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Animal Management Systems

Ordering Prattley Industries Ltd are world leaders in light weight automated animal management systems, using cutting edge technology. Prattley’s prime aim is to produce quality animal handling equipment that helps you attain maximum efficiency. The alloy used in production is bought in soft form and heat treated to give high tensile strength, while remaining light weight. This allows the Prattley systems to be easily set up and operated by one user.

Freephone: 0800 45 00 00 Phone: 03 615 9545 Fax: 03 615 9546 Email: Buy on-line: Prattley Industries Ltd. 165 King Street PO Box 109 Temuka New Zealand

Whether it is a relocatable stock yard, a cattle crush, or an automated drafting system, Prattley has the answer for your requirements. This equipment can be taken to any part of the farm, even the roughest terrain, for on the spot stock management. Prattley are committed to working with farmers to obtain maximum accuracy, speed and labour cost savings while managing stock. As well as forming close associations with several leading agricultural companies to develop innovative solutions for the farmer and provide a seamless animal management system.


Managing Director - Graeme Ward

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Mobile Sheep Yards


3 Point Linkage Sheep Yard & Handling Races


Handling Race Components


Yard Components


Manual & Auto Drafters Mobile Sheep Yards (pages 3-8)


Sheep Ramps


Sheep Handler & Foot Treatment Baths


Sheep Conveyor


Small Farm Equipment


Mobile Cattle Yards


Cattle Yard Components


Cattle Managers & Head Bails


Weighing Crate & Cattle Ramps


Calf Equipment


Rappa Fencing

Manual & Auto Drafters (pages 9-10)

Mobile Cattle Yards (pages 15-18)


Mobile Sheep Yards • This unit can be easily transported, assembled and operated, by one person. • The yard is versatile and can be taken anywhere on the farm for on-the-spot drenching, crutching, mouthing, tagging, docking and fly strike and any general animal treatment. • The mobile unit allows the operator to utilise the direction of sunlight and wind to ensure a natural stock flow through the yard. • This gives practical results such as faster animal flow, saved time and travel, reduced fuel and labour costs, lower risk of infection from dusty tracks, less stress on the animal etc, therefore maximising farm management.


Sheep numbers stated are based on average New Zealand sheep with light wool. Specifications, parts and model designs may change at any time due to further development.


Standard 10’ Mobile Yard INCLUDES: • • • •

S01000 Mobile Unit with Drop-in Gate, Drafting Gate, Winch, Drawbar, Gate Support Arms, Straps, Wheels and Toolbox S20500 - 7’ x 36” Alloy Gate x 15 S20000 - 3’ x 36” Alloy Gate x 2 S23700 - L Post x 3

• • • • •

Yard Holding Capacity Approximately 250 Ewes with existing fence Versatile - for on-the-spot animal treatment Easily Transported, assembled and operated Utilise natural terrain and sunlight for better stock flow Maximizes Farm Management

OPTIONS • 8” or 13” wheels • Single Lane, Two-Section Handling Race • .900 or 1.000m high gates available

10’ Mobile Super Yard INCLUDES: • • • •

S01100 Mobile Unit with Drop-in Gate, Drafting Gate, Winch, Drawbar, Gate Support Arms, Straps, Wheels and Toolbox S20200 - 5’ x 36” Alloy Gate x 40 S22200 - Diamond Gate x 1 S23700 - L Post x 6

• • • •

Yard Holding Capacity Approximately 500 Ewes with existing fence Standard 13” Wheels Excellent Towing Ability Takes the work out of Tailing

OPTIONS • .900 or 1.000m high gates available • Single Lane, Three-Section Handling Race


14’ Mobile Yard INCLUDES: • • • • •

S01400 Mobile Unit with Drop-in Gate, Drafting Gate, Winch, Drawbar, Gate Support Arms, Straps, Wheels and Toolbox (S01400) Double Lane, Three Section Handling Race S20500 - 7’ x 36” Alloy Gate x 52 S22200 - Diamond Gate x 1 S23700 - L Post x 10

