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experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017



experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




Living Well 10

Gallery for women artists opens at Tiendesitas


Timeless & traditional For 31 years, La Tienda is everybody’s favorite Spanish place


Beauty & Wellness 14

IV nutrient therapy for health, wellness


SvelT’i: Your partner in self-love, self-care

Sanctuaries 23



Affordable luxury Budget travelers get pampered at Hop Inn Makati

Room for growth Luljetta’s Place meets demands for more rooms

32 30

A delightful urban getaway Luxent Hotel offers pleasant surprises in Quezon City


Your hillside getaway Sol y Viento Hotels and Resorts is Laguna’s all-in-one destination


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




Travel Lite 36

On the road in the Cordilleras This region boasts a rich heritage and traditions


Dumaguete’s game-changing strategy This city is being developed as the sports center of the Visayas


Travel Luxe 44

Vibrant island adventures Savoy Hotel Boracay redefines island adventures


Eskaya Resort boasts new grand villas


Colorful leisurely comfort Hue Hotel Puerto Princesa brings Palawan to your room



A lover’s paradise Malliouhana offers intimate experiences in Anguilla


The Good Life



experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




The holidays are coming! With the flurry of activities happening around us, we’ve failed to notice that the yuletide season is slowly creeping in. With so many international events and special holidays coming in succession, keeping us busy with much needed work before the year ends, we’ve not really had time to make plans for a vacation. In this issue of Experience Travel and Living, we feature a number of properties that have been introduced this year. Many of them offer not just the amenities we would expect from a respectable establishment, but they also promise to deliver a wonderful time for all their guests. Savoy Hotel Boracay is a prime example of this development in the local hospitality industry. If you think you’ve had your fill of this destination, Savoy ups the ante with well-appointed

On t he cover

Sa voy H otel Bora ca y serves u p your choi ce of a dventu res or tra nquil moments on y ou r next i sla nd ho liday. Photo cou rtesy of Mega w orld Prop erti es

rooms and impeccable service to provide guests with a Boracay experience they have yet to discover. On the other hand, Hue Hotel Puerto Princesa serves up sumptuous luxury that recalls Palawan’s natural wonders. Coupled with a dazzling modern design, it is more than just an Instagram worthy destination. The variety of accommodations also caters to a wide market. Case in point is the Thai Hop Inn Hotel chain, which opened its second branch along Makati Avenue. The latest in the wave of budget hotels in the country, it offers amenities that are more generous than in others. With vacation season just a few weeks away, it’s time to book that flight out of town and that luxe room to pamper yourself with quality me-time.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

J osep h C ortes E di tor-i n-chi ef

Upgrading Your Good Thai Fine Food Rediscover the authentic flavors of royal Thai cuisine as we re-launch the best Thai restaurant in the Metro. Dusit Thani Manila welcomes you to the new Benjarong, the home of Thailand’s unique and best culinary offerings in the Philippines. Experience a more modern take on Thai gastronomy while retaining the centuries-old recipes that Benjarong has been known for. With the harmony of taste, color and texture achieved by blending herbs and spices to enhance natural tastes appealing to the senses as well as to the palate. Only the finest ingredients are used and the utmost care is taken to ensure that classic, well-loved Thai dishes are presented to perfection. Prepare for the most exciting and authentic Thai dining hotspot in Manila. Undeniable experience, authentically Benjarong. Coming soon at Dusit Thani Manila.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017



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experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




1) AILENE CO is recognized as a dedicated and multi-faceted corporate and business practitioner with a firm stance on business education and how financial success can be achieved through informed decisions. An advocate for education and personal development, she tirelessly campaigns for women empowerment, work-life balance, and the importance of drive and passion to achieve one’s best work. She is the mother of twin daughters and a traveler. 2) SUZETTE JESSICA is a veteran public relations practitioner. 3) RUBY ASOY-LEBAJO started work in media as editorial assistant and lifestyle writer. She shifted to advertising work and handled a magazine group, an online portal, and a morning TV and culinary shows. 4) MA. GLAIZA LEE is a self-proclaimed traveler. Every person she meets, every adventure she does, and every little experience shapes her perception of the world around her. She looks forward to devouring sumptuous dishes, meeting interesting people, and enjoying life to the fullest. 5) KARL ORIT usually documents his trips using film cameras he got from Quiapo, flea markets or surplus warehouses. Sometimes he puts his experiences and thoughts from a trip on paper, and writes fiction inspired by his trips. 6) CARLO SUERTE FELIPE worked with a major daily before deciding to go full time as a freelance writer. A Filipino who admires Asia, he hopes to fully experience traditional and modern cultures, particularly of Japan and South Korea. He also loves gadgets, hiking and the arts.



7) DONALD C. TAPAN has a career in photography dating back to pre-martial law years. He serves in various capacities as staff and chief photographer to publications like Woman Today, Women's Journal, Family Today, Mod, Mod International, Free Press, Career Girl Magazines, Sports Weekly, Agriculture Times, Graphic Magazine, Philippine Tribune, Times Journal, Grand Life and Mabuhay, to name a few. After working abroad as and advertising photographer, he put up his own studio Don Tapan Photography to tell a story beyond just words can communicate. He was commissioned by the Department of Trade and Industry, through its agency CITEM, to shoot and put up its Duratrans photo exhibit for APEC, which was held in Manila. 8) RENJIE TOLENTINO started his career in 1998 as a media relations officer in one of the biggest public relations firms in the country. In 2010, he shifted to freelance PR consulting while following his passion for photography. As a lifestyle and entertainment photographer, he has handled some of the country’s top brands and had worked with top PR and advertising agencies across the metro.









9) STEPHANIE TUMAMPOS is a freelance photojournalist based in the Philippines. She has contributed in national publications such as Business Mirror. She is also a physicistengineer and an advocate of science education, especially astronomy in the country. 10) DOLLY DY-ZULUETA former editor of Flavors Magazine, runs her own food, travel and lifestyle weblog (www. flavorsoflife.com.ph). She handles the Weekend Chef column on TV5’s www. interaksyon.com/lifestyle, and regularly writes for Asian Dragon Magazine, Business Mirror, and Manila Bulletin, among others.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017



experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




Gallery for women artists at Tiendesitas B y Ca rl o Su erte Felip e

The United Women Artists Association of the Philippines (UWAAP), headed by painter and art advocate Menchu Arandilla, recently opened its gallery at Tiendesitas in Pasig City with a simple blessing and ribbon-cutting ceremony. The art space will serve as a venue for the exhibition of works by members and master artists, as well as a place were amateurs can hone their artistic skills. It will also make available to the public artworks for sale. Arandilla spearheaded the move to set up the gallery to serve as a venue for female artists. She said she was baffled by the number of artworks submitted by women to various art competitions. "I asked them if they belonged to an art group, but they said they were not. Perhaps, one of the reasons why is because they feel intimidated joining a group dominated by male members,” she said. When UWAAP was formally launched in September 2014, it conducted on-the-spot sketching activities for members and art demonstrations. The location in Tiendesitas will continue with this endeavor of holding regular art sessions, led by members of the Tuesday Group, every Saturday.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

"It's like a fellowship among artists, but members will really learn a lot from the masters artists, and they will be doing actual sketching," she explained. “Even if you study about art in school, most of it is theory. The art workshop is also part of our goal to produce more artists and to encourage potential artists to showcase their talent. If a person has the passion for art, we're here to guide them.” Amateurs and non-members can also learn the basics and advanced techniques in drawing and painting through workshops the gallery will be offering. The venue’s name, UWAAP Gallery, refers to the group’s slogan of "Unity and Wilfullness in Advocacy Achieving through Positivity,” which is also the initials of the art group. The opening of the Tiendesitas branch was attended by Arandilla's friends from the Rotary Club of Greater Mandaluyong, members of the Tuesday Group, and UWAAP members, as well as artists who share the passion of promoting the visual arts.

E x p e r ie n c e T ra v e l an d L i v i n g p u b li sher A n a Ma n a n sal a, Peter Tam, Emmie Ag uirre, AG Leny Pag aduan, Garcia-Pel obe l l o , J o h n Lam , Mi la T r in id a d - Pu y a t,Pro d u cer Ba b y G o , Bi n g Ca rri o n, Divine Aus tria, Joan M arie Tej ada, UWAAP founder/President M e nc h u A r andi l l a, Z e n C h a n a n d J o marc Ba ld u eza

N E W E S T A R T H A VEN IN TIEN D ESITA S. The UWA A P Gal l ery, an in it ia t iv e o f t h e Un i t ed Wom en A rt i st s A ssoci a t i on of t h e Ph il ip p in e s , T he n ewest ha v en i n Ti en d esi t a s

Some of th e artworks created by mas ters and c o r e m e m b e r s of UWAAP are dis pl ayed at th e UWAAP Gal l er y, Located in Tiendesitas, Pas ig C ity

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




Timeless & traditional

Boquerones , marinated anch ovy fil l ets

After 31 years, La Tienda is still everybody’s favorite Spanish place T e x t b y D ol l y Dy-Zulueta Food trends come and go, but classics remain. Authentic Spanish cuisine, prepared the good oldfashioned way, without scrimping on ingredients, will never lose its charm. Even though a number of young chefs and restaurateurs like to tweak traditional dishes, including Spanish classics, to come up with something new and hip, there are

Gambas al aj il l o, s h rimps in ol ive oil and g arl ic

still places like La Tienda that serves authentic Spanish cuisine. La Tienda, which recently celebrated its 31st anniversary this month, was established by Raul Urra, whose father hailed from the northern Spanish region of Navarra and migrated to the Philippines when he was a young man. Urra, who was born in the Philippines, spent his formative years in Spain, where he learned and loved Spanish food, so much that, when he returned to the Philippines, he resolved to share the tradition of good food with Filipinos.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

He set up a small kitchen and a few tables on the ground floor of his office along P. Burgos St. in Makati City, where he started cooking and entertaining friends. “That idea took root to become a jovial gathering place for his core group and, through the years, grew popular to an ever widening circle of customers as word spread that great traditional Spanish cuisine was served in this little corner in Makati,” explains La Tienda restaurant manager Marta Uriarte, Urra’s granddaughter.

What’s on the menu What sets La Tienda apart from other Spanish restaurants is that it has kept things simple and traditional. The dishes on its menu are heavily influenced by regional cuisines, particularly the Basque region. Uriarte suggests starting with tapas, which are small plates of delicious appetizers traditionally enjoyed in bars with a drink or two before dinnertime. Some diners have even substituted them to main courses.

C h istorria frita, pan-fried Navarra paprika saus age s

The restaurant has seven paella variants available. Aside from paella negra, choices include paella mixta de la Tienda (chicken, pork, Spanish sausage and seafood), paella de verduras (vegetarian), paella de adobo (pork and chicken), paella de bacalao (salted cod fish and artichoke), paella de mariscos (shrimps, squid, clams or mussels, and sea crab), and paella bogavante (lobster seafood). Should diners want to order entrees, the possibilities are endless. Familiar dishes include P ae l l a d e ma r is c o s , sa f f ro n ri ce wi t h sea f ood

pollo al ajillo, bacalao a la vizcaina, calamares en su tinta, salpicado, callos con garbanzos, lengua estofado, cochinillo asado, pig knuckles (boiled or crispy), chuleton (Angus rib eye), and lamb chops

Must-try tapas are tortilla de patatas (Spanish potato omelette), which has three variants—tuna, chorizo and sardines—chistorria frita (pan-fried Navarra paprika sausage), pulpo a la gallega

(grilled and served with pimiento pequillo).

Thir ty years and counting…

(traditional Galician sliced octopus dish), and

For a restaurant to last this long and still

solomillo con Roquefort (beef tenderloin with

command a good following, the food must be

Roquefort sauce).

really good. “We occasionally introduce new and

So many paellas to choose from

modern Spanish dishes, and these can be found in our Specials board. We also have secret dishes that many of our regulars know about and order

After filling up on tapas, it is time for paella.

when they visit. Generally, though, La Tienda has

La Tienda’s best-selling variant has always been

remained traditional to the core, a place where

paella negra, where saffron rice is cooked in squid

you can enjoy good food and feel at home,” says

ink with squid, clams or mussels, and shrimps,


then served with garlic mayonnaise. It is a onedish meal that is truly divine.

