Mobile Electronic Magazine November 2016

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1977, AudioControl has grown up from its humble roots to become a highly respected brand in the consumer technology world. In business for almost 40 years, the company designs and builds top-notch audio equipment (for both home and car) from scratch. With two facilities in Washington State, including an 8,000 square-foot building in Spokane and a 24,000 square-foot operation in Seattle, AudioControl takes tremendous pride in its manufacturing facilities and full U.S. production capability. CEO Alex Camara now leads the company’s development, and amongst the changes over the past

few years, brought in Chris Bennett as National Sales Manager-Mobile. Today, the company has about 50 employees—including obsessive audio experts and accomplished engineers— who are completely passionate about what they do. “One of the most interesting things for me coming on board a year and a half ago is that AudioControl has an incredible heritage and continues to drive forward its US-based engineering and product development, doing outstanding things across the 12-volt market,” said Chris Bennett. “Factoring longevity, product innova-

tion and build quality, AudioControl has been one of the most consistent 12-volt companies that has ever existed. And not only do we sell to the entire country, we also ship products all over the globe to every continent except Antarctica,” Bennett added. According to Brandon Cook, director of technical services, who has been with AudioControl for 10 years, everyone is passionate about what they do from a quality standpoint. “What we’re doing is providing the means for folks to experience their favorite thing—music in their car,” he said. “That is what our 12-volt products do. They let folks immerse   37