eternal City of Rome is a timeless destination of endless wonder. Its narrow maze-like streets, wide piazzas, unique blend of antiquity and modern sophistication, reveal thousands of years of history and the mystery of civilizations across time. Each cultural tide of conquest and conquered left their imprint in art and architecture. Iconic tributes and sculptured reminders of ancient religions evolving into dazzling representatives of Christianity preside in an overwhelming array of churches and cathedrals culminating in the Vatican and St. Peter’s. Guide books are filled with pages of highlights impossible to absorb on brief holidays. Visitors proclaim their love of Rome, gathering to ceremonially toss their coins to the gods of Trevi Fountain, whispering Arrivederci Roma followed by a wish and a promise to return, to savor more of the treasures found within the wondrous walls. 150

Benvenuto J. K. Place Roma Discovering a boutique Five Star hidden gem is cause for celebration for any traveler. A rarefied find in Rome, steps from the Via Condotti’s famed shopping district and the Spanish Steps, is a celebration that must be shared with fanfare. J. K. Place Roma is that boutique gem, suitably tucked away on the quiet Via di Monte D’Oro, Mountain of Gold. You will believe you struck gold from the moment you enter the stunning lobby and reception from its inconspicuous via entrance. A spacious lounge-friendly lobby opens before you, inviting guests to relax and settle in within the brilliant artfully decorated mirrored walls. Check in with a sparkling cocktail, the warm welcome erases travel stresses and launches your Roman Holiday in style. A view of the relaxed ambience of the adjacent Library and a stroll into the cozy bar and restaurant promises a distinctive stay, perfection for leisure or business travelers.

he inspired design of architect Michele Bonan creates a palette of sophisticated blending of warm woods, striking marble, and soft textures extending to each of the spacious 26 guestrooms and 4 stellar suites. The four postered king bed is captivating as the centerpiece of a room highlighted by spacious closets designed by Italian artisans, a master bar area with concealed generously stocked mini fridge and snack cupboard, and a marble bath with double sinks, an impressive soaking tub with separate shower, and an array of designer amenities, robes and slippers included. Comfort and excellence in luxury are the hallmark of J. K. Place Roma and its sister hotels in Florence and Capri. Superlative in flawless decor, masterful design, and unique personalized service with concierge assistance extending from tour and ticket assistance, to private guides, car service, or a personal shopper.


Begin each day with the temptations of the breakfast buffet with choice of omelets, fresh squeezed juice, and Italian coffees. Dining in the J. K. Cafe and Restaurant presents a first rate selection of 5 courses featuring Italian and international favorites to entice every palate with exquisite presentation. Relax and enjoy J. K. signature cocktails and wines in the bar or reach for the stars at the rooftop garden bar at the end of a day overflowing with sights of Rome. Remembering that Rome is most ideally explored by walking, the location of J. K. Place Roma is ideal to journey forth each day with all the most famed sites easily reached on foot, 152

though the mind-boggling premiere shopping around the corner could be a distraction. The landmark Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and Pantheon are nearby. A walk to the Forum and Colosseum will also take you to the Victor Emmanuel Monument, museums and cathedrals, restaurants and cafes. And, at the end of each day, your private retreat at the J. K. Place Roma promises indulgent tranquility. Buona Notte.



VIRGO SYDNEY EVAN 14K Rose Gold Evil Eye Necklace With Single Diamond $430.00


You'll have a few twists and turns to navigate as the month unfolds. Get ready to be active and busy. You will make fortunate connections through travel, educational opportunity, promotion at work or just a more expansive social round. Romance, recreational activity, creative projects and children are in the frame. There may be surprise developments that alter the way you think or shock events that alter your course. This is not a time to waste money on accumulating things for their own sake. Exciting times, but they require adjustment.


You may form unusual connections with people involved in health or spiritual work, or with those who live in a manner different from your own or unusual in some way. This may mark a change to a more physical life for some. For others, the importance of the physical in daily life will shift. You will have to come to grips with the fact that a good relationship requires work and you may need to learn new skills in order to give of your best and get the best from your partner in return.