La Tienda is at 43 Polaris St., Bel-Air, Makati City.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




IV nutrient therapy for health, wellness Vine Holistic reinvents its Infusion Drips treatment to cover a variety of needs B y Ca rl o Suerte Felip e It is a fact that people eat to nourish the body

Some aesthetic clinics in the country are now

for its daily functions. When it lacks needed

offering similar IV nutrient therapy treatments.

nutrients, a person may appear unhealthy,

It is performed by combining the proper and safe

show weakness, get sickly and develop an

amount of vitamins and nutrients, depending on

illness. While taking a multivitamin tablet

the patient's needs.

to supplement one’s nutrition is possible, its effect is not immediate, since it needs to

When Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics opened

first be digested by the body. A faster way of

in 2013, this treatment was called Chelation

introducing vitamins into the body is through

Therapy, which initially came in four types:

intravenous (IV) feeding.

Whitening Drip, Anti-Aging Drip, Slimming Drip, and complete Chelation Therapy drip, which was a

This medical procedure was used by the late

mix of all drips in a single formula cocktail. Over

Dr. John Myers of Baltimore, whose practice

the years, it came up with other IV drips to cater

involved the use of vitamin and mineral

to the increasing needs of patients.

formulas that were administered to his patients via IV. This treated various clinical conditions,

Vine Holistic presently has 12 types of drips to

like asthma, migraine, and fatigue, among

choose from. Compared to the Whitening Drip, its

others. When Myers passed away in 1984, Dr.

Snow White Drip is a complete 5-in-1 whitening

Alan Gaby, also of Baltimore, continued treating

treatment that gives patients a gleaming, fairer

Myers' patients, as well as new ones. In the end,


he was able to popularize IV nutrient therapy treatment.

Men who want a more muscular form can benefit from the Macho Drip, which contains amino acids


As years passed and after a number of clinical

and protein nutrients. The Superheroes Drip,

trials, IV nutrient therapy treatment became

a combination of vitamin C, magnesium and

a widely used medical practice due to its

zinc, helps increase immunity and the energy of

immediate effect on patients.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017


Those who want to gain weight should go for the Gains Drip. In contrast, the Sexy Drip is ideal for patients who want to lose weight by reducing body fat. Forever Young is now the new name of the old Anti-Aging Drip. There's also the PA-PRP (Adistem PhotoactivatedPlatelet Rich Plasma) Drip that offers cell rejuvenation and repair. Other drips focus on specific areas of the body. The Calci Drip aims to promote bone strength, while the Rapunzel Drip helps with hair revitalization. The Baywatch Drip is a combination of placenta and collagen, specifically made for women who want to increase their breast size, and the Hangover Drip of vitamin B complex and D is a simple and immediate treatment for those who want to sober up and detoxify their body from ingesting too much alcohol. Dr. Emehly Sevilla, founder of Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic Clinic, says clients and patients are advised to first consult with their respective physicians before availing of the Drips services. There are certain drips that require laboratory procedures before they can be safely administered to a patient, and are not performed without the recommendation of their respective and Vine Holistic's resident doctors. “Even with a complete laboratory examination, the patient will also have to be thoroughly evaluated by a Vine Holistic doctor. There are certain doses in some of the Drips that need to be monitored and checked properly before it is performed to a patient," she says.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017



Health checks before and after a long trip Many people book their flights, pack their bags, and head out without having a check up. To enjoy a healthy, worry-free trip, it is recommended to make an appointment with your doctor for a preventive health check around six to eight weeks before your trip. Here are some tips from Dr. Denise Herrera Lavilles, section head for adult wellness, The Medical City–Center for Wellness and Aesthetics (TMC-CWA): • It's important that you discuss your personal travel plans with your doctor to ensure you have the correct medications and/or vaccinations for your trip. • Don’t settle for the basic diagnostic tests, like a one-time CBC, X-ray, or ECG exam without seeing your doctor. A normal laboratory result does not always mean everything is okay. If you have a pre-existing condition, your health check is best customized according to your profile, your medical history, symptoms and your planned activities for the trip. • If your trip involves a lot of walking, or other possibly strenuous activities, such as mountainclimbing, securing a cardio-pulmonary and fitness evaluation is important. Additional pulmonary function test may be recommended for those with a history of asthma or significant history of cigarette smoking. For obese or overweight individuals, a sleep test is suggested to check your risk for sleep apnea. • Long periods of immobility during long periods of travel can lead to a condition known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Sometimes called Economy Class Syndrome, DVT occurs when a blood clot

forms in the deep veins nestled in the muscles from being immobile for long periods of time and if their legs are confined in a cramped position. Additional factors that can predispose a person to developing DVT, include: diabetes and obesity weaken the veins and decrease blood flow; smoking weakens the veins; while oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy put women at risk because estrogen increases blood coagulation, causing them to develop more blood clots. • If you are traveling to parts of the world where certain diseases are endemic (e.g. malaria), ask your doctor for preventive treatments like immunization and prophylactic medication. The Medical City Center for Wellness and Aesthetics offers customized, optimized, personalized (COP) preventive health checks tailor-made to the specific needs of an individual. This is made possible through health profiling, which is a value-added service of TMC-CWA aimed at giving patients a better understanding of their own health status. A visit to TMC-CWA for a COP preventive health check before your trip would make you feel secure about your health and let you enjoy a hassle-free, worry-free trip. Similarly, a health check following a long trip can ensure that you do not have new medical issues or health concerns acquired during your journey. experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




SvelT’i: Your partner in self-love, self-care Although beauty is only skin deep, how your skin looks could affect your self-esteem. Having that glowing, healthy-looking, supple skin boosts your confidence to put your best foot forward. But, following the right skin care regimen can be quite a challenge for some. “Skincare addresses two concerns: wellness and aesthetics, or our sense of being attractive. That’s why we have to take care of our skin and not take it for granted,” says Dr. Lalaine Salazar, medical director of the SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre. For the past two years, SvelT’i has become a pillar of promoting health and beauty inside out while preserving a healthy skin and body. And in those two successful years, it has helped many individuals turn their simple skincare routine into a ritual of self-love and self-care. Salazar shared she would get messages, either on Viber or Instagram, from patients sending their before and after photos, telling how happy they were with the huge improvement on their skin. One satisfied client shared, “I remember how I was so ashamed of my face full of acne, but now I gained the confidence to face every day without hiding anything and with a positive attitude.” Aside from promoting proper skin care regimen, SvelT’i is also committed to aiding people achieve a physically fit body with the help of technology. The center offers a variety of non-invasive treatments that promote healthy weight loss.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

Dr. Lalaine Salazar, SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre medical director “After 10 sessions of I-curve and several of thermogenic, I lost more than 12 pounds and 7 centimeters off my waist line. This enables me to use the clothes that I want and have regained confidence. I now take time ensuring what I wear is nice compared to before when I have no choice but wear bulky clothes,” shares one fulfilled client. Since its launch, SvelT’i has been taking care of the needs of its clients for body slimming. What’s more fulfilling for the people behind SvelT’i is that each client comes out of the center feeling better and fresher. “These are the words that inspire us to give the best services. We are not just promoting beauty and health. We are building the self-confidence of our patients,” Salazar added. Taking good care of our body through proper skin care, eating a balanced diet, and having sufficient exercise are keys to the self-love and self-care we all deserve. And in the never-ending journey to finding self-love and self-care, we can count on SvelT’i in achieving overall beauty, inside and out.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




Th e th ree-tower Ocean Garden Vil l as are l ocated rig h t in th e h ea r t o f Bo r ac ay.

Live the Boracay dream in Ocean Garden Villas As your feet touch the powdery white-sand

Gateway to a per fect stay

beach, as your eyes gaze at the stunning sunset

However, as perfect as Boracay sounds, this

and the crystal clear blue waters, and as your

seven-kilometer-long island is not without

body raves at great up-till-morning parties, you

its flaws. From flooding and narrow streets,

start wondering whether it is possible to stay in

to sewage and garbage problems, it has been

Boracay forever.

inundated with numerous snags.

Waking up to the smell of fresh air, warm sun

A reprieve comes in the form of a 150-hectare

and azure sea, a vacation in one of the most

master-planned township from real estate

beautiful islands in the world is something that

developer Megaworld, through its wholly-owned

always merits a repeat. Known for its energetic

subsidiary Global Estate Resorts, Inc. Found at the

social scene, Boracay is the island that never

northeastern part of the island, Boracay Newcoast

sleeps, attracting a variety of travelers, from sun

is Megaworld’s answer to the vital question of

worshippers to backpackers, and those simply

where to stay when in this tiny paradise.

seeking a retreat.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

A window to paradise If, however, you want to wake up with the mesmerizing views of Mt. Luho, the startlingly blue Sulu and Sibuyan seas, and the revitalized Fairways & Bluewater golf course, the recently unveiled Ocean Garden Villas is the place for you.

Coming from the success of Oceanway Residences, the first residential condominium cluster

Enj oy a dream vacation at your own pad at Ocean Garden Vil l as.

in this tourism estate, Boracay Newcoast is again opening its doors with the three-tower residential property Ocean Garden Villas.

The development’s easy access to the township’s private beach and natural coves makes it an ideal vacation home for people who just can’t get enough of the beach. The six-story residential cluster will have 225 units of resort-type one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites.

Wake up to a view of Boracay’ s famous beach .

With its own private lap pool, outdoor lounge deck, in-pool lounge, outdoor spa and pavilion, you can have the choice of not leaving the comfort of your building. Having a little piece of the dream that is Boracay is within your reach. Grab it. After all, staying there forever might just be possible.

A private l ap pool offers swimming in fresh water.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




15 more Hop Inn Hotels to open in next 5 years The Erawan Group PLC, Thailand’s leading hotel developer, is planning to build up to 15 more budget hotels in the Philippines over the next five

Th e Erawan Group pres ident Kamonwan Wipul akor n

development. That is why we chose to come to the Philippines, because, for us, we look for

years under the Hop Inn Hotel brand.

high growth market,” she explained.

Kamonwan Wipulakorn, president and director of

She added the Philippine market is “very

The Erawan Group, said the company is allotting P4 billion over the next five years to build 12 to 15 budget hotels in Manila, Cebu and Davao. “We would like to have maybe around 10 hotels in Manila, and we will build two hotels in Cebu. We

exciting” like Thailand, compared to other countries in ASEAN. “When we planned to come here, we were actually targeting the domestic market, because it’s a very big market. But, I think, with the

are also looking at Davao,” Wipulakorn said.

location that we have, we are also attracting

Next year, the company is set to open three more

of our guests are from the domestic market,

hotels: one in ASEANA, at a location in in Alabang,

foreign arrivals. Right now, about 50 percent while the rest come from foreign markets,” she

and another along Tomas Morato in Quezon City.


The Erawan Group presently has two Hop Inn

Erawan is Thailand’s leading hotel investment

Hotels in the Philippines: one in Malate, Manila,

company with a diversified hotel portfolio

and another in Makati.

from luxury, midscale, economy, and budget

Wipulakorn said her company is optimistic about

and the ASEAN region. It was established in

its operations in the Philippines, due to the robust

1982, and was listed on the Stock Exchange of

domestic economy and growing tourism industry.

Thailand in 1994. Its hotels are presently under

segments across Thailand’s key destinations

a hotel agreement partnership with world-class


“Right now, the Philippines has the highest

operators, including Hyatt, Marriott, Accor, IHG

economic growth and also the highest

and its own hotel brand Hop Inn.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

C h eck-in is a breez e at Hop Inn Hotel i n Mak ati Ci ty.

Affordable luxury Budget-conscious travelers in Makati City get pampered at Hop Inn Hotel T e xt a n d ph ot os by Step hanie T um ampo s Whether it’s for a staycation or a business trip,

with guests coming from all over the world and

one hotel perfectly fits the needs of budget

from all walks of life. It abides by its “4 Pillars

travelers: Hop Inn Hotel. Managed by the

Promise” of comfort, cleanliness, convenience

Thailand-based Erawan Group, it just opened its

and security, with a premium on affordability for

144-room Makati branch, and it is now booked

value-conscious guests.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017


Hop Inn hotels are located conveniently in cities, accessible to nearby malls and business and dining establishments. The branch along Makati Avenue is no different: It is only a short walk to the city’s main business district, while its location ensures guests have numerous transport options. For those who are bringing their own car, parking is also available. When you step inside the lobby, the staff greets you with a smile. Checking in is fast and efficient with the traveler’s convenience of the utmost to make your stay a memorable one. Your s ecurity and privacy is as sured at Ho p Inn H o te l .

