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Trends To Dominate In The Mobile Advertising Industry In The Coming Days According to a recently conducted analysis mobile advertising industry is projected to be worth more than $40 billion by the end of the year 2017 and with this present growth rate, new opportunities in the industry are also becoming glaringly apparent. The exponential growths experienced by the mobile platforms have had a huge impact on mobile advertising trends and as a growing number of businesses are now realizing the importance of mobile advertising, the volume of growth is expected to continue at this rate at least for a few more years. As per the industry experts, the trend that is going to dominate mobile advertising is the increase in demand for richer measure of return on investment. The industry is expected to witness a greater number of CPA or Cost per Acquisition campaigns as advertisers will be focusing upon organizing events those are more meaningful and performance oriented. While looking for the best mobile ad network you should always keep in mind that location is the most important factor in present day mobile advertising and popularity of location based advertising will continue to rise as the preferred mode of promotion for the advertisers. Smartphones have now become an integral part of the daily life of the consumers and they certainly offer new unforeseen opportunities for reaching out to the target customers. As marketers now have easy access to information rich data, with location based technologies they can now create hyper-targeting advertising for enhancing the effectiveness and quality of the promotional campaigns. They are also better utilizing the traffic sources for delivering quality and relevant material to their target consumers depending upon their actual location at any given point of time. Another trend that is going to stay in for a few years and simultaneously grow in popularity is the use of video content in the advertisements. This trend has been already adopted by a number of marketers with appreciable results and they are benefitting from the power of video as an effective mode of communication. Even traditional media outlets too have recognized video as the future of advertising and it is safe to conclude that a growing number of mobile ad networks will be using videos over their mono-dimensional ads during the coming years. Presently we are living at a time when personalization of products and services has become the mantra for business success and no wonder the best mobile ad network will tailor its advertisements to make them relevant and meet the actual expectation of the customers. Targeting and reaching the right people is now more important than ever before and that is the reason advertisers are required to deliver to their customers the most relevant and useful contents for influencing their purchasing decisions. Marketers are also required to focus upon optimization of their promotional ads by identifying the best user acquisition strategies and channels providing maximum exposure to the products or the services being marketed. Knowledge of existing high volume traffic sources for quality customers is going to be the key to success for any mobile advertising network in the coming years for delivering the best results to their clients. ABOUT THE AUTHOR D.Savery is well known for his article on the technologies.Through his article, he gives information about the latest technologies in the field of Mobile marketing. He always refer the lastest mobile advertising technology in America.

Trends to dominate in the mobile advertising industry in the coming days