Mobile Electronics Magazine July 2021

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 What’s Happening demo car. “We want to have that ready for KnowledgeFest Indy, so that’ll be fun,” he added. Cantrell said he expects availability to continue to remain low during the next six months. After that, he anticipates a slowdown in consumer spending, “improving the stock situation during that time.” The year, he said, has been overwhelming in terms of the increase in business, and he’s looking forward to taking time to relax. “We’ve started a renovation in our installation bay, and we are working on that as time allows,” he said, adding, “Fresh paint, improved lighting, new toolboxes, better organization for improved workflow, and new tooling are some of the items on the agenda.” The 12-volt industry, Berry noted, has managed to keep up its momentum. “We haven’t had the stoppages that other industries have had. It’s just me and Cameron, so we’ve taken the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and our clients protected from COVID, and we don’t have a lot of people in and out of our building,” he said, adding the LIS Audio has always been appointment-only, which has helped from the beginning in managing clients and projects during COVID-19. “We’ve opened up to new brands simply because if we can’t get what we’ve been using, we have to find a product that’s comparable to make sure the client is happy.” Overall, retailers continue to report high sales and continued demand. While Berry believes things will eventually get back on track, he added, “When [manufacturers] are catching up, will the demand be the same?” He said LIS Audio will “keep pushing forward,” and continue to create ways of staying relevant, no matter what.

16  Mobile Electronics July 2021

A.C.T Audio stocked up on radios early on, but is now seeing dwindling numbers. The business has also utilized industry connections via Mobile Electronics Syndicate to help source, and other online groups.