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“Intel is partnering with Indian OEMs to launch innovative devices” position as the global leader when it comes to processors for traditional PCs. With changing market realities, we are focusing on Mobility as a growth business for us and making the necessary investments in our development, in market expansion, At present how many brands sales and marketing to win share. support Intel platform for tablets And we are making good progress on on global scale? What is Intel doing the product front. At Mobile World Congress 2014, Intel announced: to increase the effort here? At the MWC, several of our • Two new 64-bit ready Intel® Atom™ processors – the dual customers announced new products core Merrifield and the quad based on our processors and modems, core Moorefield, which offer an including ASUS’ new Fonepad with ideal combination of fast, smart Intel LTE, and the HP ElitePad 1000 performance and long battery life and HP ProPad 600, the first 64Sandeep Aurora, Director, Marketing and Market for mainstream and performance bit Windows tablets with BayTrail. Development, Intel South Asia An d ro i d s m a r t p h o n e s a n d Intel also announced a multi-year tablets. f t e r h a v i n g f o c u s e d would like to clarify that today our agreement with Lenovo to introduce heavily towards garnering customers are shipping tablets based new Intel-based mobile devices across a • Intel officially introduced the new Intel® XMM™ 7260 – a big marketshare in the on Intel Architecture running both variety of smartphone and tablet form power-efficient, small footprint factors spanning value to performance tablets and mobility space, Android as well as Windows. communications processor with market segments. Foxconn and Intel India is a big market for Intel Please share your strategy to comp et it ive LTE-Advanced today and the company is going garner more market share in this are teaming up to drive the broader, f e a t u re s i n c l u d i n g c a r r i e r global availability of high-quality, after mobility products driven space? aggregation, CAT6 speeds and affordable Intel-based Android tablets. local brands such as Micromax In 2014, Intel has increased its support for TD-LTE and TDIntel will provide Atom processors in order to make big inroads focus on the tablet space globally. SCDMA. and communications platforms for a in the local market. Sandeep Locally Intel is partnering with select range of Foxconn products beginning • Customer agreements and design Aurora, Director, Marketing and local OEMs such as Micromax to this year. Apart from these, we already Market Development, Intel South wins that expand the availability of launch innovative new devices in have Dell and Acer that have their Asia shares his thoughts on the Intel-based mobile devices: the mobility segment. This is part of Intel powered tablets running on Intel company’s strategy for India and • I n t e l a n n o u n c e d a m u l t i our overall strategy to increase our available in the Indian market. the road ahead. year agreement with Lenovo market share in the country. Key to In our interactions with the to introduce new Intel-based success here is design wins and we channel community, it has come out mobile devices across a variety of are committed to bringing innovating What is the broad strategy that channel partners are becoming smartphone and tablet form factors form factors at attractive price points, that Intel is having towards the more comfortable and eager to sell spanning value to performance offered by multinational as well as tablet segment in India as well as tablets / phablets and hence sales of market segments. local OEMs. globally? traditional PC or laptop is coming • ASUS will deliver a broad portfolio In India, we will not only focus Tablets represent a big, growth down heavily. What is your opinion of Intel-based smartphones and on the consumers, but also the market and we are targeting to ship on this? tablets. At MWC, ASUS unveiled education segment as well as the large 40Mu this year, globally. Based on the Channels business run on volumes t h e A S U S Fo n e p a d 7 LT E government tender deals. success of Bay Trail as well as the product and the growing tablet/phablet gives –featuring an Intel Atom processor In the coming months and and customer agreements we have them an opportunity to sell more to and Intel LTE connectivity. announced at Mobile World Congress, quarters, how does Intel look at the consumers. Tablets are definitely we have a rich pipeline of tablet and this segment of converging segment • Foxconn and Intel are teaming hot right now, but PC has its own phablet design wins, which put us on a of tablets -- more and more up to drive the broader, global relevance and in my opinion, both will path to meet our goal. In India, we are technologies are getting packed availability of high-quality, continue to co-exist in a consumer’s also engaged with a few local OEMs to inside one device and many vendors affordable Intel-based Android are jumping on the bandwagon home. In fact, if you look at smaller bring Intel powered tablets to market. tablets. Intel will provide Atom cities, there is a very healthy desktop processors and communications What kind of market share today? Your comments please. demand that channels cater to. platforms for a range of Foxconn As the tablet market matures, does ‘Intel Inside’ driven tablets Intel is largely seen as a products beginning this year. have today, when compared with vendors are trying to cater to different consumer preferences in terms of traditional PC and Laptop powering • HP announced the first 64-bit Bay Android or Apple driven tablets? company and not a tablet or phablet As a company policy we do not price, screen size, OS, calling features Trail tablets - the HP ElitePad 1000 organization do you agree on this? comment on figures pertaining to and so on. And as you see the market and the HP ProPad 600. Intel continues to maintain its market share. At the same time, I evolving, we are also going to see the mainstream players bringing a great experience at really good price points in the market. Case in point is Dell that recently launched their Venue range of tablets powered by Intel which is available in the market for less than `10,000.



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