Hop Inn Hotel provides spacious rooms for both standard double and twin rooms. Its beds are well laid out, soft, comfortable and snuggly, perfect for those looking for a good night’s sleep after a busy day of meetings or exploring what Makati has to offer. Each room has ample space where one can work hassle-free, with free access to the Internet and enough sockets for charging gadgets. The bathroom also does not disappoint, as it is as roomy and clean as the rooms. Hot and cold shower is available, while body wash and towels are provided. Hop Inn Hotel provides its guests luxury by living up to its 4 Pillars Promise. Business and leisure travelers are offered outstanding value for money and a pleasurable stay within the hustle and bustle of busy Makati City. R o o m s a r e s p a c io u s , whi le b ed s a re so f t a n d com f ort a bl e


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




Lul j etta' s Pl ace’ s famous infinity pool is buil t h as a v i e w o v e r l o o k i ng th e Sierra M adre mountain rang e and Lag una de Bay

Room for growth Luljetta’s Place expands to meet growing consumer needs T e x t by Ca rl o Suer te Felip e P h o t os by D on ald T ap an It’s quite normal for hotels and resorts to upgrade

well as the number of complaints they received.

themselves based on the demands of their clients.

But these didn’t discourage the owners of

When Loreland Farm Resorts in Antipolo City


opened a spa in 2012, guests loved it and spread


the news by word of mouth. Luljetta’s Hanging

“We used those negative comments and

Gardens Spa became the next day-tour hit of the

complaints as a challenge to improve our facilities

resort. With access to two infinity pools, a heated

and services,” said Ramon Mariñas, managing

Jacuzzi, hydro-massage pools, and meditation

director of Bienvenido Tours, the sales and

lounges added to the spa services, plus the view

marketing arm of Loreland, Luljetta’s and Camp

overlooking Laguna de Bay and Metro Manila,

Tipolo. “We didn’t expect the long lines, especially

it was impossible for people not to want to

during weekends. This made us allocate an area,

experience Luljetta’s services. Management was

now Luljetta’s Cafe, to better accommodate

surprised by the number of guests pouring in, as


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

T he Mayor's S u i t e fol lows a B a li - i n spi r e d theme. T his t wo - pe r so n room has a pu ll- o u t bed a nd LC D TV o n t he ground fl oo r

T he Mayor’ s S u i t e is fitted wit h a n d a queen- s iz ed b e d o n the s ec ond flo o r .

Perhaps Luljetta’s quiet ambiance is what kept

the company decided to maximize its use of

guests asking for any available accommodations

the property. It set up 14 councilor studios,

located along the cliff or the resort’s hanging

and then, in 2015, the mayor, governor

garden-side. Unfortunately, Mariñas said it was

and senator suites located just beside the

impossible to put up such a facility due to security

lap pool were added. The hanging gardens

and safety reasons. That’s why guests initially

spa and the suites now fall under the

could only stay at Loreland’s villas.

Luljetta’s Place brand, which is considered to be a premium-priced facility compared

He explained they were able to meet the

to the accommodation and services offered

demand for more rooms a few years ago when

elsewhere at Loreland Farm Resort.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017


P ar t o f L u l j e t t a ’ s Pl a c e’s n ewly- ren o v a t ed recep t i on a r ea is a lo u nge d e c o ra t e d w it h wood f u rn i shi n gs a n d co lorf u l u mbrel l as th at h an g u p s id e - d o w n .

The expansion didn’t end there. A few months ago, additional premium suites, namely the Mykonos and Santorini, were added to the inventory. These Greek-inspired rooms are fully furnished with private bathrooms and two kingsized beds to accommodate four guests. The only difference is in their size: Mykonos has a 37-square-meter floor area, while Santorini has 52-square meters. “Right now, we can accommodate 50 persons a night, and 100 persons for day tours in Luljetta’s Place alone,” Mariñas said. “The room

Th e Jardin de Eden is one of th e events pl aces in Lul j e tta's P l ac e . It can accommodate 60 g ues ts .

rates here already include access to the water amenities at the hanging gardens.” “The expansion here is actually non-stop, because we base the improvements and developments from the comments and feedback of our guests. That’s why the expansion is done little by little and if the budget allows it,” he added, The Hanging Gardens and Spa of Luljetta’s has a Bali-inspired theme, but the furniture is actually sourced from craftsmen around the Philippines. When Mariñas and his family travel around the country, they keep an eye on local


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

products to purchase for use at Luljetta’s. Many of the wooden furniture in the property were acquired from the Ilocos region, Benguet and Palawan, fabrics that are Mindanao-inspired were bought from Davao and South Cotabato, while souvenir items given to guests are sourced from Quezon and Bicol region. “We consider Luljetta’s as a living museum, because guests are actually using local woodworks,” he said. “Acquiring or purchasing these items is our way of helping small business that make these products.”

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




A delightful urban getaway Luxent Hotel offers pleasant surprises in Quezon City

Lux ent Hotel ’ s Aquatrim Pool offers a view of th e city wh i l e yo u swi m .

The north of the metro has delightful surprises as it feels like we’re in a resort. Amid the vivid colors of the urban jungle of Quezon City lies one that stands elegantly different from it all: Luxent Hotel. Blending with the city’s bustling entertainment and leisure district, it offers both travelers and vacationists an exciting combination of pleasure and comfort right in the middle of the capital’s sleepless hustle. Located along Timog Avenue, Luxent Hotel is in a sweet spot located near key locations in the metro: Surrounded by nearby malls, parks and key government offices. Synonymous to its name is its wonderful blend of worldclass hospitality and timeless elegance, from its always-smiling service associates to the lavish, graceful design that extends from the lobby to every room. Guests can work out th eir s tres s at th e fitness center.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

Well-appointed rooms Families and entrepreneurs alike are sure to be enthralled with the property’s selection of spacious accommodation, from its modest Superior room to the opulent Luxent Suite. Loaded with all the conveniences of modern city living, such as unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity, snug and cozy beds and other amenities, the hotel is sure to make your break a truly recharging experience.

Al l rooms at Lux ent Hotel are spacious and l avis h i n de si gn.

The hotel features a fully equipped gym and pool with a skyline view at its sixth floor via the Aquatrim Pool and Fitness Center. Guests can take a dip and wade into cool water, while marveling at Quezon City’s magnificent cityscape, or pump up energy with their favorite workout routine. Completing the rejuvenation hub is Reluxe Spa, the perfect place to refresh and pamper oneself to complete relaxation.

Excellent food choices Dining is a gastronomic adventure with Luxent Hotel’s two restaurants—Garden Café and Lush Bar and Lounge—both of which are filled with excellent choices from international cuisines prepared by a talented culinary team. The Garden Café hosts a wide array in its sumptuous buffet available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with special dishes prepared for seasonal celebrations, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Lush Bar and Lounge offers the finest selections from its à la carte menu and drinks in a classy dining area adjacent to the hotel lobby. It also hosts the Bread Indulgence Corner, where guests can choose their favorite baked treats, cakes and pastries prepared fresh

Wh eth er you are dining at th e Garden C afé or Lus h Bar and Lo u nge , you h ave pl enty of ch oices to s atis fy your pal ate .

daily. Luxent Hotel is located at 51 Timog Avenue, South Luxent Hotel also has grand spaces for

Triangle, Quezon City. For information on room rates,

celebrations and gatherings with its Seasons

offers, and other inquiries, dial (02) 863-7777 or

Ballroom and other function rooms. It’s every

visit its website at www.luxenthotel.com. Pleasant

reason to smile with a seamless, successful

surprises await at Luxent Hotel. Book now for a

event for any memorable occasion.

splendid stay at the heart of Quezon City.

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Your hillside getaway Sol Y Viento Hotels and Resorts is Laguna’s all-in-one destination B y Ruby As oy -Lebajo P h o t os By Ren jie T olentino

Every trip brings with it a new discovery, a new experience, whether the destination is far or near. At Sol Y Viento Hotels and Resorts in Pansol, Calamba Laguna, the confluence of sun, wind and nature will definitely relax you. The growing number of guests coming to this resort inspired its management to expand the resort’s amenities. Starting this month, a new

Sol y Viento Hotel s and Resorts is known for its pool s .

The Caribbean in Laguna

area called Costa Tropical, which is located

Costa Tropical has a Caribbean theme. Its staff

downhill, will be opened.

will be sporting longer hair and have bandanas as part of their uniform. While hotel guests

Costa Tropical was designed specially for daytour

are billeted in rooms higher up on the resort’s

guests. When it opens, all other pools at the

hilly location and have free access throughout

resort will be exclusively for the use of hotel

the resort, day guests will be restricted to the


facilities downhill. The pool here will feature two giant slides that have been imported from China.

“The idea for Costa Tropical resulted from the


fact that Pansol is known for daytrips and private

On the other hand, resort guests will have more

pools. However, it is a bit cumbersome to go to

amenities to enjoy, including a recreation center

these pools. You need to rent a house and bring

with volleyball and basketball courts, billiards,

everything with you,” remarks Bernardo “Bernie”

darts, gym, spa, ATVs and an area for archery. For

Corpus, Jr., president of Sol Y Viento Hotels and

now, biking and trekking are the main activities

Resorts. “What we want to offer here is a place

available throughout eight hectares of unused

that is convenient for guests. When they come

land in the 3.86-hectare property. There is also

here, there will be restaurants where they can fill

a zipline within the resort, although the resort is

their tummies.”

looking for an operator to manage it.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

Center for wellness, conventions Corpus is also planning to have more unique wellness offerings at the resort, suited for senior citizens. “There are plenty of returning guests who are senior citizens. They like staying at the pool. Some of them are experiencing body pains, but when they return to their rooms they feel like teenagers. It must be the effect of natural hot spring which provides health benefits,” he said. Apart from its recreational facilities, plans have been laid out for the construction of a ballroom big enough for 700 guests, six function rooms and a chapel, as in Alta D’Tagaytay, their property in Tagaytay City. On weekends, resort guests are composed mostly of families, while on weekdays it is busy with guests from convention or seminars. “I call this place a labyrinth for nature. It’s not man-made,” says Corpus. “As much as possible, you have to preserve the terrain. Do not alter the ground. It’s dangerous, and it will get back at you later. Once you touch the soil, it becomes loose already. You really have to preserve it. It’s been tested. There have been a lot of rain, here but nothing bad happened.” Sol Y Viento Hotel s and Res orts Pres ident B ernardo "B ernie" C orpus Jr.

Th e spacious Tamayo Res taurant s erves Jap ane se c u i si ne .

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017


E x ec u t iv e c h e f A in e r Eb u e, Sol Y V i en t o presi d en t Bernardo "B ernie" C orpus Jr.and Food and Beverag es manag er Ace Jo s e L a c a p

To walk the talk

The n ewly op en ed l oft room

Corpus honed his expertise through years in the hospitality industry. He believes in the walk-thetalk type of leadership, which he got from his dad who was also a hotelier: “I don’t know if it’s a skill. You need to identify and study each person, each character, professionally and personally. Even though you would want to separate it, for me it has connection. You know how to deal with them, how to talk to them. You have to adjust and understand.” “That’s what I’m doing. A lot of people say, ‘You are doing a lot of things, but you seem to be relaxed.’ What will happen if you get sneaky is that people will get scared. You learn from mistakes as well,” he reasons.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

Th e h otel and resort is nes tl ed amid Lag una' s mo u ntai n r ange s.

Popular Spanish dishes In charge of preparing all the goodies at Sol Y Viento Resort is Ainer Ebue, chef-in-charge for menu development for both the Laguna and Tagaytay properties. Unlike other similar establishments in Pansol, the resort offers Filipino, Japanese and Spanish cuisine, a specialty he developed when he was working at Amanpulo. Although his resume is impressive, with stints at a number of five-star hotels and entertainment complexes, he feels most at home in Laguna. “It’s different when you’re here,” says Ebue. “You are close to nature, and it is

"C ooking is my comfort z one, " s ays ch ef Ebue.

stress-relieving. I work outside of the kitchen—in the verandah—especially when I’m working on the new menu for both hotels. We are continually adding to the menu for new projects. For Costa Tropical, it’s more on sandwiches, pizza and tortilla.” The chef takes pride in the food selection and dining experience they offer to their guests. Most of the ingredients are sourced, not just from their suppliers, but also from the herb garden in the resort. Popular dishes include paella negra, hojaldre relleno

Pael l a neg ra

As sorted s us h i

Norweg ian s al mon fil l et

Savory mix ed s e af o o d

de mariscos (savory mixed seafood in smoked paprika with pomodoro sauce in churros cup), costillas barbacoa a la parilla (grilled BBQ pork belly with buttered vegetables), fideua (a Spanishstyle pasta), and pan-fried Norwegian salmon fillet. In Ebue’s line of work, the most challenging part is the 14-hour day that involves planning the menu and handling front and back operations, while remaining presentable when he has to face some guests in the restaurant. But he is happiest when he is at work: “Cooking is my comfort zone.” experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




Hung duan Rice Terraces is one of th e five cl usters o f terraces decl ared as a Worl d Heritag e Site by UNES CO .

