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What is meant by WAP? WAP Stands for Wireless Application Protocol. It is used for accessing internet and other web applications like e-mail; music downloads etc., over the wireless networks. This protocol is used by web browser known as WAP browser in mobile phones. For connecting wireless network we are using an element known as WAP Gateway. WAP Gateway: WAP Gateway is a piece of software that sits between telecom carriers and convert’s the information between WAP devices and web browser. It acts like a proxy for passing pages from one to the other. It translates pages into another format which suitable for mobiles. For example, it translates plain text WML into binary WML and binary HTTP request in plain text HTTP requests. This process is hidden from the mobile phone, so mobile phone users can’t see this process they only able to see the plain text by accessing the URL. Hence, WAP gateways are used in mobile phones to process the web-pages which built for desktop browsers.

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WAP is used to in mobile devices consists of GPRS to enable the access of internet through wap gateway. You can browse huge amount of inform...