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Android 4 iOS 5 Windows Phone


BlackBerry 10




What to do if you lost your phone


How to configure and edit contacts


How to update your operating system


What to do if your phone freezes


Access lock


Reducing battery consumption




The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth 15 Genesis 16 Paradise Island 16 Crystal Defenders 16 Little Empire 16 Battle Alert 17 Megapolis 17 Rule the Kingdom 17 Plants vs. Zombies 2 18 SimCity Deluxe 18



Chess Free 19 Monopoly 19 Uno 19



Angry Birds Star Wars Angry Birds Angry Birds Rio Angry Birds Seasons Angry Birds Space Cordy Sky Drunk Man Fruit Ninja vs. Skittles Rayman Jungle Run Prince of persia: Warrior Within Angry Chickens

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3volution 30 100 Floors 30 Bad Piggies 30 Bag It! 31 Balls Rider 31 Bejeweled Blitz 31 Brain lab 32 Contre Jour 32 Cut and Slice 32 Dream of Pixels 33 Elements Battle 33 Minecraft - Pocket Edition 33 Find Differences! 34 Greedy Spiders 34 What A Cult 34 Sexy Beauties Puzzle 35 Move the Box 35 Snake ‘97 35

38 36


Armed and Gorgeous HD


Dungeon Hunter 3


Final Fantasy Dimensions


Zenonia 4


Pirate Explorer: The Bay Town


Swords & Sworcery


Dungeon Hunter 4


Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame


Temple Run 2 38

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The Top Four Mobile phones and their operating platforms have now become subject to debate more than any other technology. Debating about what is best is usually just as emotionally charged as discussing favourite sports teams and sports professionals. Inspired by this, we prepared an overview of the most popular platforms, described their advantages and disadvantages and listed some objective information which could not be challenged even by the most ardent debater.

Android Android OS is the most widespread smart phone platform, being used in a little less than 80% of all cases. It is used by all major manufacturers, save for Apple and Nokia, who have their own operating systems in place. One of the reasons why the popular platform is so widely used is the application in devices falling under a lower price range. Consequently, qualities and capabilities in smart phones are available to a large group of users, adding fuel to the current mobile evolution. All android users can visit the Google Play store featuing over a million applications. Unfortunately, most of them do not occur on the competitive platform and it takes a while before they find their way to the Android users. However, the Slovenian users can find at least some comfort in the fact that the entire menu is available in Slovenian.





app. 900.000

app. 1.000.000

YouTube, Candy Chrush Saga, Deer Hunt 2014, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Facebook

Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Candy Chrush Saga

5.1 million U.S. dollars

1.1 million U.S. dollars

Satisfaction of OS users****

73.25 %

57.25 %

Market share*****

13.20 %

79.30 %

The most popular devices******

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S

Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, LG Optimus Pro, Sony Xperia Z, Motorola Moto X, Google Nexus 4

Recommended cloud service


Google Drive

Year of founding Number of applications in the store


The most popular applications**

Daily income from payable applications***




iOS Mobile applications represent an advantage when it comes to using the iOS platform. Unlike all other platforms, the App Store offers a range of best quality applications. The first reason for this are high design standards Apple sets for its developers and a strict application verifying procedure, while the second reason can be found in the earnings of developers. Unlike other users, people using Apple devices are willing to pay a good price for their applications and, as a result, developers put more effort in their creation. Another important thing is the platform design. As opposed to Android or Windows Phone, iOS does not allow the option of customizing the phone’s home screen display to the same extent; instead, it provides a very simple and intuitive user experience. Since Apple develops iOS solely for its own mobile devices, the platform is more stable and its use quite seamless.

Windows Phone

BlackBerry 10



app. 160.000

app. 120.000

Facebook, Pandora, Where’s My Water 2, CJ: Strike Back, YouTube

Facebook, Twitter, App for Instagram, Evernote, Angry Birds Star Wars



Satisfaction of OS users****

47.25 %

77.8 %

Market share*****

3.70 %

1.5 %

The most popular devices******

Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia Lumia 928, Nokia Lumia 925, Nokia Lumia 720, Samsung Ativ S Neo

BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Z10

Recommended cloud service


Box, Dropbox

Year of founding Number of applications in the store


The most popular applications**

Daily income from payable applications***

Sources * id45680


*** **** ***** ******




Windows Phone Microsoft’s advertising budget is virtually limitless, which is one of the reasons why the Windows Phone ranks third in terms of the market share. The Nokia mobile devices are the main users of this operating system. As with the Android, one of its advantages is that the menu is available in Slovene, which makes it suitable even for those who are not so good with foreign languages. The navigation of resizable tiles is also a plus. However, the platform’s weakness is its overall appearance, which is not improved even by the numerous options enabling customization of the home screen display. Nevertheless, Microsoft managed to persuade the mobile application developers to participate, with Instagram, Vine and Flipboard being but three of the major players who announced their presence in the Windows Store.

