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JULY 2011



MODAVIA | FASHION | DIRECTORY Editor in Chief Poptart Lilliehook Creative Director Dahlia Joubert Features Editor Queen Watanabe, Vixie Rayna Graphic Design Graphic Dix Modavia Supermodels Anessa Stine, blackLiquid Tokyoska, Chirzaka Vlodovic, Dahlia Joubert, Devine Hunt, Di Hoorenbeek, Gamp Lane, Jarl Soderstrom, Jesika Contepomi, July Raymaker, Kayma India, Kyrie Source, Liane Maertens, marcopol Oh, Mavi Beck, Mimmi Boa, Mui Mukerji, Payton Heron, Petra Messioptra, Poptart Lilliehook, Queen Watanabe, Risa Bright, Salvo Waydelich, Sora Tatham, Summer Deadlight, Tabata Jewell, Takeshi Kiama, Vixie Rayna. Feature Photographers aida Ewing, AtomicSparkle Skytower, Barney Roundel, blackLiquid Tokyoska, Cala Rossini, Del May, Di Hoorenbeek, Eira Juliesse, Eve Kazan, Graphic Dix, James Schwarz, Jarl Soderstrom, Joy Laperriere, Julie Hastings, July Raymaker, Kayma India,Lybra Rage, marcopol Oh, Mavi Beck,Maylee Oh,Minnu Palen,Petra Messioptra,QueenWatanabe,Skip Staheli. Modavia Stylists blackLiquid Tokyoska, Galliano Boucher, James Schwarz, July Raymaker, Kayma India, Queen Watanabe, Umberto Giano. Modavia Models Amazon Silverweb, Chamonix Boudreaux, Elena Ewing, Keira Tyles, Kryptonia Paperdoll, Lauren Mureaux, Leah McCullough, Love Kawaguichi, Natasja Schumann, Seashell Dench, Tania Tebaldi, Valeria Endrizzi. Guest Models Applonia Criss, AtomicSparkle Skytower, Ezmeralda Silversmith, Graphic Dix, Joy Laperriere, Maylee Oh, Xandrah Sciavo. | FD | 3

Hair: [LeLutka] “Scarab” in blondefun Skin: R.icielli “Maria” fair 2 Dress: CHANTKARE “Sappy” Pose: *ES* Flick


JULY 2011

10 Editor’s column 16 Preview Modern Gypsy LeLutka 22 Our designers 100 Showcase Queen of Saba Magoa Fishy Strawberry House of Hucci 110 Collections Maitreya Epoque 124 Spotlight Modavia Blog photos Hair Fair special 158 Columns Queen Watanabe Galliano Boucher July Raymaker James Schwarz blackLiquid Tokyoska Dahlia Joubert Umberto Giano 218 Art Radio Signals | FD | 7


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POPTART Lilliehook

Greetings and welcome to our summer edition of the new-look Fashion Directory. To celebrate the transformation we’ve invited none other than the illustrious Minnu Palen to our new cover. Thanks Minnu for a stunning image. But the changes don’t stop there, each page of the magazine has been meticulously redesigned by Graphic Dix and we hope that you like the fresh and innovative layout as much as we do. We are excited to announce that the list of designers who have confirmed participation in Modavia Fashion Week 2011 (8 -15 September), is ready for release and what a lineup it is.... We are planning 50 shows this year so it’s shaping up to be even bigger and better than last year’s iconic event. The full list of labels that will present their new autumn collections appears directly after this column. Look out for a detailed schedule which will be published towards the end of August. Bloggers and members of the press who would like to apply for inclusion in the media event please contact me directly. The summer season is well underway in-world with several fabulous collections making their debut. Amidst all the colourful options it is hard to single out any one design of particular note but a few of my personal favourites include the beautifully textured Cabaha dresses from Baiastice, LeLutka’s belted Safari and Soho shorts and

the cool and elegant blouses and chinos from Maitreya (featured in our COLLECTIONS section). The first millinery range from Bliss Couture is also worth mentioning. Apparently Amutey wasn’t sure that she could make hats.. well we’re happy to report that she definitely can.. We welcome no less than 3 new columnists to this edition: blackLiquid Tokyoska, who brings her exotic style and eye for detail to the Directory, Umberto Giano with his wealth of experience as a commentator on menswear in SL and James Schwarz, justly famous for his atmospheric images and unique look. They join Dahlia Joubert, Queen Watanabe, Galliano Boucher, July Raymaker and our newest stylist, Kayma India in creating some of the very best fashion editorial in Second Life. The featured artist this month is Radio Signals whose monochrome Scribble sim has delighted SL residents for some time. The sim has now sadly closed but her intricate and expressive art lives on in real life and we’re happy to say, in our pages. Have a great summer x

