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A Strong UX Design Toolbox By Clare Bittourna, ​Codal Inc

______________________________________________________ Web and ​app developers in Chicago​ and all over the world will tell you how important it is to have strong, functional UX design tools on hand at all times. As an agency that specializes in ​UX design services​, having our designers invest in these tools will help your company and team hit the ground running. Here are some of the must-have tools for a strong UX design toolbox. 1. Pen and Paper This may seem silly and trivial but a pen and paper is a good resource and friend when it comes to being an XD. A pen and paper helps you sketch out ideas without getting too attached or spending too much time on something you don’t like very much. This is about getting your ideas on paper quickly, not perfectly; you don’t need to be an amazing artist to enjoy using this tool. Since a pen and paper is so mobile, you can sketch out an idea wherever you may be. I can bet that many XD’s use this tool at their UX design company​! 2. A UX Checklist When you’re first starting out as a designer, a UX checklist is a great tool to have. A UX checklist helps you remember areas that are frequently looked

over or forgotten, such as accessibility and error messages. As a ​UX design Chicago based company​, senior designers here at Codal have said designing from scratch can be a difficult task if you’re new and unsure of the amount of areas you need to cover. 3. Sketch Many UX designers can easily say that Sketch literally revolutionized UI design. This new wave of design inspired intuitive UI design tools like exporting, symbols, and artboards; it’s a great tool to put designs together quickly. Sketch is one of the most intuitive and efficient design tools, if not the best. Another bonus using Sketch as a tool is that it plays well with inVision for prototyping. Which brings us to our next great tool, you guessed it, inVision. 4. inVision App This suite offers a complete solution to today’s market: screen design, design handoff, prototyping, and advanced animations. inVision allows Sketch designers to import screens and turn them into prototypes. Stakeholders can offer their feedback to the UI design services and that feedback can be converted into actionable and manageable tasks. 5. Axure Axure is used specifically for the design of rough prototypes and wireframes. Axure is a great tool for designers to focus solely on prototyping and wireframes. It comes with features that make

creating dynamic, data-driven, and adaptive mockups so simple. 6. Abstract The last tool I’d like to recommend is Abstract. This tool is essentially GitHub (Stores source code, version control, documentation) for designers. Abstract is used to manage Sketch files, including design systems. It's a great tool for large teams so everyone can review each other’s work. Conclusion If you’re a beginner just getting into UX design, or a seasoned vet who’s forgot what the basic tools are, these are some good examples of what should always be in your UX design toolbox! Looking to work with a ​ux company​ or a Chicago-based ​mobile app development company?​ Are you wanting to develop an app or website or simply want more information on our web design agency? Visit ​Codal’s blog​, or come talk to us ​here​! We’d love to hear from you.

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A Strong UX Design Toolbox  

A Strong UX Design Toolbox