BlackBerry 10 A Canada-based company called Research in Motion is a mobile technology giant whose products garnered much more success in the New World than in Europe. In early 2013, the company launched a brand new operating system called BlackBerry 10, along with the Q10 and Z10 mobile phones. The system is characterized by a completely fresh design as well as navigation and control, which have undergone extensive improvements. The excellent and thoroughly re-developed user interface is usually controlled by swiping a finger or palm from one edge of the screen to the other. The interface is still somewhat based on a network of applications modelling Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, but the heart of the new system is the BlackBerry Hub, a hub used for all messages, emails, phone calls, reminders, notifications and statuses from various social networks. The tenth BlackBerry version includes BlackBerry Messaging, the application well-known by all BlackBerry fans, which now also supports video chats. BlackBerry App World in BlackBerry Maps are brand new as well. The BlackBerry 10 user interface is superb, saving the quite a few clicks by means of simple movements and even enabling users to unlock their mobile phones without pressing the ON button. It does, however, require quite a bit of practice as it represents an entirely new environment where even long-time users of Blackberry mobile phones don’t instantly feel right at home.




The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth Build a city and fight to defeat your opponents Developed by: Kabam Inc. / Platforms: Android, iOS A few years ago, director Peter Jackson triggered a frantic mania by turining the Lord of the Rings, a literary bestseller by English author J. R. R. Tolkien, into a film trilogy. In early 2013, the Slovenian cinemas showed the first of The Hobbit trilogy films, and many game developers decided to capitalize on the enormous interest arising from the first cinematic instalment. One of such developers was Kabam which had already released a very similar game named the Kingdoms of Camelot. Although similar, The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth takes place in a fantasy world of Middle-earth, where, instead of kingdoms and knights, the popular film characters such as Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit, wizard Gandalf, and elf Legolas appear as the main protagonists. The game fundamentally still involves a building strategy where, in order to achieve success, the player must establish a stable economy, see to the protection of the city and the kingdom, and raise an adequately sized army. At the beginning of the game, players must decide which race they would like to command, i.e. dwarves or elves. Based on this decision, the game then offers different graphic templates and available characters. The game allows three different perspectives; at level one, players can develop their city and, later on, the kingdom. The widest perspective enables the player to view the map of all kingdoms where he/she is fighting to prevail over other players in real time. The player must first develop a flourishing city as this is where various buildings are erected, ranging from those used to set up and train army troops or those serving as academies for new technology research or forming embassies where alliances are forged, to simple houses. There are several types of resources available, such as wood, the iron ore, food and gold. There

is another resource called mythril, which is always scarce and can only be obtained upon payment. Buildings are built in the city, while resources can be obtained in the kingdom, i.e. the ore can be acquired from the mines, food from the fields, and wood from the arboreta. All types of resources are needed to raise an army which is specific in terms of the chosen race and to explore new technologies allowing players to establish a better economy and a mightier army. Besides developing the city, military combat is at the heart of the game. Fortunately, players are protected against the attacks from the more experienced and evolved adversaries for the first seven days of the game. This part of the game is strikingly similar to the Travian PC game which was also very popular in Slovenia some years ago. To survive in the long run and stay in the game where one can be looted by as many as several tens of players on a daily basis, it is advisable to become member of an alliance in addition to developing one’s defence and a numerically superior army. Like its predecessor from which is it derived, the interesting game offers hours of pure entertainment. Although the game does not refer to the second instalment of the trilogy currently shown in cinemas worldwide, the developers skilfully incorporated the familiar characters (heroes) from the film and brought the strategy close to the new Peter Jackson franchise in terms of graphics and music. With great graphics and sound, this non-repetitive game will be liked by strategic game enthusiasts as well as all the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fans.