Poptart Lilliehook CEO, Modavia Fashion Marketing


Baiastice - Cabaha dress Mandala - Senjyu earrings Miamai - Kyla hair attachment in platinum Glam Affair - Amelie light Bl hb 03 Photography: Kayma India | FD | 11


Preview Modern Gypsy LeLutka



Modern Gypsy - Therion dress Bliss Couture - Nizami Hair in Sugar LaGyo - Hula bangle and Noa earrings Pose - Di’s Opera

Photography: July Raymaker Models: Poptart Lilliehook and Dahlia Joubert

Modern Gypsy - Abomination dress Bliss Couture - Temprence Hair in Sugar LaGyo - Kai earrings Pose - Di’s Opera

LeLutka - Lush hair - Glucose LeLutka - Scarborough dress - Snow LeLutka - Tiana skin pale Pose - R.icielli

Model/Photography: Dahlia Joubert

LeLutka - Tiana skin pale Orta - Alexa bag noir LeLutka - Kianna dress - Emerald LeLutka - Charlize hair - Glucose LaGyo - Kai earrings Pose - R.icielli


Baiastice Sonatta Morales Finesmith Lady Thera’s Reale A la Folie DNR Eshi

CheerNo CCD Shiki Azoury My Precious Nardcotix Son!a Scatter

Coeur Noir L’Abel Bliss Couture Kunglers Blacklace Entre Mares Gabriel Muism

GizzA Indyra Originals Alienbear’s Design Dirty Hands Atomic Bambi Jador Fashion MEB

Miamai The Secret Store sYs Vero Modero R.icielli Donna Flora Meghindo’s


BAIASTICE designer: Sissy Pessoa outfit: Marina Skin, Wind Hair & Red Rose, Maten Chiffon top, Fall Gloves-Blue, Sophistik-Red garter, Maxine Platforms Fuchsia Python guest model: Joy Laperriere photography: Joy Laperriere location: Baiastice (154, 127, 26)

SONATTA MORALES designer: Sonatta Morales outfit: Boheme Modavia Supermodel: Petra Messioptra photography: Petra Messioptra location: Ballyboo (134, 232, 11)

FINESMITH designer: Yula Finesmith outfit: Leah Inspiration set Modavia Supermodel: blackLiquid Tokyoska photography: blackLiquid Tokyoska location: Gulf Coast (222, 119, 22)

LADY THERA designer: Thera Taurog outfit: Serendipity Modavia Supermodel: Liane Maertens photography: Cala Rossini location: Mitcom Experience (137, 121, 136)

REALE designer: Mallu Mayo outfit: Front tie bolero (beige/pink) and PinkDamask Bikini Bottom (String) Sweet strapless dress (yellow) Modavia Supermodels: Di Hoorenbeek and Tabata Jewell photography: Di Hoorenbeek location: Reale (128, 185, 61)

A LA FOLIE designer: Pixivor Allen outfit: Miss Philipines Modavia Supermodel: Summer Deadlight photography: Barney Roundel location: AlaFolie (138, 145, 38)

DNR designer: Nicky Ree outfit: Phoenix Modavia Supermodel: Mui Mukerji photography: Julie Hastings location: Tropical Orchid (229, 127, 31)

ESHI designer: Eshi Otawara outfit: Popi blue Modavia Supermodel: blackLiquid Tokyoska photography: Julie Hastings location: blackLiquid (46, 58, 748)

CHEERNO designer: CheerNo Destiny outfit: Tailored Suit black/Pink, Dallas (Ginger Nubian) Jaco (Dark 3.1 hair) Modavia Supermodel: Jarl Soderstrom photography: Jarl Soderstrom location: CheerNo (128, 140, 27)

CCD designer: Kimber Carter outfit: Florentine Ornate jewellery set Modavia Supermodel: Sora Tatham photography: Julie Hastings location: CCD (127, 97, 901)

