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The attractiveness of a site is dependent on an overall concept that is in keeping with the local conditions, architectural and construc­ tion elements, parks and play area options, and a pleasant, lively atmosphere. In addition to the societal considerations, environ­ mental aspects such as emissions, waste and consumption of resources and social aspects such as health and safety have to be taken into account, particularly in the case of site developments. Responsi­bility for the impact on the community lies with the heads of department (mainly Development, Real Estate and Finance), the CEO and the Real Estate Committee of the Board of Directors.

Risk management (GRI 413-2) Large projects are a challenge and may give rise to conflicts of in­ terest. To avoid negative consequences for the local community, Mobimo takes the following aspects into account: ›› Inclusion of all those involved and affected, ›› Anticipation, ›› Integrative approach, ›› Joint identification of solutions in critical cases (including involving authorities, partners, employees, etc.).

Art and architecture – Mobimo & Art

Through the Mobimo & Art initiative, Mobimo combines art and ar­ chitecture. The works of art are created for and together with a se­ lected project – and they enrich and influence each other. Compe­ titions with an expert jury produce high-quality and unique works tailored to the buildings and their surroundings. The Mobimo & Art initiative has led, for example, to the creation of “The No Problem Sculpture” by Not Vital in Zurich’s District 5, and to “Curry & Paprika” by Christian Gonzenbach in the courtyard of a residential develop­ ment in Regensdorf. For Mobimo, it goes without saying that there should be a commit­ ment to culture and art in public spaces. Mobimo also supports the Zurich Film Festival. For more information, visit

Integrating the local community as a key to success

Mobimo regularly analyses social developments and needs by conducting studies and consulting national and inter­ national experts. It is important to modern society to forge close links between the worlds of work, home and leisure. As a result, all aspects that are key to a project’s medium to long-term success are examined for each development project. One particularly important step is integrating the local community into the process. Mobimo liaises closely with public authorities, district associations, neighbours and other stakeholders as early as possible once a project has been conceived, and this dialogue continues until after the project is completed.

CALIX by the Belgian artist Kris Martin in the Aeschbachquartier.

Mobimo Sustainability Report 2018


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Sustainability Report 2018  

Sustainability Report 2018  

Profile for mobimo