On the road in the Cordilleras The region spans upland and lowland provinces that are rich in heritage and tradition T e xt a n d phot os by K ar l Or it Travelers are always searching for new ways to enjoy their trips, apart from going to the usual tourist spots, or hunting down the perfect souvenir, never mind if they are ordinary, at popular stores. They take the road less traveled for experiences that captivate their senses. On the other hand, communities make their locale accessible to tourists, presenting what is uniquely theirs, while situating itself as an important stop in a bigger itinerary.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

Many consider the Cordillera Region to be one of those familiar destinations in the Philippines, with Baguio City serving as a must-visit point in the area. However, those who seek further thrills in the region find new adventures in its mountains and valleys. This is what the Philippine Tour Operators Association, Inc.(PHILTOA), an organization of tour operators, hotels, resorts, and other tourism-oriented companies involved in advocating responsible tourism, has identified an itinerary to make a trip through the country’s highlands a rewarding one.

Jam min g w it h t h e l o ca ls

Stair ways to heaven There is an abundance of outdoor destinations in the region, and there has been an influx of thrillseekers ever since trekking became commonplace in social media. While many aim to seeing the Banaue Rice Terraces up close and walking along its paddies to fully grasp its majesty, it is not the only terrace in the region. Part of the cluster of terraces that have been identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is Hungduan Rice Terraces. It might not be as popular as the landmark in Banaue, but it is just as arresting with its hot spring and a nearby river where almost anyone can bathe. However, Hungduan might pose a challenge to some because of its long trail. Trekkers are advised to choose the relatively shorter and easier trail of Maligcong Rice Terraces in Bontoc as a warm up to more daring trails.

A native proud of h is h eritag e h as been wel coming tourists for a l ong time.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017


Fresh farm produce The terraces are a living testament to the Cordillerans mastery of life in the mountains. While rice is a staple, fruits and vegetables are also cultivated here. Strawberry farms in La Trinidad, Benguet are quite popular for travelers wishing to pick the berries by themselves, while others just purchase them by the bags because they are cheaper to buy here than in Baguio’s market. Picking produce is one of th e h ig h l ig h ts of th e trip.

Many farms in the area have opened their field for tourists willing to try their hands at plucking or digging for vegetables. The mountain municipalities of Bauko, Mountain Province and Buguias, Benguet offer this kind of experience to guests, bending down to pick beans from the vine, dig out potatoes, or pull out heads of lettuce from the ground. On the other hand, the municipality of Atok, Benguet has this same attraction, but with flowers. Among blooms ready for the picking include snapdragons. Incidentally, some of the farms in Atok have been planted with cherry blossom saplings. Eventually, in a few years, the trees will burst with flowers reminiscent of the sakuras in Japan. Down in the lowlands, the Department of Agriculture-Nueva Vizcaya Extension Office, where they study and find ways to better cultivate produce and supply seeds to farmers, also allows visitors to pick, eat and buy some of their organic products at reasonable prices. Some of th e s taff from th e Department of Ag ricul ture–Nueva Viz c aya Ex tension Office, ties up g arl ic ready for retail .


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

A gu i de in S a g a d a e xp l a i n s t he p ra ct i ce o f ha n gi n g t h e c o ff in s o f t h e ir d e pa rt ed .

Riches in cultural diversity The zigzagging roads in the Cordilleras also lead to heritage and historical sites. The ride through Balete Pass in Nueva Vizcaya provides an opportunity to witness the culture of the people living there. The pass itself was a witness to periods of conflict, and was an important position during the Second World War; today, it connects Central Luzon to the Cagayan Valley. Stopping by towns along this road reveals the unique art of the locals. The designs on their

Valley, the San Vicente Ferrer Church in Dupax del Sur stands proud as one of the biggest and oldest unreinforced brick churches in the region. Not far from it is the municipality’s People’s Museum, where visitors can see the old way of life through artifacts from the past, many of which are still in use today. Understanding the people of the Cordilleras beyond their way of life gives the traveler a deeper appreciation of their cultures, and provides a more responsible approach to making old ways new again and could preserve the region’s rich heritage.

weaving show not only the tribe they belong to, but also how they live their lives in the mountains. With the same crops, they have different ways of preparing their food. Their dances, while following the same beat, have different moves. And, their youth are carrying on the customs and traditions they have learned from their elders. While the indigenous people in the region have adapted to the changing times, they continue to honor the values their ancestors treasure. In Sagada, just nearby the location of the Hanging Coffins are a church and cemetery, signifying the local’s embrace of Christianity. In Cagayan

Th e Peopl e’ s M us eum in Dupax del Sur, Nueva Viz caya sh owcases th e variety of tribes th at l ive in th e C ordi l l e r as.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




Dumaguete’s game-changing strategy This Visayan city is developing as the region’s sports center T e x t a n d ph ot os by Ma. Glaiza Lee

Dumag uete C ity is h ome to Sil l iman Univers ity, th e ol dest education ins titution in th e Ph il ippines.

University town Dumaguete is also a university town. A huge portion of its population constitutes students. The most notable educational institution in the city would be Silliman University, considered to be the oldest university in the Philippines. Going around Silliman seems like a walk in the park, with its lush verdant lawn with century-old trees providing shade to passers-by. Among its mustvisit landmarks are Silliman Hall, built in 1903,

The Philippine tourism climate has changed through the years. Destinations have to align their tourism plan on the ever-changing preferences of travelers and diversify their products and services. They cannot depend on one attraction anymore. They have to always innovate, create their niche market, and find new ways to attract travelers to increase tourism economy. This is the direction that Dumaguete City, also known as the City of Gentle People, is heading to. The beauty of the capital city of Negros Oriental lies mainly in the people’s gentleness that evokes serenity and simplicity.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

which presently houses the Anthropology Museum, Luce Auditorium which is known as the Cultural Center of the South, and Marine Laboratory Museum, which has the second largest whale bone collection in the world. After visiting Silliman University, travelers can head to St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral, which is known locally as Dumaguete Cathedral. Constructed in 1776, it is the oldest stone church in Negros. It stands near the Belfry Tower, fronting the Quezon Park. The century-old bell tower once served as a watchtower against pirate raids. The bell would be rung to warn people about immediate danger.

S t . C a t h e rin e o f Alexa n d ri a Ca t hed ra l i n D u m a gu ete i s t he o l d e s t s t o ne chu rch on N egro s Isla n d .

Where locals hang out A few meters away from the cathedral is Rizal Boulevard. Named after National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal, this thoroughfare is the center of community life in Dumaguete. This tree-lined strip that runs parallel the seawall is a favorite hangout among locals. One would find them congregating in the area, exercising in the early morning or late afternoon, or chatting with friends or family over good food at one of the many restaurants along the way. When the sun sets, it is time for tempurahan. Several stalls sell tempura, which is actually kikiam coated with a delicious batter and fried until crispy. Tables and chairs are set up near the stalls where people can sit and enjoy their food. Occasionally, a musician performs a few songs to entertain the diners. Since it’s a landlocked city, Dumaguete, for some people, is just a place they pass through on their way to someplace else. It is the jump-off point to other towns of Negros and nearby provinces. Some tourists would fly to Dumaguete, drop their luggage,

Dumag uete’ s famous tempura of deep-fried b atte r e d k i k i am .

and go out and explore Valencia, Bais, Apo Island, and even Siquijor.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017


A center for spor ts tourism

Early this year, the Negros capital simultaneously hosted different sporting events. There was the

The city, through Dumaguete Mayor Felipe

2017 Little League Philippines Series happening

Remollo, has been repositioning itself. A big fan

in one part of the town; the Archery Competition

of baseball and softball, Mayor Remollo wants

at the town square; and the Dumaguete Dragon

Dumaguete to be a hub for sports, putting all

Boat Challenge along Rizal Boulevard, which was

efforts to promote sports tourism, not just in

officiated by the Philippine Canoe Kayak Dragon

the city, but also throughout the whole Negros

Boat Federation, and presented by the Filipino-


Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Promotion Board Philippines. The Philippine

In an interview, he said that this tourism initiative

National Dragon Boat Team also facilitated a

is also the local government’s way to lead the

two-day dragon boat basic paddling sports clinic,

youth away from illegal drugs. “We want to

attended by approximately 200 participants, from

develop a dependence on sports, and not to be

ages 9 to 50, coming from Dumaguete and nearby

affected by tokhang,” he was qouted as saying,


referencing the Duterte Administration’s campaign against drugs.

In recent years, the city has successfully hosted the University Games (UniGames). It was the

Indeed, Dumaguete has a great potential for

second time for Dumaguete City to host the said

sports tourism. Sports have become a tourism

event, the first one in 1998 and the second in

draw for the city. The city has proven that it


could host large-scale sporting events and competitions.

Th e c i t y s q u a r e is v e n u e f o r a n a rchery com pet i t i on .


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

Me mb e r s o f L it t l e L ea gu e Phi li pp i n es p la y a ga m e of s oftbal l .

“We are bullish about sports tourism, and this will grow, but we need support. We also need to start improving and building sports facilities and accommodation,” said Mayor Remollo, who cautioned that politics and sports should never be mixed. Dumaguete has several athletic facilities, including the Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural Center, the Gov. Mariano Perdices Memorial Coliseum, and the Lorenzo G. Teves Aqua Center, all owned by the province of Negros Oriental. Located just right in the heart of the city is the Ang Tay Golf Course, where Dumagueteños actively play a round or two of golf. For sailing and watersports, people can head to Tambobo Bay, located south of Negros Oriental. It is one of the best places where foreigners with big boats dwells. The famous Twin Lakes can also be a good venue for kayaking and trekking events. Along the boulevard, near Hayahay, a group of Dumagueteños is testing the potential of watersports in the bay area, and is now renting out paddle boarding equipment for reasonable fees. This venture is still in its early stage, but it can be a good tourism draw for people to stay

A drag on boat, one s port Fil ipinos now ex cel in

longer in Dumaguete City.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




Sa v oy H o t e l B oracay is th e onl y resort in th e country with a concert party p o o l ar e a.

A colorful island getaway Savoy Hotel Boracay offers adventure and serenity for all travelers B y M a. Gl a iz a L ee Whether it is your first or the nth time, there is

famous nightlife, new activities to try, and new

something that draws you to Boracay, located in

accommodations for that much-needed R&R.

Malay, Aklan, known for its white-sand beaches and clear blue water. Although it is just seven

Megaworld's subsidiary, Global Estate Resorts Inc.

kilometers long, with less than a kilometer at its

developed a portion of the island into a 150-hectare

narrowest point, this small island has been one of

tourism estate. Boracay Newcoast is an integrated

the Philippines’ top destinations, drawing millions

township development with world-class resort

of tourists, both foreign and local.

offerings. Situated at the northeast part of the island, it is the first and only master-planned,

With every visit to this tropical paradise, there is

leisure-oriented community in Boracay that aims to

something new to experience—new restaurants

attract more tourists and investors.

to indulge in, new bars to experience its


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

The hi p, vibrant vibe at Savoy Hotel B oracay wil l appeal to a broad rang e o f tr av e l e r s.

Color Your Experience The Savoy Hotel Boracay is one of the first establishments to open in Boracay Newcoast. Operated and managed by Global One Hotel Group, a company dedicated to managing Megaworld’s hotel and leisure portfolio, the property aspires to become the leading local independent destination hotel chain in Boracay to offer a unique product and excellent service. “Staying in a beautiful hotel can provide you with a unique and memorable experience on its own. In Savoy Hotel Boracay, we do anything and everything within our means to make our guests happy,” said Savoy Hotel Boracay general manager Adie A. Gallares. “We adhere to our promise of ‘Color Your Experience!’ We guarantee to provide our guests with that promise of our most heartfelt service, our effort into details and our passion to serve. We

welcome all travelers from the Philippines and around the world to come, visit and stay in our beautiful hotel,” he said. The hotel employs and retains the best employees with positive attitude toward customer service and highly motivated to achieve customer loyalty. The employees underwent comprehensive and in-depth training for six months prior to the property's opening to ensure they can bring world-class service to every guest. “We ensure that all guests are taken cared of, and all their requirements are met and well dealt with. This is an art that the Savoy Hotel Boracay team has mastered. We ensure that we are able to offer first-rate guest experiences. They are always our No. 1 priority,” added Gallares.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017


A lo n g s t re t c h o f b ea ch o f f ers gu est s of Sa v oy H o t e l B oracay fun in th e sun.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

Redefining Filipino hospitality Raising the bar on world-class service, the four-star luxe hotel redefines Filipino hospitality by working to surpass guests’ expectations, beginning with well-appointed accommodations. The hotel has about 559 rooms, with 40 connecting rooms, divided into four categories—Deluxe, Corner Deluxe, Premiere Deluxe and Executive Suites—that suit whatever accommodation tourists from different walks of life prefer and need. The rooms have a contemporary design that reflects the captivating island life, featuring an engaging "sun, sand and sea" palette of yellow, cream and cool blue. Each has a balcony with spectacular views of either the beach, the golf course or the pool area. The perfect spot for cooling down and relaxing after a day out in the sun, all rooms have fully functional modern amenities, such as flat screen LED TV, mini refrigerator, and Wi-Fi connection to ensure a relaxed and stress-free vacation.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017


Savoy Hotel B oracay is part of Boracay Newcoast, an i nte gr ate d devel opment with worl d-cl as s amenities .

