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Understanding The Nuances Of Location Based Advertising For Small Businesses As a growing number of people can now access internet on the go using their smartphones or tablets and prefer to rely upon these devices for discovering businesses, finding directions, reading customer reviews and various other purposes – location based advertising has come up as an excellent opportunity for mobile marketers for promoting their products and services. But unfortunately there are still many of them who are yet to seize on the opportunities. Marketers from all over the world had already recognized that location marketing is presently the best possible way of reaching the target consumers and one can really have outstanding results with optimal mobile advertising. Moreover location based promotion through any mobile marketing platform is a very good way for local small business establishments to attract new customers, for this type of advertising use the geolocation of a customer’s mobile device for providing them with alerts and promotional messages. This type of marketing comes in four typical forms and they are SMS text messaging, check-ins, push notifications and pull notifications. Texts messages are delivered through location based alerts and normally include purchase incentives, daily deals, discount coupons etc. and on the other hand smartphones users can use the ‘check-in’ feature of the mobile apps installed on their phones for notifying their friends and acquaintances about their presence within a business location. This type of mobile app marketing can also send push notifications to the prospective customers about special offers, events and other info that can make them visit those locations. Contrary to this, pull technology identifies and notifies a prospective customer whenever he or she is in the vicinity or within a pre-defined geographic boundary and alerts him with information to induce a possible purchase. Location based mobile advertising trends bring in benefits for both the business owners and the consumers. This type of advertising is permission based and users would receive notifications only after they have opted for receiving promotional messages. Location based technology certainly adds an additional layer of convenience to modern daily lifestyle and that is the reason it is being considered as the future of personalized marketing and promotion. For business owners the benefits of location based advertising are quite a few and their comparatively low cost compared to other modes of advertising is certainly one of the most important of those benefits. These promotional apps also allow the businesses to focus on geographic targeting and allow them to reach customers within their immediate vicinity. Apart from these a location based mobile marketing platform also brings in a number of other advantages like – gaining important customer insight, enhancing customer loyalty with regular quality interaction, attracting new customers and converting them for making impulsive purchases, measuring and analyzing all available customer data for improving search engine ranking etc. location based marketing is surely the preferred choice for a growing number of businesses but one also require expert and experienced consultants with a creative bent of mind for best utilizing the available resources along with the best quality software solutions and for that you can consider visiting ABOUT THE AUTHOR

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Understanding the nuances of location based advertising for small businesses