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4 Ways To Make Your Business’ Shoppable Instagram Successful   Say you’re an eCommerce merchant that has been wanting to advertise your products  through social media. In a culture dominated and shaped by social media, this can be a  great way to reach potential customers and raise awareness about your business.    Now, you have quite a few different options to choose from. Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, the list goes on. However, if your product can be showcased visually and it is  appropriate for your target demographic, a great choice for social media marketing is  Instagram​.     Instagram has been on the rise​ as a photo & video sharing application. Some users have  already begun to assert that ​Instagram is replacing Facebook​ as their dominant form of  social media. The New York Times ​reports​ that roughly 700 million users access  Instagram each month, with roughly 400 million users logging onto the app daily.     If you are an eCommerce business owner that has been looking to expand your reach,  Instagram could be an untapped market for you. Multiple eCommerce stores and social  media influencers are already capitalizing by engaging their users through this social  media forum.    If you are new to Instagram and are unsure how to sell your products, have no fear!  Codal​ has worked with c ​ ountless eCommerce merchants​ to assist them in achieving  their goals. As a writer for an ​eCommerce web development company​, I have compiled  a basic how-to guide for selling on Instagram.     1. Providing Humanized Content    So, you have decided to take the plunge into the world of Instagram. Aside from the  obvious housekeeping tasks— choosing your username, picking a profile picture, writing  a description—your content plays a huge role in your account’s success.     Instagram is a visual app; therefore, you need to be providing material that is visually  engaging through your profile. R ​ itual​ is a great example of this aesthetically pleasing  and intriguing content.  

(Screenshots from Ritual’s I​ nstagram Page​)   Although they are a vitamin company, their page seems almost artistic. Thus, it makes it  interesting for the user. They are showcasing the vitamin in a new way and it is  working— Ritual boasts 63.5k followers with 584 posts.     Ritual is also successful because of how they make their product seem tangible. Due to  the fact that their product is intended to be for people, they have people marketing and  showcasing their vitamin in their content. Ritual humanizes their page through their  product representation.    Aside from this human connection, Ritual makes their product’s intention  straightforward in their posts. The average user can understand what the vitamin is for  upon first glance at Ritual’s page. For example, their page shows their vitamins being  balanced on someone’s lips. If I am a user that knows nothing about their product, I  assume that it is meant to be ingested— no caption needed.  

(Screenshots from Ritual’s Instagram Page)   In order to sell your product through Instagram you need to make your content seem  tangible and your intention be straightforward.     Ritual is just one great example of a brand using Instagram to sell products well. But  follow their lead and you can also see yourself gaining user engagement insta-ntly.    2. Exhibiting Quality Marketing Techniques    The developers at Instagram recognize that their platform is being used to sell products,  so they have made it nice and easy for merchants to be able to promote their products  through ​advertisements​.     If you ​fork over a little cash​, you can purchase photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and  sponsored Instagram stories. This can assist your business on extending your reach  beyond your profile. With these ads, you can customize the particular demographic of  users that you would like to target.    

These ads might be brief, but with your demographic parameters set- they can be funnelled straight to the users that are the most compatible. Now that’s what I call  marketing.    

Source    Although these ads are great, a drawback would be your inability to directly link your  product in the caption. If users want to learn more they can, through ‘swipe to learn  more’; however, you are still unable to link to your company website.     A way around this minor roadblock would be putting your company site in your  business’ Instagram biography. That way, if a customer wants to find out more about  your products, they can have a set place to look.     Furthermore, you can send a customer your company link through a direct message (or  a DM, as the kids call it these days). For example, you can post on your Instagram story 

an advertisement, and tell your users to “DM you for more information.” Now, with that sidestep, you can link the user to your company homepage directly.     3. Providing Shoppable Instagram Posts and Including Instagram Influencers    Recently integrated into Instagram is the ability for users to check out products through  ‘shoppable Instagram posts.’ Sephora integrates this ability into their page with ease. If  a user likes the way a product looks- a simple click, and they have the information at  their fingertips.     A savvy way of selling your products, a user can browse products from your business  without ever leaving the app. This feature prioritizes the importance of providing ease  for your user.   


In addition to making shoppable posts, it can be great marketing for your business to team up with a social media influencer. As an influencer, these individuals have access  to a vast number of users.     If these users agree to work with your company, it can increase the amount of site  traffic for you and your social media mogul. A win-win.     4. Your Page’s Cohesiveness    When making a successful Instagram brand, it is important that your brand’s flow be  seamless. Anyone who provides solid ​ui design services​ would stress that your color,  logo, and aesthetic should match on both the website and the Instagram page itself.    Therefore, if a customer clicks on the company site while on the page, the brand seems  to extend itself beyond these two forums. A user should never feel like they are looking  at two different brands when they are looking at your site and Instagram side by side.     With your website and Instagram page, cohesiveness is key.      Do It For The ‘Gram    As you are developing your business’ Instagram presence, don’t forget about the other  parts of your eCommerce business. As an ​eCommerce web design company in  Chicago​, Codal is committed to helping you achieve your eCommerce goals.     Contact us​ today for help in developing your business further! 

4 Ways To Make Your Business’ Shoppable Instagram Successful  

As you are developing your business’ Instagram presence, don’t forget about the other parts of your eCommerce business. As an eCommerce web...

4 Ways To Make Your Business’ Shoppable Instagram Successful  

As you are developing your business’ Instagram presence, don’t forget about the other parts of your eCommerce business. As an eCommerce web...