Vibrant, hip beach life Filled with the energetic vibe innate to the island paradise, Savoy Hotel Boracay is where guests can immerse themselves in the vibrant and hip beach life with the hotel's world-class amenities. Have a refreshing dip at the large outdoor pool. Enjoy a lazy afternoon at the paved sunbathing lounge. Indulge in some sundowner cocktails at the pool bar. Perhaps sweat it out at the hotel's state-of-the-art gym. It is also the first and only property in the Philippines with a concert party pool arena. The hotel provides guests with a wide range of dining options at Savoy Café, Chambery Pool Bar and Vienne Lobby Lounge, where you and your family and friends can bond over the sumptuous lunch or dinner. with your family and friends.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

Strategic location Its strategic location is one of the hotel's major draws. “The entirety of the Boracay Newcoast property is facing the Newcoast Beach, which is blessed with natural pristine powdery white sand and clear blue saltwater. The whole property’s beach area totals to about a kilometer and is segregated into three coves. Savoy Hotel Boracay is near Cove Two, which has about a 295-meter coastline,” said the hotel GM. Its location at the Newcoast Beach is just perfect to combine adventure and serenity, making it the best destination for all types of travelers, from solo travelers, backpackers, families, friends, businessmen, incentive groups, and travel agent bookings, among others. Here, one can demand undisturbed tranquility while, at the same time, be just a stone's throw away from all the evening’s happenings.

Gateway to adventures The hotel is also a gateway to key

When asked how he sees the Savoy brand

destinations in Malay Island, such as Mt.

growing in the next five years, Gallares

Luho, Willy’s Rock, Bulabog Beach, Puka

enthused: “Savoy will be well-known not only

Beach, Balinghai Beach, Ariel’s Point, Boracay

in the national scale but on an international

Butterfly Garden, Crystal Cove, and Dead

standpoint. There will be more demand from

Forest. It has easy access to D’Mall, as well

around the world, from millennials to people

as the numerous cafés, bars and restaurants

reaching retirement, who are more interested in

along White Beach.

investing on life experiences, such as traveling. With this, Savoy Hotel Boracay will be welcoming

“Savoy Hotel is surrounded by an array of

more guests, which will in turn bring in a huge

various leisure activities being at the center

chunk of the company’s revenue.”

of the entertainment complex of Boracay Newcoast. Guests who fancy a game of golf

Savoy Hotel Boracay is located at Newcoast

or look for an adrenaline rush can visit the

Drive, Boracay Newcoast, Boracay Island. For

golf course and Zipline, which are just a few

inquiries, email info@savoyhotelboracay.com.

minutes from our hotel. We offer watersports

ph or call the Manila sales office at (632)

activities, such as parasailing, jet skiing,

318-8834 to 37. Visit its website at www.

helmet-diving, banana boat-riding, buggy and

savoyhotelboracay.com.ph or follow them on

ATV rides. We will also be opening Lila Spa

Facebook at www.fb.com/SavoyHotelBoracay

this December,” the hotel GM shared.

and on Instagram at savoyboracay.

Ex perience new adventures at Savoy Hotel Borac ay.

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Es kaya Resort in Pang l ao, Boh ol is known for its ex cl us ive pr i v ate v i l l as.

Grand villas highlight Eskaya Resort expansion B y Ca rl o Su erte


The luxurious Eskaya Resort in Bohol has

There are now two family villas, complete

something new for its loyal and new guests who

with two bedrooms, a living room and private

are planning to spend a well-deserved vacation.


Eskaya has just completed the construction of

The newest category covers eight Grand villas.

nine new villas at its 15-hectare property on

Compared to existing villas with their bahay

Panglao Island providing more accommodations to

kubo-inspired design, the Grand villa has a more

choose from.

contemporary design.

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Kinil aw na tanig ue, l ocal fresh mackerel in a spi c e d vineg ar and coconut cream marinade

E s k a y a R e s o rt p r e si d en t a n d COO R a lph L i m

“Most of our previous villas accommodate either two persons or a group of six or seven persons. But when, for example, a family of four or five is planning to stay, they have to book two villas. So, we decided to create the Grand villa to cater to this segment,” explained Ralph Lim, Eskaya Resort president and COO.

H u mb a , b r a is e d p ork b elly o n a b ed of ga rli c wi t h fermented bla c k b e a n s f l a v o red wi t h a lo ca lly prod u ced gi n

Tuna tartare, s as h imi-g rade tuna spiced with c h i l i ai o l i , fresh ch ives and s es ame dress ing

Kani mang o s al ad, mix ed sh redded g reens with r i p e m ango e s, kani, cucumber, crispy bih on, cris py wanton and no r i wi th a wasabi mayo dress ing

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017


Th e Grand Vil l a h as one bedroom, a l iving room and k i tc h e n.

Lim said that all new villas have been designed by Filipino architect Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa, who is known for his support of Philippine architecture and for his use of local materials in his designs. In addition to the villas, the resort now has additional amenities, including a tennis court, basketball court and gym. He said guests have been inquiring about these facilities, which is now being made available within the property.

Guests favor Es kaya Resort for th e tranquil sol itude its vil l as offer.

“But what many people don’t know is that there are so many things to do in Bohol. Guests can easily go to the main island where they can experience forests, rivers, and falls, among others. They’re not just restricted to Panglao Island when they stay at Eskaya,” he added. The expansion at Eskaya Resort is in preparation for an expected increase in tourist arrivals to the island with the completion of Panglao International Airport.


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Th e stretch of wh ite-s and beach at Eskaya Res ort offers qual ity me-time.

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Savoy Hotel Boracay is part of B oracay Newcoas t, an inte gr ate d devel opment with worl d-cl ass amenities.

The many colors of leisurely comfort Hue Hotel Puerto Princesa brings the island’s charming sights right into your room. B y R ub y A s oy -Lebajo Ph o tos By Ren jie T olentino

Among the hotels that recently opened in Palawan,

While it is said that Puerto Princesa City

Hue Hotels and Resorts Puerto Princesa is

was named after Princess Eulalia of Spain,

considered by many to be the most stylish with its

the daughter of Queen Isabel II, Hue Puerto

spectrum of offerings that add color to your leisure

Princesa in turn is inspired by a modern-day

getaway. Situated right in the heart of the city, its

Princess Eulalia, an avid traveler with elegant

decor is inspired by Palawan’s lush environment,

taste with the hotel as her home, which she

with wide-open spaces that echo the province’s tag

designed herself.

as the Garden City of the Philippines.


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A glocal hotel creates distinct hotel concepts that are original “The word glocal (a portmanteau of the words global

and one of a kind. This is what Hue Hotels and

and local) was our foundation in every design-

Resorts is all about.”

related decision,” explains Hue Puerto Princesa general manager Chris Guballa. “It has to cater to a

With facilities and amenities that fit the needs

global market while staying true to our local roots,

of a diverse clientele, Hue Puerto Princesa

and this can be seen in the interiors of the hotel.”

caters to leisure and business travelers alike, whether they are alone or in a group.

Hue Hotels and Resorts is a brand of hotels under

Since it opened early this year, feedback has

Luana Lifestyle and Leisure Hotel Inc. envisioned to

been positive, from the online reviews to the

be chic and creative with a forward-looking design

comments they received directly from guests.

and culturally rooted architecture. The property is being managed by Hospitality Innovators Inc. (HII).

The hotel GM says it was a challenge to softopen the hotel: “We did not have our pool and

“Driven to reimagine the hotel and property

spa at the outset, as well as there were still

management landscape in the country, HII constantly

some minor construction. But when it came

exemplifies high standards of operations with the

to service, food and room amenities, we made

intention of delighting its partners and guests,”

up in these aspects, and our guests come out

shares Guballa. “Bringing inimitable ideas to life, it

being happy with their stay.”

T he r o o f -de c k s w im m im g po o l pr o vide s a gr e at v i ew of t h e c i t y .

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Palawan in a nutshell The hotel’s look is one of its selling points. The lobby floor has a pattern representing the roots of mangrove, or bakawan, which is essential to the island’s abundant marine life. The artworks over the reception area depict birds in flight, and there are more of them around the property. To tie with this motif, beautiful birdcages hang as accents in the ballroom to evoke the island’s splendor. In fact, he is quite proud of the hotel’s advocacy of sustaining the community through local products and culture. Apart from its vivid interiors, the hotel’s food and beverage offering is also a draw. Its Matiz Tapas Bar & Restaurant, just beside the lobby area, has classic Filipino and Spanish food with a few Vietnamese dishes that pay homage to Puerto Princesa’s Vietnamese community. Among the dishes of chef Gabby Prats that we were able to try were the Matiz paella, which is based on heirloom Spanish recipe, bagnet, seared Norwegian salmon and Caesar salad. Hue Ho t e ls an d R e s o r t s o f f e r s t ylis h r o o m s i n a l l c a t eg ori es .

Puerto Princesa is the first home of Hue Hotels and Resorts. The capital city of Palawan, the gateway to almost every other island in the province, it is known for its breathtaking limestone cliffs, secluded beaches, historical landmarks, and pasalubong shopping of delicacies and finds. Hue Puerto Princesa offers its services to take guests to the province’s many tourist spots, such as the famous Underground River, which was named one of the 7 Wonders of the World and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tintin, our tour guide, took us to Baker’s Hill with its famous bakery and garden, Butterfly Eco Garden and Tribal Village, Rancho Mitra, Elephant Cave, Baywalk Plaza Quartel, Immaculate Conception Cathedral, and Pu erto Prin cessa is th e j um p-o f f po in t to th e U n de r gr o un d R ive r


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Buenavista View Deck (where you can see the beauty of Ulugan Bay and Tres Marias).

Hard work , skill beget respect The young general manager has been exposed to hospitality work since his early 30s. He believes in leadership by example—by showing hard work and right skill. “I opened my very first hotel in Boracay when I was just 34 years old. People will often say that that it is too young to manage a hotel,” says Guballa. “For me, I have been working and

Hue P ue r t o P r in c e s a ge n e r al m an age r C hr is Guballa an d c h ef G a b b y P ra t s o f M at iz T apas B ar an d R e s t aur an t

handling departments, such as front office and reservations, when I was young. I believe your staff will always respect hard work and skill. If you show them that you work as hard as them or even harder, then they will always respect and follow you.” His most remarkable achievement thus far is being able to open Hue Puerto Princesa. “As a hotelier, you always want to manage a hotel or product that you can really be proud of,” he remarks. “We want to match the property with excellent service. We’re looking forward to having more

T r y a r e lax in g m as s age at A m in ah Spa.

visitors experience the unique shade of comfort and leisure Hue Puerto Princesa offers, and how it reflects the beauty of the island right within the comforts of the hotel.” Hue Hotels and Resorts is opening another property in Boracay. The hotel will also offer the same unique design concepts, as well as Station X. “This is something that people will need to look out for,” he concludes. T he w r it e r an d pho t o gr aphe r w it h m e m be r s o f an in digenou s g rou p of P alaw an at t he B ut t e r f ly Ec o Gar de n an d T r ibal V illage

E n jot pa el l a a nd sea r ed N o rweg ian salmo n at Matiz Tapas B ar an d R e s t aur an t ,

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A lover’s paradise Malliouhana offers intimate experiences in Anguilla Text a n d p hotos by Ailene Co Malliouhana is one of those destinations beloved by those who truly believe in love. Considered by tourists and locals alike as one of the finest accommodations in Anguilla, couples come here to celebrate their union in true, romantic fashion, yet, still enjoying intimacy away from prying eyes. Part of the Auberge Resort Collection portfolio of luxury boutique properties, this 44-room boutique resort was designed to offer privacy, so that you and your loved one can focus on much needed quality time. Sitting atop a panoramic bluff overlooking the Caribbean and reaching down to Meads Bay and Turtle Cove beach, Malliouhana is often touted as providing the perfect picturecard setting. Indeed, waking up everyday to the sight of a beautiful expanse of blue sea makes you feel you’re in a different place entirely.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

Malliouhana sits atop a panoramic bluff overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

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Malliouhana is a luxury boutique resort that offers discreet service.

