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Morris Chapel Behavioral Covenant (Effective dates September 1, 2011 – August 31, 2012)

All youth are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that positively reflects Morris Chapel, The United Methodist Church, and the body of Christ. The following covenant is to be strictly followed during all church sponsored activities and outings and failure to do so will result in the youth in question being sent home at their parents’ expense. Read carefully and initial on each line, then sign at the bottom.

Do no harm: I will not affect anyone’s experience negatively with my behavior. This includes but is not limited to: ANY form of bullying, exclusion, harassment, taunting, name calling, teasing, or physical force. I will not do harm to myself or others by using or possessing of ANY alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, explosives, or weapons. I will not negatively represent myself, my family, or my church by wearing ANY clothing that is immodest or offensive. This includes but is not limited to: explicit language, offensive symbols, signs, or slogans, and any clothing that is too revealing. This is at the discretion of the Youth Minister.

Do good: I will represent myself, my family, and my church positively by treating everyone I encounter with courtesy and respect. This includes but is not limited to: youth, children, parents, staff, volunteers, and bystanders. I will only use language and conduct that reflects positively on myself, my family, and my church. I understand that offensive language will not be tolerated at ANY time. I will treat all personal and church property with respect and care.

Stay in love with God: I understand that the youth group at Morris Chapel is a ministry, and I am a minster. I understand that it is my responsibility to share God’s love. I understand that Morris Chapel is a safe place where all are welcome, and I will go out of my way to make everyone feel welcome and loved. I understand that by following the above guidelines, I will ensure a good time is had by all and there will be much rejoicing.  I also understand that if I do not follow the above guidelines, everyone’s experience could be affected negatively, in which case there will be calling of parents and much gnashing of teeth.  I understand that attending youth is a privilege and I will represent Morris Chapel by loving God, loving people, and loving life!



Behavioral Covenant  

Behavioral Covenant

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