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The Apple 5C is finally set to launch in India this November. The price quoted for the US market is at $599 which is decent, as it comes into the mid range Smartphone category. It is two hundred dollars cheaper than the Apple’s flagship model the iPhone 5S. But the issue most people in India will have is that the iPhone 5C will come for around 35-36 thousand rupees. This pricing is quite a lot for the Indian market as Apple’s main competitors Samsung and HTC have been selling their flagship phones for around the same price as Apple wishes to sell its 5C at. This will be a huge problem as people would not be happy buying a lesser specs phone from Apple, when they can get a much better phone from the competitors. But the USP of 5C that will make it popular is the color. The new iPhone 5C comes in a lot of colors which includes red, yellow, green, blue, black and white. The colors make the phone stand out in a crowd pretty easily. The iPhone 5C does come with its own iPhone 5C case manufactured by Apple. The case released by Apple may give you an indication that the phone isn’t that sturdy and you do require a mobile phone cover for it, but it could be the other way round. With the popularity of cases on the rise they may be trying to capture a part of this niche market. But the cases that Apple has manufactured are on the expensive side, when you have a look at the various other options that are available in the market today. You need to buy an iphone 5 covers not only for style but also because the phone comes in a plastic unibody which is far from Apple’s usual policy of sturdy casing on their phones. The plastic is not as weak as the plastic casings on Apple’s competitors but it is still not at a comfortable sturdy level. Therefore, if you want your phone to last for a long time, you would want to invest in a cover. You can choose an iPhone 5C cover online, as there are multiple choices available and that also at a discounted price. If you buy the Apple case, it will help you create patterns on the colored casing of your phone. The combination of colors on the phone is endless which will make it look unique from all the other 5Cs your friends own. The customization which the phone case allows will give you the option to create to a new pattern of casing on the phone for each day of the week. Buy yourself the case and be creative.

Buy an Apple 5C Case for a Unique Creation  

The Apple 5C is finally set to launch in India this November. The price quoted for the US market is at $599 which is decent, as it comes int...

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