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SALES-CRM MobileERP covers more processes and business functions then any other branded costly ERP in market With other ERPs you will end up buying multiple software’s to run your business means more cost, more chaos With MobileERP you need only one software across your organization means less cost, less chaos. Empower your existing employee with MobileERP and improve Employee retention and productivity. 2019 Edition. Version 19. ERP Since Year 2000

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CRM-Sales Person Portal & Mobile APP

Mobile APP

CRM-Sales Organization Setup

CRM- Sales Targets and Incentive Setup

CRM-Marketing Automation

CRM-Sales Automation–Sales pipeline/funnel


CRM-Collections and Advances

CRM-Expenses Management

CRM-Budget and Expenses

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CRM-Quotation Management

CRM-Tender/Bid Management

Useful for Government projects, Infra Projects and all such business done against Tenders

CRM-Pricelist/Scheme Management •Fast Info: Most importantly, it ensures an accurate and consistent approach to the information given to a customer. •Online Price List: It eliminates the need for printed Price Catalogues and homemade spreadsheets tracking profit projections. •Mass price changes : Such as percentage increases can be entered into the system at any time, as all conditions are date activated. This eliminated problems facing by the Pricing department with Sales and Order Entry when a change in price occur. •Schemes Management: Various marketing schemes like discount, free item, free quantity etc. can be implemented using the Pricelist

LastyearSalesďƒ Forecastingďƒ Sales Planning

MobileERP Supports various types of Planning. Sales planning is used to generate accurate Sales Forecast and Sales Budget. Sales planning defines the product proposal and the sales volume for the subsequent planning period in accordance with the available production capabilities and the demand for the products in the market. Sales Plan becomes basis for deriving the production, material or project planning. Step 1: Based on customer order in last year prepare this year plan Q1. Which products should be sold and in what quantities? Q2. To whom should the product be sold and at what price?. Step 3: Forecasted data transferred to planning table

Step 2: Monitor your plan with Actuals to see difference

Last years Sales ďƒ Forecasting The term forecasting, as used here, is the result of looking back at historic data and figuring out how what came before determined what came after. That process leads to mathematical models that can incorporate your current conditions and forecast what’s likely to happen next. In business, you often use forecasting to project sales, to estimate what future revenues will be on the basis of past history. This puts you in a position to estimate other quantities, such as cost allocations and staffing, that you need to support the revenue stream. A. Survey can be conducted & Forecast can be entered manually B. We can use various forecasting techniques based on actual sales of last years as follows. The forecasted data is then entered as SalesPlan in ERP. This is done in forecasting excel predefined templates with formulas of forecasting after exporting data from ERP

Forecast Demand Plan Planning Table

Forecast Demand Plan Planning Table

Planning and Forecasting Apps for Sales For sales and distribution scenarios, this scope item provides key information needed for a sales manager regarding the creation and maintenance of sales planning apps, effectively handling the different stages in sales planning. The sales manager can also select some existing sales plans to compare with actual data. In addition to this, you can also navigate to the corresponding app for further analysis. Business Benefits • Provide flexibility for the sales manager to handle the sales planning effectively • Create, manage, update, and copy a sales plan to enable easier access to a sales manage • Access various sales plans at the click of a link • Export master data for the sales managers to use customer or customer group as a dimension • Compare the planning data and actual data in the sales plans Key Process Flows: • Create sales plan • Update a sales plan • Copy sales plan • Release and search for a sales plan • Compare plan and actual data • Navigate to the corresponding apps for further analysis

Customized CRM Dashboards

Marketing Analysis Dashboards

Advantages of MobileERP

INVENTORY: •Reduction in Inventory cost. •Reduction in Storage Space. PURCHASE: •Reduction in Purchase Material Costs. •Reduce Order Processing delays & costs •Improve potential vendor list. SALES: •Increased Sales Turnover & Market reach •Reduce Order processing delays & costs •Reduce Marketing Costs. FINANCE: •Better Cash flow management. •e-Payment System = fast transactions. •Reduced payment processing delays •Reduce Accounting Costs. PRODUCTION: •Reduction in scrap, rework & obsolescence costs. •Increased Machine Utilization •Increased Plant Utilization & Capacity •Increased Production Rate •Reduce Production delays & costs

MANPOWER: •Increased Labour Productivity •Increased Manpower Utilization •Increased Manpower Productivity •Increased Manpower availability •Reduced Manpower Costs TECHNOLOGY: •Cut information technology costs •Reduce up gradation / obsolesce cost •Improve Supply Chain Management •Reduce Business Cycle Time DOCUMENTS: •Reduce Storage & Handling space •Reduce Storage & Handling costs •Reduce cost due to paper delays •Reduce paper & printing costs COMMUNICATION: •Reduce Communication costs •Increase Communication frequency MANAGEMENT: •Improved Management information •Improved Management Control •Improved Management Decisions