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Easy Tweaks To Convert Your Deals This Cyber Monday

It might be possible that this Cyber Monday would be the day for best revenue generation this year for you. After Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, online shoppers would be in rush to steal the best deals online.

It's time now. Time has run out of your hands. However, still, you have a couple of days before the Cyber Monday hits the floor. So, take your call and emphasize on these small yet effective tweaks to get the maximum conversion this Cyber Monday.

Tweak your limelight to the best deals on Home Page- Usually eCommerce sites display a bulk of deals and offer on the home pages. However, this approach is good for advertising the products on the regular days, but not for the seasonal sales like Cyber Monday. If you showcase such a large number of products and deals on the homepage, people might end up being confused about which one to buy now. This approach will unintentionally diminish the total conversion rate. Focus your spotlight on the homepage on those products which you think might be a perfect deal that is likely to be converted. You don't want the visitors to just spend their whole time browsing the products and never buy it. The more visitors spent the time on the homepage, the more they get confused. Your ultimate goal is to get the customers to your checkout page. You can verify this by tracking your visitors using a heatmap tool too.

Better utilize the Headlines for promotions- Product name or Product headline is the first thing customers notice when they see the products on the SERPs. Instead of depending on just Product names, give them a solution in the name itself. Trust me, It makes a difference when

you just say “what’s this product” and “What does this product do for you”. For example, the product headline on this camera handle is accompanied by a very short yet impacting product description too.

Have an insight from past records- Looking Google Analytics data for the previous year would help you know what happened and when did it happened? If you had a heatmap tool that time, then you can also analyze the tracking data to discover, which were the areas visitors were interested last year, it will help you get a better insight of visitors behavior on Cyber Monday. If you did not have a heatmap tool, no need to worry, the Google Analytics data is sufficient to bet a decent insight. You can learn a lot from this data. You can utilize it to improve your website’s UX and also tweak the look and feel for the specific day.

Speed matters- On holidays and occasions like this, there are certain chances that your site might get over flooded with the requests. You should be better prepared to serve all the request without a delay. I would suggest a speed test of your website would help a lot to get an insight of how your site would perform on heavy loads.

Do not compromise with the loading speed of the pages. Otherwise, the users might end up abandoning your site. Get in touch with your webmaster and website designer to look for the bottlenecks and issue that might occur on the heavy loads day. For example, if your website has a bulk of videos and images, consider them moving to a separate web server. This will help your web pages to load faster.

Look for the 404 and many such issues- SEO is very important when it comes to the promotion of deals and offers on the seasonal occasions. You might utilize the email marketing or content marketing to promote your deal, but this would go in vain if you are not able to list yourself higher in the SERPs.

The 404 and image not found errors are very much frequent and would surely affect the SEO if not handled properly. Get in touch with your SEO company or webmaster to analyze and fix such issues so that you won't face any disadvantage when it comes to SEO for this Cyber Monday deals.


These are certain tweaks that you can perform on your eCommerce website to steal the most out of this Cyber Monday. A specialized conversion optimization by following these tweaks might help you generate the best sale this year. So, start optimizing now.

Easy tweaks to convert your deals this cyber monday  
Easy tweaks to convert your deals this cyber monday  

Cyber Monday is approaching and you have a couple of days before you can prepare your eCommerce website for a perfect conversion rate this y...