A love like no other “Malliouhana” is the original Arawak name for Anguilla. When it was first established in 1984, the proprietors took special care in choosing a name that would talk about its elegance and sophistication. Very quickly, Malliouhana became the setting for well-traveled couples looking for a sweet escape. It may seem a little bit strange that a traditionally California-type chain of hotels could thrive in such a tropical setting, but the difference in perspective really paid off. The architecture is laidback enough—with lemon yellow and ice blue interiors setting the mood—but luxurious to satisfy any traveler’s dream. When Malliouhana reopened in 2014, the Auberge Resort simply screamed of relaxed sophistication both in their design and restaurant menu.

Endless views of the sea make any seat at Malliouhana's restaurant picture-pretty.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

A place for love Yet there can never be enough words to really describe why Malliouhana is so captivating. A lot of articles can be written about its grace and seaside charm, but what I think truly separates it from the rest is how wonderful it is to be in love here. It is not only the architecture that is breathtaking—and I’ve taken deep breaths—but it is the vibe and culture that make it incredibly delightful for those claiming (or perhaps even reclaiming) their love. The staff is extremely attentive. The goal, of course, is that the only person you should be thinking of is your significant other. Forget your

Warm sunshine envelops you at the open air dining area.

own wants! Malliouhana’s customer service is superb. This is one of Anguilla’s top resorts. Couples who wrinkle their nose at the hype would do well to note that each description I’ve made comes from personal experience. It was almost surreal, from the pleasant staff to the warm embrace of the sun to the stunning beachfront view. So, as you take your lover’s hand while looking at the sunset at this property, I can only imagine how happy and content you’d be. I hope that I have encouraged you enough to take a look at Malliouhana’s amenities and want to rekindle love’s flame.

The laidback California vibe marries well with the resort's tropical setting.

You can learn more about Malliouhana from its official website or its Facebook page.

Cruise ships ferry tourists around the seas surrounding Anguilla.

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14 years of glamour, charity B y Suzet t e J essica

C it y o f Dr e am s M an ila V P f o r public r e lat io n s C har is s e C huidia n, G a mb i a C o n s ul A gn e s Huibo n ho a, C it y o f Dr e am s M an ila pr o pe r t y pr e s i d ent G eoff A n dr e s , C o n s ul He le n O n g, an d Jaye lle s ’ R o s e lle R e ban o

The Philippine Cancer Society formally introduced this year’s Best Dressed Women of the Philippines at an afternoon tea held at the City of Dreams in Entertainment City, Paranaque City. The event is now on its 14th year. Event chairperson Angola Consul Helen Ong led selection and organizing committee members Roselle Rebano of Jayelles, Mabel Abaño, Tanzania Consul Betty Chua, Roy Gonzales, Gambia Consul Agnes Huibonhoa, Mario Katigbak, Marian Ong, Sandie Poblador, Elaine Rojas Villar, and adviser Johnny Litton in the announcement.

C o n s ul He le n O n g w it h A m bas s ado r A lbe r t De l R o s ar io , A gn e s H u i b onh oa an d P hilippin e C an c e r So c ie t y pr e s ide n t Dr . C o r az o n Nge lan gel

This year’s women of style and substance are Miladel Lourdes “Milo” R. Bondoc, Samar Governor Sharee Ann Tan, Annabel Uy-Braganza, Maria Victoria R. Tengco-Burgos, Yamani Caliwara, Ruby Tan Chua, Dr. Jennie Francisco-Diaz, Veronica Ho, Rosemarie Tee Licup, Nina Paula Vergara Ng, Brenda Ngo, Katrina Ponce Enrile, Katz Montealegre-Santos, Minerva Mondejar Steiner, Robina Marie Ko-Tan, and Jennifer Tieng.

20 17 A m bas s ado r f o r L if e an d DM ar k B e aut y c hie f e x e c ut ive o ffi c er Nik k i T an g, M ar be e Shin g Go an d Suz e t t e Je s s ic a


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Marriott hosts Thanksgiving dinner for Red Cross B y Su zet t e Jessica

Sena tor Ric ha rd Gordon p res ents a p l a que of a p p rec ia tion to Marriott general mana ger B r u c e Wi n t o n (right) a nd exec utive c hef Meik B rammer

Marriott Hotel Manila recently staged a

as being “an excellent partner, very sincere, very

Thanksgiving Gala to celebrate its partnership

dedicated and avant-garde. I wish many would

milestone with Philippine Red Cross. On this

imitate them.”

evening, 30 head chefs from Marriott Hotels in Asia-Pacific collaborated for a world-class five-

The gala featured entertainment by the John

course dinner.

Vadeesteen Male Choir of Red Cross and Philippine Navy Harmonic Orchestra, to name a few. The

During the event, Philippine Red Cross chairman

evening’s surprise was serving Marriott’s famous

Senator Richard Gordon presented plaques of

banana loaf from a hanging buffet that descended

appreciation to the hotel, accepted by its general

from the venue’s 12-meter high ceiling.

manager Bruce Winton and executive chef Meik Brammer. Gordon acknowledged Marriott’s efforts

C o nsul Mel l i e Abl a za an d J u n J u n A blaza

Reso rts Wo r ld pr e s ide n t K in gs o n Sian an d Ma r r io t t ’s M it c h Gar c ia

M ar r io t t Dir e c t o r o f R e ve n ue C a t h eri ne O na , R aul P adilla an d M ar r io t t Dir ec t or of F i na nc e R o s an n e L e e

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Continuing the tradition of Swissness

Em bas s y o f Sw it z e r lan d f ir s t s e c r e t ar y an d c o n s ul Gr e go r F r it s c h e a nd M ar c o P o lo P laz a C e bu (M P P C ) ge n e r al m an age r B r ian C o n n e lly c u t t h e r ibbo n t o f o r m ally o pe n Sw is s n e s s f r o m A t o Z .

B y S uzet t e J es sica

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu continued with its tradition of celebrating Swiss National Day with its recent “Swiss Culinary Journey: Swissness from A to Z” at Café Marco as part of its Sunday brunch. The occasion started with a speech from Marco Polo Plaza Cebu general manager Brian Connelly, followed by welcome remarks from First Secretary and Consul of the Embassy of Switzerland to the Philippines Gregor Fritsche. Then, they cut the ceremonial ribbon and the Swiss tradition of ringing the bell to officially the start the event.

M P P C ge n e r al m an age r B r ian C o n n e lly an d e x e c ut ive c he f William St in gf e llo w

The day overflowed with cheeses, meats and chocolates, truly a great display of Swiss goodness. Of course, the day wasn’t complete without music and exciting raffle prizes. At the end of the weeklong event, a roundtrip ticket to Zurich care of Cathay Pacific was raffled off. Swissness from A to Z was made possible through partnerships with Dash Engineering Phils. Inc., Werdenberg International Corp., Federal Land, Wines Warehouse, Embassy of Switzerland and Cathay Pacific.

M P P C dir e c t o r o f s ale s an d m ar k e t in g L ar a C o n s t an t in o -Sc ar r o w w i t h Jo an n a C ue n c o


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




The benefits of a good night sleep B y S uzet t e J es sica

T he P r e m ium T o uc h R o m an c e is o n e o f U r at e x 's s o ught af t e r P r e m ium m at t r e s s e s .

D r . K e i t h Romeo Agui l er a shares the b en efits o f g o o d sleep .

Dr . M ar c o Es c ar e al e n gage d gue s t s w it h k n o w le dge dur in g a w e lln e s s w o r k s ho p.

Uratex, the country’s sleep specialist, held

Much-coveted Uratex Premium mattresses were

recently a wellness event to celebrate World Sleep Day. This year, the 10th time the occasion was being held in the country, had as theme “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life,” focusing on how better sleep gives people and their bodies a chance to nurture and recover from stress. Guests were given VIP pampering via wellness activities, as well as talks by eminent sleep doctors and specialists on the benefits of a good night’s rest to one’s well-being.

presented at the gathering. Among those shown were the Orthocare Biorythmic, which helps reduce stress via the body’s pressure points, the Senso Memory Ultima Plus infused with hydragel beads for a cooler sleep, the Premium Touch Romance, and the Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh that keeps the ambiance fresh and odor free. Uratex believes its sleep solutions would be at the forefront of promoting overall health and wellness as more Filipinos observe World Sleep Day each year.


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40 years of great home shopping experience By Su zet t e Jessica

How does one celebrate 40 years of a highly

Wilc o n De po t has be e n pr o vidin g c o n s um e r s w it h q ualit y c ons t ru c t on s upply f o r t he pas t 40 ye ar s .

successful business enterprise? If that business happens to be Wilcon Depot, it does it with a bang. For the whole month of October, loyal customers of the construction supply chain had the chance to join a raffle that won each of 40 lucky customers Wilcon e-gift certificates worth P40,000. During the launch of its 40th anniversary promotion, which was attended by the company’s executives and industry and media partners at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, Wilcon Depot founder and chairman emeritus William Belo expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the continuous support the company has been receiving. “This is one way of keeping and fulfilling our promise in building big ideas for Filipinos. We are giving you the assurance that we are committed

Wilc o n C EO L o r r ain e B e lo -C in c o c han , SEV P -C O O R o s e m a ri e O ng a nd c h i ef pr o duc t o f f ic e r C ar e e n B e lo w it h M ar c o P o lo O r t igas M ani l a g enera l ma nage r F r an k R e ic he n bac h (s e c o n d f r o m le f t )

in carrying our products and experiences with the same amount of passion and service that we have for the last 40 years,” Belo said.

For the past 40 years, Wilcon Depot has been the preferred supplier of construction materials and

On the other hand, Wilcon Depot SEVP-Chief

equipments and all things related to realizing your

Operating Officer Rosemarie B. Ong said, “This

dream home.

is our way of giving back to our customers for their unceasing patronage that can certainly add

To know more about this exciting promo, visit any

thrill and excitement in their home shopping

Wilcon Depot store or log on to www.wilcon.com.

experience. We always look forward and think big

ph. Follow and like its social media accounts on

in conceptualizing to give only the best kind of

Facebook and Instagram @wilcondepot.ph.

promo offerings to our clients.”

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A new way of addressing health concerns Men, who are asked the first thing they see in a woman, qualify themselves as being a “leg man” or a “boob man.” When it comes to issues concerning libido, there is no right or wrong answer. Some men prefer women with smaller

Dr . C e n ia L uc as -A c e ve do addr e s s e s ho r m o n al im balan c e s in t he b od y .

figures, while others drool over big bumpers, so

But sometimes, there is a deficiency in growth hormones

to speak.

or vitamins that occurs as men get older, or even in younger men in some cases. And it isn’t just more

But what if you see the big mommas on

pronounced breasts. A drop in testosterone and zinc

big papas? It does really happen that some

could result in erectile dysfunction. Too much estrogen

adolescent boys have more than normal-sized

and a deficiency in cortisol could lead to grumpiness.

breasts than is usually associated with benign

There’s also depression. “But early detection and

pubertal changes. This is called gynecomastia,

correction of the imbalance give men the chance to

and boys usually outgrow this condition without

arrest the condition and lead happier, more productive


lives,” she said.

Growth spurts, as they call it, disturb the

She added,” HOMe is a young branch of medicine that

endocrine system that lead to imbalances in the

zeroes in on what is deficient in the body and finds

ratio of estrogens and androgens in the body.

out what the toxic elements are. We customize and

But gynecomastia doesn’t happen only during

measure supplements, vitamins and hormones for each

puberty. Declining testosterone levels and an

patient, because each person is different from the next.

increase in fatty tissue may also lead to this

We actually complement conventional medicine. We go

awkward condition in older men. Although many

beyond the organ level and concentrate on the cells. We

would think this is natural occurrence since

nurture the healthy cells and help the sick ones recover

we all gain weight as we age, lead sedentary

faster. HOMe gets to the core of the problem only after

lifestyles, and eat more, this is not so, said

conducting a series of consultations, blood tests, and

Dr. Cenia Lucas-Acevedo, Health Optimization

evaluation of results.”

Medicine (HOMe) specialist, certified in Belgium for Anti-Aging Medicine (Interventional

Dr. Cenia Lucas-Acevedo currently does home/office

Endocrinology) and Nutritional Medicine.

visits, and will make this option available to clients who value their time and privacy even after her


“We do need a balanced diet, exercise, adequate

Vivacité clinic opens. Personal assessments are done

sleep, sun exposure and grounding, the not-so-

by appointment, which runs for about an hour. Call 425-

new concept of having proper electromagnetic

7302, 0920-8238976, 0917-8944910 (Globe/Viber), and

status, to be in good health,” said Dr. Acevedo.

