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Spain, Madrid

Quality and sustainability are key words for the Redevco portfolio. We have a highly experienced team that focuses on the management, development and value enhancement of our assets.

Spain, Vigo


Our ambition is to create inspiring stores which consumers will want to visit again and again

Spain, MĂ laga


Redevco is an independent, pan-European real estate investment management company specialized in retail property. We believe in long term investments where quality and sustainability are key. We work to high ethical standards, looking beyond short-term profitability. As result, we can offer flexible and innovative real estate solutions with a long-term perspective, for generations to come.

Retailers expect real estate companies to understand the dynamics of consumerism and to offer suitable retail space at the right time and in the right place

Economy Perspective in the region As the outlook for the Euro zone is increasingly becoming more optimistic, with a European currency that is stabilizing and an economy that is starting to react to these positive impulses, the market sentiment in the region has improved significantly from 2012 and 2011. This is also a consequence of the local price adjustment that took place during the last years representing attractive discounts relative to other ‘core’ countries in Europe. The interest of investors for Spain is awakening. Spain and Portugal will continue to undergo extensive reforms which will determine the slow growth of their economies for the next years. Eventually, the second half of the decade may start to bear fruit by boosting productivity and unlocking the considerable output potential of this region. Retailers are being directly affected by the contraction of the consumer spending in the region. Rents are expected to reach their lowest levels in 2014 as economic conditions gradually start to stabilize. International retailers are showing interest for the region but just for the very best commercial spaces. We also believe that online market will introduce important innovation to the sector.

In their return to the market, it is likely that investors will be selective, initially focusing on distress opportunities as well as on prime assets within the major cities. For Redevco, the investment market in this region is very interesting at the moment. It requires us to be in tune with market development and with all the technology evolution in order to understand its influence in the retail market and consumer behaviour.

Strategy Redevco is a long-term investor with a clear focus on prime retail properties located in the centres of the Europe’s main cities. This makes the current market in Spain and Portugal a very attractive one for us as we expect to find good investment opportunities in the retail real estate market. Across Europe Redevco is further enhancing the profile of its real estate portfolio. In line with this strategy we will continue to selectively divest properties that no longer play a strategic role in our portfolio and continue to redevelop the existing portfolio and create added value.


€ 590 million

Number of square metres: > 300,000

Spain, Palma de Mallorca

Spain, Barcelona

Redevco Retail Spain, S.L. Plaza MarquĂŠs de Salamanca, 3-4, 2a planta, 28006 Madrid, Spain T +34 91 432 32 30 F +34 91 432 32 34 E Â This brochure is printed on TOP10 Green Gloss paper 100% post-consumer FSC Recycled certified fibres and PCF (Process Chlorine Free). Amsterdam, November 2013 Realized by: MobGen, Amsterdam

Spain, Gijòn

La Coruña Gijón Bilbao Oviedo


San Sebastián

Braga Porto

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La Palma Málaga Cádiz Tenerife

Fuerteventura Gran Canaria

Redevco Spain and Portugal Company profile 2013  
Redevco Spain and Portugal Company profile 2013