The Angry Birds Phenomenon How Angry Birds conquered the world

Despite what is commonly believed, the company that created the global hit of Angry Birds did not succeed overnight. During its nine years of playing the business field, the Finnish company experienced both ups and downs, but with a marvellous team and a great deal of patience they finally acchieved their goal in 2009. Characters from the incredibly popular mobile game called Angry Birds can now even be seen on soda cans and their very own theme park. Since early childhood, young Finnish developers Mikael and Niklas Hed, who also happen to be cousins, have shared their passion for technology or, more precisely, video games. In 2003, they co-founded the Relude company, which was later named Rovio. Their success story began in 2009, when Apple introduced the App Store which changed the mobile game market forever. Rovio decided to develop their own mobile games, which the company planned to market through the App Store. Those were the beginnings of Angry Birds; they had no legs and couldn’t fly but were very angry

playing the game in live size 20


because the mean pigs stole their eggs. Using a simple slingshot, players have to shoot the birds over or into the obstacles so as to kill all the pigs. As the players progress through the game and complete the increasingly demanding levels, new types of birds appear, each with different new abilities. The entire concept featuring a simple story as well as the interesting and pleasing characters won the entire team over. In February 2010, the UK App Store offered the Angry Birds game on the first page. In one week alone, it ranked at the top of the most popular games and earned millions

the Angry Birds theme park

of UK fans. This was only the beginning of the Angry Bird mania, which doesn’t seem to be declining. Just a few months later, Angry Birds became the most popular game in the United States. The initial aim of the Finnish company was achieved and the game became a global hit. During its nine years in business, Rovio evolved from a small Finnish company with two employees into a globally recognizable trademark that generated €50 million in revenues in 2011 and more tham €150 million in 2012. Today, Angry Birds is by far the most popular mobile game in the world, with the number of downloads having already surpassed 1 billion. The following years saw numerous sequels derived from the original version, with some also finding inspiration in popular movies (e.g. Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Star Wars). In 2012, the thinking game Bad Piggies was released, in which players have to control the above-referenced mean pigs. Most of the games have been developed for virtually all relevant game platforms, including PCs and game consoles. It is the first example of a mobile game winning massive numbers of gamers using various devices. Until recently, the trend was that the most popular games from

mascot of the 2012 World Ice Hockey Championship

consoles had to be adapted for other devices. The Angry Birds mania quickly made it way beyond smart devices. In 2011, Angry Birds were used to advertise Microsoft’s search engine Bing. That same year, a T-Mobile commercial was filmed in Barcelona, Spain, where enormous slingshots were set up and passersby could shoot giant plush birds into obstacles that were several stories high. For several months, Finnair airplanes sported the look of the famous birds, which even made a brief appearance on Cheetos bags and Coca-Cola bottles. In the spring of 2012, the Finnish company by the name of Olvi began to produce and sell an Angry Birds juice drink, which is now available in four flavours and can also be purchased in Slovenian shops. In the same year, the Särkänniemi Adventure Park, where several Angry Birds-themed play courses and rides are set up, was opened at the Finnish town of Tampere. One of the birds wearing a hockey costume was used as the official mascot of the 2012 World Ice Hockey Championship, while the characters from the game frequently appeared on Formula 1 racing cars of the Lotus team. Mattel, a company producing a myriad of toys, released the Angry Birds board game as early as 2011, and a cartoon featuring the popular bird characters was broadcast at Christmas on the Nickelodeon children’s TV station. Rovio is planning a 3D animated feature film with Sony Pictures, which is due to arrive in cinemas sometime in 2016. It can be said for sure that all products and content become even more popular when featuring Angry Birds, since the Angry Birds mania is unquestionably here to stay.

the Angry Birds juices became best-selling drinks in Finland. Angry Birds plush toys Applications



Rayman Jungle Run

A platform arcade game where players collect fireflies Developed by: Ubisoft Entertainment / Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