(02) 968-4980, or email clacevedovivacite@gmail.com.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




She found her art in the Philippines Swedish painter and musician Jeanette Kamphuis counts the country as her new home. If you ask visual artist Jeanette Kamphuis where her home is, she would say it is in the Philippines. After years of traveling around the world, it is only here that she found herself and her art. Take note: she in not just a painter. She is also a musician. Long before she could talk, she was told

" T he M us ic ian " Je an e t t e K am phuis

that she could already sing. This was when she was growing up in her birth country of Sweden. Her siblings play the violin, cello and piano. Her father was very determined to make her and her siblings play instruments, so they never owned a TV at home back when they were young. They would just focus on music, books and activities, like gardening and training horses at their farm. Kamphuis discovered her talent in painting when she won an art contest at the age of 8. "I won a competition which I didn’t even know I was in. We watched a play and the next day at school, we were asked to draw anything that we remember. I painted this beautiful ballet girl. Everything was light blue and white dress; that was the impression I had," she relates. That painting was the start of her journey through art,” she said at an interview during the launch of her recent second solo exhibition at VU’s Bar and Lounge, at the 45th floor of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. She was like a sponge, learning art styles and replicating them without difficulty. But it was only here that she found her unique style.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

Kamphuis added, "There is something in the Philippines. You can go and dance. You don't have to dance well, and everybody just encourages you to." She has been to 96 countries and stayed in the United States for more than a decade before moving here in the Philippines. She started painting at her house, and when people came to visit, they suggested she meet some local artists. And as they say, the rest is history. From then on, she participated in 26 group exhibits and had her first solo show. While she gets inspiration from people, she also helps out by doing volunteer work and teaching art classes. "I provide music in exhibits or if somebody needs encouragement but does not have money, I still go and play. I also share a lot to artists who ask me how I do this and that," she says. Indeed, after going around seven continents, Kamphuis and her art have finally found a home.



Dusit Thani Manila named Best City Hotel–Manila at TTG Travel Awards 2017 Dusit Thani Manila, a five-star luxury hotel and Dusit Thani flagship property in the Philippines, was recognized as the Best City Hotel-Manila at the 28th Annual TTG Travel Awards 2017. Dusit Thani Manila was voted by the readers of TTG Asia, TTG China, TTG India, TTGmice, TTGBTmice China, TTGassociations and TTG Asia Luxury. TTG Travel Awards honors the best in the Asia-

It is our mantra to give the best service to our

Pacific travel trade. Recognizing the best of Asia-

guests and this reward is but a testimony to this

Pacific’s travel industry since 1989, it became one


of the most coveted and influential awards to be won in the region.

Dusit Thani Manila strives to continuously be worthy of this prestigious recognition and is

“To win this prestigious award as Best City

constantly maintaining its status as one of the

Hotel-Manila makes me immensely proud of what

iconic five-star hotels in Manila by continuously

we have achieved,” said Evelyn Singson, vice

upgrading the facilities of the hotel. This year, the

chairman and president of Philippine Hoteliers

hotel is renovating the rest of the guest rooms

Inc., the owning company of Dusit Thani Manila.

that has been ongoing for the past three years. It

“We never veered away from our vision of over

also relaunches the new Benjarong at the ground

40 years in this business: to deliver gracious

floor, making it more visible and accessible to its

hospitality, exceeding guests’ expectations

loyal clientele and to attract new ones.

always. In addition to this, Dusit International is set to “We are honored to have this remarkable vote

expand its presence in the Philippines, with new

of confidence for our five-star service and

hotels to open in Cebu, Davao and La Union within

excellence,” said Bruno Cristol, general manager

the next three years. Dusit will bring excellent

of Dusit Thani Manila. “It truly highlights our

hospitality education to the Philippines with the

dedication and commitment that serves as a true

opening of the Dusit Management Hospitality

source of motivation for the entire team of Dusit

College and dusitD2 hotel at The Fort next year

Thani Manila. We give our biggest thank you to

in partnership with Ecole Hoteliere de Laussanne

our staff who should claim credit for this success.

(EHL) and Institut Paul Bocuse (IPB).

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




Latest food business trends at REC 2017 Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), newbie food business owners, and F&B professionals came together at the recent Restaurant Engagement Conference (REC). REC 2017 gathered speakers from varied fields to explain how restaurateurs can capture the right market and utilize strategic marketing tools that will help them optimize their business performance in a lucrative market where customer engagement and experience is the new rule of the game. “I wanted to bridge the gap between restaurateurs and customers. Using customer engagement, we can create customer retention and acquire more customers in the process,” said Miguel De La Rosa, founder of Mplify. “I would encourage everyone in the restaurant business to see marketing as an investment and not as an expense.” The whole-day forum discussed topics such as digital marketing, customer relation management, chat bots, maximizing business loans, food photography, outdoor advertisement, advertising trends, online presence optimization, online marketing, food safety and customer engagement and experience. Actress and model Wilma Doesnt hosted the event, while Children’s Hour executive director Geenette Garcia moderated the discussions.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

Sponsors of this year’s REC were Maybank, Globe MyBusiness, Marco Polo Ortigas, 7,107 Culture+Cuisine, Modern Ads & Promo Inc., and Color Ads. Strategic partners included Agape Pastries & Tartines, Mrs. Fields, Kitchen Nails, MIILC, The Carmen Hotel, Kitsho, Salad Bar, True Blends, Mode Devi, Leaprenuer, Ink-All-You-Can, Karuva Travel &Tours, Where To Eat Philippines, Nailit!, Bioessence, YanYan International and Dermcare. Media partners were Manila Standard, manilastandard.net, Global News Network, Asenso Pinoy, Chinoy TV, Manila Bulletin, Business Mirror, Business World, Inquirer Mobile, Experience Travel and Living, Business Insight, Pilipino Mirror, SMNI, HUE Channel, EntrepTV, Remate Express, The Village Connect, Psst.ph, Pinas, Peoples Journal, Peoples Tonight, ManilaScope, Locale Magazine and Women’s Journal. REC 2017 committed a portion from its proceeds to Children’s Hour in support of its campaign to help one child one hour at a time. For more information about the recent #MplifyREC2017 and upcoming events, visit www.mplify-ph.com. Like Mplify on Facebook at mplifyph and follow on Instagram @mplify_ph. For partnership inquiries for future RECs, email mktg.mplify@gmail.com or call 0998-8876063 or 0977-3597602.

Af t er REC fun phot o with th e sp eakers an d atten dees.

M r . M igs De L a R o s a, F o un de r o f M plif y, M s Ne t Gar c ia, Ex ec u t i v e D i rec t or o f C hildr e n 's Ho ur , M s Yayu Javie r , P r e s ide n t / C O O o f A va nz a , Mr. H enry De C haille , Sale s & B us in e s s De ve lo pm e n t He ad o f Go o gle P h i l i p p i nes , M s A ile e n C o n t r e r as , V P / He ad o f SM E L o an s o f M ayban k a nd Mr. N i ko F rez , Se gm e n t M ar k e t in g He ad o f Glo be M yB us in e s s

M i gs De La Rosa , REC Org an izer, Ms N et G arcia, RE C Mo dera t o r , M r . Jer r y I l a o, Found er o f L eap ren eu r, Ms Hazel Herber, M anagin g P ar t n e r of Wher e To Ea t Phi l i ppin es, M r. Ro n n el Cu izo n , F o u n der o f P ix e l P r o an d M s Wi l m a Doesn' t , Foun der o f MIIL C an d REC Co n feren ce H o s t .

T h e Associ a t i on of Fi l ip in o F ran chisers In c. (A F F I) su p po rted an d at t e n de d R E C . Josi e S ee, CEO of Pean u t Wo rld, J erry Ilao , CE O o f In k-A ll-Yo u-C an , J o h n Chung, CEO of Acqu aSu isse Parfu ms, J o yce Co , CEO o f T r ue B le n ds

M igue l " M igs " De L a R o s a, F o un de r an d M an agin g Dir e c t o r of MP LI F Y

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




The essence of a true Filipina When they say adversity brings out the true character of a person, they must be talking about Myla Villagonzalo-Tsutaichi, businesswoman, wellness expert, international kimono teacher, devoted mother to her three daughters and faithful wife to her husband. None of life’s trials stopped her from achieving the success she enjoys today. Her father’s death in 2005 forced her to assume the responsibility of being the family breadwinner since she was the eldest of five siblings. There were those who wanted her to fail, even at the cost of her life. “Before the 40th day of my father’s death, the car my two younger siblings and I were riding was strafed with bullets as we approached the gate of our subdivision. I prayed so hard, and, like a miracle, not one of us was hurt or hit by the bullets,” she said. “I consider this as my second life, and thanked the good Lord for saving me and letting be with my mother and siblings, and with my husband and two young children again in Japan.” Villagonzalo-Tsutaichi is an Accounting graduate of St. Augustine College in Bulacan, She trained in beauty and spa therapy at Ampai Institute of Beauty in Bangkok and Thai massage and reflexology at Thailand Massage School in Chiang Mai, and took basic kimono teacher’s and advanced kimono teacher’s courses at Hakubi Kimono School in Japan.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

All these have stood her in good stead. She established Glowing Skin Health & Beauty, an enterprise providing health and beauty products and services to Filipinos and Japanese friends in Japan. Her knowledge on the kimono has made her an invaluable resource person on the topic. But her success wasn’t purely personal. She also shares whatever blessings she receives with her fellowmen in Japan by supporting their many projects and endeavors as an active church member. She also does charity work for an orphanage for abandoned children in Baliuag, Bulacan, where she hails from. Among awards she has received in her career are the 2016 World Class Excellence Japan Award, World Class Outstanding Kimono Teacher and Philanthropist of 2016, Gawad Amerika Award Most Outstanding International Kimono Teacher Licence of the Year 2016, 2016 Gawad Pilipino Award Dangal ng Bayan Outstanding Women Empowerment in Japan for Civic Leader, and Gawad Pilipino Japan Ambassador 2016. Myla Villagonzalo-Tsutaichi definitely triumphed against all odds through hard work and will power. She is a Filipina worth emulating by today’s youths.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017



experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017



R.O.X. Bike Fair successfully mounted Bike For A Cause 2017 R.O.X. (Recreational Outdoor eXchange) was once again at the center of bringing together the local outdoor community with the success of the recently concluded R.O.X. Bike For A Cause. Held last September 23 at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, the family-friendly biking affair was hosted in line with this year’s R.O.X. Bike Fair – a month long bike campaign by R.O.X. which featured a series of bike-related activities and events nationwide. More than just a biking event, Bike For A Cause was a charity effort held in partnership with Bikes for the Philippines, a non-profit foundation which provides bicycles to less fortunate students around the Philippines, together with Heroes on Wheels, an assistance program of the Center for Outdoor Recreation Expedition created in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Proceeds from this year’s Bike For A Cause was turned over to the studentbeneficiaries of Talahib Pandayan National High School in Batangas City during the event program. Divided into two categories, the ride proper officially kicked-off at 6:30am and 6:40am for the 26km division and 18km division respectively and witnessed countless bikers of all ages bike together for a meaningful cause. With the route spanning Mahagnao Street and its nearby vicinity, the event managed to offer riders a unique biking experience. For those

who were seeking a more challenging experience, the 18km proved ideal as it involved a course made up of 20% road and 80% trail routes. On the other hand, bikers who were after a more leisurely ride enjoyed their time at the 26km all-road biking course. Growing bigger than ever before, this year’s Bike For A Cause was no exception as it managed to gather close to 400 participants! As a treat for the Bike For A Cause participants, a series of side games and raffle segments were held after the ride proper. Sponsored by the likes of Fox Racing, Bickerton, Headware, 8a Performance, Timbuk2, Spyder, Crazy Safety, Bambike, Nova, and Pocari Sweat, the lucky participant who took home the major raffle prize, being the Bickerton Portables Pilipinas Junction 1706 Bike, was Lani Pangilinan. Other major prizes included the Fox Racing Rampage helmet, Oasis hydration bag, cap, and gloves. On its 7th edition, the R.O.X. Bike Fair lived up to its reputation as one of the most anticipated biking event in the metro. As evidenced by the success of Bike For A Cause, R.O.X. continues to be an influential force in the outdoor community as it mounts another exciting, bond-forming, and meaningful outdoor event! To get a recap of the Bike For A Cause 2017, search for the hashtag #ROXBFAC2017. For more information, follow R.O.X. Philippines on Facebook or @roxphilippines on Instagram.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




Baking is fun with Cake Boss For homemakers, the kitchen is a holy ground where wonderful and tasty treats are created. But if you wish to be a baking pro, it is important to have equipment that is efficient, durable and practical. With skills, good ingredients and the best baking tools, you can make delicious treats at home. The Cake Boss Bakeware Collection will make your kitchen stand out even more. Designed by chef Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro Jr. of the American reality TV show “Cake Boss,” equipment are patterned after the tools used in the show. You are assured that each item is meticulously crafted to suit your needs.

