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Company Profile 2011

Germany Kassel, Friedrichplatz Ingolstadt, Ludwigstraße

Sustainability as a guiding principle Redevco has long been committed to improving energy efficiency across all its business activities, and an important aspect of this is applying state-of-the-art technology. As a responsible property owner and developer, and a founding member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), we feel duty-bound to incorporate these technologies in our buildings. The benefit is twofold, reducing the negative impact on the environment and cutting the energy bills of our tenants. Acting on this commitment Redevco Germany developed a green building strategy that is continually updated and sets ambitious, concrete targets for future projects. One such project was the refurbishment in 2008 of the C&A store originally built in the 1960s at a prime location in the centre of Mainz. Redevco teamed up with its sister company C&A to create this innovative C&A ECO-Store, setting a new standard for sustainable redevelopment. Using the latest building

technology they cut the fashion store’s energy use by more than 50%. Furthermore, since the ECO-Store is powered by renewable energy, the entire store is effectively carbon neutral. This green building pilot project has been lauded with several awards and is the first existing retail building in Europe to be rated “Very Good” under the strict international BREEAM assessment standard. The success of the ECO-Store has spurred Redevco Germany on to enhance the long-term energy efficiency of the entire portfolio. One milestone planned is to reduce annual energy consumption for every property in the portfolio to less than 235 kWh/(m²a) by 2015. All new projects will be designed as green buildings from the outset, so that we can be sure of best practice also in terms of sustainable design. For the ALEA 101, our latest retail development on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, we are even aiming for dual green building certification – under both the international BREEAM standard and the German DGNB standard.

Redevco Services Deutschland GmbH Managing Director: Heinz Brenninkmeijer Bleichstraße 14, 40211 Düsseldorf Germany T +49 211 17 93 79 0 F +49 211 17 93 79 13 E

Redevco Germany is a member of the following organisations:

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Erfurt, Anger

Our focus is on

high quality

and sustainable products Business in Balance – the Redevco philosophy We value quality above quantity – that generates trust between our tenants, our partners and us. Redevco Germany has built an excellent reputation on fast, sound decision-making, crossborder expertise and support from an international retail organisation. Success is not a matter of chance. It is the result of solid know-how, years of experience, professionalism, an innovative and creative approach, reliability and fairness. By giving the client’s needs a central role and balancing all factors in the process we create added value in our activities and a win-win situation for everyone involved. In short, business in balance.

Consistent portfolio management

Berlin, ALEA 101

At Redevco, modern portfolio management means longterm, sustainable appreciation of our portfolio. We develop, purchase, let and manage properties, ensuring that our portfolio meets the needs of the market with sustainable retail solutions that consistently reflect the requirements of our tenants.


In the eleven years since Redevco was founded, we have strongly reduced the share of rental income represented by our main tenant – our sister company C&A – in favour of other organisations, and sold a large number of C&A properties. This has brought C&A’s tenant share down from 95% of our portfolio to 63%.

Clear investment strategy Redevco Germany’s main ambition for the years to come is to significantly expand the portfolio and to increase its value continuously. Our exclusive field of activity will be the area we have specialised in for years – the retail segment. We will optimise the portfolio through a balanced tenant mix, active management, and constantly update and reposition properties in the market. At the same time, we will invest in prime retail buildings in top locations in medium-sized towns and large cities – the key focus of our activities, although we are also interested in market-dominant shopping centres. Another increasingly important activity is project development for our own portfolio. Our independence, our lean, horizontal corporate structure as well as our strong finances allow us to make fast decisions and respond flexibly to changing market conditions. We seek investment deals that offer genuine potential to add value, either through redevelopment or lease engineering. Investments of € 100 million and more are made through joint ventures with professional large-scale investors with Redevco being responsible for asset management.

Düsseldorf Berlin

Dresden Frankfurt

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Redevco - prides itself on over 150 years of history, which started in 1841 with the founding of C&A. The fashion chain expanded rapidly, buying scores of retail buildings as it grew. These were held within the C&A organisation until 1999, when Redevco was established as an independent real estate company to manage this building stock. Our high-calibre portfolio still consists largely of retail properties.


Value of portfolio: € 1.3 billion Number of properties: 140 Focus: • Increasing portfolio quality • Portfolio growth through project development, direct and joint venture investments

Hanover, Große Packhofstraße

If the retailers


Munich, OEZ

we prosper too

Successful project development

Reflecting market dynamism

As one of the largest companies in our international organisation, Redevco Germany has been stepping up its project development activities for several years. This represents another major step in increasing the value of the portfolio.

As a real estate company specialising in retail properties, it is imperative for us to know our tenants’ markets. Because our tenants’ interests are paramount to us, our chief concern is to offer retail space that appeals to their customers – the right size, in the right place, with the right quality.

Today, project development is one of our core activities, and moves us towards our goal of continually upgrading our existing building stock. In parallel with this we also seek opportunities in the real estate market to develop creative retail projects.

A good retail infrastructure is vital to the long-term viability of city centres. But retailers face a never-ending process of change, with shifts in consumer demand, population structure and spending power, technological advances, and changing social priorities such as health and environmental issues. This market dynamism has a strong impact on retail facilities. In response, we constantly update our portfolio and develop new facilities so that we can satisfy the needs of our tenants.

Project Flyer Germany English  

Project Flyer Germany English

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