The Rayman franchise is not unknown in the world of PC games. Although platforming heroes such as Mario and Sonic are obviously much better known in the game console arena, the first in the series of Rayman games was developed for PCs as early as 1995 in order to fill in the game void, and it made the console players run wild. Since then, several more or less successful games were released, starring Rayman – a comical little man with a head, torso, feet and hands but no arms, legs or neck. Rayman usually fights the forces of evil and the last hit, which was developed and released by Ubisoft, is no different. The game was inspired by Rayman Origins which was sold, with fantastic results, for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PCs over the last year. The wonderful atmosphere is completed by incredible graphics, fluent animations and pleasant music that rounds off the entire gaming experience. The game is too complex to be played on average smart phones or tablets, which is why it was adapted for said devices. Movements were simplified and the result was the Rayman Jungle Run game. It can be uploaded to all three currently most popular platforms, i.e. Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone, which means it is available to all gamers no matter which modern smart devices they use. The gist of the game is simple: Rayman fights the forces of evil by collecting fireflies, who are also known as lums, at each of the 70 levels divided into 4 appealing and unique worlds, each unlocking the next levels. Players run Rayman from one edge of the



screen to the other, overcoming obstacles by jumping, hanging or bouncing. Luckily, Rayman is quite strong and his hands pack a mean punch. Of course, players must play towards earning the abilities. In each of the four worlds, Rayman learns a new skill; at first, he is only able to run. He then acquires the skill of jumping and, finally, he is able to punch his opponent. It is advisable to collect as many lums as possible. The most successful players can earn Doctor’s teeth which unlock the extremely demanding levels called the Land of the Livid Dead. Since these are very challenging, they require quite a lot of practice before the player is able to successfully complete them. The interface is very simple as the game can be controlled by means of keys dynamically displayed on the screen. The levels are just the right length, each of them being completely unique, with the game rewarding every newly acquired experience. At the same time, the length of the levels does not require the player to spend several minutes playing intensively and then having to repeat everything over and over again. The method of playing is nothing new since platform arcade games are quite popular on mobile phones and most users are already familiar with the very successful series by the name of Temple Run. Nevertheless, Rayman is significantly more sophisticated, with outstanding graphics and music adding to the special experience. If you used to play similar games in your youth, you can’t go wrong with Rayman Jungle Run. We highly recommend.

Drag racing

Developed by: NaturalMotion Games / Platforms: Android, iOS

Another type of popular mobile platform entertainment are the car racing games. In addition to traditional racing, drag racing is also frequently played, whereby CSR Racing stands out by offering impressive graphics. Each player starts the game as a new racer trying to establish themselves in the underground world of street car racing. The path leads the player through five tiers taking place at different locations, each of which is reigned over by a crew consisting of a boss and five other members. On the path towards the main goal, the player will have to remodel the car purchased at the start of the level in order to be able to compete against all other opponents. The money can be won by competing

in additional races and special events which also make sure that players enjoy playing CSR until the very end. Although there is a limit to the amount of fuel in the tank, it eventually either gets filled by itself or players can buy the fuel by themselves. Playing the CSR game therefore also involves some strategizing. A good visual image, sound effects and a captivating story provide great entertainment during the play.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit The racing classic continued

Developed by: Electronis Arts / Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

This is probably the most prominent game in the entire racing game genre. It is essential to point out that this sequel offers an amazing experience for those who would like to try out their fast car driving skills. Players can take the role of either a police officer or a criminal.

If the role of a police officer is chosen, the player will drive various police cars and pursue the bad guys. Alternatively, the player can decide to be a perpetrator whose goal is to escape the police vehicles. Diverse sound effects, such as the wrecking of the opponent’s car in slow motion, will make sure there is ample adrenaline and fun while playing. By winning the game, a player earns money which they can use to upgrade their cars or buy better ones. The multiplayer mode is poorly supported but, rest assured, the game is made so well that it is a pleasure to play. There is also a free trial run version available.

Reckless Racing Running wild with cars

Developed by: Electronis Arts / Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Reckless Racing is one of the best examples of racing games in which vehicles can be seen from the bird`s eye view and players will be amazed at the graphics as well as sound effects. The races are fast and none of them lasts more than a few minutes. A player begins the race with a car positioned at the back row, but taking the lead quickly is easy by driving smartly and skilfully crashing into other cars. Various challenges keep the game interesting as the player must be the first among the competitors or, alternatively, eliminate the last driver from the race. As it usually happens

with this type of games, this one also includes the option allowing the player to upgrade their vehicles by using the money they earned. The sequel to this game has already been released and the first instalment invoked much enthusiasm and support among the players and fas of this genre. Applications



CSR Racing


Accessories ... ... providing a better gaming experience

Along with other applications people used to play on different devices, games moved to tablets and mobile phones in a process which actually emerged intuitively. For many, problems remain with managing the game on touch screens and being used to playing games through controllers or keyboards. Here, we present accessories attempting to bring gaming on tablets and mobile phones closer to the experience of playing through controllers.

