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How Beacon Technology Can Complement Location Based Advertising Anybody operating in the field of digital marketing is now expected to be familiar with iBeacon marketing and technology and other possible modes of NFC or Near Field Communication. It is true that Beacon marketing is now used is retail marketing along with music and sporting events etc. and marketers do genuinely believe that this new exciting technology will develop a realistic bridge between offline and online marketing. Though use of proximity Beacon for location based marketing is still passing through the trial period but from the numerous articles and news published on use of these devices it can very well be predicted that this is the technology that is going to dominate location based mobile marketing for the coming years. According to a recently conducted market research, consumers interacting with the products being advertised have increased almost 19 times after iBeacon technology rolled out and that means the number of customers interacting with the app increased with the advertised product information they receive through proximity beacon notifications. Beacon marketing is primarily about finding effective ways of sending messages and thus creating a link with a prospective customer when he is within the coverage area of the beacon and also has the Bluetooth of his mobile. But experts are also of the view that instead of being an alternative for replacing current marketing technologies, bluetooth advertising is more probable to perform as a complimentary tool for improvement of in-store shopping experience. There is still a long way to go for this relatively new technology and for regular updates on the developments those are taking place – visit

How beacon technology can complement location based advertising