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20/09/2013 Get to know our NEW newsletter: Mobilize.Net People by [Article Author]

SOME NEWS We are happy to announce our new monthly Newsletter!!! The purpose of this is for you to be informed about Mobilize.Net people, activities, how’s company doing with finance, sales and marketing also find some articles to promote the wellbeing, technology outcomes, Entertainment and some others. For the people that want to be part of it, please contact HR Department.

Hope you enjoy it!

Celebration 25th of July This coming Wednesday we are going to celebrate the “Anexión Del Partido de Nicoya” and we want you to participate! More details… Page 3



5 Lifestyle Tips to Be a Healthy Entrepreneur

Thanks for all the participants

Mobilize.Net had the Crazy Hat Day! Here you can see who were the winner and some curious pictures!

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Let’s be honest: Living the life of an entrepreneur can take a huge toll on your health. Amid the long days of work and erratic scheduling, it’s difficult to find time to exercise or plan a healthy meal. However, it’s incredibly important to make a healthy lifestyle a priority, especially for entrepreneurs. You’ll find that your mood, productivity, energy levels, and happiness will all improve as a result. With that in mind, here are five strategies to get you back on track 1. Don’t be chained to your desk. It’s easy to get stuck at your desk, but it’s actually a big problem if you don’t find a way to watch your diet and activities during the day. Wendy Chant, in a recent contribution to SheKnows, said that sitting all day causes your body to pick up on the wrong kinds of signals. She says, “The body thinks it’s in an emergency state because of high blood sugar and high cortisol — and it’s thinking something major here, like famine — causes the liver to signal the body that more consumed calories should become fat, and that this fat should be stored mostly around the belly as an easy energy resource when the perceived emergency comes.” Changing your diet can help prevent these problems. Chant says nuts, seeds, and raw vegetables are great choices, as are protein shakes and oolong tea. 2. Skip the energy drinks. Not only are energy drinks harmful to your health, but they can also make you more tired in the long run. While they may seem like a quick pick-me-up at the time, the negative effects can outweigh the positives. James Hamblin says in The Atlantic that the government has gone even further recently to warn people about the dangers. He writes:

“The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrat ion (SAMHSA, a government behavioral health agency) issued a report … that called energy drinks ‘a continuing public health concern.’ Yes, energy drinks like Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, Monster, Full Throttle, CHARGE!, Neurogasm, Hardcore Energize Bullet, Facedrink, Eruption, Crakshot, Crave, Crunk, DynaPep, Rage Inferno, SLAP, and even good old Venom Death Adder.” Not only that, but Hamblin says energy drinks can have hidden caffeine — in the form of guarana. While many energy drinks advertise that they have the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, he says they fail to include the caffeine found in this additive. That’s one more reason to skip the energy drinks — you could be consuming more caffeine than you think. 3. Stay active during the workday. Work can be incredibly busy and stressful, but it’s important to make time for physical activity throughout the day. Joe Barton, CEO of Barton Publishing, offers some great tips on managing the sedentary nature of office work. He says: “Humans weren’t created to sit motionless for hours in front of a digital screen. When we become sedentary and inactive, problems start to occur. Our eyes become strained, our back and neck get out of whack, and we gain weight.” That’s why Barton recommends taking a physical break every hour for at least five minutes. He says you should “get up and walk around, get a drink of water, stretch out, breathe deeply, and do some jumping jacks or push-ups to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. You’ll feel energized and it’ll kick start your metabolism, while releasing endorphins.” 4. Make meetings (and phone calls) active.

MOBILIZE.NET PEOPLE | Chuck Cohn, CEO of Varsity Tutors, tries to take all of his phone calls standing up (or even walking around). It’s a great idea because it improves alertness (so you can pay better attention to the call) and helps incorporate physical activity while you work. Cohn also tries to make all of his meetings active. He says: “Many people with whom I work — like our accountants and lawyers — want to meet with me over lunch at a nice restaurant, which almost always results in an unhealthy meal. I’ve started requesting that we grab a coffee instead at a local Starbucks. Once we grab a coffee, we usually just walk around the block while we talk. We both get exercise and get out of the office, and it tends to make the meetings more efficient.”

3 5. Manage your stress levels. Stress can be the gateway to myriad other problems, including fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Failing to manage this all-tooprevalent component of an entrepreneur’s life can lead to some devastating consequences. As Diana Rodriguez wrote in this Everyday Health article, managing stress is just as important as diet and exercise. Rodriguez wrote: “Being busy is sometimes inevitable, but regularly taking on more than you can manage can cause unwanted and unwelcome stress. Tell yourself that it’s okay to say no to activities at your child’s school or to extra projects at work — you are not obligated to accept every request made of you. Additionally, don’t take on more financial responsibilities — such as a

Remember 25th of July, 2013 our offices will be closed due to “Anexión del Partido de Nicoya” Reminder: the only Holiday that should be transfer to Monday it’s the 12th of October

new car or a bigger house — if you think they’ll be a stretch. Being realistic about your finances is an important strategy for managing stress.” It’s true that entrepreneurs have some of the worst health habits — this happens because our lives can be extraordinarily busy, and we don’t have set schedules to accommodate routines, like regular exercise. However, these five tips are great starting points to reducing stress, eating healthier, and getting active.



For all of you that didn’t take a look on our Father’s Day Video find the following link /icjy3ncttn9hgce/D%C3%AD a%20del%20Padre.mp4

I Semester of Interships

The first semester of Internship had finished on the 28th of June, we appreciate Mauricio Rojas, Allan Cantillo, Iván Sanabria and Alan Fallas for your collaboration with this project managing and helping our mates! ROBERTO GOMEZ COMPETITION

We are more than glad to welcome our new team members Kuo Lun and Kelvin Jimenez.

