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Capsule Project 2009 MOBILE INSTITUTE

The Capsule Project aims to present and undertake collectively, with various artists and cultural institutions, a scheme whose object is to produce a specific mode of diffusion and circulation of works of art over a period of two years.

The capsules are containers of variable format, they are mobile spaces in which works of art are produced to size. As such, they provide a polyvalent role as a medium of diffusion, a production space and offers a new vision on the idea of site specific work.

The capsules are moved via a transporter from one recipient to another. In the process, and after a defined time, the consignee of the capsule becomes the sender, and chooses the next consignee. In this way, the capsule builds its own network and circulation, creating a dialecic network between artists, institutions, public and private sectors‌


Mobile Institute is an art platform initiated by artists. It is not associated to a specific place and values a more open platform for art development and its various exhibited forms.

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