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Finding Balance

The First Step in Learning to Manage Your Time WORDS BY ANDY WEHMEYER

If you want to learn time management, try this: Set aside one hour a week in which you do nothing but sit quietly. Don’t plan what you’re going to think about for an hour. Just sit. Do it where no one will interrupt you. Get up an hour early. It’ll be really difficult. In the beginning, you’ll think about all the productive things you could be doing. All the “catch-up” that could be happening because you’re so far behind. Do it anyway. Once you can do it for an hour a week, try two hours. What you’ll discover in a few short sessions is that this hour or two a week that you spend quietly will be the hour or two a week that changes your life. This will be time during which you’ll figure things out, when solutions that have eluded you will become clear. Your brain needs time to put the puzzle pieces together, and you can’t do it when you’re just grinding and sleeping. by 5:00 p.m. or earlier every day, unless a day doesn’t go as planned. I also do not answer my phone after I get home. If it’s important, they will leave a message or call back, or we will call them back the next day.” He also added, “Money does not equal happiness.” Joel Joseph of Joseph’s Auto Toy Store was less optimistic. In his response, he   59

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