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STOP RED ASIAN FLUSHED FACE WHEN DRINKING ALCOHOL There are many people who face the problem of their face turning red while drinking alcohol. The biggest group of people who suffer from red flushed face when drinking are Asians. In fact 50% of Asian suffer from the Asian Flush condition which is why it is called Asian Flush. 5% or so of non Asians also get red faced when drinking alcohol.

THE CAUSE OF RED ASIAN FLUSHED FACE WHEN DRINKING Your turning red when drinking is a result of what is called the Asian alcohol flush reaction. This happens when your body is unable to break the alcohol that you have consumed completely and properly. When you consume alcohol, it metabolizes into a by product called as Acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is actually a toxin and believe it or not is more toxic than the alcohol itself. In NON Asian Flush sufferers the body properly makes use of an enzyme Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 2 to break down the Acetaldehyde into a non toxic inert substance rendering harmless. In people who get red flushed faced when drinking the Aldehyde Dehydrogenase is largely inactive and/or enough is not produced.

The Asian Flush sufferer ends up with elevated levels of Acetaldehyde which cause the red face as well as many other Asian Flush Symptoms as well.

RED FLUSHED FACE WHEN DRINKING - health or unhealthy? Some people debate on the fact whether this change in the color of the face is healthy or unhealthy. In a sense it is healthy because the embarrassing red face and discomfort associated with other symptoms of Asian Flush make the consumption of alcohol less pleasant for the Asian Flush sufferer which accounts for the low rate of alcoholism in Asian countries. In a sense the Asian Flushed condition stops you from drinking because it is just plain not fun to drink if you have Asian Flush. On the other hand It has also been said that when your body accumulates a lot of Acetaldehyde this indicates that there would be more toxins in your body and this can lead to cancer. There has been a direct link established between Asian Flush and esophageal cancer if left untreated by the consumer of alcoholic beverages.

IS ASIAN FLUSHED RED FACE GENETIC? Studies have also revealed that inactive Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 2 is at time hereditary and most of the times it is seen in people of Asian descent. In most cases this is so. There is new evidence to suggest there is a acquired Asian Flush condition. This occurs in people who do not have the

genetic predisposition for Asian Flushing. What happens is a regular abuser of alcohol begins to damage their liver. Since the liver is primarily responsible for the production of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase when the livers health is beginning to suffer from alcohol abuse it is less able to do the job of producing active Aldehyde Dehydrogenase. If you are a regular and frequent consumer of alcoholic beverages and you did not have Asian Flushing symptoms and all of a sudden do then this is a definite sign it is time to quit drinking completely and permanently. If you are the former genetically predisposed for Asian Flush then there are things you can do to stop the red face and flushing when you drink alcohol.

PEPCID AC CURE FOR ASIAN FLUSH? There are many studies that show if you take heartburn medicines like ranitidine or famotidine (pepcid AC) approximately one hour before drinking, then it can help you in reducing the alcohol flush reaction. The exact mechanism of how these medicines work in helping avoid the alcohol flush reaction is still not solved, but to satisfy the readers scientists say that drugs are antihistaminic and hence they prevent capillary dilation. One thing you need to be aware of is this method of treating Asian Flushing has absolute no effect whatsoever on the reduction or neutralizing of the toxic Acetaldehyde. So even though these H2 blockers may stop you from turning red they won't stop you from dying!

PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES TO TREAT ASIAN FLUSHING There are no prescription medicines to treat this Asian Flush alcohol allergy condition.

There is a drug called Methylpyrazole. Using this drug for treatment or prevention of alcohol intolerance and the associated symptoms after consuming alcohol is still in the experimental stage. Methylpyrazole (4-MP), an inhibitor of Alcohol Dehydrogenase. The main problem with this drug as a facial redness treatment/preventative after consumption of alcohol is the side-effects like nausea, dizziness, and vertigo, that were short-lived in two subjects, but lasted up to 30 hrs. in one subject.

NO RED FACE FORMULA ASIAN FLUSH REACTION CURE The only Asian Flush cure available is a remedy or recipe printed in a pdf document called the No Red Face Formula. The No Red Face Formula is a concoction of ingredients you get at any health food store. This Asian Flush cure formula is not expensive and is completely safe. To use the No Red Face Formula to stop the Asian Flush symptoms so you can drink alcohol you simply make and consume the recipe about one hour before you start drinking. The No Red Face Formula document is downloadable and costs $37. It is reported online to be amazingly effective as reflected by the 100% complete success rate of the No Red Face Formulas Asian Flush Cure.

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