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Since the time Internet was developed, it was foreseen that it will change the way we live. Nothing proves it better today than the ability to access the internet via mobile phones. The growth of the industry has multiplied manifold with people accessing the Internet on their iPhones, Blackberries and Smartphones. Mobile developers and mobile development have seen soaring demands. Enhanced features on the mobile like text messaging, emails and compatible versions of mobile websites have increased usage further. People tend to use their phones to access social networking sites and also to browse. This has encouraged mobile developers to create compatible versions for the Smartphones which come in various sizes. The mobile phones are specially created keeping in mind the users demand with larger screens, QWERTY keyboards. This new technology has specially benefited the small and medium-size businesses. Mobile users tend to search for local information on their mobiles. Sites for mobile development are different from the regular websites. Sites specially designed for the mobile do not consider minor spelling mistakes and the search gets automatically diverted to intended pages. It is important for site owners to outsource the mobile development work to the right developers. Tips for Hiring Mobile Site Developers · While looking for developers, look at the portfolio of the developer before you hand over your website. · Sit with the developer and explain what features you want to be easily available on the mobile version of the site. In this case, you have to prioritize the information that you feel should be easily accessible from those that you can give a miss. · Decide on whether you want a single person working for you or a team. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. While working with one person is easier, a team may have more specialized people who can cater to specific needs. · You also have to ensure the custom mobile development of the site. This basically means that you need to know the compatibility issues of viewing the site on the mobile. Your website will not be run in all platforms. · Understand you target audience well. Not everyone will be interested in your website. This decision will help in selecting the kind of technology you will use and the type of design. · Marketing is an important aspect for mobile site development. This is linked with the target audience selection.

· Choose the right markup language for developing the site. You can choose from the various options like HTML, EHTML, WML and cHTML. You can also consider choosing a domain top-level domain which is intended for mobile websites. India has huge potential for becoming an offshore mobile development center. With everincreasing internet speed and various mobile technologies entering the Indian market, the possibility of developing sites specifically for the country or even as an offshore centre is a good idea.

Vishal Arora is an iPhone and Flash expert working as a technical writer with Evon Technologies, an offshore development company dealing with mobile, software, and web application development. For more info, visit

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==== ==== Get your Custom Mobile Site for FREE Visit: ==== ====

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