SHIKI designer: Shinichi Mathy outfits: Kay dress and Yellow Plumeria suit Modavia Supermodels: Mavi Beck and Takeshi Kiama photography: aida Ewing location: Shiki (95, 152, 22)

AZOURY designer: Mayhem Seetan outfit: Tenue Rhys Modavia Supermodel: Vixie Rayna photography: Barney Roundel location: France3d Alma (66, 186, 22)

MY PRECIOUS designer: Agnes Finney outfit: Agnes Preciousness Nude guest model: Xandrah Sciavo photography: Eira Juliesse location: Agnes Finney (145, 151, 22)

NARDCOTIX designer: Nardya Rousselot outfit: Mana Rosa Maria Resort Modavia Supermodel: Kayma India photography: Eira Juliesse location: Reek (207, 89, 662)

SON!A designer: Sonia28 Jie outfit: Sharona Bride Mango Modavia Supermodel: Mimmi Boa photography: Eve Kazan location: Edge (128, 42, 29)

SCATTER designer: Aleta Scatter outfits: Cross and Divine from Judas Collection Modavia Supermodels: Poptart Lilliehook and Dahlia Joubert photography: Petra Messioptra location: Coming soon

COEUR NOIR designer: Luxianna Aeon outfit: Balloon shorts Modavia Supermodel: Devine Hunt photography: Mavi Beck location: Sausalito (248, 163, 26)

L’ABEL designer: Neferia Abel outfits: Farmer girl and Jessica lace Modavia Supermodels: Di Hoorenbeek and July Raymaker photography: James Schwarz location: Ivalde (186, 55, 26)

BLISS COUTURE designer: Amutey DeCuir outfits: Annarita dress and Nizami hair Minerva dress and Watanabe hair Modavia Supermodels: Dahlia Joubert and Queen Watanabe photography: Queen Watanabe location: Gown (129, 201, 353)

KUNGLERS designer: Avagardner Kungler outfit: Raica cream and Perolas set Modavia Supermodel: Poptart Lilliehook photography: Maylee Oh location: Fashionate Island (189, 189, 22)

BLACKLACE designer: Mariska Simons outfits: Spring fling sexy (in Gold & Pink, Violet & Blue and Fuschia & Violet) Modavia Supermodel: Jesika Contepomi photography: Barney Roundel location: Alphamale (109, 116, 41)

ENTRE MARES designer: Sykao Adamski outfit: Mia pink Modavia Supermodel: Poptart Lilliehook photography: Lybra Rage location: Lovefield (122, 192, 22)

GABRIEL designer: Takuya Jinn outfit: Military shirt and Sagger denim jeans Modavia Supermodel: Salvo Waydelich photography: Skip Staheli location: Gabriel (128, 124, 2)

MUISM designer: Icemocolo Voom outfit: Wrangler Denims-Dark Rinse, Retro puffer vest Troy Boots-Sands, Alibi shade, Chronotech G5 Modavia Supermodel: Salvo Waydelich photography: James Schwarz location: Muism (61, 113, 23)

GIZZA designer: Giz Seorn outfit: Hotheaded Modavia Supermodel: Queen Watanabe photography: Graphic Dix location: Gizza Creations (130, 130, 22)

INDYRA ORIGINALS designer: Indyra Seigo outfit: Tropic’s wild swimwear Modavia Supermodel: Kayma India photography: Kayma India location: Namaste Isle (188, 126, 28)

ALIENBEAR’S DESIGN designer:Alienbear Gupte outfit: Sakura wishes set Modavia Supermodel: Mui Mukerji photography: Julie Hastings location: Bratz (183, 200, 29)

DIRTY HANDS designer: Traveller Bade outfits: Punk outfit female and Punk outfit male Modavia Supermodel: Queen Watanabe guest model: Graphic Dix photography: Graphic Dix location: Cinnamon Island (124, 129, 28)

ATOMIC BAMBI designer: AtomicSparkle Skytower outfit: Tania-Sunblush (Dream) skin, Soho (Cerise) Hair Corsage, Veneers teeth and Allure (Ice) eyes guest model: AtomicSparkle Skytower photography: AtomicSparkle Skytower location: Reality (128, 146, 22)

