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For anyone who has been doing research on diets, exercise and losing weight, there is a mindboggling smorgasbord of information on the internet these days. You're basically spoiled for choice as to the diet fads out there: Atkins, South Beach, Cabbage Soup, Brazilian, Apple Cider Vinegar, Maple syrup..the list goes on. But when you think about the rationale of some of these diets, one starts to wonder what some of the side effects can be...kidney failure, diabetes, nausea, cancer?? Now who wants to lose weight and be stricken with a more serious illness as a result? I know I wouldn't! Then there are all the different reduction for firm abs, slim the tummy, increase your metabolism, weight lifting, resistance training...and the list goes on. Studies have shown that there are links to the types of food we eat to obesity. Has anyone ever wondered why this is happening in our modern world, but not in our ancient past? Isn't it time to go Back to basics and embrace the simple lifestyle of our ancestors? Adopt a lifestyle they once had and the trends of obesity will spiral down. For example, cut down on processed food, refined sugars, trans fats, saturated fats and eat food that has not been overcooked and refried in oil that has changed its chemical form through over-use and preservatives. Look at the Japanese in the hardly see an obese Japanese farmer, as they eat simply, relying on fresh produce that have been simply prepared from natural ingredients. Another aspect apart from what we consume, is how we keep our blood flowing through our body. "Blood" IS the "life force" that runs through our veins and arteries to keep our body alive. The ancient art of Tai Chi has been around for centuries in China is based on the principle of the flow of "CHI" or "Internal Energy". However, Tai Chi as an martial art form is a secret not well known to the Western world, simply because of the breakdown in communication and loss in translation from Chinese to English. If you look at modern China today, you see people doing Tai Chi in the public parks, just like you see joggers in Central Park, New York! I am a strong advocate of sharing the secret of the Onemotion Tai Chi, as it is so simple, even a 5 year old can learn it in 5 minutes! Moreover, it takes only 10 minutes a day of this exercise to be effective in losing weight. But one note of is so powerful and effective that you must learn it CORRECTLY, otherwise you will not know what to look out for to ascertain if the exercise is being effective. Moreover, don't be mistaken that it is complicated like the traditional Tai Chi Chuan, which goes through a series of up to 20 different poses to achieve its aim of drawing out your Internal Energy (or "Chi"). What I have tried is totally different and sooo easy that I can do it during my lunch break! No exercise equipment is required and you can do it sitting down, so even the physically

impaired will benefit.

About the author: Katie has been struggling with weight loss for years until she went to Taiwan to learn from a Tai Chi Master one effective movement that has allowed her to achieve her ideal body weight safely and permanently. She has translated the theory into English to share with everyone.

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Ancient Secrets Discovered That Lose Weight Fast