SOME ACTIVITIES SOCCER Do you like to play soccer??? Join us every Thursday at 6pm at San Jose Palacio field. For more information contact Derek Berdugo

Father’s Day Video

Crazy Hat Day!


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Our mate Roberto Gomez competed in the Tournament II Track and Field Track which won first place in its category for the 200 meters flat! On behalf of the entire family of Mobilize.Net We want to congratulate you for your effort and discipline to the sport, and also wish him many successes in the upcoming competitions. kX4.


On the 26th of June we have our Crazy Hat Day! Thanks for all the people who participate on it! We have a great time…! For all people that haven’t updated your Lync Photo please find


attached the Photos Link:

delicious “Tin Jo” Restaurant bvoywtfxn/qWRqbv3jrR

Our winner was: Rodrigo Carvajal We hope you enjoy the dinner for 2 people in the


Mother’s Day The 15th of August the offices will be closed due to Mothers Days!! We hope Marianella Solís, Laura Castro and Jannys Baltodano enjoyed their day!

New Interns! Welcome Board! We want to welcome our new interns from National University Olger Calderón and Diego Perez!



OTHER ACTIVITIES Birthday Celebrations The 26th September, we will celebrate Birthdays from June, July, August and September! Joins us we will have delicious chocolate cake and the traditional ¨torta chilena”

Brown Bag Lunch Itinerary Date September


Title Get to know the Evolution Framework

Presenter Olman García

How to Become a Great Leader Leadership is a hot topic and will always be one. We seem to linger in a perpetual leadership vacuum. Today's Presidents and CEOs, generals and coaches, don't stand in comparison with the great leaders of the past - or so we are told - and in times of crisis, people cry out for someone who can show them a way to escape the looming threat. There’s a general myth that leaders are born rather than made, that somehow Nature produces a peculiar species of human being who is bigger, more powerful, smarter, braver, and more charismatic than the rest. But waiting for such a rare bird is futile, for there are many crises that never find the natural born leader it needs. The real challenge in leadership is to find a way to build leaders. The main way that business schools and government departments attempt this is by studying the past. Learning from history has its advantages, naturally. There are lessons to be learned about how World War II was won, why the Chicago Bulls were such a successful basketball team, and why Wall St. banks, led by greed and short-sightedness, created the financial collapse of 2008. But today's crises never completely mirror yesterday's, and it would be better in the first place to build leaders who can prevent crises before they arise. In my view, a great leader is inspiring, uplifting, a uniter of differences, and someone who brings out the best in human aspirations. I named this model "the soul of leadership” and set out to see if leaders with a soul could be trained. Knowing that business, politics, and the military are not spiritual enterprises, I didn't formulate the training along "soft" or idealistic lines. Instead, I used a "hard" criterion: what groups actually need. If you aspire to be a great leader, the first requirement is that you look and listen, so that you can find out the true needs that a situation demands to be fulfilled. There are seven such needs: 1. Safety, security Situations of threat and instability. People feel insecure. Discontent is in the air. You can see nervous faces, feel the prevailing anxiety. Who is going to make the situation feel safer? 2. Achievement, success Situations of unrealized achievement. People feel unsuccessful. They want to be more productive, but there’s not enough fire or passion. Who is going to step up and provide the motivation so sorely needed? 3. Cooperation

MOBILIZE.NET PEOPLE | Situations that are incoherent and fragmented. There’s no team spirit. The group disintegrates into bickering and petty wrangling. Meetings go on forever but reach no conclusion. Who’s going to be the glue that brings coherence to the situation? 4. Nurturing, belonging Situations mired in bad feeling and apathy. Everyone is going through the motions, doing what they need to do but inside feeling totally disengaged. The atmosphere is stale and routine. There’s no personal support or trust. Who’s going to bring heart to the situation and make others feel that they belong? 5. Creativity, progress Situations dominated by old solutions and stale ideas. People feel stymied. The atmosphere has no creativity; it feels like yesterday’s news. Everyone agrees that something new is needed, but all that emerges are small variations on the status quo. Who’s going to bring the spark of creativity to the situation? 6. Moral values Situations that are spiritually empty and corrupt. The weak feel hopeless, the strong are cynically taking advantage. People talk about righting wrongs and bringing back the right values, but no one knows where to start. The future feels like wishful thinking; the present is oppressive and suffocating. Who will bring hope and a renewed sense of innocence? 7. Spiritual fulfillment Situations that symbolize the human condition. People are asking the big questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Many are seeking for God. There is talk of a higher reality, yet faith is lacking. Who can bring the light and demonstrate that holiness is a living reality? Having looked and listened, you will know the situation you are in and the need that is crying out to be fulfilled. As you can see, the "hard" criterion that shaped this model of leadership eventually leads to moral values and spirituality, because in reality those aren't "soft" needs. Every human being has a yearning for them. But unless the basic needs are fulfilled, appealing to a group's ideals is usually futile. The most common cause of leadership failure is ego, which means that someone is looking out for number one rather than the group. Ego is a legitimate basis for action - it's the second need above safety and security. We all want the good things in life; our instinct is to provide for "I, me, and mine." But the collapse of Wall St. and many disastrous wars have resulted when leaders get stuck on ego. You can be a great leader, with all the rewards this carries, while still serving the needs of the whole group. In essence, that's what the soul of leadership is all about.

Photograph Contest! We want you to send us your best picture about Costa Rica you have ever take! The best 10 pictures will be post in a new mural that will be place on a principal hall in our site.

The best picture will have a recognition! Last day to send your picture 25th of October.


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