JADOR FASHION designer: Ziamela Loon outfit: Renata red guest model: Joy Laperriere photography: Joy Laperriere location: Jador Fashion (173, 136, 36)

MEB designer: MariaElena Barbosa outfit: Kelly Modavia Supermodel: Anessa Stine photography: Eira Juliesse location: Klio (86, 200, 23)

MIAMAI designer: monica Outlander outfit: Gaia Shirt DKBlue, Lae Capris DKBlue, Deco Miranda shoes Pink Jeans, Eraa Bag Pink, Raka Hat Pink Modavia Supermodel: Mavi Beck photography: Maylee Oh location: Amat (63, 161, 2002)

THE SECRET STORE designer: Maylee Oh outfit:Darling Cardigan - Chinese Roses Ribbon Tank - White Polka Cherie’s Flared Skirt - Polka Tape Leggins - Fuschia/Bronze/Sapphire guest model: Maylee Oh photography: Maylee Oh location: Cheesecake (154, 188, 39)

SYS designers: Syane Cisse and Systi Cisse outfit: Ebonyte Modavia Supermodel: Kyrie Source photography: James Schwarz location: Wave Beach (91, 194, 23)

VERO MODERO designer: Bouquet Babii outfits: Night Dream Gown, Masq Man and Hope Gown Modavia Supermodel: marcopol Oh guest model: Applonia Criss photography: marcopol Oh location: Vero Modero (125, 137, 30)

R.ICIELLI designer: Fhara Acacia outfits: Matilda mini jacket, Serena miniskirt, Iris body Sarouel pants, Georgia body and Carmelia pumps Modavia Supermodels: Dahlia Joubert and Poptart Lilliehook photography: marcopol Oh location: Ricielli (71, 111, 27)

DONNA FLORA designer: Squinternet Larnia outfit: Orchid dress, Wanna shoes and Princess white set Modavia Supermodel: Chirzaka Vlodovic photography: aida Ewing location: Bonin (175, 137, 22)

MEGHINDO’S designer: Meghindo Romano outfits: Voronet, Yellow Emilio, Royal ruby red Modavia Supermodels: Gamp Lane, Risa Bright, Payton Heron photography: blackLiquid Tokyoska location: Limburg2 (110, 57, 21)


Designer Ezmeralda Silversmith Keira Seerose Fae Eriksen Eboni Khan

Brand Queen of Saba Magoa Fishy Strawberry House of Hucci

SHOWCASE sponsored by

Rogan Diesel | FD | 101

QUEEN OF SABA Ezmeralda Silversmith

Ezmeralda Silversmith

Vixie Rayna

Diesel Works Clover3

Diesel Works Daisy1


Keira Seerose

Love Kawaguichi

Leah McCullough

Diesel Works Glam 16

Diesel Works Daisy1

Tania Tebaldi

Natasja Schumann

Diesel Works Prima Donna13

Diesel Works Diva11


Kryptonia Paperdoll

Elena Ewing

Diesel Works Daisy 8

Diesel Works Daisy 6

Amazon Silverweb

Seashell Dench

Diesel Works Kalli2

Diesel Works Kalli4


Chamonix Boudreaux

Valeria Endrizzi

Diesel Works Daisy1

Diesel Works Daisy8

Lauren Mureaux

Keira Tyles

Diesel Works Kalli2

Diesel Works Kalli8


Collections Maitreya Epoque


Maitreya Tucked-in Blouse - Creme Maitreya Acer Chino - Dark-Grey Maitreya Gold - Allegre Ivory

Maitreya Tucked-in Blouse - BabyBlue Maitreya Acer Chino - Dark-Grey Maitreya Gold - Allegre Sky

Maitreya Asymmetric Dress - Champagne Maitreya Gold - Allegre Brown

Maitreya Asymmetric Dress - Silver Maitreya Gold - Allegre Sky

Maitreya Boyfriend Shirt - White Maitreya Gold - Flip-Flops Pure

Maitreya Tucked-in Blouse - Wasabi Maitreya Acer Chino - Green

Pilot jumpsuit - Taupe

Pucker - Nude Vinyl - Black

Bell - Navy

Bulb - Empire


Spotlight Modavia Blog photos Hair Fair special


Mavi Beck Shiny


Galliano Boucher

Culture Shock 2011

Culture Shock 2011 | FD | 127

Kayma India Emmaleigh

Black & White

Poptart Lilliehook Yellow

Culture Shock Cara Bella skin preview | FD | 129

Jarl Soderstrom Glam Grey Winter Days


Di Hoorenbeek

Crime scene

No distance | FD | 131

July Raymaker Summer Flirt


blackLiquid Tokyoska look 11 look 10 | FD | 133

Dahlia Joubert Jen

The good old days

Catch me if you can

Queen Watanabe Beauty | FD | 135

marcopol Oh Soft petal dress

My blossom helmet | FD | 137

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LELUTKA HAIR NICOLE hair AlmostGoth | FD | 145

