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Theory, smart phone battery is not enough, should each smart phone user will move with a power supply, but the facts and theories always have a little gap, and power bank gap is obviously particularly, there are smart mobile powerless than 25% of mobile phone users, nearly 70% of people said that the time to buy, of course, there are some just cliches, never thought to buy. There are about 5% of the people say it did not intend to buy. In 70% of alternative customers, most of the person within the recent three months to buy, and other holidays, buy, buy there are some well-off points, therefore, short-term market or a good development trend.

The attention of users of mobile power mainly in appearance, capacity, quality, price and other aspects, which the capacity of the size of the highest degree of concern, with about 80% of the users will be interested and concerned about the price of less than half;

Capacity of concern, most would choose the 4000 - 10000mA capacity soon as usb portable power charger had just begun, therefore, some consumer mobile power parameters do not know much about the market on the subject of capacity, mobile power battery, not charge the phone battery from the mobile power charging to the mobile phone of the process, about 15% of the loss, and the loss of about 10% in the process of cell phone reception, therefore, an actual capacity of 4000mA mobile power truly be the phone received probably about 3000mA iphone4 phone almost charge 2.

Prices, about 90% of the mobile power user to choose between $ 60-200 200-500 per some more than $ 500, unless enthusiasts, few people interested.

Hua Yi Rong mobile power ranging from tens of dollars to the price of 300 yuan, the product capacity ranging between 3000-8600mAh, basically required capacity consistent with most users. Product type the ordinary mobile power, as well as development and design of the Apple mobile power products to meet the needs of enthusiastic users of Apple products powered and therefore the Hua Yi Rong mobile power products manufacturers chasing sticks by consumers.

The user intentions articles of mobile power market research