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On the curbs and in the mountains, under a wave or banging off a rail, it is happening today as if there were no tomorrow. Modart is not a mere ‘mode’ as in fashion, but rooted closer to ‘mode’ of transport, to the movement of creative energy and ideas into well-executed actions; into activism, art and raw investigations of media aesthetics. Modart Magazine launched in 2004, following acclaimed group exhibitions in Munich, Germany featuring raw talents like Ed Templeton, Natas Kaupas, Jim Avignon, Lance Mountain, Jeremy Fish, Andrew Pommier and over 25 other artists attached to the skateboard, Graffiti, or broader street art scenes. From the first publication, Modart was widely perceived as a fresh and informed voice for all forms of outsider or activist arts, and placed a spotlight on creative talent within these communities, helping to develop ideas, exhibitions and authentic documentation of attitudes, art and experimentation. Modart magazine is currently distributed across Europe. Other services include: Exhibitions, Events, Consultancy and Modart TV Creative Action = Active Creation

Welcome to our playground. We had two days to fill the space. It hasn’t happened yet, but whatever happened I’m sure there wasn’t a lot of sleep involved. NNE is honored to showcase several of our members during Les Nuits Du Botanique at the Botanique Museum in Brussels. May 7 – May 18.

No New Enemies is an international network of artists, activists and passionate people, which began as an open minded collective who enjoyed collaborating on the streets for various reasons. One of these reasons was to communicate with a broad and democratic public … to work outside of institution and reject elitist pseudo intellectual garbage. The network aims to place art in public spaces, support young artists with tools and opportunities and question the citizen/consumer dialectic and the military style uniform of mass media aesthetics. Our voice is recycled. Our approach is DIY and Do it Together. Everything is propaganda. Critical questions and brave imagination are the tools we have to slice through it.

Blenderhead: Lucy Mclauchlan, Logan Hicks, Ephameron

Recognized for their work as ‘street artists,’ our members have created a language that has influenced every aspect of the cultural sphere. Want support of such a statement? Visit their sites or Google their names. If you look you’ll find their work, because like the artists themselves, it is constantly in motion. Affiliated NNE visual artists include: The London Police, Galo, Logan Hicks, Will Barras, Mr. Jago, Bo130, Microbo, Nomad, Dave the Chimp, Christophe Remy aka Never Effect, Jon Burgerman, Smash137, RuediOne, Morcky + The Boghe = Twothings, Maoma, Wayne Horse, Influenza, Abner Preis, L’Atlas, Ephameron, Richard Dana, Farm Prod, Victor Castillo, Neasden Control Centre, Alex Diamond,

Beat 13, The Love Movement, Joey Monsoon, Koor, Bayram, Jeremy Fish, The Don, Pixel Pancho, Rabodiga, Dadara, Pez, Above, Veggie, Faith47, D*Face, RIPO, Tina Vila, Thundercut and Vinnie Ray. For More information on NNE Original Art, Prints, Products and Exhibition/Art services as well as public proposals, please contact:

Neasden Control Centre | UK

Will Barras

| UK

Ephameron | Belgium

Never Effect | Belgium

L’Atlas | France

The Boghe | Italy


| Italy

Jerome “G” Demuth | France

Jon Burgerman | UK Maoma | Italy

Wayne Horse | Germany


| Switzerland


Boris Hoppek

| Switzerland

Guillaume Desmarets | Belgium

| Germany

Alex Diamond | Germany


| Germany

Btoy | Spain

Logan Hicks | US

The London Police


| UK

| Italy


Galo | Italy

| Italy


It started in a really casual way with an acid stained window. In the years that followed, NNE collaborated with Mr. Ego and created a headquarters in the store and a series of varied exhibitions with international and local artists.

Th e Lo n d o n P o l i c e , M o r c k y a n d Wi l l B a r r a s g o b i g i n M i a m i at a n eve n t o rg a n i ze d by N N E m e m b e r Lo g a n H i c k s . M o r e i n fo r m at i o n at w w w. p r i m a ry f l i g h t . co m


Photo by Jeremiah Garcia


Imagination sets the limits of Free Will. If you want to understand Street Art ‌ forget art and get down on the street. Many thank s to those who believed in the value of this process – Nico (Mr. Ego), Sabine, Coskun (C arhartt), Lina (Die G e s t a lt e n ) , P e t e D a n d G a r r y M , S o p h i e , K e l ly, W i n n i e , C o n n y, C h r i s , J o r g a n d I n i g o . O r i g i n a l a r t a n d a r t i s t b a s e d p r o d u c t s : w w w. m r- e g o. b e

Supporters of art The DON There’s a lot of overlap between action sports and art. Risk, adrenaline, the necessity of creativity… but in this case, it was all about the people involved. Vans supported No New Enemies since the network was created. The links came organically out of community ties. Supporters of art, Vans also supports a flowing list of creative athletes. Riders currently sponsored by Vans in Belgium.

Skate: Tim Jacobs, Gregory Lagast, Steve Vignis, Ben Daelemant, Lennaert Vranx BMX: Jimmy van Bellingen Snow: Frederik Vandsen Bossche AKA DE WITTE, Martijn van Wittenbergh.


The Don isn’t in a hurry. He isn’t concerned with 15 seconds of fame or changing his attitude based on the ‘next big thing.’ The Don is a believer and for years he has been ringing bells and yelling ‘wake up.’ He began following trends in contemporary art, and friend to friend, artist to artist, his passion pushed him to begin curating shows, to produce a wonderful book called Izastikup (with Bo130 and Microbo) and eventually open his own gallery.

NNE would like to say a LOUD THANKS and a MUCH LOVE and a FOOKING BIG UP to the VANS team … from Pete D to Karin and here at home the massive geezer that is Thierry, the lovely pair that we know as Fred and Audrey, and Bad Boy Barra.

Whether he’s pasting up down on the streets or organizing behind the scenes, the Don has become a recognized player, a sweet hearted pimp in this community driven Bart Rampelbert, TeamManager Vans skate. Photo by Jan de Lombaert aka Jansky

creative scene, he joins us to share a glimpse of the collection his life has led him to. The Don Collection features original artwork and over 1000 prints from a virtual A-Z of his own generation. Including Jeremy Fish, Doze Green, David Ellis, Phil Frost, Scott Musgrove, Dalek, Giant One, Alexone, Will Barras, Sam Flores, Neckface, Dave the Chimp, Jeff Soto, Blu, Evan Hecox, Barry Mcgee, Richard Colman, Ron English, Tiffany Bozic, Obey, Jum Houser, Banksy, Obey, Space Invader, Buff Monster, Erica il Cane, Tatiana, Travis Millard, Bo130, Microbo, Mr. Jago and many many others.

Minimodart - No New Enemies at Botanique  

Welcome to our playground. We had two days to fill thespace. It hasn’t happened yet, but whatever happenedI’m sure there wasn’t a lot of sle...

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