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Select the latest iPhone 5 covers and cases If you have already got your new iPhone 5, then your next investment is likely to be a fashionable and protective Smartphone cover. No one ever wants any external damage to the phone because of an unforeseen mishandling or an unavoidable drop from your bag. Either of the two would result in the mobile screen being cracked or develop scratches and damage the Smartphone completely. Other than this, constant exposure to the sun rays and other harsh UV rays also causes discolouration in the mobile body as well as in the screen. Here are three basic types of iPhone 5 covers that would cater to your need and preference.

路 The wallet/diary type case The best iPhone cover option. As the name suggests, this type of cover is foldable and made of high-quality PU leather having an impeccable executive finish. Suited for casual and formal occasions, a wallet/diary type case has well parted and stitched side pockets that enable the user to carry credit, debit and business cards. The leather body offers consistency and firmness to the cover, with the help of which one can mount the iPhone 5 on a flat surface. The main advantage of this kind of cover is that it covers the Smartphone completely, protecting the screen as well as the mobile back.

路 The flip cover Almost similar to the wallet/diary case an iPhone flip cover too is foldable and made of high-quality leather, but unlike a wallet it has a note pad like format. The cover exhibits a smooth and perfect finish that allows easy navigation to all the ports without the user having to remove the mobile cover. The cover uniformly protects the mobile back as well as the mobile screen also makes it possible for the user to use it as a mobile stand on a flat surface. 路 The back case Though this type of mobile case serves to cover the Smartphone back, but is highly in demand by the youth. Generally made of high-quality hard plastic and soft TPU iPhone 5 back cases encase the Smartphone firmly on the case, preventing it from falling out of the case.

However, if you use an iPhone 4 then you can also opt in for the iPhone 4 book type case and other iPhone 4 covers that cater to your requirement and budget. Designed creatively balancing style and functions, iPhone covers are affordably priced and has something for everyone to browse online and bag.

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Select the latest iPhone 5 covers and cases