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Akari Piotrowski

JAPANESE FOR BEGINNERS Start speaking from DAY1!

Akari Piotrowski

JAPANESE FOR BEGINNERS Start speaking from DAY1!

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Disclaimer This is the sample textbook for the course "Japanese for beginners" A2 level, designed by Akari Piotrowski. This textbook is full-color and includes abundant illustrations and photographs, and the visual information approach makes language learning more reliable. The materials and lessons are designed so that you can quickly improve your speaking ability in Japanese, including learning vocabulary and grammar. The materials are useful not only during the lesson but also for your preparation and review. If you book structured lessons with me, the original full materials are available.

The teaching materials can be used only for personal usage. Commercial use of textbooks and e-learning materials, and reprinted on other sites are copyright infringement and are strictly prohibited. Since we do not transfer the copyright at all, we do not allow content to be posted on other blogs or redistributed to third parties without permission. In the case when introducing Mochifika's teaching materials, it is a condition that you attach the link to the Mochifika website (https://mochifika.com) as the citation source.

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天気 ( てんき ) W E A T H E R

どんな天気(てんき)ですか? What's the weather like?

晴(は)れです hare desu


kumori desu

雨(あめ)です 風(かぜ)が つよいです ame desu

kaze ga tsuyoi desu

雪(ゆき)です 吹雪(ふぶき)です 嵐(あらし)です 暑(あつ)いです yuki desu

寒(さむ)いです samui desu

fubuki desu

arashi desu

atsui desu

雷(かみなり) kaminari = thunder 竜巻(たつまき) tatsumaki = tornado 涼(すず)しいです suzushii desu = it's cool 暖(あたた)かいです atatakai desu = it's warm 気温(きおん) kion = temperature 10度(ど) juu do = 10 degrees Japanese with Akari

天気 ( てんき ) W E A T H E R

季節(きせつ) Season

...に何(なに)がありますか? What are there in ...?

(例) Rei 春(はる)に 桜(さくら)が ありま す。 Haru ni sakura ga arimasu.

Japanese with Akari

天気 ( てんき ) W E A T H E R

天気(てんき)はどうですか? How is the weather?

今日(きょう)の 天気(てんき)は どうですか? Kyou no tenki wa doudesuka? 気温(きおん)は 何度(なんど) ですか? Kion wa nan-do desuka? 夏(なつ)に 何(なに)を しますか? Natsu ni nani o shimasuka? 秋(あき)に たいてい 何(なに)を 食(た)べますか? Aki ni taitei nani o tabemasuka? どの 季節(きせつ)が 好(す)きですか? Dono kisetsu ga sukidesuka? あなたの 町(まち)で 冬(ふゆ)の 天気(てんき)は どうですか? Anata no machi de fuyu no tenki wa doudesuka? どんな天気(てんき)ですか? What's the weather like?

Hokkaido (Sapporo)

Spain (Cadaques)

Argentina (Perito Moreno National Park)

Egypt (Western Desert)

Japanese with Akari

天気 ( てんき ) W E A T H E R

わたしの国(くに)の季節 Seasons of my country

「わたしの国(くに)の季節(きせつ)」 みゆき 私(わたし)の 国(くに)は、冬(ふゆ)が とても 長(なが)いです。冬(ふゆ) は 11月(じゅういち がつ)から 3月(さんがつ)くらい までです。 外(そと)はとても 寒(さむ)いです。雪(ゆき)が たくさん あります。で も、家(いえ)の 中(なか)は 暖(あたた)かいです。 私は よく 雪(ゆき)だるまを 作(つく)ります。スノーボードも 好(す)き です。温(あたた)かい ココアを 飲(の)むのも 好(す)きです。 Q. 正(ただ)しいですか?正しくないですか?

1. みゆきさんの 国(くに)の 冬(ふゆ)は 長(なが)いです。 2. 冬(ふゆ)は 12月から 2月までです。 3. 家(いえ)の 中(なか)は 寒(さむ)いです。 4. みゆきさんは スノーボードが 好(す)きです。 5. みゆきさんは 冷(つめ)たい ココアを 飲(の)むのが 好(す)きです。 あなたの国(くに)の季節(きせつ)について書(か)きまし ょう。 Write about seasons of your country.

Japanese with Akari

Akari Piotrowski

JAPANESE FOR BEGINNERS Start speaking from DAY1!

Learn Japanese enjoyable with Mochifika! I offer fun, interactive, and effective 1-on-1 online Japanese lessons. Lessons include more than just talking, there are many other activities. Even games! You can start learning from the A0 level, and you'll LEARN FAST. Classes with me are always cheerful and relaxed, and you can speak Japanese without fear of making mistakes. Lessons with students at A2/B1 levels will be used actual data&media related to Japan, and have discussions also. A0-B1 level structured classes "Japanese for beginners" are very popular with students!

Akari Piotrowski

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