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John Whiteman Alderman, Position V City of Meadows Place "In a small, close knit community, such as the City of Meadows Place, you would think the members of City Council would be closely attuned to what the citizens want... but, that doesn't always seem to be the case."

Election Day Saturday, May 14th Early Voting May 2nd - May 10th I will be your voice on City Council. For fiscally sound City Government. Against narrowing South Kirkwood Road from four lanes to two. Against four round-a-bouts on Kirkwood. I will only vote for those City proposals having popular citizens' support.


A good example is the current South Kirkwood Road project. The City is proposing to change South Kirkwood Road from a four lane divided boulevard, as it is now, to a two lane undivided street with four consecutive intersection roundabouts and a permanent traffic lane merge on either end, from two lanes to one. Starting about two years ago, citizens began appearing before City Council and the Mayor, voicing their displeasure regarding the city's proposed design for this project. The Mayor's approach and some on city council, was to defend the project as proposed and to deny that a majority of Meadows Place Citizens were against the project. Next some Meadows Place citizens, along with myself, took a petition against the South Kirkwood Project door to door and secured almost 800 signatures. The petition was turned in to the Mayor and City Council as conclusive proof that the vast majority of Meadows Place citizens were against the South Kirkwood Project as currently proposed by the city. That is over twice as many people as voted for any city candidate in the last election. Yet, despite the lack of popular support the Mayor continues to ignore the will of the people. I am running against Mr. Rick Staigle, a traffic engineer, and architect of the current Kirkwood Project plan. If elected, I believe I will have the support of enough Aldermen on City Council to stop this plan. I promise that, if elected, I will try to do what is best for the citizens of the City of Meadows Place and that if I have an idea, no matter how good I think it is, if it does not have the popular support of you the citizens of the city, I will not move forward with it. I have been a Meadows resident since 1980, was involved in the founding of the city, and currently serve as Chairman of the Board of Adjustments for the City, and am President and General Manger of a small manufacturing company located in Stafford. "I respectfully ask for your support"

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John Whiteman  
John Whiteman  

Please elect John Whiteman Alderman, Position V, City of Meadows Place