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Moda de la Mode Editors Letter

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Dear Readers, You may be reading the first issue of Moda de la Mode online-in your office, at your desk or even on your phone or you may be holding the print copy in your hands, sitting in the back of the car on the way to a holiday or even high up in the sky in an aeroplane. Anyway, however you may be reading the first issue; I hope you feel inspired by the plethora of amazing articles inside this creation. The seasons are changing-gone are the days when the world is covered in darkness morning and evening. Now we are wandering towards a colourful horizon bursting with possibility and new opportunities. Now is a time for re-energising-a new beginning that is going to make your heart race and your eyes sparkle. Read on to discover who are fashion’s fresh faces in our Katrina Ferrari and Brett de Jager features. What is hot and what is not in our fashion A-Z. What it is like to be a catwalk model for a day...the discoveries are endless and I hope you can enjoy your new beginning as much as we are enjoying ours.

Grace Editor in Chief

Moda de la Mode Magazine Issue 1  

The first issue of Moda de la Mode magazine with the theme "New Beginnings"

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