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Mobile X Rays In Mylapore

We have another branch that provides you with the best Mobile X Rays In Mylapore. It is one of the busiest region that consist a huge amount population and features one of the most efficient and professional working class society.

Mobile X Rays In Mylapore The X-Rays are a type of electromagnetic radiations commonly used to produce imagery of bones that are checked in order to confirm or diagnose broken bones, they can penetrate the lesser dense objects like skin and tissues but not bones, this in return helps in accumulating important diagnostic information. Mobile X Rays In Mylapore

X-Rays play a very important role in identifying the root cause of various diseases viz. cancer, chest infections, pneumothorax, chronic lung conditions such as emphysema and cystic fibrosis and various complications regarded top heart and lung conditions. For more

A.G. MOBILE X-RAYS Old No.6, New No 13 Bheema Sena Garden Street, Mylapore, chennai - 600004, Tamilnadu, India. (Opp. to Vijaya Bharathi Kalyana Mandapam)

Mobile x rays in mylapore  
Mobile x rays in mylapore