MOGA MOGA is a controller which, when expanded, acts as a cradle into which a mobile phone is locked. The casing is ergonomically designed and reminiscent of Xbox or Playstation controllers. Featuring dual rubber analogue sticks, four action buttons and system buttons, MOGA allows as much as 18 hours of uninterrupted gaming and is powered by two AAA batteries, which are not included in the set. The controller is compatible with all Android devices (2.3+) operating with a Bluetooth connection. There are currently around 40 applications and games made specifically for the controller. There are four controller versions available, with the price ranging from €25 to €50.

WikiPad 7 It could hardly be said there is a lack in games played on tablets. However, gaming is sometimes difficult on the account of rather complicated commands and touching manoeuvres. This is where WikiPad 7 comes into play. The seven-inch WikiPad 7 is an Android gaming tablet, i.e. a portable console, which can be inserted (through a micro USB) into the controller casing when swiping the finger tips doesn't seem to do the trick. The tablet is extremely light (332 grams), totalling 666 grams together with controllers, which means it is not too heavy for the hands of gamers. The scratch resistant IPS Screen features the 1280 X 800 resolution. The tablet enables constant access to Google Mobile Services and has the Sony Playstation Mobile certificate as well as access to the OnLive PC console gaming, Wild Tangent library etc. In view of the fact that the portable tablet console market is not yet fully developed, it is useful to know that, without the controller, WikiPad 7 is a fully functional and independent tablet which enables web browsing and checking e-mails. The price amounts to approximately €230.



Photo editing

Developed by: Aviary Inc. / Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Photo editing cannot be avoided if you like to make your photos even a little more appealing. Nothing could be simpler if the photo in question is located on your computer, but it is a whole different matter if you would like to do your editing on a telephone or tablet. In this case the Aviary Photo Editor will be of great help as it enables adding filters like Instagram, basic photo fixes, photo cropping, stickers, frames and even creation of your own memes. The initial application does not allow all features and certain additional tools must be downloaded from Google Play where they are available for free. The best add-ons are, of course, payable, which may bother many users. All edited photos can be saved in high resolution, with other options available under

Settings. It is also possible to choose a setting that allows the user to determine which albums to included in the selection of photos or where photos should be saved. What is more, the order of tools used for photo editing can also be changed. The application is simple to use and provides users with everything they might need to produce nicer photos.


All-in-one for your photos Developed by: Yahoo! Inc. / Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Yahoo continues to pursue the transformation of mobile and online products, which means that Flickr represents one of the key applications for the company. As a result, all users have been offered as much as 1TB (1000 GB) of free space to store their photos. Compared to services such as Dropbox and alike, where only a few GBs are available, the difference is significant. From the viewpoint of user experience, the application offers a whole range of features we need in our everyday life, such as taking and editing photos, adding filters, sharing photos with other people either directly or via social networks, and storing photos in albums. The option of adding filters before the photo is even taken should also be mentioned. Depending on the chosen filter, the camera view changes accordingly, thus

enabling you to select the most suitable option before taking the photo. Flickr also allows you to follow public photos taken by other users and companies who post new things daily.


Editing and posting photos on social networks Developed by: Burbn Inc. / Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Recently, this marvellous application has become very popular among users who like to take photos with their mobile phones and share them with friends and colleagues. It is a form of a social network with emphasis on photos the users can comment on or they can tag their personal favourites. Through Instagram, photos can be shared on other popular social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare etc. Applications



Photo Editor by Aviary

CATERING (Deliver food)

Offer overview and ordering food delivery Developed by: SLOWP7APPS / Platforms: Windows Phone

The idea of viewing the entire food delivery offer in one place is wonderful. If only one click is what it takes to order the chosen food, all there is left to do is wait for the delivery to arrive. The idea is simple but very useful, making it simply impossible not to present in greater detail. Not only does it offer the directory of all restaurants willing to deliver food at your doorstep, as the list of all such restaurants is available upon starting the application, it also enables random searching and filtering, which is even handier. This means we can browse the currently open restaurants, those that cater to students or those that enable online purchases. Filters can also be set according to the desired region or type of food we want. What is more, the most popular or most frequented restaurants can be added to the favourites list. Once we find a suitable restaurant, we can view its offer and prices, while an additional menu provides detailed information about the restaurant such as the distance, opening hours, methods of payment and contact information. Food can thus be ordered by clicking once or, rather, twice as

the call must also be confirmed. The process can be made even simpler by clicking the desired menu and ordering it online. Although such online ordering is not yet supported by any restaurant, we hope the situation will soon change.

