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On first glance, Facebook may look like a polished version of some of the older social networking site like MySpace. So for some, Facebook may not be all that impressive at first. So why advertise and market with Facebook? When first implemented, Facebook was built using some of the fundamental principles of older networking sites, but that is where the resemblance ends. Facebook is unique in its ability to combine regular social activities with networking activities, advertising, gaming and active networking in a very neat, all-inclusive, easy to use package. To date, this social network has over five hundred million active users and more are joining every single day. Active users are those individual users that log on everyday to actively interact with their contacts, businesses of interest, play casual games and so on. Facebook is the best place to be whether you're aiming for a local market or an international market. Approximately 30% of Facebook users are from the USA. The other 70% come from other countries from around the world. It is estimated that over 2.5 million government, nonprofit, commercial and private websites are already linked directly to a Facebook page. This allows these organizations to reach more people in a much speedier and convenient manner. With a simple click, a person can "Like" a linked website or a Facebook Page becoming a subscriber. This information appears instantly on that person's Facebook wall as well as on the walls of all of that person's contacts. After YouTube, Facebook is the definition of viral. So what if you are always out and about and don't have access to your home computer? Not a problem. Facebook predicted this particular problem and quickly established a quick and effective extension of the original Facebook site known as Facebook Mobile. Anyone with a cellular phone and a basic internet connection can access this social network through Facebook mobile. The type of mobile device you have really doesn't matter. Be it an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Blackberry or Nokia; they will all work just fine. All you do is log on to Facebook and you will be able to interact with people with your mobile device; you can even enjoy some games! Improvements are constantly being made to the mobile version. Special attention is being given to providing more freedom with applications available on the Facebook network. The goal of Facebook Mobile doesn't appear to be to create a mirror experience of the original Facebook platform used for laptops and personal computers, but to create a completely different

experience for mobile users only. To date, an incredible two hundred fifty million Facebook users log into their accounts by using Facebook Mobile. Convenience makes this a very successful formula.

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==== ==== Find Out How To Go Mobile At: ==== ====

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