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Discover your MoCo at Eaton Vale Looking to inspire your team or challenge your skills? Tucked away in rural Norfolk, yet easily accessible from the A11, Eaton Vale is the ideal venue to engage teams and boost productivity through fun activities.

By holding your event with us, you are directly helping 30,000 young people in Norfolk as all money received is re-invested back into our centre.

As one of the largest accredited activity centres in East Anglia, we are proud to have partnered with MoCo Development Ltd to offer a different approach to corporate training.

Call us to discuss your next training session or away day and discover why Eaton Vale is the perfect place to educate, excite and unite.

Enjoy a motivational day away from the office by participating in canoeing, climbing or abseiling. Or enjoy thought provoking training sessions in our modern boardroom.

Richard Lang, Operations Manager Eaton Vale

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Stephen Ferrey MSc, Managing Director MoCo Development Ltd


Professional development tailored to your needs Simply let us know the topics from this guide that grab your attention. We will design and deliver an interactive, outcome focused programme to suit your specific needs and those of your people. Using the broad and flexible facilities offered at Eaton Vale we will ensure that your programme is engaging, challenging, effective and fun. Lasting change begins with a single moment. Contact us to find out more.

50:50 Experience - The best of both worlds!!

Why not extend your visit? Nestled in 13.5 acres of countryside, Eaton Vale is the perfect venue for an out of city experience within easy reach. Want to make the most out of your visit? Then why not stay in our modern accommodation and boost team spirit? Up to 70 people can be accommodated in Iceni House, which you will enjoy exclusive use of. And once the day’s activities are over, dinner can be prepared in our professional catering kitchen whilst your team relaxes in our upstairs lounge. Discover the great outdoors, challenge yourself and inspire your team over a longer stay.

Once you’ve chosen your course, we will design an action packed day for you to enjoy. The morning will involve learning new skills in our state of the art classroom. It will then be time to tuck into a tasty lunch for a well-deserved break. And when everyone is feeling refreshed, the afternoon activities will kick off and your new skills will be put to the test.

Hitting the G Spot

The Genius of Goal Setting This interactive session explores the role and importance of effective goals. Fulfilment comes through understanding what success will look, sound and feel like, whilst identifying routes to success.

Engage with Impact Presenting Without the Palpations

This session will help you to engage and inspire audiences, focusing on your topic of choice – however ‘ordinary’ it may seem. Embrace the ‘fear’ step up to the mark and deliver... every time.



Putting Yourself Forward Positively Assertiveness can be learned and developed. This interactive session helps delegates to step up to the challenge, using real examples to help individualise the learning.

The Power of Language

The Challenge of Change

This interactive seminar explores language, identifying effective ways of influencing through our words. It is as easy to engage as it is to offend. This session is not for the faint-hearted or the easily shocked!

Like a wave, change can control us, knocking us over, or we can use its momentum to drive us forward, to greater things. ‘The Challenge’ is riding the wave, changing traditional mind-sets and choosing the direction we would like to go.

(Cert 18)

Managing the Wave of Change


Proactive Sales Without the Pushiness If you see “Selling” as a necessary evil; if you want to know how to tie in proactive sales with genuine customer service; or even if you just want to banish the nonsense... pop along to see selling from a whole new angle!

Banishing Blame

Objective Problem Solving This enjoyable, interactive workshop explores ways of banishing blame from an organisation, whilst maintaining objective, future-focused problem solving techniques.

Dealing with Conflict

Preventing and Diffusing Disputes

Fitting it in...

Understanding and applying a few straight-forward principles can make the world of difference. This interactive session explores causes of conflict, identifying effective ways of diffusing tricky situations.

This innovative session looks at effective techniques for fitting everything in. We explore the relevance of activities against outcomes, adopting simple strategies for making time count.

The Time Dilemma

Stress Busting

Panic or Peak Performance? By understanding stress we can begin to use pros and avoid the cons. Explore how to manage stress; to push boundaries and feel good, rather than running away from something that can be our greatest ally.


Leadership Essentials

The Art of Influence

This session provides an understanding of the foundations for leadership, supported by different leadership styles. It is a robust introduction for new and aspiring leaders.

This session identifies the key ingredients of influence. From reciprocation to inspiration; compliance to social proof, we explore the ‘rules of persuasion’ and the art of influence.

The Foundations for Leadership Success

Persuasion, Passion or Personality?

NLP in Business

Mumbo Jumbo or Must Have Tool? This session provides some light-bulb moments. Delivered in a down-to-earth, non-prescriptive format, ‘Introduction to NLP’ clarifies myths and provides a valuable insight into this useful area.

Building a Team

More than the Sum of its Parts This session identifies key team roles and explores ways of supporting the team through their evolution into a strong, cohesive, effective unit.

Win:Win Negotiation

Getting the Best with What You Have

Introduction to Coaching Facilitating Excellence in Others

This session focuses on the coaching models and mind set for success. Interactive and enjoyable, this session puts the basics of coaching into practice.


This session shares ten fundamental ‘rules’ for successful negotiation. Interactive, informal and fun, we look at negotiating ‘hard business’ in a light hearted setting.

Fishing for Business

Catching the Clients You Want Fishing for Business draws upon the analogy of fishing, to illustrate the variety of ways in which we can engage our clients. From ‘trawling’, to ‘farming’ and from the ‘stock pond’ to the ‘specimen tank’ these analogies provide light-hearted yet realistic insights into how we can approach our business sales.

“A thoroughly enjoyable day that exceeded any expectations that I had!” Emma Baylis Select Appointments “A very enjoyable day, the activities offered something for everyone. I feel the day really brought out the best in my team’s working and communications skills. I would highly recommend MoCo at Eaton Vale events to everyone.” David Appleyard Norfolk Training Services “Having arrived with some trepidation, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was great to work with a team of similarly motivated people, who work together on a common goal.” Gemma Pendleton Steeles Law

“I really enjoyed the whole day and learnt a lot from the questioning from the staff and the interaction of the activities. Thank you.” Marie Robinson Virgin Money “A fantastic day, where I felt suitably challenged, without the pressure to take part in activities I didn’t feel comfortable with. There was a clear link between challenges on the day, and the challenges we face in the workplace.” Fiona Temple Open Contact “An excellent day with challenging and thought provoking activities. A great training opportunity.” Harriet McInnes Howes Percival Solicitors

PARTNERS Supporting local business is important. As such, Eaton Vale and MoCo Development Ltd are delighted to be working in partnership to deliver engaging and effective corporate development. MoCo Development Ltd is an innovative training and development company daring to challenge convention. Injecting motivation and passion into your workforce, they will get everybody talking about their training session.

We are also delighted to be working with Lightfoot Catering. Enthusiastic about creating wholesome food, using top quality and carefully sourced ingredients, their chefs combine classic recipes with inspirations from around the world. It’s exciting to work with people who are so passionate about what they do. And we can’t wait to showcase their talents to you. If you’re interested in working with us, please get in touch.


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Discover your MoCo at Eaton Vale outdoor activity centre

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