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Mobile cell phone charger gradually formed after a long practice and experimental study of the mechanical vibration theory, can be used to guide and solve many practical problems.

However, on the one hand, these theories will eventually only is relatively simple mechanical model, for example, mass _ spring _ damping system regular shape, homogeneous elastomer systems, the isolator design time, the electronic device as a quality processing and so on. The system parameters and the actual equipment, there is a certain difference, even in the presence of large errors. Alone the the existing v ibration theory and mathematical methods for analysis and judgment, are often unable to cope.

Electronic equipment, on the other hand, due to its structure is very complex, to accurately describe the mechanical model of the structural relationship of the various components inside the device is very difficult. If there is some negligence in the design of structures, it will be in the harsh environment of mechanical failure and damage. So the observation, analysis, study of portable mobile power pack vibration law, in addition to theoretical analysis, the test is always an important and essential means of complex structural vibration problems in general still by means of experiments directly, or rely on The combined approach of experimental methods and theoretical calculations.

To understand the structure of electronic equipment vibration, usually on the equipment or structure model vibration test. Damping and stiffness parameters of the complex structure suffered load data acquisition, mostly inseparable from the experiment. Only during the experiment, in order to discover and exposed many weak link. And establish a realistic, reasonable simplified model, to modify and improve the structure parameters and test the reliability and adaptability of existing theories. Therefore, vibration and shock testing techniques long time has served as an important technology in the scientific research and engineering tests continue to be developed.

In recent years, the development of electronic technology and digital technology, vibration and shock testing techniques accordingly undergone a great change. Measurement sensors and test instruments, many new structure, The Mobile Power measurable frequency range and dynamic range greatly increase. Recording instruments and analytical instruments to the digital direction, a large number of microprocessors, real-time analysis of the frequency domain and time domain.

Vibration test method has also been a lot of innovation, structural vibration test and the development of multi-point excitation technology, there are a number of rapid

test methods, online analysis and micro-computer, and in a few minutes, or even a short period of time shows that the test data and analysis results.

Mobile power using a micro-computer environment simulation vibration test for digital simulation load test process to achieve a fully automated. These test methods follow the method almost face day All Africa.

Vibration and shock testing of mobile cell phone charger  

Mobile cell phone charger gradually formed after a long practice and experimental study of the mechanical vibration theory, can be used to g...

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