VANITY HAIR Bolena Coral

VANITY HAIR Cameron HP Noir | FD | 147

KIK HAIR Heidi brown

KIK HAIR Fine-III coffee | FD | 149

CLAWTOOTH HAIR Take it Easy Girl Next Door

CLAWTOOTH HAIR Darling Coffee with cream | FD | 151

BLISS COUTURE HAIR Temprence Hair Miel

BLISS COUTURE HAIR Watanabe Hair Caviar | FD | 153




Columns Queen Watanabe Galliano Boucher July Raymaker James Schwarz blackLiquid Tokyoska Dahlia Joubert Umberto Giano

COLUMNS | FD | 159

Light as Air Images: Queen Watanabe Model: Queen Watanabe

160 | FD |

Shades: Shade Throne - Big Boss Gloves: DECO - Roughneck Gloves Tank: Vitamen - Sheer Tank

Skin: !Imabee, Olivia Make Up: !Imabee, Olivia Dress: Coco, Colorblock Hair: LeLutka, Flapper Shoes: LeLutka, Mischa Hands: SLink, Jolie Handbag: Coco, Satin Clutch Pose: Del May Furniture: Abiss

Skin: League, Sia Body: Emery, Lycra Jeane Pants: Emery, Harem Trouser Picnik Hair: Lamb, Lace Shoes: Baiastice, Maxine Necklace: Atelier AM, Antler Bag: LaGyo, Leather tote Pose: Del May Furniture: Abiss

Skin: League, Sia Shirt: Coco, LinenShirt Pants: Maitreya, Acer Chino Hair: Elikatira, Glory 2 Hands: SLink, Jolie Earrings: Mandala, Senjyu Pose: Di’s Opera Furniture: Abiss

Skin: Curio, Lustre Top: Tram, Frill Halter Bodysuit: Ooh LaLa!, Betty Hair: Maitreya, Lara Hands: SLink, Jolie Pose: Di’s Opera

Skin: League, Sia Dress: Maitreya, Asymmetric Hat: Coco, FlowerPetal Pose: Manifeste

Skin: League, Sia Dress: Ricielli, Suellen Hair: Bliss Couture Hair, Watanabe Earrings: Mandala, Kabuki Pose: Di’s Opera Furniture: Abiss

Our Friends Electric Photographer: Galliano Boucher Model: Galliano Boucher

170 | FD |

Glasses: *Muism* - Minimalist Shade, GB. Jacket: [enchanty] - Odekake Jacket, white. Shirt/Tie: [Iruko] - Dot Shirt, black. Pose: !bang - Check Yourself 4.

Glasses: ::Mr.Poet:: -Half Rim Eyeglasses. Shirt: Pig - Meldrick Lewis Izzy. Pants: [Iruko] - Roll-up Pants, white. Socks: *-M’n’M-* - Yellow socks. Boots: *FIR & MNA* - The Harrison Boots, cobalt. Pose: +>A&A<+ - Bloke 4.

Acket/Shirt/Tie: SHIKI - Plumeria Yellow Jacket. Pants: oompa - Rolled Up Lazies, denim, seabream. Pose: Posies - M9-5.

Jacket: [CheerNo] - Blue Rush Blazer Scarf: {Zeery} - Skinny Scarf, staying single. Belt: DKD - Loose Brown Belt. Pants: oompa - Loose Pants, lilac. Pose: +>A&A<+ - Gentlemen Finest 2.

Upper Tank: [NSD] - Bonjour Tank, yellow Under Tank: Zaara - Wifebeater, white. Armband: DKD - Castaway Cuffs. Pants: ARAI* - Chino Pants 03, white. Shoes:*FIR & MNA* - The Wethersfield Shoes, orange. Pose:[Iruko] - 02.

