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GM: If you could predict one item that is going to make a revival this season, which is it? CF: I don’t really have an idea as to what particular item is going to make a comeback this season because vintage is already an ongoing trend in the fashion world. From how I see it, any vintage item is a must have and it all depends on how you are going to style it. I see different staples from different eras worn by bloggers, sometimes as an accessory and sometimes many pieces combined together in one outfit. I can tell you; however, some of my favourite vintage items that have made a revival are part of the ongoing vintage trend. 1)




Richelieu, commonly known as Oxford shoes. Originally they were made from leather, but nowadays they come from different materials in different colours. I like to pair flat ones with a flirty dress or skirt because the masculine feel of the style offsets the femininity of the dress or skirt. 50’s flirty dress. I love the dress makes me feel very feminine, especially when it comes in a floral print or polka dots. When I hear of vintage this iconic piece is one that usually pops to my mind. I see many bloggers wearing different versions of this dress and it is probably one of the most common pieces we can see in the vintage trend. The vintage shoulder bag. They come in different sizes and different styles. I like the fact that given the right design, the bag can look very expensive. Trust me though, you can find many of these vintage style handbags, beautifully made from leather but for a reasonable price. I have a few pieces that I bought for only a hundred something dollars (HKD). Military jackets. I love military jackets! They can make a simple outfit look very special and stylish. You can wear it with a dress to contrast the feminine look with a masculine staple. They are just the perfect statement piece.

GM: What are the staples in a female’s wardrobe? CF: The pieces every female should have in her wardrobe are: 1.

Little black dress-A LBD is the




Carla’s fashion DIY skirts (above)

“My style inspiration is Andy Torres, the blogger behind Stylescrapbook.”


ultimate item every girl should have. I read a book called “How to wear high heels” and according to the book, a black dress is the perfect item to save you whenever you don’t know what to wear to a party or event...I can’t agree more. Black pumps-Also another item which can go with anything; Jeans, dress, skirt...You cannot go wrong with black pumps. Tailored suit-A girl should have at least one suit in her wardrobe, just in case. They can be very useful, job interviews, meeting up with the boss etc. White blouse-It is useful for casual occasions and can be also worn inside statement pieces such as jackets and blazers. Blue jeans in the right size of course, and the right shape. Denim is never out of style.

If you want to see more of Carla Florendo’s style, then visit her blog:

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Moda de la Mode Magazine Issue 1  

The first issue of Moda de la Mode magazine with the theme "New Beginnings"

Moda de la Mode Magazine Issue 1  

The first issue of Moda de la Mode magazine with the theme "New Beginnings"