Jamie's 20 Minute Meals

Recipes for quick Jamie Oliver meals Developed by: Zolmo / Platforms: Android, iOS

Jamie Oliver represents one of the largest cookery franchises in recent years. Ever since he became famous with his TV show, new books featuring his recipes are published every year. It now seems he also conquered mobile phones and tablets. In the application called Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals, the famous chef reveals 60 original cooking recipes. Naturally, there are many cookbooks that contain several hundreds or even thousands recipes, but here the recipes are explained in full detail. Jamie describes the prepping process and guides through every step supported by photos and even 21 videos with useful tips. Most of the recipes are for main courses but some are also for desserts and salads. The recipes can be browsed according to different categories, ingredients or even utensils needed to prepare the dish in question. All in all, this is a very handy application and also very appealing in terms of its graphics, making our mouths water just by reading



through the recipes. A rather steep price is the only weak point as other payable cookbooks provide a significantly higher number of recipes for a fraction of the price. It must be said, however, that we have tried out quite a few other similar applications, yet none came even close to Jamie Oliver’s creation as terms of content, procedures, added photos and videos.

Kid’s Shell


Providing a safe environment for children Developed by: Whisper Arts / Platforms: Android

The Kid’s Shell application creates a safe environment for your children to play in on your Android phone or tablet. It is a type of interface that generates a shell into which parents can add applications that their children can use. The child cannot exit this shell, and even if it managed to get hold of the menu with the Exit button, the actual exit would still require a password. The shell allows you to block the incoming calls and messages while the child uses the device, preventing it from inadvertently answering any such calls or messages. It is also possible to set the allowed time of use, making it impossible for the child to play with the mobile phone or tablet for too long. What is more, the shell prevents internet connections. This is very convenient as free games and software are often full of advertisements which a child can incidentally click on. If this happens, a new screen pops up with a warning that the content is not allowed. It includes a symbol of a house which the child must click to return to the shell’s home screen. In addition to the free version, there is also the payable PRO version which provides further customization options. Kid's Shell is definitely indispensable for all parents who let their children to use their mobile devices.

Lego Duplo Zoo

Adventure with Lego Duplo building blocks Developed by: The Lego Group / Platforms: Android, iOS

We would be hard pressed to find a child who doesn’t like Lego building blocks. All children love them, especially the young children who play with Duplo blocks which are slightly larger than normal Legos. The Zoo game takes your toddler on an intriguing adventure with Giraffe and Rabbit whose goal is to bring a birthday present for Lion. First, Giraffe and Rabbit must find Lion, and so the path takes them to the Zoo where they must ask all the animals where Lion is. Their journey continues by airplane and across the river, which means they are in for many challenges which the toddler must solve. Featuring simple graphics, the game is wonderful and will appeal to young players on account of its undemanding level. The enjoyable sound effects and musical background will distract your toddler for quite some time. Lego thought of everything; the advertisement-free application includes links to websites or purchasing options. It is also worth taking a look at some other applications by Lego's developers. The best news is they are all free.

Talking Gina, the Giraffe A talking giraffe named Gina Developed by: Outfit7 / Platforms: Android, iOS

Toddlers love virtual animals available from the Talking Friends series that repeat what we say. Besides the cat, dog, parrot and some other animals, Gina the Giraffe is also one of the delightful characters. Although slightly different from other applications and lagging behind in terms of graphics, it gives toddlers something more. In addition to the fact that Gina the Giraffe repeats everything your child says, the child will also have to feed and water, pamper and pet her and also play with her. Gina's happiness increases depending on the completion of these tasks; if Gina gets water to drink, she definitely won't be as cheerful as when she gets lemonade. The same goes for carrots instead of strawberries etc. Playing with Gina is especially fun for toddlers as the game is very easy, requiring only to press Gina’s paw at the right moment. Gradually, the game becomes faster and more challenging, making toddlers love it even more. Gina also has a mind of her own as she can tell the player what she wants, and it is up to the user to decide whether to pay heed to Gina’s words and make her happy or ignore her wishes. Children will simply adore the Talking Gina Giraffe. Applications


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The ultimate guide to the world of applications.

Mobile Apps - The Essentials for smart phones and tables  

The ultimate guide to the world of applications.