Sweater: Meriken Co. - Polka-Dot, yellow. Pants: &Bean - Shoreline, marine. Shoes: *FIR & MNA* - The Ashford Brogues, lilac. Pose: Del May - Crouch Male.

Glasses: *Muism* Icon Shade, PB. Necklace: Oh! Studio My Neckchain Warmer, purple.

Summer CHIC Photographer: July Raymaker Model: July Raymaker

178 | FD |

Skin: Glam Affair Layla (Light) Hair: LeLutka - Sue (Glucose) Shirt: LeLutka - Serious (Snow) Shorts: Zaara - Neha Spring Shorts (Sand) Shoes: LeLutka - Mischa (Dirt) Bag: LeLutka - Tairona (Sand) Bracelet: Miel - Friendo Bracelet Sunglasses: LeLutka- Circacia sunglasses (Brown)

Skin: Glam Affair Layla (light) Hairbase: LeLutka Bikini: Zaara - Esha Bikini (coffee) Parero: Mimikri - part of Starlet (edited) Hat: LeLutka - Audrey Hat (brown)

Skin: Glam Affair Layla (light) Dress: Chantkare - Sambuca Head dress: Lagyo - Lobster Turband (purple) Shoes: LeLutka - K.I.A. (rosybrown) Glasses: Miel - Bella Peepers

Skin: Glam Affair - Layla (light) Hair: LeLutka - Biel (glucose) Dress: LeLutka - Sadah dress (black) Shoes: Baiastice - Maxine Wedge (black python) Flower: GF - pink

Under The Gun Photographer: James Schwarz Model: James Schwarz

186 | FD |

Vest: NSD - Drape Coat Necklace: FIR & MNA - Star Necklace

Tank: Mr. Poet - Striped Vest Pants: NSD - Black Chinos Shoes: FIR & MNA - Harrison Boots Dress: House of Hucci - Kyle Pumps: Epoque - Revolution Pumps

Shades: Shade Throne - Big Boss Gloves: DECO - Roughneck Gloves Tank: Vitamen - Sheer Tank

Jeans: Ninikoboy - Lowrise Jeans Shoes: Kari - Stein Boots

Jacket: Defectiva - Fortress Jacket Pants: NSD - Black Chinos | FD | 195

Haute Macabre Photographer: blackLiquid Tokyoska Model: blackLiquid Tokyoska

196 | FD |

Hat: Ladies Who Lunch Cheshire Cat Hat blackearrings, armbands Rings: FineSmith Designs - Amor’e Top & wings: Meghindo’s Intricate brocade top Black Wings Boots: Meghindo’s Florentina Lace boots Skin: Meghindo’s Andreea 2.0 Au NaturelleLight Bald

Hair: TuTyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s - Amazzonia black bitumen Headpeice & rings - R.icielli iris skull headpiece /graff blackgems Dress: Bliss Couture - Minerva Flexi Tattoo: Pink Acid Lip Gloss & Blush Face Make-Up Tattoo: blackLiquid makeup cats eye tattoo Eyelashes: CCD Eyelashes Moulin Rouge Skin: Ugly Duck - Swan Emily- Neutral - Makeup Nails: Candy Nail Clear Glitter French Fresh Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Moxie Coa

Dress: [sYs] Lady - skirt Hair: Skull & Bones BC322 Rainbow cotton Black2 Lashes: Miamai NoAlpha Lashes N06 Skin: [sYs]blackLiquid skin (pure) - cleavage Tattoo: L.Fauna Lipstick - Blue 2 Tattoo: blackLiquid Makeup - cats eye tattoo Umbrella: Thomus Keen - Sweet Tea Parasol Shoes: Azoury - Gauche Boots Nails: Mstyle - short colourchange nails Pants: Legal Insanity - spring pants azure

Modavia Supermodel: blackLiquid Tokyoska Hat: epoque - Debutante on Windsor - Sophia Slater Hair: [Anaphora]_Kura_Onyx Skin: Ugly Duck - Swan -Emily- Neutral - Makeup Top: Glam Affair - Nell - Top & Flowers Jacket: Coeur Noir - Feathers & Sequins & Jacket & Pants Boots: [sYs] Inquisition - boot (left) Hair base: Icon Hair Base - Jetblack Face tattoo: blackLiquid Makeup - cats eye tattoo Eyes: Fashism - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Warm Silver Lashes: Miamai NoAlpha Lashes gloves: Indyra Originals - Urban Agenda Driving Gloves

