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This is a social networking website operated and owned by Facebook. It was founded in Feb. 2004. At the beginning, membership was restricted to students from Howard University. This site helps you to communicate with your friends, family and coworkers. Anyone can sign up and communicate with people. Facebook is the second most used social site in the world. It has led the industry in giving people tools to control their information you share and with whom you wish to share. Here are some facts: 1.It has over 900 employees. 2.There are 31 million active users. 3.Since January 2007 more than 100,000 new registrations 4.It hosts over 1.7 billion photos Offices: Headquarters: Palo Alto California. Us Offices Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit and New York International Offices: Dublin, Ireland, London, Paris. Sydney and Toronto User facts: 1.Average user has 130 friends. 2.Average user spends 55 minutes per day. 3.Average writes 25 comments on Facebook a month. 4.Average user is invited to 3 events a month. 5.Average user a member of 12 groups. About 70% of Facebook users are outside of US. Mobile: More than 65 million active users currently access Facebook through their mobile devices. People that use Facebook are on their mobile devices almost 50% more active on Facebook than non-mobile users. There are more than 180 mobile operators in 60 countries working and promote Facebook mobile products. Some products: 1. Facebook Chat: It enables users to communicate this way with out any extra installations. 2. Networks: There are a lot of networks and most of them based around school or work place. 3. Events: This application is a resource to let friends know about interesting events coming up

and also to organize the social gathers. 4. Market place: This is an application for listing items for sale, housing to rent, jobs etc. Also you can use this to find items you want to buy or use. 5. Newsfeed: This is updated. It is a list of new stories about user friends activities on Facebook and main section on home page. In January 2009 did a study and ranked Facebook as the most used social network by worldwide active users.

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==== ==== Find Out How To Go Mobile At: ==== ====

Facebook Is Going Mobile  

Have you heard , that facebook is going mobile? It is a sign that we all should be getting mobile sites.