Putting icing on the cake is the fun yet hardest

Cake Boss offers tools needed for preparing, mixing, rolling, baking, cutting and decorating. The collection includes a cookbook stand, measuring cups and spoons, bowls, whisks, scraper, rolling pins, pans, design cutters, cake turntable, icing bags, tips, cake kits, spatula and more. The fact that these come in a range of colors provide needed eye candy in your kitchen. Baking requires careful preparation and measurement of ingredients. With the Cake Boss cookbook stand, place your recipe at the perfect spot where you can check the next step or needed ingredient. It is made of metal with a durable coating, making it rust-resistant and easy to clean. The Cake Boss spatula comes with a convenient conversion table allowing you to measure every ingredient correctly. Cake Boss pans and cupcake molders are heavy and sturdy, so that these will last for a long time. Baked treats come out in perfect shape because these pans do not easily buckle or collapse from heat.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

part of baking. This last step can make or break your dessert masterpiece. With Cake Boss icing tips and bag, the task becomes easier and less messy. Choose from various tips and easily switch from one design to another by just unscrewing the tip and placing another one on the icing bag. It wounds tightly and securely, preventing spills or damaging the bag, especially as you squeeze. The Cake Boss Bakeware Collection is available at True Home (Robinsons Magnolia and Greenbelt) and True Value (Shangri-La Plaza, Alabang and Rockwell). It is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Much Prosperity Trading International, Inc. (MPTII), one of the best suppliers and distributors of quality houseware products in the country for over 50 years. For more information, product details and promos, visit the official Facebook page at /CakeBossBakewarePH and Instagram @ cakebossbakewareph. For inquiries, email inquiry@much.com.ph, or visit mptii.ph.



Go gaga over travel Travelers often converge at travel fairs to take advantage of cheap bargains and deals offered. One such fair is Travel Madness Expo,

T r ave l In n o vat o r s , In c . pr e s ide n t R aym o n d T e e , Sabr e P h i l i p p i nes G M K ir by Y. Har t igan -Go , an d T r ave l In n o vat o r s , In c . V P M ar i a P a z R . A l b ert o

the brainchild of Ark Travel president Maria Paz Alberto and Horizon Travel vice president and general manager Raymond Tee. Launched in 2011, Travel Madness Expo encourages more people to travel and explore local and international destinations. “Travel Madness Expo encourages people to go on trips to different destinations in the Philippines and abroad. Because of low airfares, passengers were encouraged to visit new places, both domestic and international,” said Alberto. This endeavor also gained the support of the local government as the fair opened an opportunity to promote local destinations to tourists.

T r ave l In n o vat o r s , In c . V P M ar ia P az R . A lbe r t o , C z e c h Amb a s s a d or J a ros lav O ls a Jr ., an d C z e c h T o ur is m dir e c t o r M ic hal P r o c haz ka

This year’s expo saw more than 44,000 visitors, which is more than the number of visitors in the previous years. They were able to purchase tickets and book rooms from 173 exhibitors that made up the Sky Zone (airlines), Ship Zone (cruise lines), Style Zone (hotels and resorts), and Star Zone (travel agencies). The success of Travel Madness Expo reached an all-time high this year. As people clamor for cheaper rates, the expo will continue giving them what they want. It is a win-win situation for all.

Phil ippine Air l ine s VP Ryan Uy; T r ave l Innovator s , Inc. VP Ma ri a P a z R. Al be r to; PAL pr e s ide nt Jaime Bautis ta; T our is m S e cr e tar y W a n d a Cora z on T . T e o; Duty Fr e e Phil ippine s Cor por ation CEO Vice nte Pe la g i o A. An g a l a ; PAL S VP Dave Lim and AVP T ony He r r e r a

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




Pet-friendly initiative wins Virtus Awards grand prize

HSM A O f f ic e r s an d pr e s e n t o r s w it h A c uave r de res ort t ea m w in n e r o f O ut s t an din g M ar k e t in g C am paign f o r 2 0 1 7

B y R u by As oy - Lebajo Animal welfare was the theme of the Outstanding Marketing Campaign for 2017, which was given out during the recent Virtus Awards ceremony spearheaded by the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association at

Hotel Manila (Sleep with Us: The Evolution), Marco Polo Plaza Cebu (Stay for Hope, and Love Letters: A Valentine Special), Marriott Hotel Manila (Marry Me at Marriott), and Novotel Manila Araneta Center

Dusit Thani Manila.

(Better at One).

Acuaverde, a resort in Laiya, San Juan,

Other awardees were: Outstanding Sales &

Batangas, emerged as grand winner for its marketing campaign, "A Pet Friendly Gem in Laiya." It aimed to create a strong presence within the Filipino pet community and identify the property as the preferred pet-friendly resort in the country. Leading the campaign was Tess Samaniego, Acuaverde’s marketing communications manager, aided by her fivemember team of passionate individuals.


Other finalists for the prize were Golden Phoenix

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

Marketing Associate, Jaymart B. Lorenzo, sales executive, Quest Hotel and Conference Center Clark; Outstanding Sales & Marketing Manager, Ma. Teresa Josefa T. Cruz, assistant director of Events, Dusit Thani Manila, and Jac David S. Pimentel, director of e-Commerce, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila; Outstanding Sales and Marketing Leader, Amie C. Villena, director of Sales, The Bellevue Resort. All winners received cash prizes and specially commissioned Virtus trophies.

H S M A offi cer s wi t h t h e win n er o f Ou tstan din g Sales an d M ar k e t in g As soci a t e, Ja y ma r t B. L o ren zo , sales ex ecu tive, Q u est Ho te l an d C onfer ence Cent er Cl ark

HSMA present president Christine U. Ibarreta shared, "To become excellent, one must be able to effectively adapt to any given landscape, appreciate continuous improvement, and embrace constant change. Through Virtus Awards, we would like to reward the passionate and driven sales and marketing individuals, and develop the next breed of hospitality ambassadors." Virtus Awards 2017 chair Rose H. Libongco said, "We believe that well-trained personnel in a well-supported environment breeds innovation and creativity, thus bolstering our initiative for the Philippines to become a global leader in world tourism." HSMA chairperson Margarita F. Munsayac said the Virtus Awards of Excellence, which were handed out for the third consecutive year, speak volumes about the group: "It tells us in clear, ringing terms that as an industry, we value quality; as an organization, we lead the way to doing more

HSM A o f f ic e r s w it h t he w in n e r o f O ut s t an din g Sale s an d M ar k e t ing Ma na g er, Jac David S. P im e n t e l, dir e c t o r o f E-C o m m e r c e ,So f it e l P hilippin e P l a z a

than our best; and as an individuals, we pledge our personal signature in the stamp of quantum best that this award pushes." experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017




Agila, a unique EKsperience Experience simulated flight replete with special There is a new destination in town. It’s a unique

effects, motion seats, scents, mist and the

attraction that soars mightily above all others,

most visually stunning film featuring awesome

and is fast becoming a popular choice among

vistas that simply go on and on. It’s a thrilling

travelers looking for an instant getaway. Escape

journey that touches more than just the multi-

the busy metro with a quick trip to Sta. Rosa,

sensory, because “Agila” draws the audience to

Laguna, and enter the magical world of the

the core of its advocacy—inspiring pride in the

country’s premiere theme park. Enchanted

Philippines and in the uniqueness of the Filipino;

Kingdom offers its newest and grandest attraction

appreciating the beauty and diversity of this God-

in 21 years, “Agila: The EKsperience,” a flying

given paradise; and conserving and protecting the

theater that showcases the Philippines in all its

nation’s symbol of hope and strength, the agila, or

rugged beauty, calming splendor and amazing

Philippine eagle.

diversity in one spectacular ride. “Agila: The EKsperience” is one attraction that Travel the breadth of the country’s 7,641 islands

offers superlative features packed with so much

and zero in on 20 of the most captivating sights to

learning, imagination and visual enjoyment for

wow and delight any traveler, adventurer or thrill-

park guests of all ages and races. Best of all, get

seeker. From Batanes to Cagayan de Oro, “Agila”

front row seats to this one-of-a-kind ride with

will soar high, glide over and swoop down places

every flight. An “Agila” single ride ticket is worth

most people can only dream of going. It’s only

P500, but can also be purchased bundled with park

a ticket and a ride away from ticking off some

admission at P900. EKsperience is definitely worth

must-see destinations in the Philippine bucket

every peso and minute spent.

list. Simply board the flying theater, and “Agila” will take you across the archipelago to witness

To know more about “Agila: the EKsperience,”

postcard-pretty places from vantage points that

visit www.enchantedkingdom.ph or call (02)584-

only this powerful raptor can traverse.

3535 or (02)830-3535 to book a one-of-a-kind flight.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017


PO S TI N G S “We have been part of the food and beverage

The easy way of keeping restaurants clean Kalinisan Chemicals Corporation, a Filipino company that develops cleaning and sanitation products, introduces KLIN 365, a 10-in-1 cleaning product aimed directly for use in the restaurant industry. While most dining establishments employ a variety of cleansers during their operation, KLIN 365 works as a dishwashing liquid, degreaser, odor eliminator, floor cleaner, glass and table cleaner, fly repellent, as a sanitizer for hands and kitchen utensils, plus toilet and urinal cleaner, too. With just one product, food establishments can easily clean up and keep germs and bacteria away. It also minimizes accidents caused by mixing up detergents and disinfectants, as well as saving storage space. Despite its numerous functions, it is easy to use and is totally gentle and safe on the hands.

and cleaning industries for quite a long time. What we did was to focus on our customer's experience, observed their pain and listened to their complaints. And with KLIN 365, we know that we have an innovative and more importantly, useful cleaning solution. Now, our customers can simplify the complicated process of cleaning. We are proud to have come up with a totally home-grown product that we know will revolutionize the way cleaning and sanitizing is done in the Philippines, which is part of our mission to add value to the industries that we serve through product innovation and excellent customer experience,” explains James Bernardo, chief executive officer of Kalinisan Chemicals Corporation. With every purchase of a box of KLIN 365, which has 100 pieces of 45 ml sachets, proper product training on usage and application will be provided. For product orders, visit Kalinisan Chemicals Corporation’s at Bldg. 1, Cainta Business Center Vista Verde Gate 2, Executive Village, Brgy. San Isidro, Cainta, Rizal, or Call (632) 654-7951, 571-5314, 682-2873 Visit www.kalinisanchemicals.com or email info@kalinisanchemicals.com for more details.

It is non-corrosive and safe on all washable surfaces and effectively kills a wide range of harmful microorganisms. Not only does it clean and sanitize, it also complies with established standards of food safety. In fact, KLIN 365 is so powerful that a single 45ml sachet when mixed with up to 20 liters of water can be used for all the cleaning needs in any restaurant.

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017


Australia’s favorite drinks provide healthy, delicious choices Juice-lovers will enjoy the natural taste of Spring Valley, Australia’s favorite premium juice. With a rich 50-plus year heritage, Spring Valley beverages are produced with uncompromised attention to flavor and texture. “Many consumers struggle with poor beverage selections in the market, because some products contain added sugars and offer little or no nutrients. The healthier offerings, on the other hand, do not deliver the right taste or satisfy consumers’ cravings,” observes Atlas Global Advantage managing director Hans Nathan Ching. Spring Valley is all-natural, with no preservatives, no added sugar and no artificial colors or flavors. Each bottle contains all the goodness that comes from the natural fruit. Its delicious repertoire of flavors include apple, orange, mango and banana, and banana and berry. It comes in 375ml on-thego glass bottles and 1.25-liter bottles. For young juice lovers, Spring Valley offers Pop Tops, Australia’s favorite kiddie drink.

The colorful 250ml bottle comes with a childfriendly grip designed for little hands, and a smaller drinking spout to avoid spills and mess. The pop-up cap is resealable, so your child can enjoy his drink even on long trips. Pop Tops is made from real fruit juice, with 30 percent less sugar and less sodium, and has no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. It comes in apple and orange flavors. “While living in Australia, we became familiar with Spring Valley and Pop Tops. These are iconic fruit juices among Australians, because of their refreshing, clean and full-bodied taste, which I believe will fit perfectly with modern Filipino sensibilities,” shares director Neil Vincent Ching. Spring Valley and Pop Tops are now available at SM Snack Exchange, Rustan’s Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, and other retailers nationwide. To know more about Spring Valley and Pop Tops, follow @springvalleyph and @poptopsph via Instagram.


experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017



experiencetravelph.com // Vol. 4 No.3 // 2017

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