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Location Based Mobile App Marketing And Where It Is Going It is the ability of the smartphones to accurately track and report the real time location of user that is considered as the actual driving factor behind the rise and growth of location based advertising. The tendency of using smartphones for getting directions and other information based on the current location of the device has proved to be a great boon for the marketers as they can use this geolocation information for attracting customers to their outlets and also let them know about the exciting daily deals for influencing their purchasing decisions. As customers now heavily depend upon their mobile devices for receiving vital information when on the move – and also make their decisions on how to spend their time and money based upon that information – location marketing has now become the new mantra of success for business organizations of various types and is being increasingly used all over the world. As a matter of fact researchers have found that a whopping 72% of consumers are prone to respond to location based mobile app marketing – but on the contrary only 23% of retailers presently use mobile marketing platform for drawing attention of their target audience and promoting their products and services. There are numerous ways in which this type of marketing can be used both for the benefit of the consumers as well as business owners and public service facilities and marketers are presently exploring all those possible ways to make the most of this changing scenario.

Location based mobile app marketing and where it is going  
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