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How To Fix iPhone 6S Touch After Screen Replacement


Touch Not Working In iPhone 6S Is Common Problem After Screen Replacement. Often Times Out Of Every 10 Iphone 6S Screen Repair Issues, 3 Might Experience Finger Sensor Issues. Screen Repair Is An Advantageous And Economical Solution For An iPhone’s Damaged Or Cracked Front Screen. Though It Can Be Delicate Process To Undertake As The Front Screen, Home Button, Front Facing Camera, LCD Shield Plate And Home Button Ribbon Cable Must Be Removed. The Battery And Logic Board Must Also Be Removed. They Must Be Re-assembled With New Front Screen In An Existing Iphone. All This Shuffling Can Have Impact On The Iphone Finger Sensor Even After A Successful Repair Of The Screen, As It Directly Related To The Component. There Are Few Troubleshooting Steps To Take The Address What Actual The Actual Problem Might Be:-

1 Test The iPhone 6S LCD Screen By Using Your Finger To Press In And Out Of Press. 2 If Your Working Screen Repair Is Fine Then Problem Lies Elsewhere 3 Make Sure Repair Was Undertaken With Home Button Extension Cable Transferred Properly With The New Screen. 4 If You Are Having Trouble With The Home Button, Then The Cable Might Be Damaged. It Can Be Repaired By Replacing The Cable Located On The Back Of The LCD Shield Plate. 5 If The Finger Sensor Still Not Working Even Though The Replacing The Home Button, As Try Resetting The Touch Id Function On The Iphone To Clear The Previous Data. 6 If The Sensor Still Not Working Then It May Be An Issue In the iPhone LCD Backlight. Knowing These Steps The Can Help To Diagnose A Solution For Faulty Sensor. We Hope This Article Useful For You.

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Mobilesentrix : How to fix iPhone 6s Touch After Screen Replacement  

Touch Not Working in iPhone 6S is common problem after screen replacement. Often times out of every 10 iPhone 6S screen repair issues, 3 mig...

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