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Mastermind Groups Businesses working together Mastermind Groups Offer: • • • • • • • • • •

Professional coaching Solutions and ideas Shared experience Professional development Personal skills development Confidential support Measured results Forward momentum Honest, objective feedback A regular support network

Solutions Through Shared Experience The old saying goes; “Two heads are better than one”. Take it a stage further... “Six heads are better than two”. Sharing ideas generates innovation and creative thinking.

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Mastermind Groups How we work... Excellence From Within We don’t always need to hire an “expert� to provide us with expertise. Our own experience & intuition are essential tools. Mastermind Groups use facilitated group coaching to harness experience and ideas, focusing on specific individual problems and challenges. The 90 minute meetings are structured towards identifying solutions, taking action and generating measurable benefits to both individuals and businesses.

Business Mastermind Groups are made up of six people, chaired by a qualified business coach, addressing specific challenges within each business. Business Mastermind Groups enable businesses of all sizes to share ideas and resources generating measurable, mutual benefit. Mastermind Groups are NOT business referral networks. They add value to a business by supporting & developing the individuals within it.

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Mastermind Groups Return on investment? Mastermind Groups provide access to very cost-effective business coaching and support 6 month subscription £300 Equates to £25 per meeting 12 month subscription £480 Equates to £20 per meeting 90 minute sessions, enable each individual time to focus on their specific agenda, supported by the group. Group meetings are held in professional, quiet, city-centre meeting rooms, in Norwich.

Commitment to Each Other In order to provide a high level of mutual support, it is important for members to build a strong relationship and sense of trust. For this reason we ask businesses to commit to the Mastermind Group for a minimum of six months.

The Business Mastermind Groups offer an exceptionally costeffective way to access professional business coaching, combined with the benefits of a local business network.

Mastermind Groups Spread the word! Business Mastermind Groups are designed to suit your timetable. Being in business usually equates to being busy. Each Mastermind Group will meet on the same day at the same time and at the same venue every fortnight. The More, The Merrier OK – so it’s a little clichéd, but in this instance it really does hold true. The larger the pool of knowledge and ideas the Mastermind Group ‘pool’, the greater the benefit all round..... Spread the word!

Whose Experience Could You Use? Mastermind Groups can be made up of a diverse range of members, sharing experience and ideas rather than simply imparting expertise. Group coaching helps to harness and build upon each idea, identifying and using practical solutions .

Moco Mastermind Groups  

Business Networking supported by qualified business coaches

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