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 The Support Team

Phantom Assistance With its in-field experts outfitted in Phantom vehicles, this AAMP Global support team is resetting retailers, reviving passion, and returning the industry to the art of selling. WORDS BY JAMIE SORCHER

Editor’s Note: This month we kick off a new series called The Support Team to take a closer look at how manufacturers are handling support functions across the board whether it’s customer support, tech support, rep support—it all needs to come together to keep wheels turning. Read on for our first installment featuring AAMP.

Mike Eckley, Team Phantom Sales Manager, Florida

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aking care of folks, whether it’s dealers or consumers, requires some hand holding, a touch of tough love, and a sense of humor. Just take a look at AAMP’s support page on their website which reads: “WE’RE HERE FOR YOU. Drop us a line, give us a call, or send your carrier pigeon if that’s how you roll.” AAMP has taken an aggressive but

innovative approach to support with its Team Phantom initiative. In the middle of its two-year rollout, the program sets a new standard in retail support in the 12-volt industry. The core of Team Phantom revolves around in-field experts who provide solution consultations and leading edge customer service, sales support, and product training for AAMP’s network of retail partners. “We are the first line of defense for AAMP to the dealer and we’re also the marketing voice at consumer-based shows,” said Mike Eckley, Team Phantom sales manager and Mobile Electronics Sales Rep of the Year. “We are a multi-hat function—we’re technical support, sales support, and marketing support. We go in and help dealers merchandise their stores. We solidify sales business with our inside salesperson. We essentially are the