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The Mouse Click Heat Maps Can Tell You What People Do With Their Mouse On Your Site

In short, mouse movements of your visitors can be recorded and in fact, you can quantify this information to get some insightful views of your site. Different tools are used with different names for tracking the mouse click Heat maps, some of them might also call it as the Mouse movement Heat map tool. So, be informed about the variety of its names before going for it. For example, we call is as the Mocking Fish Click Heat map tool.

Tracking the mouse movements can get you a lot of insight about the visitors’ behavior of your site. To track the mouse movement Heat map, different types of tools are available in the market. Some of them are, Attention Heat map, Scroll Heat map, and Mouse Hover Heat map etc.

What exactly are Heat maps?

It is a graphical representation of data about the patterns of browsing by your visitors. These patterns are created for each visitor and finally a report is generated as a graphical interface where different colors are marked on the different sections of a page, forms, menu or any site element. The colors are differentiated from each other based on the number of clicks, views, pattern of scrolls and various other factors that are observed by your Heat map tool.

If a section gets Red color, it means lots of clicks or attention has been given to it by the visitors. Similarly, a spectrum of colors is formed according to the intensity of attention each section gets from your visitors.

Generally, when people say Heat maps they mean to say the hover behavior of the visitors on your site. A general Heat map records the mouse hover done by the visitors on a page, form or any section on the website. The accuracy and efficiency of general Heat maps are always questionable, that is why some more accurate and more effective Heat maps are used to get a perfect insight to the sites. Click Heat maps, Scroll Heat maps, Insight Heat maps, List Heat maps are the example of such Heat map tools that are designed for special pattern recording on the websites.

Like the A/B testing and Multivariate testing, you cannot trust the results of any of the Heat maps until you have tested on the multiple and large sample sizes. To get an error free results with high confidence level there is a need for statistical analysis of the results with respect to the sample size. This is possible only when you have applied the Heat maps to a large sample size that can go through a statistical analysis to produce more accurate results.

Mouse Click Heat maps

A mouse Click Heat map is a visual representation of the collected data that is based on the click patterns and behaviors of your large number of visitors on your site. The

data collected from the number of visitors on your site is aggregated to produce a graphical representation of where people click. The red color represents the most clicked sections.

You can visualize where people click using the Google Analytics too - and I prefer that too. But, the interface is quite tricky and you have to go through a lot of technical stuff to actually set it for the first use too. That is why Mocking Fish Click Heat map tool is a better alternative with the most user-friendly interface which can even be easily understood by the people without a technical knowledge of the same. The configuration is, even more, simpler and gets ready to use in minutes.

The Main reason for choosing the Mocking Fish over Google Analytics is the simplicity of its interface. Most of the business entrepreneurs do not have technical knowledge of coding instead they are blessed with the managerial skills. For them it is not possible to configure a Google Analytics by themselves. That is why using the Mocking Fish tool is the best option for the non technical persons which allows a simple interface to set up the heat map tool on your site. I find this tool fascinating over most of the Heat map and A/B testing tools in the market.

The mouse click heat maps can tell you what people do with their mouse on your site  

The Heat maps that you see on your interface are the results of the statistical analysis of a very large sample size. You cannot trust resul...

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