• • • •

Yard Holding Capacity Approximately 1500 Ewes with existing fence Suitable for large contractors and stations Standard 13” wheels .900 or 1.000m high gates available

16’ Mobile Yard INCLUDES:


• • • • •

S01600 Mobile Unit with Drop-in Gate, Drafting Gate, Jack, Drawbar, Gate Support Arms, Straps, Wheels and Toolbox Double Lane, Three Section Handling Race with 2 Release Gates S20500 - 7’ x 36” Alloy Gate x 60 S22200 - Diamond Gate x 1 S23700 - L Post x 12

• • • • •

Yard Holding Capacity Approximately 2000 Ewes with existing fence Suitable for large contractors and stations Standard 14” wheels Hydraulic lift jack operation .900 or 1.000m high gates available

3 Point Linkage Sheep Yard INCLUDES: • • • • •

S00700 S07100 S20500 S20000 S23700

7’ Drafting Race Tractor Unit - 7’ x 36” Gates x 10 - 3’6” x 36” Gates x 2 - L Post x 2

• • •

The standard yard can hold 120 ewes with lambs when utilising an existing structure allowing 2 or 3 way drafting. Add Drench Race components to suit For Tractors

Handling Race For Drenching, Mouthing, Dagging, Ear Tagging, Selecting, Foot Treatment, etc. - All Handling Operations.

SPECIFICATIONS: • • • • • • • •

Lightweight, combining the strength of aluminium and Durable treated plywood One Person can assemble race and drench sheep quickly and easily Versatile combinations of single or double lane races, two, three sections long Large or small mobs handled with equal ease Easy to assemble and transport, fits inside the Prattley Yard Width 33” (0.85m) reducible by pivoting one side Side release gates available to draft sheep out Available in 33”, 36” and 39” high panels


Handling Race Components Plywood Panels c/w two pins each • • • •

S25400 S25600 S25700 S25800

4’ 8’ 8’ 8’

x x x x

36” 33” 36” 39”

Ply Ply Ply Ply

Panel Panel Panel Panel

S26300 8’ x 36” Ply Panel c/w Release Gate (Right or Left Hand operated option) Left hand shown

S23100 Spreader 33” ‘W’

S28000 Back Gate c/w Post 33” ‘W’


S23000 Spreader 33” ‘U’

S27900 Back Gate c/w Post ‘U’

Yard Components Alloy Gates c/w Pins • • • • •

S20000 S20200 S20400 S20500 S20700

3’6” x 36” Alloy Gate 5’ x 36” Alloy Gate 6’ x 36” Alloy Gate 7’ x 36” (Std size) Alloy Gate 7’ x 48” (Alpaca) Alloy Gate

S22600 Guillotine Gate

S22200 Diamond Gate

S23700 L Post

S08100 Multi way Coupling S08200 2-way Coupling

S22400 Drop in Gate

F21202 Long Pin 670mm F21203 Short Pin 335mm

S22700 Anti Backing Gate

S18000 Back Stop


3 Way Manual Drafter FEATURES: • • • • •

Enables up to 3-way Drafting Practical design keeps operator out of Sheep’s vision One hand left free to monitor stock Sliding Gate move easily and quietly Simple no-tool adjustment from biggest ram to smallest lamb

Note: Left or Right hand options - Right hand shown.

3 Way and 5 Way Auto Drafters The Prattley Auto Drafter is a powerful tool allowing a single operator to control weighing and drafting. The Prattley Auto Drafter coordinates with an external Indicator/recorder and loadbars to produce a seamless package. Note: Left or Right hand options - Right hand shown.

