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Beyond safari


ow about bungee jump? Bloukrans Bridge, in Cape Town, has the world’s largest over a bridge, 216mt tall. Are you not part of the lovers of extreme sports? So, what about history? The cell where the leader Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for eighteen years can be a great ride. Oh, You are the kind that likes to local culture, don’t you? Cape Point is home of a very interesting

historical center These options are just in one of the cities that can be visited on a tour by South Africa. After the World Cup, held in 2010, the first on the continent, the world was trying to learn a little bit more about this country. For us Brazilians, does not seem so different at first. After all, like them, our country is multiracial, with various cultures, full of natural beauty and exotic animals. Since we are talking about holidays, travel and of course, summer, enjoy it. The climate is close to what

we are used during our summer, but in winter the snow arrives in Cape Town, the most southern point of the country. Ah, do not worry if you think they are always speaking different languages. After all, officially, there are eleven. Johannesburg is the gateway to the country and the capital. It has one of the largest airports in Africa and is a cosmopolitan city that will not let you sleep. It is the perfect place for admirers of theater, music and of course, shopping. The sophisticated malls offer several options of luxury brands and shows. Among the entertainment options highlighted by the South African consulate in Brazil there are “trails climbing, ballooning and bungee jumping, rafting, surfing, golf and even tours for world’s heritage sites, tour for battlefields and wineries or whale watching.” Well, if after all of these options you are still really interested in safaris, you better not miss the ride in the Kruger National Park. There you certainly will see all the “pets” of your dreams. It’s good for the traveler first trip not forget that “South Africa requires that visitors above one year of age must take yellow fever vaccine at least ten days before boarding and submit the certificate of vaccine arriving there “. In the country, it is also important to take medication against malaria before going to reserves and parks. The medication must be taken 24 hours before and is usually sold in pharmacies. 101

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