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Moco (n): The moment when everything becomes clear. The point in time when realisation dawns and previous confusion is replaced with clarity.

June 2011 Summer Issue What Inspires You?

Whilst motivation comes from within, inspiration is triggered by an external source. A conversation. A view. A person. A piece of music. A speech. The list goes on and on. Inspiration can catch us by surprise! It can happen any time and anywhere; we just need to notice it and to do something with it! MoCo’s very own Inspiration Centre in the centre of Norwich is a little space to trigger ideas and start the journey. Even the view is inspirational (pictured). Need a little inspiration? Try a little MoCo! The MoCo Bulletin aims to share a little inspiration and positive news, in a climate that often seems to dwell on the negative. We are looking for examples of excellence, where a single idea has grown, or a simple action has made a significant difference. We’d love to hear about your experiences too.

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When Does a Group Become a Team? This isn’t a riddle, and yet the answer can easily elude us! How often have you felt that the group of people you work with could be more effective as a team? A common goal, clearly defined roles and a sense of trust are all a good start.

Are your team all heading in the same direction?

The small changes can often make the biggest difference. We’d love to help you and your team to raise the bar and enjoy the process!

Moco Moment from History While riding a street car home one day, Einstein was struck by the sight of Bern's famous clock tower. “Time can beat at different rates throughout the universe, depending on how fast you moved”.

What’s the Connection? Can you spot the link between these pictures?

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It’s All About Perspective! At MoCo, we focus a lot on perspective. We know that we have the ability to make small things seem big & vice versa. How we view a situation will have a direct impact on how we feel about it and, consequently, how we deal with it. This great picture captures a ‘metaphorical moment’ illustrating this point. Simply changing how we think about something has a real impact on our success rate.

Your Invitation to Experience MoCo... If you would like a little taste of MoCo, we’d love it if you could join us for our “Experience MoCo” event coming up soon in Norwich.

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The Kings Centre, King Street, Norwich Monday 11th July 1.00 – 3.30 to book, or for more information

This event shares useful ideas on how to increase effectiveness in the workplace and beyond.


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Moco (n): The moment when everything becomes clear. The point in time when realisation dawns and previous confusion is replaced with clarity.

Do you remember your first interview? We all know the feeling! The nerves, the uncertainties, the doubts and the self-analysis! On 20th July, we are looking forward to sharing (and even embracing) all the feelings with 200 CNS students during our ‘Interview Excellence’ day. If you would like to be a part of this day, sharing your experience and expertise with students, please let us know. We have an exciting and engaging program of events lined up.

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Mixing Business and Education We are delighted to be working closely with the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, delivering their WorkWise & Futurewise schools’ programs. WorkWise introduces students to business mentors, helping them to prepare for the world of work. Futurewise supports pupils in their transition into secondary school.

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MoCo Mentors The MoCo mentor programme is part of our aim of bringing the worlds of business and education closer together. We are well on our way to building up a pool of 70 mentors, from business, that are passionate about supporting the next generation. Mentors from all sectors of the business community work closely with students, sharing their experience and expertise.

MoCo Mentor – In Focus Judith Flowerday

Coming Soon: Raising Aspirations (6th Form) Interview Excellence (Year 10) Planetary Pioneers (Year 10) Road to Success (Year 10)

“The thing that most people seem to remember about me is “that smile.” I’m guessing that’s a good thing, right? I hope so as there’s nothing I can do about it! I’ve been wearing that smile since I realised that the combination of my genuine desire to help people + my coaching qualification + a dash of intuition = happier people. The buzz I get from seeing clients find their own solutions to challenges, start to make positive changes in their life/business and then to really fly is incredible. My company Dare To Fly has really embraced the whole empowering, supportive ethos so working with the creative and inspiring team at MoCo as one of their mentors has been a real pleasure.”

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Find more MoCo at Great Ideas – The Business Revolution Jim Drew has been an inspirational mentor on several MoCo Programmes. Jim is the man behind Norwich’s Business Revolution, a working hub offering flexible workspace close to the city centre. It is great to have people with Jim’s flair & enthusiasm involved with MoCo.

And finally ... Time travel through smell! The sense of smell is very evocative. Most of us have experienced that feeling when a smell transports you back to a time and place from your past. What’s the smell that takes you back in time? Choose here.

We would love to share other moco moments too. They come in all shapes and sizes and happen all around us. The secret is spotting them and doing something with them. Please feel free to contact us with your moco moments and we will happily share them through the MoCo Bulletin.

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