FEATURES: • • • • • •


Quiet Pneumatic operation Auto weigh approx 600 sheep per hour Conventional drafting with Remote EID compatible Drafting by weight Drafting by weight gain

• • • • • •

Drafting on EID tag database Drafting by sight (remote manual drafting) Selective weighing/drafting Selective bypassing of weighing cycle Weigh-then-HOLD to allow inspection before drafting Remote override of indicators draft range

5-way AutoDraft

Slide Gate AutoDraft

Swing Gate AutoDraft

10 2

Mobile Sheep Ramps


5.8m Mobile Sheep Ramp:

• • • • •

• 745mm Outside • 570 x 8” Wheels • 13” Wheels available

Hot Dip Galvanized Frame Timber Floor and Walkway Durable ply sides Retractable drawbar Single Lane ramps also available

6.8m Mobile Sheep Ramp: • 745mm Outside • 13” Wheels

Single Lane Portable Sheep Ramps • • • • •

Excellent for trailers small farms, general use Lightweight Available in 2.3, 3.0 and 3.6m Single lane, tapered - 510mm wide at top Also available in double width (745mm wide)

2.3m (8ft) Ramp 3.0m (10ft) Ramp 3.6m (12ft) Ramp

11 1

Sheep Handler

Air Assisted

Sheep Handler

Alloy Light Weight and Long Lasting. Height is adjustable to suit your best working position.

FEATURES: • Fully adjustable to suit any size ewe, lamb or ram • Sheep lie without struggling in a safe, secure position • Adjustable work height = No bending for the operator

Relocatable Foot Treatment

• Lightweight, easy to shift • Full access around rear of animal and feet for inspection • Ideal to use in conjunction with Prattley yards or handling race

Mobile Foot Treatment Bath

Can be used in conjunction with Prattley Mobile Sheep Yard System anywhere on your farm.



• • • • • •

• • • • • •

Lightweight Portable Stone embedded fibre glass floor 8’ to suit permanent races 33” fits in Prattley Handling Race Other widths available 44”, 14”, 8”

Built in tanks to hold foot treatment liquid (Approx. 120L per tank) Robust fibre glass sides and bath, reinforced with plywood for strength Stone embedded fibre glass floor Lightweight for easy towing Galvanized chassis for long life Easily adjustable leveling stands

12 2

Sheep Conveyor 4.2m



• • • • •

• • • • •

Designed for large operations, contractors and stations to maximise throughput times and reduce labour costs Light weight Galvanized Trailer Non slip perforated alloy working platform on both sides Includes 9HP Honda Hydraulic Power Pack, Entry and Exit Ramps Variable speed and adjustable width

Total length 9.2m Working Length 3.4m Towing Length 5.5m Width (at widest point) 1.9m Total weight 950kg

Sheep Conveyor 3.3m

13 1



• • • •

• • • • • • •

Available in Stationary or Mobile Lowers to operate at ground height Includes 6.5HP Honda Hydraulic Power Pack Variable speed and adjustable width

Total Length 4.4m Working Length 2.3m Width (at widest point) 1.64m Foundation Base 2.7m x 1.0m Towing Length (Mobile) 4.8m Conveyor Belt: NVT-254 PVC Belt Diamond black 6.615 x 400mm Hydraulic Pack 6.5HP Honda Motor

Small Farm Handling Equipment Can be used in conjunction with Prattley Mobile Sheep Yard System anywhere on your farm.

FEATURES: • Use existing Fence to Extend Pen Areas • Drafting, Drenching, Dagging, Tailing • Lightweight and portable, easy to store

Small Farm Yards Cattle FEATURES: • • • • • • • •

Alloy Strong Durable Unit packs flat, easy storage Quick and easy to assemble Available in Steel Construction Head bail/loading ramp can be added Components also sold individually to allow for customised layouts

14 2

Mobile Cattle Yards • • • • • •

15 1

Manufacturers and Suppliers of strong Alloy Cattle Yards, Produced from high tensile Alloy. Yards are superior in quality and design, and market leading in value and performance. Yards are sold per component to allow for custom designed layouts to suit your requirements from small farms to large commercial operations. These relocatable yard systems allow farmers to use natural land and stock flow, creating a less stressful working environment for livestock and operator. Designed and developed to handle Cattle of all temperaments. Fully compatible with Prattley Managers, Head Bails and Weigh equipment.

