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MoCo Mentors Supporting the next generation. Moco (n), The moment when everything becomes clear. The point in time when realisation dawns and previous confusion is replaced with clarity.

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The MoCo Mentor scheme provides a crucial link between the worlds of business and education. Through a series of interactive and enjoyable development programmes, we help students to develop skills and behaviours that complement their academic achievements. A Mentor’s personal experience is invaluable, helping students to understand the relevance of their skills in the workplace. Mentors help students to set the context within which their strengths can come to the fore.

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What’s involved in being a

MoCo Mentor? What do I Give? • Bags of enthusiasm • Motivation • The benefit of experience • A pinch or two of patience • A genuine interest • A little of your time • Encouragement

What do I Get? • • • • • • •

Professional development Access to free training Personal growth Networking opportunities Develop presentation skills Influencing skills Leadership experience

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Mentor Development Programme

Mentor Development Programme In return for a Mentor’s time, expertise and enthusiasm, MoCo offers a series of development workshops. These workshops cover a range of skills that can be used in a much wider context than simply mentoring students. The Mentor Programme includes: • Mentor induction • CRB checks • A wide choice of schools’ events • ‘Pick and Mix’ professional development • Networking and Social Events Your time is invaluable. As a mentor we would like you to gain at least as much as you give. As such, we offer various add-on events as part of the mentor experience. Contact us for more information 01603 513088

Mentor Induction A Mindset for Success As part of our commitment to business mentors, we offer full induction training to fully support you in supporting the students. This session provides a useful and reassuring insight into the role of the mentor during the programs. Student and mentor wellbeing is at the heart of our mentoring scheme; all mentors are fully insured and CRB checked. During an informal half-day meeting, with lunch provided, we brief mentors comprehensively, providing an opportunity for any questions and concerns to be addressed. It is often small changes that produce the most dramatic results. When supported by a business mentor , these changes take on a real meaning and a lasting relevance.

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Lasting Change... begins in a single moment Stage 1: The Moment of Consciousness Real change comes from within. We explore topics from different angles, enabling people to discover their own new perspective. Stage 2: The Moment of Commitment Change can only occur by taking action. This stage ensures that the training produces tangible results rather than just theory. Stage 3: The Moment of Competence The “new normal�. This stage recognises that persistence and support lead to lasting change. New learning becomes new habit.

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