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Everyday Art


Something visually stimulating to attract and audience...

Geek Chic

Early Man

Something casual for a late night at the office...

Somthing more primal for the animal in us all...

Heart Breaker


Somthing ideal for seduction and fooling around...

Something to brighten up yours or someone else day...


left: Ice cream, Topman 2010 above: Popcorn, Topman 2009 right: Soup tins, Topman 2009


Underwear is a basic human right. It is what defines us as civilised human beings as opposed to animals. However sometimes even the most rational human being can not escape the sheer joy and outlandishness of allowing the animal side to break free and play. So brace yourselves girls and guys, don’t be scared of a little bit of pink as it is the colour of fun and by god it’s play time.

Everyday Art

Geek Chic


The secret to being a stylish man is remarkably simple Be yourself, be comfortable and just have fun. Or in this case just nerd out and enjoy some off what Spital Fields and Calvin Klein have to offer. For a man who is comfortable in himself is a sexy man and a sexy man is a force the world

will respect. Pieces by the House of Klein are timeless and classic and instantly attractive. The new blood from All Saints is much more seductive with its shining silver buttons and decorative pocket. Detail is the new ambition and it’s turning us all on.

far right: Dominos, CK 2010 far right below: Pixel, CK 2010 model: Pocket, All Saints 2010, socks Topman 2009 below: Pocket, All Saints 2010

UE Geek Chic


Breaker Define love? ok easier question define lust? Normally lust it is found within someone’s pants. Lust is alot more powerful and potent than love but has a faster sell by date. These pants lack a sell by date and work without fail. Note the three elements that are bound to attract anyone or even a whole variety of people. Passion, Humour and Innocence are all beautiful qualities that are very rarely foundnd in one place... bar underwear and perhaps in some peoples eyes a good art exhibition. left to right:: Red/Black Zara Underwear 2009, socks H&M 2009, Heart Topman 2008, White Zara Underwear 2009 socks Topman 2009

Heart Breaker


When you wake up in the morning do you resemble something from gorillas in the mist? Perhaps its time to sleep and rise in style. Don’t waste your time with pjs and long pants. They are so restricting you might as well sleep in a straight jacket. Underwear is the way forward as its so much more comfortable and so much more stylish, you can bet you won’t be alone when its time to turn off the lights. gorilla: Italian CK 2010 model: Brazilian CK 2010

MAN 6:00am

Early Man

Don’t rain on my pantrade...

top to bottom: Starry Topman 2010 ‘it’s not you its me’ Topman 2010 Sixties stlye Topman 2010 Underweather

The British skys are perhaps some of the greyest in the world, so why not try brightening the skies up a little next time you do your laundry and flly these proud pants of Britain on every washing line. If we did we could the great back into Great Britain. Perhaps it is time we ditched the tight white pants and reverted to something more groovy.

If all else fails just take them off. Remember the pants maybe pretty cool, but it’s the man that makes them iconic and his own.


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