Cattle Yard Components

C15000 Standard Gate 2.7m

C15200 Swinging Race Gate c/w Spreader (L/H or R/H) L/H Shown

C15500 Personnel Gate c/w Spreader

C15100 Diamond Gate (L/H or R/H) R/H Shown

C16000 Drafting Gate (L/H or R/H) L/H Shown

C15300 Sliding Race Gate c/w Spreader

C15700 Alloy 2 way Coupling

C15800 Alloy 3 way Coupling

C15400 Spreader 30�

C16100 Alloy 4 way Coupling

16 2

Cattle Managers INCLUDES: • • • • •

Scissor Head Bail Strong Galvanized Steel construction Anti-Backing Ratchet system Non-slip perforated floor Stationary or Mobile

OPTIONS: • • • • • • •

V Squeeze Vet Gates Split Gates 3-way Draft Handle Full side release gates Mobility Systems Left or right side operation

Scissor Head Bail

17 1

Safeway Head Bail



• Galvanized Steel Construction • Walk through Exit • Silent Brake System

• • • •

Galvanized steel frame with marine grade ply paneling Slam Lock Latches Swing gate rope release Light Duty or Heavy Duty option

Weighing Crate FEATURES: • • • •

Light Weight Alloy Non-slip perforated floor Available with the option of 1 or 2 sliding gates Operates from entry or exit gates

Note: Platform available separately

Platform dimensions

Cattle Ramps FEATURES: • • • • • •

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Frame Cleats provide ‘sure footing’ for stock Stable and Strong Stationary or Mobile 8” or 13” Wheels Alloy Collapsible Ramp also available

18 2

Calf Debudding Gate FEATURES: • Ideal for Dehorning, Vaccinating and Tagging Calves • Hot dip Galvanized Steel Construction • Sturdy Head bail for safe restraining

Alloy Calf Gates


Calf Weigh Crate



• • • •

• • • • •

2.7m long x 1.42 high Lightweight Alloy Sold individually to allow for custom penning designs Easy to clean

Lightweight Alloy Frame Portable Easy to Operate Suitable for calves up to 100kg Compatible with most Loadbar systems

Rappa Fencing STANDARD RAPPA The first model in the Rappa family. All of the ease, speed and functionality of our larger Rapper machines, but man powered rather than horse-powered. Designed to carry a supply of stakes, and work with polywire, steel wire and polytape, and maintains even wire tension using the same patented slip clutch mechanism. Ideal for smaller users and shorter fence runs.

ATV RAPPA The ATV Rappa makes light work of day to day fencing tasks. Designed to tackle the toughest terrain and most challenging fencing jobs, it attaches easily to your ATV, where it is powered directly from the back tyre. The new model is now ergonomically designed for easier handling, and has sealed bearings for a longer life and less servicing, making it a true workhorse for electric fencing.

DAIRY ATV RAPPA A smaller, lighter, more streamlined version of our standard ATV Rappa, designed for controlling cattle with a singleline fence. Leave the mounting frame fixed to your ATV rear carrier, and you can detach or re-attach the Rappa in seconds.


Deer Auto Drafter FEATURES: • • • •

Enables up to 3-way Drafting Fast, accurate Drafting and Weight recording Quiet pneumatic operation Suitable for most deer sizes

Alpaca Gates FEATURES: • • • • • •


Lightweight Alloy Construction Sold individually to allow for custom yard sizes Ideal for shows Can hook on to floats/transporters Dependable and durable Easy to store


=FIK?<D8IB<KC<8;@E> 8E@D8C D8E8><D<EK JPJK<D OI*'''





Increased convenience

Fully EID compatible


Streamlined and efficient data collection

Simple downloading and uploading

Temporary or permanent installation

Permanent installation under crush or crate

Permanent installation in high traffic crush situation

10,000 records

Compatible with all Tru-Test scales

Simple downloading and uploading 50,000 records 10 way drafting

Corrosion resistant zinc plated

Compatible with all Tru-Test scales Corrosion resistant galvanised housing 3,000 kg capacity

2,000 kg capacity

Compatible with all Tru-Test scales Corrosion resistant plated 4,500 kg capacity

Let’s talk. Visit for your local representative’s contact details.






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