New ideals and dreams will call you along the road of life and there will be someone there to walk with you or to guide you. Your hopes and dreams will play a big part in both the romantic and financial sides of your life. Both singles and those with partners can have an exciting time, making new friends or finding new depths to old friendships. Groups, group work and gatherings will bring you into contact with people who will be important for you and may become close.



This month will give you a chance to re-calibrate the balance between your work life and personal life. This is a time to expand your career horizons or launch a new career bid. There may be promotional possibilities or opportunity for advancement. New ideas and new ways revise your perspective on your relationship with yourself and with the wider community. There can be new creative or spiritual influences that play a part in this, but there can also be losses, sorrows or change on a scale you must learn to accept.

This is a powerful time for new friendships and commitment to new ideas or ideals to send your life forward. Study, travel or devotion to a cause may be the pattern from here. Set something new in place that you want to be part of your life in the wider sense of your hopes and wishes. For those single, an important new romance may evolve from a friendship or association. Some of you may come into new opportunities for travel and movement while others will find such doors will close and new ones will open.


There may be changes with your own hopes and wishes for the future. You may lose faith or stumble with an important dream. Review your options. There may be difficult dealings with authority. You may need to stand your ground and yet negotiate to sort things out. You may need to review your status or make important GEMINI career decisions. Contemplation and frank You may need to be careful of making LEO discussion are the ways forward. Some of long term or important decisions about This month will see a change affecting you will alter the way you spend money the home or family life and need to work work or health, professional direction while others will make change to the way towards new understandings or new or responsibilities and the money side of you earn it. practices with those close to you. You may things. There may be tiredness or disillusion have to clear the decks or make a crucial with people around you and what you are choice. Authority, professional matters and doing. You may need to step back from SAGITTARIUS the balance of work and home would be involvements in order to understand You'll have to make defining decisions issues. Family considerations will have to what's going on. You may make an end about career or responsibility. Business be seen in the context of wider demands, or with creative or spiritual directions you schemes, communication issues and vice-versa.. Redirect your efforts by getting have been following. You may simply dealings with siblings or neighbours will rid of distractions and dealing with what's need to withdraw for a time and put minor feature. There may be new skills to learn and a new path altogether for some. This at the core of things. health matters right. Unexpected expenses may come because of changing interests, could alter the financial picture and you new connections or concerns about health CANCER may need to review the budget. and lifestyle. There may be talk or work There may be developing associations needed on the domestic scene or in your or companionship with people of status, AQUARIUS personal life. Talk things through. For those of other cultures and those of You will have to step up to the mark, the singles, there may be new contacts or academic standing. There can be a better take authority in your situation and deal romantic links that may have a powerful 'all round' sense of the world you live in with those in authority. Focus on the impact or connection. as a result of this transit. For some, there scheme, the plan and the vision. There will be promotion or improvement while are powerful decisions to be made about CAPRICORN for others there may be a separation or where your life is going and what path is necessary ending that sees you choosing a important. This month will bring changes This is a crucial time to look at the overall pattern with regard to profession or the new career path. For those whose primary with partnership and make this a potent cycle of your responsibilities. You may be obligations are in the family arena, there time for relationships. There will be an making decisions that affect your direction will be an equivalent process. You may increase in responsibilities as you enter in the long term. This is not a good time find yourselves with more to do or more a new phase with loved ones. For others to clash with those in authority or set a people to care for there may be a break or separation in a pattern or resisting necessary change. You close tie. may need to trust your inner guidance or instincts rather than the advice of others. Manish Kumar Arora, There may be an ending in a relationship or 91-9871062000 connection with a coworker. Opportunity Facebook: manishastroconsultant K.P. Astrologer, Numerologist, may change the spectrum of possibilities Email: Tarot Card Reader &Vastu Consultant with work or health. 154



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