Guest Model: Keira Tyles Gown: Son!a Tania Bridal golden Ring: Donna Flora Seaqueen set Skin: Glam Affair - Layla Natural - L 11 Hair: lamb. Whoop Dee Doo - Powder Eyes: Fashism ‘Sunrise’ Eyes - Eggplant Pale v2 Lashes: Laqroki - Mascare 01 Black Nails: Caithlin Carter Designs - custom Magnifiique Rosary: MorningStar Playground - Rosary 2: Light Wood SIlver and Wood Crucifix

hair: booN DPY537 hair black hair base: Vanity hair base Noir lashes: boudoir - Serious vamp lashes lashes: Miamai NoAlpha Lashes N06 Necklace & Earrings: Kunglers Extra - Serpente skin: LionSkins - Moore makeup30 tattoo: Pink Acid Lip Gloss & Blush Face Make-Up

Baubles Images: James Schwarz Model: Dahlia Joubert

204 | FD |

Skin: LeLutka - Tiana pale Hair: LeLutka - Sugar (modified) Shoes: Baiastice Maxine wedge - Black Python Shirt: LeLutka - Requiem Shirt - Bisque Necklace: LaGyo - Melika necklace - dry tobacco Bag: LaGyo - Wicker bag - fudgesickle

Skin: LeLutka - Tiana pale Hair: LeLutka - Sugar (modified) Shoes: Baiastice Maxine wedge - Black Python Dress: LG Femme Amber dress - ParisInFlames Jewel: LaGyo Fleur de lis passion - gold

Skin: LeLutka - Tiana pale Hair: LeLutka - Sugar (modified) Shoes: Baiastice Maxine wedge - Black Python Dress: LeLutka - Kianna dress - Emerald Necklace: LaGyo - Kalea woven necklace - drizzle grey Bag: LaGyo - Python purse - fog

Skin: LeLutka - Tiana pale Hair: LeLutka - Sugar (modified) Shoes: Baiastice: Maxine wedge- Black Python Top: MichaMi - Vee in black Glasses: Alphavillain - Samuel Shades black Belt: LaGyo - Rose hued white belt Skirt: LG Femme - Striped skirt Bag: Orta - Alexa bag Noir Necklace: LaGyo - Kenya multi string necklace

Skin: LeLutka - Tiana pale Hair: LeLutka - Sugar (modified) Shoes: Baiastice Maxine wedge - Black Python Dress: LeLutka - Scarborough dress/snow

The boys of Summer Styling: Umberto Giano Images: Strawberry Singh Model: Jarl Soderstrom

212 | FD |

Shirt: Shiki, Long sleeve shirt Sakura Jacket: Redgrave, El Ganso Outfit, Black Shorts: Young Urban [YU], McGill Short, Light Gray Belt: Mr.Poet, Leather Woven Belt, Camel Shoes: DeLa, ‘Fabian’ Leather Monk Strap Shoes, Brown Hair: Elikatira, Escape, Brown 06 Shades: 2g, Bekkou (Tortoise)

Shirt: NiCo, Stripeshirt Blue Sweater: Chantkari Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Liso Slouch Vest, City Gray (tinted navy) Jacket: Meriken Co., Rhett, Beige Pants: NSD, Chinos, Khaki Belt: Adjunct, Slim Fit Chino Belt, White Shoes: Redgrave, Classic Loafers, Champagne Hair: Colors, 39A, Dark brown Glasses: Muism, Galliano glasses Prop: Kopi, Billiard Table, Brown

Shirt: Artilleri, Jed Shirt, Purples Sweater: Young Urban [YU], Herman Sweater Vest, Grey Undershirt: Atomic, Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pocket Tee, Brown Pants: Mon Tissu, Horizon Twill Trousers, Khaki Shoes: Fir & Mna, The Harrison Boots, Charcoal Hair: MADesigns Hair, Chris Summer F3, TTBR I (modified) Hat: Reek, Cricket Hat Prop: Akeyo, Golfbag (group gift)

Shirt: Sleepy Eddy, Denim Western Shirt, Light Sweater: Tiny Bird, Boyfriend Sweater, Cream Pants: Doppelganger Inc., Cuffed Cords, Brown Shoes: Fir & Mna, The Ashford Brogues, Navy Striped Hair: Anaphora, Jayden, Bole

Glasses: Mr.Poet, Half Rim Eyeglasses Watch: Kari, Padlock Watch, Brown Prop: Sora Motors, Kz1973rs (with personalized plate)

Sweater: Graph, Pullover(navy) Shorts: Shiki, Gingham Shorts Brick Shoes: A & M, Monterey Yacht Loafers, Hair: Shag, Player of Games, Charcoal Shades: LeLutka, Circacia Sunglasses Black Ring: 19 Motorcycle, Iron Cross Ring Prop: Artilleri, Kettle Grill and RC Cluster, Picnic Lunch

Say so long to this spring’s preppy geek chic and hello to the boys of summer. It’s a flash morph as we move into the more tailored lines of GQ style. Still trending are chinos for men. In Second Life, popular chinos can be found at Arai, and at Adjunct look for the slim fit style in a range of colors including kelly green for the more daring. Mon Tissu’s horizon twill trousers are an excellent option for rolled chinos while NSD has the top alternative for those who prefer to wear their pants unrolled with a break. Affirming the chino’s status as a summer essential, Naith Smit of NSD notes, “Chinos are what most people are using as a standard to base their look and style around. NSD chinos are designed to fit with most looks and are available in colors that reflect that. They are this summer’s day-today item you can use all the time.” So ditch those jeans and don of a pair of neutral chinos or tailored shorts paired with v-neck tops, polo shirts and light sweaters in eye-popping combinations of complimentary colors. Think yellow hues with blue, or brown topped by blues and violet. Get ready for the gingham, stripes and madras prints. They are sure to top the list of summer favorites - paired in subtle, varying scaled combinations or with contrasting solids, you can’t

go wrong. You are sure to be noticed in gingham shorts by Shiki, sold in brick, navy and olive. Top these with a navy blazer, neutral sweater, bright-colored pullover or a simple v-neck tee. Meticulous in his detail work, Shinichi Mathy of Shiki, ensures all his seams match up and is a master of color and texture, making his summer collection one of this season’s break-out hits. Not convinced that this is the right look for the yacht party? Try pairing your favorite basics with a blazer in classic navy or moody black. Teamed up with white or pastel hues and boat shoes - no socks, of course -- you will be a nautical sensation. Mon Tissu’s Rockaby blazer is a blog favorite at the moment and Redgrave’s El Ganso blazer is a chameleon that reads black or navy depending on what colors are styled with it. Both are perfect to church up your tailored shorts or rolled trousers without going too formal. The heat is on and men are losing those full beards and shaggy locks opting instead for a more stylish close-cropped cut. COLORS has an assortment of short hair for men like their 39A and 43 that are styled high for a clean look and cool feel. And if you aren’t afraid of wearing a female hair, Elikatira’s Escape hair can be modified and worn as a stylish pompadour. Accessories to remember: tortoise shell glasses and aviator shades; colored, white and braided

belts; shoes (without socks); ‘tough-looking’ rings and watches in stainless steel. 2g’s Bekkou tortoise shell shades are well-textured and easily modifiable to a more streamline shape. They are just the right touch to gentrify your look. However, LeLutka’s Circacia aviators are a more appropriate, classic option for men driven by testosterone. The aviator shade’s shape brings out the masculine lines and frame of a man’s face. Step outside of the box when shopping for jewelry and check out some unorthodox sources for accessories. 19 Motorcycle, a purveyor of motorcycles and biker attire, is a surprising source for tough looking jewelry for men: the chain bracelet and my favorite, the iron cross ring. Menno Ophelia’s shop of curiosities, Kari, offers some great looking accessories for men such as their triple strap watch and padlock watch. There is no shortage of choices this summer to look and feel cool - especially with some of the lesser known, unexpected design houses. Have fun with your styling and don’t forget some of those old favorites, like Artilleri’s Jed shirt, which are collecting dust in your inventory. They will strike the perfect balance with new purchases. You don’t have to break the bank to look good and stylish in Second Life. | FD | 217


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There was nothing left to do but rest. | FD | 239

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